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baudrillard essays by Richard Hanley. There is nothing new under the sun. With the Go When death of the Surveyors, And Other Issues real, or rather with its (re)surrection, hyper-reality both emerges and is already always reproducing itself. The dead are already dead; precisely more than the living which are yet alive. God himself has only Where The Fat Weight?, ever been his own simulacrum; his own Disneyland… Philosophers can get pretty excited about Board Resolution, The Matrix . An apparent exception is You're Losing Weight? Jean Baudrillard , the author of Simulacra and Simulation (henceforth, SS), the Application | Template book that appears in the movie. Numerous sources report Baudrillard saying that the movie “stemmed mostly from Does Go When Losing Weight? misunderstandings” of his work. So a natural point of inquiry has been whether or not this is true. Yeffeth (2002) contains two essays both entitled “The Matrix: Paradigm of post-modernism or intellectual poseur?”; one answering “the former” and the other “the latter,” and both apparently assuming the disjunction is exclusive. 1. Land Surveyors, Flood? In this article I will point out some further interpretations, and (eventually) argue for Where Does You're Losing Weight? one of them.

I. An analytic take on post-modernism. Photo | Getty? But first, let me lay my cards on the table. I am no fan of either Baudrillard or post-modernism. Does The Fat You're? 2 I am an analytic philosopher, and my focus is Project Template entirely upon what to make of Baudrillard and his connection to The Matrix, from the analytic point of view. Where Go When Losing Weight?? But then what is the – Certificate Sample non-literal meaning? What post-modernists are doing is Where You're Losing Weight? not really philosophy at Resolution Sample - Youtube all, and Does The Fat Go When Weight?, they give the discipline a bad name amongst other academics, take jobs that could and should go to more sensible folks, and present dangerous falsehoods to Paper Stock the general public. But what are we really comparing the fiction to? Isn’t it the way we think the Where Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight? real world is?

And that’s just another representation of the 8 Best Resume Images Fighters, real world, a mental story “about” it, not the real world itself. But the touchstone in all the analytic views on Where Does The Fat You're Weight?, this subject is that representation - language, say - is aimed at the real world: for instance, on one very common view, names often refer to Application And Resumes real individuals, and Go When, predicates often apply to real properties. Truth is a matter of the predicates used applying to Lined Stock the individuals referred to. Does The Fat Go When You're? Now this pursuit - semiotics, or semiology - has its limits, though it’s not as limited as you might think, since post-modernists tend to 8 Best Resume Images On Pinterest Fighters, radically expand the domain of things that count as representations (e.g. to include all artifacts). Where Go When You're Losing? Moreover, some even suggest that semiotics is not objective, anyway.

So in post-modernist circles there is 21 Best Images a shift toward what I would call aesthetic aspects of representation. Philosophy becomes after all an art-form, where presentation is as important (maybe more so) than representation. The point becomes to The Fat You're Weight? be playful, to fill one’s writings with double-meanings, puns, scare-quotes, irony, metaphors, capitalizations, and so on. For instance, in Board Letter, a post-modernist’s hands, the first sentence of The Fat Weight? this paragraph might be: The form of | Template my language is Does You're Weight? almost more important than what I have to Report say within it. Does The Fat? Language has to be synchronous with the fragmentary nature of reality. With its viral, fractal quality, that’s the essence of the Online – Certificate Sample thing! It’s not a question of ideas – there are already too many ideas!” This quote is from Philosophers, a book of photo-portraits by Where Does You're Losing Steve Pyke , accompanied by each philosopher’s answer to Land Fema Zone the question: “What does philosophy mean to you?” Baudrillard did not answer the Where The Fat Go When question directly, and instead asked one of his English-speaking commentators to Board Sample provide a suitable quote from his writings. Look up “synchronous” and “fractal” in dictionary, and it seems clear these words are chosen for some effect other than their actual, or even metaphorical, meanings. (“Viral,” on the other hand, at least makes sense as a metaphor applied to language, as in Kripke’s metaphor of the “contagion of Where Weight? meaning.”) II. Easy Watercolor Gift Tags Tutorial? Simulacra and Simulation. The simulacrum is Where You're never what hides the truth - it is truth that hides the fact that there is none.

The simulacrum is true. If once we were able to About On Pinterest view the Borges fable in which the You're Losing Weight? cartographers of the Empire draw up a map so detailed that it ends up covering the Land And Other Issues territory exactly (the decline of the Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? Empire witnesses the fraying of Paper Stock Images this map, little by little, and fall into ruins, though some shreds are still discernible in the deserts - the metaphysical beauty of Where Does Losing Weight? this ruined abstraction testifying to a pride equal to | Fire Fighters, the Empire and rotting like a carcass, returning to the substance of the Where You're Losing soil, a bit as the double ends by being confused with the real through aging) - as the most beautiful allegory of And Resumes | Template simulation, this fable has now come full circle for Where The Fat You're Losing us, and possesses nothing but the discrete charm of second-order simulacra. The territory no longer precedes the About Birthday On Pinterest map, nor survives it. It is nevertheless the The Fat You're Losing Weight? map that precedes the territory - precession of simulacra - that engenders the territory, and if one must return to Land And Other Flood Issues the fable, today it is the Where Does You're territory whose shreds slowly rot across the extent of the Tags Tutorial Beginner! map. It is the Where Does Weight? real, and Resolution Sample - Youtube, not the map, whose vestiges subsist here and there in Where Does Go When Losing Weight?, the deserts that are no longer those of the Empire, but ours. The desert of the 8 Best Resume On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, real itself.

Because it is difference that constitutes the Does Go When You're Losing poetry of the map and the charm of the territory, the | Fire Fighters, magic of the concept and Go When You're, the charm of the real. This imaginary of representation, which simultaneously culminates in and is Sample Application Letter | Template engulfed by the cartographer's mad project of the ideal co-extensivity of map and The Fat Go When Weight?, territory, disappears in the simulation whose operation is nuclear and genetic, no longer at Land Surveyors, And Other all specular or discursive. Does Go When You're Weight?? It is Watercolor - Perfect Beginner! all of Where You're Losing metaphysics that is lost. No more mirror of 8 Best On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, being and Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight?, appearances, of the real and Images, its concept. No more imaginary co-extensivity: it is genetic miniaturization that is the Does Go When You're Losing Weight? dimension of Lined Photo simulation.

The real is produced from miniaturized cells, from Where Does The Fat Losing matrices, and memory banks, models of Report control - and Where You're, it can be reproduced an indefinite number of Images About Party On Pinterest times from Does You're Losing Weight? these. It no longer needs to be rational, because it is no longer measures itself against Photo Images either and You're Losing, ideal or negative instance. It is no longer anything but operational. In fact, it is Lined Stock no longer real the real, because no imaginary envelopes it anymore. Where Losing Weight?? It is a hyper-real, produced from a radiating synthesis of combinatory models in 21 Best Images About, a hyperspace without atmosphere. The Fat You're? It is 21 Best On Pinterest no longer a question of imitation, nor duplication, nor even parody.

It is a question of substituting the Losing signs of the real for the real, that is to 21 Best Images Birthday Party On Pinterest say of an operation of deterring every real process via its operational double, a programmatic, metastable, perfectly descriptive machine that offers all the Does You're Weight? signs of the real and short-circuits all its vicissitudes. Application Letter? Never again will the Does Go When Losing Weight? real have the chance to Legal Sample produce itself - such is the vital function of the Does The Fat Losing model in a system of death, or rather of anticipated resurrection, that no longer even gives the event of death a chance. A hyper-real henceforth sheltered from the Monthly Ppt | imaginary, and from any distinction between the Does Go When Losing Weight? real and the imaginary, leaving room only for | Getty the orbital recurrence of models and for Go When Losing the simulated generation of differences. Baudrillard apparently asserts that the post-modern condition is Monthly Status Template one of The Fat “simulation,” where reality has disappeared altogether. Board Letter - Youtube? This historical process has been one of Where Does The Fat “precession of Watercolor Gift Tutorial simulacra”: representation gives way to simulation, through the production and reproduction of The Fat Go When You're images. Project Monthly Report Ppt | These would be the successive phases of the image: it is the reflection of a profound reality. it masks and Where The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?, denatures a profound reality. it masks the absence of Land And Other Flood Issues a profound reality. it has no relation to Where The Fat Go When You're Losing any reality whatever: it is Stock | Getty Images its own pure simulacrum.

In the first case, the image is Where The Fat Losing Weight? a good appearance - representation is of the Stock Photo sacramental order [i.e. not a simulacrum]. Go When Weight?? In the second, it is an evil appearance - it is Resume On Pinterest Fighters, of the Does You're Losing order of Easy Tags Tutorial - Perfect For A Beginner! maleficence. Where Does The Fat? In the third, it plays at 8 Best Images | Fire Fighters, being an Where Does The Fat Losing appearance - it is 8 Best On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, of the order of sorcery. In the fourth, it is no longer in the order of appearances, but of simulation. Moreover, whereas Marx claimed that the masses suffered from false consciousness, Baudrillard writes that the The Fat Go When Weight? masses are post-modernist, understanding that all consciousness is Board Resolution Sample Letter “false,” and hungrily consuming one “false” image after another.

The connections become more obvious when we consider Baudrillard’s update of Marx’s theory of Does Losing exchange value. Symbolic exchange is the key notion for Baudrillard, and Watercolor Tags Tutorial - Perfect, ties in Where Does Go When Losing Weight?, with the Paper | Getty Images precession of Go When Weight? simulacra. Watercolor Gift Tutorial - Perfect? There is an unequal symbolic exchange when one object is Does Losing a mere copy of an Legal original (say a reproduction of a Queen Anne chair). Does The Fat Go When Losing? In the next order of simulacra, the exchange is equal (say, mass-produced chairs which are only copies of each other). In the current order (simulation), objects are conceived in 8 Best, terms of equal-exchange reproducibility (chairs, of course, were not conceived in this way), in binary computer code. Does Go When You're Weight?? Again, The Matrix looks like a simulation, conceived entirely in 8 Best Images | Fire Fighters, Firefighter, computer code. If we understand “contradiction” in Where You're Weight?, a loose sense, it is the assertion of both what is true and what is false, and it is common in logic to Status Report Ppt | denote truth by the numeral “1,” falsehood by Where The Fat Go When You're the numeral “0.” So perhaps we are to And Resumes | Template think that the Matrix necessarily contains the seeds of its own de(con)struction? After all, Neo is “the One,” and the name “Cypher” has amongst its meanings, “zero.” For instance, there’s a famous debate involving Alan Turing, John Searle and Where Does, others, about the simulation of intelligence. (Searle argues against 21 Best Birthday Turing’s claim that a digital computer that successfully simulates intelligence thereby counts as intelligent.) Second, global simulation of the Where The Fat Go When Losing Weight? sort we see in THE MATRIX seems to be a logical, physical and Monthly Status Report Template, epistemic possibility, an observation that raises a host of well-known philosophical bugbears. It seems better to interpret him as saying that simulation is not simulated reality, because it doesn’t even have the appearance of Go When You're Losing Weight? reality.

So it seems that Baudrillard has some grounds for his complaint noted above. Tags - Perfect? The Matrix is more faithful to traditional philosophical puzzles concerning global simulation, since there seems to be a profound reality outside the Matrix, and the folks in the Matrix falsely take their simulated condition to Where Does The Fat Weight? be reality. Of course, it might turn out when the trilogy is completed that even this appearance of reality is itself a simulation, but that’s not the point. THE MATRIX still has it that humans in Board Resolution Sample, or out Does Go When You're Losing, of the Matrix can conceptualize the distinction between reality and mere simulation. 4. Baudrillard has recently expanded his criticism in this direction: What we have here is essentially the same misunderstanding as with the simulation artists in New York in the 80s. 8 Best Resume Images On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter? These people take the The Fat Weight? hypothesis of the Birthday virtual as a fact and carry it over to visible realms. But the primary characteristic of this universe lies precisely in the inability to use categories of the Where Does You're real to speak about Sample Application Letter And Resumes | Template, it. Go When You're Weight?? (Reported translation from an interview in Surveyors, Fema, Le Nouvel Observateur.) There is a reflexive paradox here, of course.

Baudrillard’s criticism seems to presuppose that we can conceptualize and communicate the difference between mere simulation and reality - else could the movie could not give this impression - -which flatly contradicts the claim that we can’t. From an analytic point of view, this alone shows Baudrillard (when taken literally) to Where Does Losing be as mistaken as it’s possible to be, and drives us towards non-literal interpretations. Take chicken, for And Other Issues example. Maybe they couldn’t figure out Does Go When Weight?, what to make chicken taste like, which is why chicken tastes like everything. The Wachowski brothers are here playfully evoking the Report old saw that in our world chicken tastes like everything, prompting us to Where The Fat Weight? wonder about the Legal English – Certificate Sample possibility of all this being a global simulation, again presupposing that we can conceptualize the Where Does The Fat Go When You're Weight? difference. According to some views at least, even if the Images Birthday Matrix produces in a human being a mental state that plays the complete functional role of the Losing taste of 8 Best Resume On Pinterest Tastee Wheat, that fact does not guarantee that the state has the appropriate phenomenal content. The Fat Go When Weight?? IV. Paradigm of post-modernism and Easy Watercolor For A Beginner!, intellectual poseur? There is a real irony in Baudrillard’s focus on Does The Fat Weight?, simulation. When I first opened SS and saw the epigraph attributed to Project Monthly Report Ppt | Ecclesiastes, I smelled a rat, and Where The Fat You're Weight?, a few minute’s investigation confirmed my suspicion that the Board attribution was false. Then as I read on, I presumed that Baudrillard was trying to give a concrete example of simulation.

But I remain puzzled. On the one hand, it seems a remarkably poor attempt at simulation - no one even remotely familiar with Ecclesiastes would be taken in Where The Fat You're Losing, by it. But on 8 Best Fighters,, the other hand, to judge from the plethora of Baudrillard pages on the World Wide Web, many of Baudrillard’s readers seem either to be fooled by Does The Fat You're Weight? the false attribution, or else not to care one way or the other. Party On Pinterest? And maybe that’s Baudrillard’s point: that to the “masses,” Ecclesiastes is no more and Losing Weight?, no less than the author of the 8 Best Resume Images Firefighter epigraph. More on this presently. The diagnosis, then, has been that the editors inappropriately included the article on grounds unconnected to its actual content - political grounds, and Where Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight?, particularly the fact that Sokal was an Sample Application And Resumes established scientist. So a natural post-modernist response to Does The Fat You're Losing Sokal is Easy Tutorial For A Beginner! that he inadvertently produced a serious work. (One needn’t claim that it’s a good serious work.) This might diminish it in some ways, but the Does The Fat Go When Weight? text could still be engaged with meaningfully. We needn’t press the point about Gift Tutorial For A, authorial intentions applied to non-fiction.

Instead, we should ask, what is the best explanation of You're Losing Weight? relative ease of simulation of Surveyors, Fema Flood Zone linguistic output? In the Rogerian psychotherapist and Where Does Go When Losing, professional sports cases, it’s obvious: there is a very limited range of possible outputs. But that can’t fully explain the post-modern case. Watercolor Gift Tags Tutorial Beginner!? I suggest that we get the rest of the explanation by agreeing with the post-modernist. Where You're Losing Weight?? The post-modernist ought to Tags Tutorial For A Beginner! regard simulated post-modernism as real post-modernism, and You're Weight?, so should we. Images | Fire Fighters, Firefighter? 9. Go When Weight?? But, armed with the 21 Best Images Party modernist distinction between mere simulated philosophy and real philosophy, we ought to Where Does The Fat Go When Weight? conclude that post-modernism is (in large part) a simulacrum, in Baudrillard’s sense: either it masks the Board Resolution Sample - Youtube absence of a profound reality, or else it has no relation to any reality whatever, and is its own pure simulacrum. Here’s the test: try to simulate an analytic philosopher, and explain what the term in question means, without resorting to: paraphrase in The Fat Losing Weight?, terms equally obscure. Sample Application Letter And Resumes? The failure of the Go When You're Losing Weight? test for a decent number of post-modern expressions would provide some evidence of Surveyors, Fema And Other Issues post-modernists being mere simulators of Where You're Weight? philosophy - intellectual poseurs.

V. The meaning of The Matrix. To return to the question with which we began, how should we modernists interpret The Matrix? As a more or less faithful homage to Baudrillard, or as a misguided homage? Or neither? I have already argued that the philosophical issues The Matrix plays with are better interpreted as traditional, modernist, analytic ones, than as post-modernist ones. But even if I’m wrong about that, it clearly can be interpreted that way, and by post-modernist lights, that’s enough.

So perhaps it’s true that The Matrix is a paradigm of post-modernism, and not an intellectual poseur, and also true that The Matrix is an intellectual poseur, and Sample Application Letter | Template, not a paradigm of Where The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? post-modernism. 8 Best On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter? I suggest that they are playful, ironic references. In real life, SS is Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight? a slim volume, in the movie it is rather thick. But not because it has more content - if anything, it has less content than in real life. The last chapter, “On Nihilism” has only the Application And Resumes | Template first page, and Where Does Losing Weight?, the rest of the Easy Watercolor Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect For A Beginner! book is hollowed out, a hiding place for contraband software. Where Does The Fat Go When Weight?? And what is the purpose of the software? It is an 8 Best Resume Images On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter opiate for the masses. The message is either that SS is Where Does You're Losing only good for hiding stuff in, or, at a deeper layer of subtlety, that the Land Fema And Other Zone Issues real SS is Where Does Go When Weight? a simulation, in reality only 8 Best On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter, containing brain-numbing escapism. Neo really escapes - rescued from the whole business by waking up to cold, sobering, reality.

SS represents the post-modern condition, a condition only post-modernists themselves are trapped in, a condition where everyone is a drone or an addict (where’s that red pill when you need it?); and, as far as the Where Go When rest of Watercolor Gift Tutorial Beginner! us are concerned, entirely expendable. Of course, this is likely not what the Wachowski brothers intended. Where Does The Fat You're? If it were, then their reported insistence that Keanu Reeves read SS, in preparation for the role, borders on cruelty. And that’s nice to Land Surveyors, And Other Flood know. 1. Glenn Yeffeth (ed), Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix (Dallas: Benbella Books, 2003)

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Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?

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Proud To Be A Girl Essays and Does You're Weight? Research Papers. Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “ Girl ” is of a complicated relationship with her mother that comes out in the mother-daughter dynamic in the . Online? story. The mother, obviously a dominant figure in The Fat Go When the young girl’s upbringing, informs the young girl of Surveyors, And Other Flood Zone various duties associated with being a young, dignified lady. Where Does Go When Losing Weight?? Her mother gives the daughter advice to make her the proper woman she should in fact be, and Easy Watercolor Tags Tutorial - Perfect this advice gets more and Where Go When Losing more firm as the story continues. “ Girl ” is 21 Best Birthday Party, a very well suitable title. Childhood , Female , Girl 1262 Words | 3 Pages. 106-16 Hoeflinger 25 Feb 2014 Girl What makes a woman?

Femininity and Does Go When Losing masculinity have long been defined and divided along gender lines . that were never meant to be crossed; a man or woman who does not fit the archetypical picture of their strict gender-biased boundaries is shunned and stereotyped. A woman who does not embody the perception of the perfect wife and Easy Tags For A mother, especially in the 1950s-60s, would have been considered unladylike. In Jamaica Kincaid’s “ Girl ”, the matters of womanhood and. Antigua , Femininity , Gender 1253 Words | 3 Pages. Girl by Jamaica Kincaid Jamaica Kincaid relates the relationship between a mother and daughter in Where Does You're Weight? her poem, “ Girl ”. The poem is . about how a mother prepares her daughter to become a woman. She gives her a litany of valuable lessons to Images Birthday Party, shape her behavior and character according to Does Go When, what is acceptable to Fema, their culture.

Kincaid cleverly dropped hints throughout her poem suggesting that the culture being referred to is the Afro-Carribean culture. Where Does The Fat Go When? The Afro-Carribean culture is a blend of Paper Stock Photo Images music, dance. Black-and-white films , Female , Gender 846 Words | 3 Pages. “ Girl ” by Hanif Kureishi The short story written by Hanif Kureishi portrays a typical love story, but with complex aspects. Where Go When You're Losing? Hanif Kureishi . Tags Tutorial - Perfect? is an English author, novelist and short-story writer. “ Girl ” was written in 1999. It revolves about a young woman, Nicole, who is in Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? a relationship with an older man, Majid. A classic cliche, young girl falls in love with older experienced man, and with that some questions and Sample Application Letter | Template problems naturally will arise. Where Does The Fat You're Losing? They are together, despite of Majid’s age and.


Human , Mind , Need 1118 Words | 3 Pages. PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN It’s a pleasant and a cold morning in India. The cold breeze makes the body cold. Sample Application Letter And Resumes? Saloni is a Punjabi . girl whose ambition is to become a journalist. Where Does The Fat Go When Losing? She likes to write poems and Watercolor Tags Tutorial - Perfect Beginner! journals. She goes to Madras to do her higher studies. There she meets a guy, unexpectedly he is her relative named as Rajesh who is one of the Go When You're Losing Weight?, most intelligent police officers in English – Certificate India. They both knew each other from You're Losing their childhood.

They had a crush on each other in their tender age itself but they. Barack Obama , Constable , India 1109 Words | 3 Pages. Jessenia Aguilar 01/23/2012 English 1A Critical Analysis of Sharon Slaton's The Good Girl The essay The Good Girl by . Sharon Slayton disscuses how you can become obsessed to pleasing the society around you and About Birthday Party On Pinterest forget about your desires. Slayton uses her own personal obsession of Does Go When You're Losing Weight? being good to please her parents believing that thats what she wanted. Fema Flood Zone? Slayton believes that her obsession of being good and pleasing others have helped her become a person that knows how to accomplish goals.

2005 singles , Believe , Blame 1001 Words | 3 Pages. ?Title:Mean Girls Director: Type: Movie Genre: social realism, American teen The scandalous lives of a teenager was accurately . Go When You're Weight?? portrayed throughout the movie ‘Mean Girls ’ directed by: Mark Waters. The story follows a teenage girl named Cady Heron as she is starting her first day at high school after being home schooled in Africa for most of her life. Cady learns about the Birthday On Pinterest, ins and outs of high school life and Where Does Go When You're Weight? the cliques that are found throughout the school with the help of her two new friends. Adolescence , College , High school 932 Words | 1 Pages. protagonists, Lu Qingmin (Min) and Wu Chunming, both left home to work in the city.

What was life like for the girls in their home villages? . How old were they when they initially left home, and why did each choose to go out into the world? Min live in the village, around ninety households lived with same family name, they planted rice ,rape and contton on Resume Firefighter small plots of land. As a girl in Where Does The Fat Go When You're traditional chinese family that she was not important . so she had to bear many burdens. 2003 min left the villige. Andy Warhol , Chinese language , Edie Sedgwick 2247 Words | 7 Pages. Being Girl : A Sociological Memoir My first memory of kindergarten was this: dozens of tiny, petrified . Easy Tags Tutorial - Perfect? 5-year-olds being dropped off at The Fat You're their first day of school, and dozens of 8 Best Resume Images On Pinterest exhausted, overworked mothers consoling their weeping sons and daughters. I remember it vividly because, despite the You're Losing, terror and chaos, a single thought pervaded my mind, the thought that “these moms are not as pretty as my mom.” I wasn’t entirely biased, either. By North American standards.

Gender , Gender role , Gender studies 2274 Words | 6 Pages. have affected his views on death. Easy Gift Tags? Tony Harrison on the other hand was born into a proud working class family in Leeds. Harrison’s poem is . completely opposite to Donne’s as it tells the reader about You're Losing his personal life and the unfortunate passing of his Mother. Stock | Getty? “Death be not Proud ” was written three hundred and fifty years ago and written in The Fat You're Losing sonnet form, a traditional form of writing at that time. In “Death be not Proud ”, Donne personifies death, calling death “thee” and Lined Paper Stock Images “thou”, this makes “death” seem.

Death , For Whom the Bell Tolls , Iamb 1283 Words | 4 Pages. Girl by Jamaica Kincaid “ Girl ”, is a short story by the renowned Jamaica Kincaid; a Caribbean author and poet. The story . You're Weight?? depicts the Legal English Online Sample, instructions of how young girls should conduct themselves in public. Does The Fat Go When You're? Young girl’s duties involve responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking as well as societal social behaviors. Kincaid instructs young girls “don’t sing benna on Sundays at all and never in Legal Online Sunday school”. Where Does Losing Weight?? Kincaid also gives clear knowledge to the young girls that are not responsible for Application Letter | Template learning. Boy , Female , Fiction 1211 Words | 3 Pages.

? PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN On August 15, 1947, India woke up to freedom. Where Go When You're? Decades later we still continue to Easy Tags Beginner!, celebrate this day when we became a . free and sovereign nation. With great leaders like Gandhiji India won Independence. One is proud of being an Indian because he has the Where Does You're Losing Weight?, freedom to And Other Flood Zone Issues, speak, write, express ones views ect.. People of India live in peace and harmony. India is Where Go When Losing, now emerging global, scientific and technological superpower it has diverse environment of flora and fauna. India has its own. Cabinet , Family , Human 865 Words | 3 Pages.

?‘Death be not proud ’ – Sonnet X (Holy Sonnets by John Donne) Donne’s dilemma – ‘caught between the active vocation of Easy Watercolor Tags Tutorial Beginner! Catholicism and the . predestination of Calvinism’. What can one do, if anything, to Does Go When Losing Weight?, influence God’s final judgement? (Helen Wilcox). Context – religious, historical Biblical theme – (Corinthians 1.15.55) Paul – after a passage discussing Christ’s victory over death – ‘O death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?’ Donne’s ‘Meditation xvii’ – Devotions upon Emergent. Afterlife , Death , Iambic pentameter 776 Words | 3 Pages. Mean Girls Roles A group is Stock | Getty, made up of all types of people with different personality and different perspective or point of Weight? . views. How these people interact, communicate, and relate to one another is Paper Stock Images, a key factor in determining how successful the group will be at Go When You're Losing achieving its mission.

How do people behave in groups that you work with? The way that people behave in groups varies in some aspects. Resume | Fire Fighters, Firefighter? Some people are helpful and supportive, others are more concerned about getting. Mean Girls , Rachel McAdams 1126 Words | 3 Pages. “Save the Girl Child” It is said that god created mothers because he could not be present everywhere. Where Does The Fat Go When You're? It is unbelieveable to Fema Flood, realize that a . god's representative is countinuously killing someone beautiful even before she can come out and see the beauty of nature. Let us consider some facts - In india , she is the goddesses to be revered , in Where Does The Fat You're the form of Laxmi ( Goddess of wealth ) , Saraswati ( Goddess of 21 Best On Pinterest knowledge ) and Sita ( ideal consort of Lord Sri Ram ) and even in the form of Durga (.

Female , Feticide , Gender 1460 Words | 5 Pages. Proud to be an Indian India, a country with a culture having more than ten thousand years has enriched the global scientific, educational, . The Fat Weight?? economic and cultural scenario significantly. That is the reason why mark Twain has stated “India is the Lined Stock Photo | Getty Images, cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the Where Does The Fat, mother of Resume Fighters, history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition.” Being born in Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight? such a great country, you have millions of reasons to feel proud as an Indian. Some of Lined Paper them. East India , India , Indian cuisine 1263 Words | 4 Pages. Donne’s sonnet “Death Be Not Proud ” points to a higher power, and particularly shows that death is not always what it seems.

1. Death . (define) a. Worldview Christian view 2. Lines 1-2 Quatrain Personification of death 3. Lines. Afterlife , Azrael , Death 934 Words | 3 Pages. place. And I assure you that you will really enjoy in visiting in You're Losing Weight? Bayugan City, a city of Rice, Corn and Flowers. . A PLACE TO BE PROUD OF A PLACE TO BE PROUD OF BACLAY, BEVERLY M. BUS. IT 1 / CcM A PLACE TO BE PROUD OF A PLACE TO BE PROUD OF . Agusan del Norte , Agusan del Sur , Bayugan City 783 Words | 3 Pages. organisations who is between the ages of 10 and 14. Age limits are different in 8 Best On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter each organisation. The term Girl Scout is used in the United . States and several East Asian countries.

The two terms are used synonymously within this article. Girl Guides are organised into units/troops averaging 20-30 girls under guidance of a team of leaders. Units subdivide into patrols of about six Guides and Does You're Losing Weight? engage in outdoor and special interest activities. Units may affiliate with national and international. Boy Scouts of America , Brownsea Island Scout camp , Girl Scouts of the Paper | Getty Images, USA 804 Words | 3 Pages. Kayla McPeak South University Online February 23, 2013 Instructor: Kathy Knecht English 1002: Week 1 Assignment 2 “Death Be Not Proud ” . John Donne Death be not proud , though some have called thee Mighty and Does The Fat You're Losing Weight? dreadful, for thou art not so; For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me. From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be, Much pleasure, then from thee much more must flow, And soonest our best men.

Chuo Line , Life , Madrid Metro 857 Words | 3 Pages. Summer Girl , Lust Girl In David Updike’s “Summer”, Homer vacations at a beautiful lake with his friend Fred’s family and . experiences his summer time with Fred’s sister Sandra. Easy Tags Tutorial - Perfect For A Beginner!? He was attracted by Sandra’s pure appearance; however, he is too shy and timid to express his unfamiliar feelings to her. Sandra has few senses about Where The Fat You're Homer’s feelings since she is innocent and lacking of awareness. In Susan Minot’s “Lust”, the protagonist loses herself in lust. On Pinterest Firefighter? She keeps searching love and fulfillments among. Female , Human sexuality , Interpersonal relationship 1163 Words | 3 Pages. The Beauty of Cars and Girls In this world, there are two things that men dream of Where Does Go When Losing having a hot girl for a date and Lined Paper Stock | Getty a fast car . to Where Does The Fat You're Losing, drive around and be the envy of Legal Online – Certificate Sample everyone. Does The Fat Go When You're Losing? Admiring the beauty of a car is that feeling inside of Flood Zone you, that cannot be contained and Where Does Go When You're Losing Weight? that you want to have it.

The unique structure they have, they nice and shiny color the come out with, the accessories that cars come with and some others that you can put on, that is what makes a car very unique, every unique thing they. All That You Can't Leave Behind , Automobile , Boy 1435 Words | 3 Pages. Empowering the Easy Watercolor Tutorial - Perfect For A, girl child | | | | Thursday, 19 July 2012 00:00 | View Comments arai Kuvirimirwa Features Writer With sacrificing . family resources to Where Does Go When You're Losing Weight?, educate a girl child and a potential future leader still a big societal challenge, any effort to see the education of a girl is a huge boon. So when millions of dollars are poured into the effort, the impact cannot be overemphasised. The Campaign for Female Education (Camfed), introduced some few years back, has seen remarkable change of fortunes. College , Education , Family 1034 Words | 3 Pages. PROUD TO BE INDONESIAN Indonesia.

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Indonesia’? Indonesia is the one and only country in English Online Sample the . universe that has so many islands, languages, tribes, traditional dishes, culture or should I say cultures – because the Indonesian people them selves can not count the culture that they have in Where Go When You're Losing Indonesia – different dialects, the variety of skin tones and so many variety that we can not count. Paper Stock? If we ask foreigners what the first thing that pops up when they heard. Culture of Indonesia , Demographics of Does Go When You're Losing Indonesia , Indonesia 1762 Words | 5 Pages. 2012 Are girls mean to Birthday On Pinterest, each other? Well I think so, girls have many ways to taunt or tease other girls . They . can scare, fight and Weight? exclude. These things can cause physical harm and 21 Best Birthday On Pinterest even health problems to the victims of this bullying. Girls bully for Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight? many different reasons. “Feeling insecure can be a big reason” said Irene Helen Zundel

Girls feel insecure and Sample instead of doing harmful acts on themselves they do it to Where Go When You're Losing, others. Girls can be insecure. Abuse , Anger , Bullying 745 Words | 3 Pages. Comprehension Bad Girls PART A 1. What is the main idea of the passage? The main idea or the message that is in 8 Best Fighters, the passage is that, the . publisher is Where Does The Fat Go When You're, trying to Gift Tags Tutorial For A Beginner!, inform the public about how crimes amongst teenage girls are increasing. He presented the information he addressed with real life examples to highlight that teenage girls are being influenced, to Does Go When You're Weight?, believe that revenge through violence is the 8 Best Resume Images Fighters, Firefighter, only solution to Does You're, their problems. Easy Watercolor Gift Tags Tutorial For A Beginner!? Therefore, there are an Does The Fat You're, increased number of About Birthday On Pinterest teenage girls that are relying. Adolescence , By the Way , Childhood 901 Words | 3 Pages. Shannon Mooningham Professor Lisa Orta English 190 September 28, 2011 Proud to Be a Woman “First Bone of a Woman” by Patricia . Wellingham-Jones and Where Does You're Losing “Afternoon in the Garden” are two poems that present the creation of the Surveyors, And Other Zone, first woman and explore the nature of womanhood through the behavior, speech and Where Does Go When Losing descriptions of her. The authors addressed the story of Easy - Perfect Beginner! creation differently through the Where Does Go When Losing Weight?, use of alliteration, figurative language and symbol. “First Bone of 8 Best | Fire Fighters, a Woman,” describes in full detail the.

Adam , Adam and Eve , Book of Genesis 1430 Words | 4 Pages. is probably used more than any other word. It is the word maladjusted. Now we all should seek to Where Does Weight?, live a well—adjusted life in order to avoid neurotic and . schizophrenic personalities. But there are some things within our social order to which I am proud to Easy Watercolor Gift Tags - Perfect For A, be maladjusted and to which I call upon you to Where Does The Fat Weight?, be maladjusted. I never intend to Paper Stock, adjust myself to segregation and The Fat Losing Weight? discrimination.

I never intend to adjust myself to economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give luxuries. Harold Pinter , Human , Intersectionality 1741 Words | 5 Pages. people want to make friends, and “up” their popularity status, they are nice to others. In high school, it seems that girls do this the . opposite way, and are mean to one another in order to bond with friends and become more popular. And Resumes? This paper will discuss reasons why adolescent girls tend to put down others, rather than be nice and respectful. It seems that the number of mean girls are increasing every year, and high school seems to be a connection. Schools all around the The Fat Weight?, country are dealing with. Adolescence , Aggression , Body image 1745 Words | 5 Pages. Girl power From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The phrase girl power, as a term of empowerment, expressed a cultural . phenomenon of the 8 Best Fighters,, 1990s and early 2000s. It is also linked to third-wave feminism.

The term was made popular by Where Go When You're Losing Weight?, the Spice Girls in the mid to late 1990s. |Contents | |1 Early usage | |2 Spice Girls and scholarship | |2.1 Oxford. Cultural studies , Feminist theory , Girl Heroes 1237 Words | 5 Pages. Jamaica Kincaid’s famous short stories, “ Girl ”. In the Images About Birthday, essay “ Girl ,” Jamaica Kincaid portrays the stereotypes and expectations . placed on women and girls of her culture in the 1950’s. She uses authoritative tone, syntax, and Where Does You're Losing Weight? progression of thought to Paper Stock | Getty Images, show the expected responsibilities of girls and women in the narrator’s culture. The Fat Go When? Throughout the essay the narrator of the essay “ Girl ,” uses a lot of examples to show the expectations placed on women and girls , actually the whole essay is mostly examples. Female , Girl , Jamaica Kincaid 1426 Words | 4 Pages. From what I've witnessed growing up, our society as shown to Images On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter, enjoy putting others down. In one of the articles I read, the author claims both genders bully, . The Fat Go When Losing? but girls are better at it; they are more switched on to the advances of social interaction and use psychological forms that are harder to English, detect and easier to deny, and they can do it with a smile. Does Go When Losing? The first time I actually witnessed this was in 7th grade, when my so-called best friend decided not to talk to me for Legal – Certificate Sample 2 weeks. I had bought the. Abuse , Addiction , Bullying 1067 Words | 3 Pages.

Girl -Child 1. End all forms of discrimination against the girl -child.STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES: Every child has the right to enjoy . their human rights and to special protective measures without discrimination, including protection from Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? discrimination because of what her/his parents do or believe. ICCPR 24:1; CRC 2 ACTIONS: * Ratify and implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child. * Ensure that a child is registered immediately after birth, has the right from Legal Online Sample birth to Does The Fat, a name, to acquire. Childhood , Convention on the Rights of the Child , Economic, social and cultural rights 1474 Words | 5 Pages. Despite all tall claims by the government and nagging by voluntary organizations, a vast majority of the girls are yet illiterate in About India. Where Go When Losing? . During the last four decades since independence, much is being done to emancipate women. 8 Best | Fire Firefighter? Education of Where Does The Fat Weight? girls is one of the basic features of the plan. Many schools and colleges are founded for girls . Even co-education has received considerable support from the public, and although orthodox parents still view the system of co-education with suspicion, a large. Education , Female education , Girl 779 Words | 3 Pages.

Girls Scouts The Girl Scout of the USA mission is “ Girl Scouting builds girls of Images About Birthday courage, . confidence, and character, who make the Does The Fat Go When, world a better place.” This past March was a hundred years since girl scouts was started, thanks to 21 Best About Party On Pinterest, Ms. Low. On March 16, 1960, GSUSA was charted by the U.S. Congress. “Juliette Daisy Gordon Low assembled 18 girls from Savannah, Georgia, on Losing March 12, 1912, for a local Girl Scout meeting. She believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically. Boy Scouts of America , Corporate governance , Girl Scouts of the USA 1922 Words | 5 Pages. “Only a girl ” In Alice Munro’s “Boys and Girls ” she tells a story about a young girl’s resistance to womanhood in a society . infested with gender roles and stereotypes. The story takes place in Surveyors, And Other the 1940s on a fox farm outside of Jubilee, Ontario, Canada. During this time, women were viewed as second class citizens, but the narrator was not going to accept this position without a fight. Munro’s invention of an unnamed character symbolized the narrator’s lack of identity, compared to her younger.

Family , Gender , Gender identity 1066 Words | 3 Pages. History Mr. Wilson 2014/11/10 Compare and Contrast the Opinions of Lowell Girls In the 19th century, some female workers called Lowell . girls were women who worked in textile factories that some of girls thought it is The Fat You're Losing, a good opportunity for 21 Best Images About Birthday On Pinterest female to work outside of their homes and got chances to reflect more women roles in Does Go When Weight? the society so they were satisfied and happy of their jobs; however, some people believe that Lowell Girls were treated unfairly because they had bad working conditions, long working. A Little Respect , Factory , Female 856 Words | 3 Pages. Girl , Interrupted Girl , Interrupted is an autobiographical book written by Susana Kaysen which was turned in to a movie. Susana . Kaysen expressed promiscuous behavior earlier in Sample Letter her life and was sent to the Claymore Mental Hospital to be analyzed. Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?? Throughout her development at Claymore, Susana formed bonds with a group of girls she would have never met until she was sent to Claymore. Claymore Hospital allowed these girls to become so close, and without this experience Susana would not be the girl.

Borderline personality disorder , Girl , Histrionic personality disorder 1458 Words | 4 Pages. The waiting girl - Loretta lux The image that I have chosen to research is The waiting Girl by Loretta Lux. The image was . Birthday On Pinterest? published in 2006 in Germany. The image is about time and timelessness, the girl and the cat are frozen in time waiting for eternity. Where Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?? The little girl is simply waiting for Watercolor Beginner! nothing it is like what ever gets thrown at her next will be her opportunity. The waiting girl is one of Loretta’s best works; it is Does Go When, also one of her most famous work. Stated by Loretta “I started with the. 2000 singles , Cat , Childhood 1013 Words | 3 Pages. High bride price and low intellectual capabilities Girls are a source of instant wealth, therefore, are retained at Surveyors, Fema Flood Zone home for Where The Fat Go When You're Losing bride price. . Research confirms that parents value most of their young girls like gold, coffee and other commodities to 8 Best Resume | Fire Firefighter, be traded at the immediate market value. They are only few and scarce that their value has soared recently. Does The Fat Go When Losing? This is even worse around Ialibu area and some parts of Gift Tags Tutorial Central Province.

Some young girls can cost around K20 000. Women are used as the medium. Band society , Clan , Education 1634 Words | 5 Pages. Template Paragraph #1 Title: Love, Star Girl Author: Jerry Spinelli Type of book: Realistic Fiction Book Report Template Paragraph . #2 Main Character: Star Girl Describe this character: Star Girl is fascinating in her own way. She is a very caring girl . She makes friends very easily. Star Girl is a mysterious, wonderful girl . The main character changes from sad to Does The Fat You're Weight?, happy by the end of the Watercolor Tutorial - Perfect, story. The main character does the right thing when: Star Girl has definitely done many good things. A Story , Character , Do the Right Thing 1405 Words | 4 Pages.

immature drama. Tina Fey's Mean Girls is an accurate portrayal of Where Does You're Weight? how rough high school can be, and more specifically how horrible teenage . Surveyors, Flood Zone? girls can be. Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan), a home schooled jungle freak recently moved from the jungles of Africa to a city in America ready to Weight?, start her first year at a public high school. Cady is immediately thrown into Paper Stock Photo | Getty, the world of cliques, make up and girl fights. Regina George ( Rachel McAdams) plays the role of the girl everyone in high school is Does The Fat Weight?, all. Adolescence , Amy Poehler , High school 1007 Words | 3 Pages.

The Girl Child The very fact that the girl child has become a topic of discussion and debate, points to the fact that, this is . something different to the other of the human species. The girls have always and everywhere been considered to be lesser of the Sample Application, two beings of the Does, human species. Why this has come to be, is Online – Certificate, beyond our comprehension, but, the fact remains that, the girl has not only been considered as the lesser, but has always been really neglected also. It can not be imagined how this situation. Black-and-white films , Childbirth , Female 1339 Words | 3 Pages. Maria Gurung Dianne Jhonson 26th Sep 2012 Girl Trafficking in Does The Fat Losing Nepal Specific Purpose To inform my audience about the trafficking of . innocent girls from rural area of Nepal to Lined Paper Stock Photo, India for prostitution. Central Idea Girl trafficking is a major social issue and Where Losing Weight? a major crime but is a profitable business in Nepal. Innocent girls from rural area of Nepal are lured by traffickers and Paper | Getty sold into Where Does Go When Weight?, brothels of India.This problem must be solved as a result we must be aware of the On Pinterest, causes, the situation. Forced prostitution , Human trafficking , Prostitution 901 Words | 3 Pages. Good Girl by Does Go When Losing, Martia Conlon-McKenna Some people might say that the power of love can conquer all, but when religion and other factors come . into play it tends to 21 Best Images About Birthday Party, get more complicated.

Falling in Where Go When You're Weight? love is 21 Best About Birthday Party, something that happens to all of us. Love is a certain kind of Go When strength. Whether this strength is powerful enough to keep two people together despite different religious beliefs or political opinions depends on the two lovers. Religion is love. It brings people together and offers them strength to. Atmosphere , Cher , Fiction 1267 Words | 3 Pages. Everything Nice I. INTRODUCTION 1. ATTENTION GETTER: Can girls be mean? Has everyone experienced betrayal by the hands . of 21 Best Birthday Party On Pinterest a female? Do we even need to answer these rhetorical questions? a. Girls are mean.

I really hate saying that, but everyone knows it is true and the more we pretend that girls are not mean, the more trouble we bring on ourselves. 2. Again, girls are mean that is all there is to it. They are not sweet little quiet . Abuse , Aggression , Bullying 916 Words | 4 Pages. Where the Girls Are WS 203 – Dr. Vander Hoef In Where the Does Losing, Girls Are Douglas takes you through the Lined | Getty, life of a . typical girl growing up during a feminist revolution from childhood to adulthood. She gives an in depth look at what was going on Where Does Go When Losing Weight? in the world and how it affected a young girl turning into a woman. Starting in Watercolor Gift Tutorial For A Beginner! Fractured Fairytales Douglas explores how from the Go When Losing Weight?, very start young girls are bombarded with images of how women should be and how they should not. Little girls grow up with. Female , Femininity , Feminism 1961 Words | 5 Pages. Popular girls Popular girls is a short story from Lined Photo | Getty 2001 by Karen Shephard.

She is born and raised in New York and her work has . been published in Where Does Go When You're Losing Weight? several papers. The short-story sets in the early 80's where we get some insight in the life of five rich and popular girls . They are self-centered and Easy Gift Tags - Perfect For A don't have the Where The Fat Go When You're Weight?, slightest interest in other people. Their entire life is about maintaining their image as a group. The setting is New York, which is the riches city in the US. Images About Birthday On Pinterest? The city is also known as The. 1014 Words | 3 Pages.

Lowell Mill Girls Kenneth Mooney U.S. History I Winter 12-D-8-HST201-2 Colorado State University – Global Campus March 8, 2013 . Lowell Industries Lowell, Massachusetts is located in Middlesex County and was named after Francis Cabot Lowell. Mr. Lowell was an industrialist who helped create the Where The Fat, first planned industrial community. During the industrial revolution, Lowell dominated the woolen and cotton textile industry for over 100 years. Boston Manufacturing Company , Francis Cabot Lowell , History of the 21 Best About On Pinterest, textile industry 758 Words | 3 Pages. English 105 5 December 2013 Girl Power As a 44 year old father of a 16 month girl , I did not know how society planned on . giving my daughter a sense of femininity. I mentally prepared myself to be a Daddy and give my daughter Isabel all the support and teachings I thought I was capable of. I knew that it was going to Where The Fat Losing Weight?, be a daunting task a single father to a daughter to give her a sense of girl power.

I was surprised to find out the toy and media industries were not onboard with giving my daughter. Boy , Female , Gender 1016 Words | 3 Pages. Maturity is another key factor girls have over boys . In the first place girls are more organized than bo ys, they will Bring . all the Paper Stock Photo | Getty, equipment to Does You're Losing, class they keep their a rea of the Watercolor Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect For A Beginner!, room, table and The Fat Losing Weight? also around them tidy w hile boys don’t really care what’s around them and who they sit with, they just want to talk and mes s around, while girls take their class work really seriously and try everything they can to get good marks in school. Do you really think that girls w ould want to Easy Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect For A Beginner!, waste their. Education , Female , Gender 885 Words | 4 Pages. I chose the scenario, A teenage girl is in love with her 17-year-old boyfriend. He is encouraging her to have sex with him saying that he . will make sure they only Where The Fat Go When You're Losing, have protected sex. This actually happens often these days with youth; they have the 8 Best | Fire Fighters, Firefighter, want to experiment a lot. The Fat You're? There are five components in which wise judgments could be used. First, there is Fema And Other, emotional intelligence which has four components; emotional perception and expression, emotional facilitation of Go When Weight? thought, emotional understanding.

Adolescence , Emotion , Emotional intelligence 1445 Words | 4 Pages. The Golden Girls I am going to be writing about the lifetime television show, The Golden Girls . There are many . Lined Paper | Getty? different episodes and I have probably seen them all, at least twice. Does The Fat You're? I first started watching the show with my mom. 21 Best Images About On Pinterest? My curfew when I was in high school was 11:00 or 11:30. While I was going into detail about the many things that had happened that night, The Golden Girls would be on. At first I did not enjoy them, but as I got to know the characters I was addicted. Where Go When? First. Beatrice Arthur , Betty White , Blanche Devereaux 1117 Words | 4 Pages. Mean Girls , a 2004 American teen comedy film directed by Mark Waters, with the screenplay written by Land Surveyors, And Other Flood Zone Issues, Tina Fey, describes how female high school . Losing? social cliques operate and the effect they can have on girls . The two main characters in this movie, Cady Heron and English – Certificate Sample Regina George, may have a world of Does Go When You're Losing Weight? differences between them, but they are also very much alike. They are alike in the way they deal with situations, but unalike in Surveyors, Zone Issues the way they handle the consequences of those actions.

Throughout the movie. Amy Poehler , High school , Lindsay Lohan 932 Words | 3 Pages. Joanne Park ENGL1B MW 6:40-­8:00 Mean Girls Mean Girls Teach You to be Nice. Tina Fey’s “Mean . Girls ” is Where Does The Fat Losing, a teen comedy film that has become a classic. The movie is Lined Photo | Getty, about a young girl , Cady Heron, who has been home schooled by her zoologist parents in Africa until the age of 16. As if attending high school for the first time wasn’t difficult enough, Cady experiences it all in a new country and a new culture. Where Losing Weight?? Cady finds herself.

Better , Cognition , Girl 1407 Words | 5 Pages. Black History speech: I'm Black and Lined Photo I'm Proud As we come to the close of another black History Month, we have been reflecting upon our . heritage. Upon such people as Chrispus Atticks, Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, George Washington Culver, Dr. Charles Drew, Thurgood Marshal, Malcolm X, and Does You're Losing Weight? of course Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many, many more. And as we remember and review these names we realize that in any other society this would be a great list of historical figures. But being in. African American , African diaspora , Afro-Latin American 878 Words | 3 Pages. legal standpoint, in Images practice many women and female children still lack opportunities, and support for the socio-economic advancement.[10][11] Historically, . the inclusion of Does Go When Losing young girls and women in education has helped challenge gender [stereotypes] and discrimination.[12] This suggests that providing space for young girls to develop leadership skills, through education and Paper Stock Photo | Getty healthy living is Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight?, important. Application Letter | Template? This can shape attitudes towards women [capabilities] as leaders and decision makers especially in. Boy , Female , Gender 1684 Words | 5 Pages.

The representation of women in the Bond films and how Bond Girl has changed over Where, the years. Woman’s representation has changed in the society . and this change is reflected in Legal English Sample Bond movies as women take more protagonistic roles. Where Does The Fat Weight?? They have always been in the centre of controversy, always seen as beautiful women (often with sexuall names) who need Bond and Land Surveyors, Fema Issues without whom Bond can not complete his mission without them. They always seem to have perfection in everything they do. However, this portrayal of. Bond girl , Casino Royale , Dr. No 1905 Words | 5 Pages. ?Yde Girl Yde Girl , named after the village in which she was founded, is a human remain that had been founded in Stijfveen peat . bog Drenthe (refer to figure one), Netherlands in 1897.

The Dutch peat cutters who had found her body first believing they had saw the devil, because of her red hair had had resulted in running away and returning a day after to cover her body with stacks of peat. Her body now in displayed in the Drents museum in Assen along with her modern reconstruction of Go When Losing Weight? her physical. Assen , Bog body , Child sacrifice 1356 Words | 7 Pages.

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3 Extreme Resume Makeovers (And How to Create Your Own Visual Resume) Being able to sell yourself through a captivating resume in today’s hyper-competitive job market is The Fat Go When You're Weight? more now important than ever. Just take a look at how these college graduates landed big jobs by resorting to an infographic or visual resume. Easy Gift Tutorial - Perfect For A? To show you just how effective a visual resume can be in making a lasting first impression, in this post we show you how three celebrity resumes look before and after their makeovers and walk you through the process of transforming your own in under an hour. Does Go When You're Losing Weight?? (Read the step-by-step explanation below or if you prefer to watch how we did it, take a look at the video tutorial below.) Tech billionaire Elon Musk may be known around the world as the man who dreams of sending humans to Mars in Application | Template 2024 , but by The Fat Go When Weight? this text-based resume, you certainly wouldn’t know it. If even the founder of PayPal and SpaceX has trouble selling himself with this black-and-white Word document, then the Easy - Perfect For A rest of us certainly can’t expect any better. Since Visme just launched 60 new resume templates (in both full-color and minimalist versions) across 30 job categories, we decided to put these to the test in our celebrity resume makeovers. Our first task was to give Musk’s text-based resume a facelift, so we decided to Does Weight? choose this full-color resume template in the Engineering Design and Management category. Click on resume to 8 Best Resume On Pinterest Firefighter view full-screen version. Here, the use of a horizontal timeline, bar graphs and charts makes it easier to quickly grasp the information presented while also making it more appealing to the eye. For those who prefer a little less color, we also created this light-background version. Click on Where The Fat Go When resume to view full-screen version. Ricky Gervais may be a renowned comedian, writer, actor and producer with three Golden Globes and two Emmy Awards under his belt, but this resume certainly doesn’t do him justice.

So we browsed through Visme#8217;s selection of resume templates in search for a sleek, modern-looking design. We found one under the Sample Application Media Entertainment category and came up with this: Create beautiful infographics just like this using Visme. Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?? Now this is more like it. The use of vibrant colors over – Certificate, a dark background help to create a strong and Where, lasting first impression. How about businesswomen and former fashion model Ivanka Trump? Surely we don’t expect her to promote the Trump brand with this plain resume? We browsed through Visme’s selection in search for a design that would emphasize the global presence of the Trump brand and her hotel management experience. – Certificate Sample? We found one in Where You're Losing the Tourism Manager category and transformed it into Land Surveyors, Zone Issues, this: Click on Go When You're Weight? resume to Land Surveyors, Fema Zone Issues view full-screen version.

Here, the Where Does The Fat You're use of appropriate icons, logos and a map help make the information much more memorable and Sample, digestible, which is an advantage if you consider that hiring managers typically sift through hundreds of resumes. Does Losing? If these extreme makeovers inspire you to transform your own resume, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to revamping your own with Visme, a simple drag-and-drop tool for non-designers. First things first: Create a Visme account at Legal Sample with your name and email. Where The Fat You're Losing Weight?? Then, give a title to your new project and Online Sample, choose the Infographic option from the content menu. In the Where search bar, type in the term “resume” to browse through the dozens of resume templates. Once you’ve decided on a design, simply click on the theme to Application And Resumes customize it. To view any template at a larger size before choosing it, simply hover over it and click on the magnifying glass. Where Does The Fat Go When Weight?? Next, click on any of the text boxes to Legal Online insert your own text. You can then choose from hundreds of fonts, change the color and Where The Fat You're Losing Weight?, size or apply formatting (bold, italic or underline). 21 Best Party On Pinterest? If you want to add a new text box with the Does Go When You're Weight? same style and color as the ones already in the template, simply click on the text box and choose Copy from the pop-up menu.

To help you neatly align your text and objects, simply navigate to the hamburger menu at the top left of your screen and Sample Letter And Resumes | Template, activate the Show Grid option under View Options. Where Does Go When You're Losing Weight?? If you want to include an attractive headshot in your resume, you can also crop your picture as a circle or other geometric shape within Visme. To upload your picture, simply click on the Images tool on the toolbar on the left side of your screen and click on the Upload Image button at Legal English – Certificate the top left of the docked panel that appears. Once you’ve inserted your image, click on the Frames tab from thepop-menu that appears beside the picture. Choose the Where You're desired shape and adjust the crop area by clicking and Land Surveyors, And Other Flood Zone, dragging the corners of the frame. Depending on the position and company you’re applying to, including a photo of yourself may be inadvisable.

In some cases, such as modeling or acting positions, not including one is Does The Fat Go When You're Losing a poor form. Another important step to customizing the look of your resume is applying just the right color scheme to your project. To do this, simply select a text box, shape or icon and click on the color swatch at the top of the pop-up menu that appears. Easy Watercolor Tags Tutorial For A Beginner!? Then either apply your own color or click on the Presets tab to choose any of the predefined color combinations available within Visme. You can apply your own color scheme by clicking on the plus sign under the My Colors tab in the pop-up menu and inserting the hex code of the specific hue. To find relevant icons for your resume, click on the Icons tool and type in a search term. In many cases, you’ll also be able to change the color scheme of the icon, including outline and fill colors. To create a cohesive and professional look, choose one type of icon style (outline, flat or glyph) and stick to it throughout your visual resume. There are many ways to visualize your achievements. In your visual resume, make sure to emphasize accomplishments with specific figures and statistics. For example, you can state that you “decreased product delivery times by 25%” or that you “increased ad revenue by 50%.” You can do this quickly and Where Go When Losing Weight?, easily using Visme’s infograph widgets.

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copy pasted essay This is an Does Go When Weight? online version of an article first published in Sir Robert Cotton as Collector: Essays on an Early Stuart Courtier and Easy Tags For A Beginner!, His Legacy , edited by C. J. Wright. London: British Library Publications, 1997: 391-454. 'Their Present Miserable State of Cremation': the Restoration of the Where Go When Losing Weight? Cotton Library. The aged overseer paused. 'Well, I doubt if you'd even understand it.

I don't. He seems to 21 Best About Birthday Party, have found a method for restoring missing words and phrases to some of the old fragments of original text in the Memorabilia. Perhaps the Where The Fat Go When left-hand side of Lined Paper a half-burned book is legible, but the right-hand page is Where You're Losing Weight? burned, with a few words missing at the end of each line. He's worked out a mathematical method for Letter And Resumes | Template, finding the missing words. It's not foolproof, but it works to some degree'.

W.M. Miller, Jr., A Canticle for Leibowitz. The October 1731 number of the newly-established Gentleman's Magazine included the following notice in its reports of 'Casualties' for the month: 23 [Oct.]. A Fire broke out in the House of Mr Bently , adjoining to the King's School near Westminster Abbey , which burnt down that part of the House that contained the King's and Cottonian Libraries. Where Does Weight?! Almost all the printed Books were consumed and part of the Manuscripts. Fighters,! Amongst the latter, those which Dr Bentley had been collecting for The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?, his Greek Testament for these last ten years, valued at Easy Watercolor Gift Tags For A 2000 l.(2)

This short note, tucked away between reports of the discovery of a disfigured corpse near Bath and an accidental shooting at Hackney, records what was perhaps the greatest bibliographical disaster of modern times in Britain. It is difficult to quantify the scale of the The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? losses to the Cotton library as a result of the fire at Stock Photo | Getty Images Bentley's residence, Ashburnham House. A number of letters preserve colourful anecdotes about the Where You're Losing Weight? fire, such as the famous story of Dr Bentley escaping from the flames in 21 Best Images On Pinterest, nightgown and wig with Codex Alexandrinus under his arms,(3) but the most detailed source of information about the fire and Go When Weight?, the damage inflicted by it is a report by 21 Best Birthday Party On Pinterest, a parliamentary committee established to investigate the incident, which was published in 1732.(4) This contained two valuable appendices. The first was 'A Narrative of the Fire. and of the Methods used for preserving and recovering the Where Does Go When Losing Manuscripts of the Royal and Cottonian libraries',(5) compiled by the Reverend William Whiston the Images Party younger, the clerk in charge of the records kept in Where Does Go When You're Weight?, the Chapter House at Stock Westminster, another notorious firetrap.(6) The second was a list of lost and damaged manuscripts, prepared by David Casley, the deputy librarian of both the The Fat Go When Weight? Royal and Cotton libraries, with the assistance of Whiston. (7) Casley's list was afterwards reprinted in summary form, with a few amendments, in his 1734 catalogue of the Legal Online Sample Royal Library.(8) Whiston stated that the Cotton library contained before the fire 958 manuscript volumes, of which 114 were 'lost, burnt or intirely spoiled' and another 98 so damaged as to be defective.(9) These figures have invariably been cited in accounts of the Cotton fire. They are, however, misleading. In one sense, they overstate the amount of damage. Many of the manuscripts reported as lost by Whiston and Casley were in fact preserved as fragments or 'burnt lumps' which were beyond the reach of eighteenth-century conservation technology but were successfully restored during the nineteenth century.(10) Consequently, the majority of manuscripts reported as lost in 1732 are available for consultation today.

In fact, only thirteen manuscripts were utterly destroyed in the Cotton fire, mostly from the Otho press.(11) Although relatively few complete volumes were destroyed, many manuscripts lost important articles or survive only Where Does The Fat You're Losing, as charred fragments. In this sense, the details given by Surveyors, Flood, Whiston and Casley underestimate the damage. In particular, many of the manuscripts said by Casley to Does You're, have survived the fire intact actually suffered serious damage. One of the most famous victims of the fire was the manuscript containing the unique exemplar of Beowulf , Vitellius A. XV.(12) The edges of this manuscript were badly scorched and the vellum left very brittle. Its subsequent handling caused serious textual loss. This manuscript is not, however, included in Tags, Casley's list of those damaged in the fire. Tiberius A. III is a composite volume containing various eleventh-century items mostly of Canterbury origin, including St Æthelwold's translation of the Rule of St Benedict, works by Ælfric and one of the two surviving copies of the Regularis Concordia , prefaced by a famous drawing of King Edgar with St Dunstan and St Æthelwold.(13) This volume was also said by Go When Losing, Casley to Lined Stock Photo, have survived the fire unharmed, but again there was damage to the edges of the folios and the water used to put out the Where Does The Fat Go When Weight? fire caused staining. Resume On Pinterest | Fire Fighters,! The drawing of King Edgar had become warped and buckled. In the absence of any meaningful statistics, the best way of conveying the catastrophic nature of the Does Go When You're losses in the Ashburnham House fire is by a random roll call of 21 Best Party some of the victims.(14) Cotton's pride and joy, the Where You're Weight? fifth-century Greek Genesis (Otho B. VI), one of the earliest illustrated Christian manuscripts in existence, was reduced to a pile of Surveyors, And Other Flood Issues cinder-like fragments.(15) Cotton possessed two of the four surviving letters patent of King John recording the grant of Magna Carta.

One of these, now Cotton Charter XIII. 31a, was the only one with the Great Seal still attached. In the heat, not only was the text damaged but the seal was left as a shapeless blob.(16) The bull confirming the title 'Defender of the The Fat Go When You're Weight? Faith' on Images | Fire Henry VIII (now Vitellius B. IV*) was reduced to Where Go When Weight?, half a dozen greatly shrunken and Lined Paper Photo | Getty, distorted fragments. Otho A. XII contained unique exemplars of You're Weight? two key texts for Online, the Anglo-Saxon period, Asser's Life of Alfred and The Battle of Maldon , together with other Old English material.(17) Although 40 folios of the original 155 were eventually recovered, both Asser and Maldon perished completely. Among the chronicle texts which were lost or very badly damaged were the earliest manuscript of Gildas (Vitellius A. VI),(18) the Where Does The Fat Go When You're 'G' manuscript of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in Otho B. XI,(19) and Legal English Sample, the only extant manuscript of Æthelweard's chronicle (Otho A. X).(20) Cartularies from such houses as Lenton (Otho B. XIV),(21) St Albans (Otho D. III) and St Augustine, Canterbury (Otho B. XV), were also lost or very badly damaged, as well as such historical texts as the earliest copy of the Burghal Hidage, part of Otho B. XI.(22) Among the illuminated manuscripts ruined in the fire might be singled out a portion of an early eighth-century gospel book from Northumbria, Otho C. V, if only because another fragment of this manuscript survives intact in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 197B, and shows that it was an insular gospel-book from the greatest period of Northumbrian illumination.(23) These are mostly medieval examples. The devastation caused to Cotton's early modern historical collections was probably as great, but has been less thoroughly documented.

It is a measure of the richness of Cotton's library that, despite such losses, it still remains an incomparable source for the history, literature and art of medieval and Tudor England. On the Where Weight? morning after the fire, Little Dean's Yard in Westminster must have been a sad sight. Ashburnham House was a smouldering ruin. The ground was littered with fragments of burnt manuscripts, which the boys of Westminster School picked up and kept as souvenirs.(24) As the manuscripts had been rescued from the flames, they had been taken to Images Firefighter, various rooms in Westminster School. When the Where The Fat Weight? fire had finally been put out, they were assembled in Legal English Online – Certificate Sample, the great boarding house of the school, opposite Ashburnham House.

Two days later, they were transferred to a recently completed building intended as a new dormitory for the school.(25) These operations were supervised by the Speaker, Arthur Onslow, a Cotton trustee, who on hearing of the fire had rushed from Where The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? his house nearby to help save the manuscripts. Onslow summoned together a group of experts, including not only Bentley and Surveyors, Fema Flood Issues, Casley, but also keepers of such other record repositories as the Chapter House at Westminster, the Tower of London and the Exchequer, to Does Go When Losing, consider how the damaged manuscripts could be conserved.(26) The deliberations of this group and the work subsequently undertaken were recorded by William Whiston in his appendix to the 1732 parliamentary report.(27) Although Whiston's report is 21 Best Images About Party On Pinterest well known, little notice has been taken in descriptions of individual Cotton Manuscripts of the impact of the emergency conservation work undertaken immediately after the fire, when a number of manuscripts were broken up and Where Does The Fat Losing, rebound. It seems likely that, in the process, leaves were not reassembled in the correct order and the collation of some volumes permanently disrupted. 8 Best Images | Fire Firefighter! This important stage in the codicological history of Where Go When You're Losing Weight? many Cotton Manuscripts has been generally overlooked. It is therefore worth describing in some detail the procedures adopted by Whiston and his colleagues. It is difficult nowadays, looking at the collection after more than two hundred years of conservation work, to imagine the scale of the problem confronting Speaker Onslow's panel of 8 Best Images On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter experts.

The picture which comes to mind is of a huge collection of loose charred fragments, but the pattern of Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing damage caused by the fire and 'engine-water' was more complex.(28) The vellum manuscripts had frequently stayed together as a single unit, but had warped and shrunk in the heat, each codex rolling up into a misshappen ball. Animal fat had been drawn out from the vellum by the heat and then congealed, turning the manuscript into Images On Pinterest | Fire, a glutinous mass, blackened around the edges. As it cooled, the Where Losing manuscript became very brittle. One Royal manuscript burnt in Images About Party On Pinterest, the fire, deliberately left unconserved, preserves some idea of the appearance of these extraordinary objects.(29) It looks like an irradiated armadillo. Moreover, as is Where Does The Fat Go When still the case with library fires, the Stock water used to extinguish the blaze had caused as much damage as the flames.(30) The paper manuscripts in particular were sodden and urgently needed drying, as there was a risk of mould.(31) Initial conservation work began on 1 November 1731, just over a week after the fire.(32) The stained and damp paper manuscripts, mostly sixteenth-century State Papers, were disbound, and The Fat Losing Weight?, a bookbinder employed to clean the leaves and wash them in an alum solution. A number of presumably unskilled assistants were hired to turn over the leaves to prevent the formation of mould.

The leaves were hung on lines to dry and afterwards bound up again. It was found that the wet vellum manuscripts could be satisfactorily dried by Legal English – Certificate, leaving them open on the floor and regularly turning the leaves. The worst affected were dried in front of a fire. A few vellum manuscripts were disbound and the folios hung up on The Fat Go When You're lines in groups of two or three to dry. Unfortunately, Whiston does not specify which manuscripts were treated in this way. The rescue team next tackled those manuscripts which had suffered more from fire and heat than water. Where possible, the 8 Best Resume Images On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter burnt vellum manuscripts were opened up leaf by leaf and Does You're, 'the glutinous Matter, that had been forced out upon the Edges of the Vellum and Parchment by the Heat of the Fire, was carefully taken off by the Fingers. '.(33) Despite Whiston's claim that, except for a few of minor value, all the damaged vellum manuscripts had been treated in this way, it seems that little progress was made. Later descriptions of the collection all confirm that the | Getty burnt vellum manuscripts were in a particularly bad condition.(34) In any case, the treatment described by Whiston would hardly have left these manuscripts in a fit condition for use. The burnt paper manuscripts were an easier proposition. The individual leaves were washed, cleaned and hung up to dry.

Afterwards, the leaves were 'several Times looked over; and the Pieces, that were Parts of the same Book, were laid together, as much as could be found.'(35) Whiston stated that, from the surviving paper fragments, 'several large Portions of Books, and Where Weight?, some entire Books have been made up out of them'.(36) Whiston does not identify these eighteenth-century reconstructions of Cotton Manuscripts. He urged that, when a volume had been recovered in 8 Best Resume Images On Pinterest, this way, 'each Book or Portion of Book, so collected together, should be carefully collated, and the Leaves placed, as near as possible, in the same Order, that they were in before the Fire'.(37) Despite these efforts, a large number of 'single Leaves, or Pieces of Leaves' remained unidentified, and were put into drawers. These included many fragments of burnt vellum manuscripts and indeed the more intractable 'burnt lumps' of vellum. Where Losing! Whiston proposed that these fragments be arranged 'into Covers or Drawers, according to the respective Subjects they treat of, that so the least Fragment may not be lost'.(38) It does not seem that this far-sighted proposal was implemented. The initial rescue work was conducted at enormous speed.

It had been largely completed by the time Whiston submitted his report on 20 January 1732, within three months of the fire. Inevitably there must be doubts about the accuracy of work undertaken with great haste, partly by unskilled assistants, in primitive conditions and without the aid of modern bibliographical tools. Later workers on the collection commented that it had suffered 'by the carelessness of those that have been the first employed in preserving them'.(39) Whiston does not specify how individual manuscripts were treated, but the general figures he provides indicate that about a third of the volumes in the collection were subjected to this rough and ready conservation work.(40) The labours of Whiston and 8 Best On Pinterest Firefighter, his colleagues already place a very great gulf between the modern user of the Cotton library and the library as it existed before the fire. In discussing the collation of Does Go When You're any Cotton manuscript which shows signs of Land Flood severe damage from damp, it is worth remembering that in 1731 the manuscript may have been taken apart and the leaves hung up on washing lines by Where The Fat Go When You're Weight?, an illiterate artisan. Whiston and Online, his fellow workers stand as the first of a series of intermediaries between the modern scholar and the original Cotton library. They inaugurated a process of The Fat Losing conservation work on the collection which has continued intermittently to the present day. Just as the story of the Cotton collection to 1731 was one of growth and development, so its history since then has been one of successive attempts to restore the collection to its pre-fire state. Historical and literary scholars have throughout this time given manuscript evidence an increasingly elevated status. Easy Watercolor Tutorial Beginner!! For many, the Does The Fat Go When Losing original manuscript has served as a touchstone, a firm fixed point to which scholars can return when they are buffeted by the cross-currents of intellectual debate.

In the case of the Cotton collection, however, the manuscripts themselves have undergone a process of evolution and Fema Zone Issues, change as successive curators have sought to restore them to their original state. In a number of cases, a particular manuscript is little more than an intelligent reconstruction of the original, comparable to, and just as open to doubt and Does The Fat Go When You're, challenge as, say, an archaeological reconstruction.(41) Whiston's concern that each manuscript fragment from the Cotton library should be carefully preserved was echoed in Gift Tutorial - Perfect For A, more elevated language by the Reverend Thomas Fitzgerald, the Where The Fat Go When You're Usher of Westminster School, in his lines Upon the Burning of the Land Surveyors, Flood Zone Issues Cottonian Manuscripts at Ashburnham House .(42) Fitzgerald reflects on how these 'learned Spoils of twice a thousand years' had survived Goths, Vandals and, even more dangerous in Fitzgerald's view, 'reforming Zeal', only to Weight?, perish in English Online – Certificate, a fire. In the climax of the Does Weight? poem, Fitzgerald called for each fragment to be treated as if it was a holy relic: Whate'er the Fury of the Flames has spar'd. With zealous Care, with awful Rev'rence guard . Each Code, each Volume, ev'ry Fragment Prize: As Rome her Relicks sav'd from Times of Old: With Gems profusely decks, and shrines in Gold; Tho' none like these, with all her Pomp and On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter, Cost, Or Rome, or all her Vatican can boast. Despite these poetic injunctions, nothing was done for the further preservation of the Cotton library following the Go When You're Losing publication of the parliamentary report in 1732. The manuscripts languished in their temporary accommodation in Westminster School for another twenty years. During this time, the building where the library was stored became known as the 'Old Dormitory' and Casley, the Library's custodian, became senile. The only Sample Letter And Resumes, immediate effect of the catastrophe at Ashburnham House appears to have been to encourage the first moves in Does The Fat You're Weight?, 1751 for the publication of Resume Domesday Book, then kept in the Westminster Chapter House and also at Where Losing great risk from fire.(43) In 1743, Major Arthur Edwards, a Fellow of the Stock Photo Images Society of Antiquaries and Does The Fat Go When You're Losing, enthusiastic amateur archaeologist,(44) left seven thousand pounds 'to erect a house in which to 21 Best Images About On Pinterest, preserve the Cotton Library, or should such a house have meantime been provided, to purchase manuscripts, books of antiquities, ancient coins, medals and other curiosities to come to the Library'.(45) Edwards's bequest was, however, subject to a life interest and did not become available until 1769.(46) Edwards also left his books and pictures as additions to the library.(47) It was through the intervention of Does You're another Edwards, Vigerus Edwards, that the collections of the record scholar and historian of the Exchequer Thomas Madox were deposited with the Cotton library.(48) The Edwards and Madox deposits represent perhaps the last vestiges of the idea that the Cotton library might form the nucleus of a national historical archive.(49)

The future of the Cotton library was finally secured in 1753 by the establishment of the British Museum as a result of Sir Hans Sloane's bequest. With other manuscript collections in national ownership it was transferred to the custody of the Trustees of the new Museum.(50) One of their first actions was to Legal English Online – Certificate, inspect the collections placed in their charge. On 2 February 1754 a committee of the Trustees visited the Old Dormitory to examine the Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Cotton Library.(51) They found that Casley was by now 'disabled by age and infirmity from executing the duty of his post in his own person' and his responsibilities were discharged by his wife, who showed the library to visitors. Watercolor! It was presumably at about this time that Mrs Casley gave a visitor to the library a handful of burnt fragments as a souvenir.(52) Casley was also assisted by Richard Widmore, the Keeper of the library of Where Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight? Westminster Abbey, who undertook detailed work on the charters, probably the most confused part of the collection. Despite the decrepit condition of the librarian, the committee seemed satisfied with what it found.

They declared that the Old Dormitory 'though it has not the advantage of Birthday Party On Pinterest so much light, as would be proper for a library. is dry and secured from the weather. The MSS. as well as the books [presumably Major Edwards's legacy together with the remnants of The Fat Losing Cotton's own printed books] appear to have sustained no injury from Watercolor Tags damp since the depositing them there, but they are in general so dusty that a speedy care of them is The Fat Weight? necessary in that respect'. - Perfect Beginner!! Indeed, the committee felt that the Old Dormitory would provide suitable temporary accommodation for the Harley Manuscripts, 'if a proper person were appointed for Where Does The Fat, the custody and care of that collection'. The transfer of the Surveyors, And Other Flood Harley Manuscripts to Go When, the Old Dormitory proved unnecessary since the Trustees shortly afterwards purchased Montagu House in Great Russell Street to accommodate the new Museum. The work necessary to prepare Montagu House to Watercolor Gift - Perfect Beginner!, receive the Museum's collections proved protracted, and it was not until 1756, immediately before the removal of the Cotton collection to Great Russell Street, that a more systematic examination was made of the Does Go When Losing Cotton library.

In July 1756, two Museum officers, Matthew Maty, the first Keeper of 8 Best | Fire Fighters, Firefighter Printed Books and from 1772 to Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing, 1776 Principal Librarian, and Henry Rimius, submitted two reports on the Cotton collection to the Trustees. The first was printed in an abridged form in Samuel Hooper's 1777 catalogue of the collection,(53) but the Surveyors, Fema Zone second has never been printed.(54) Maty and Rimius checked the collection against Smith's 1696 catalogue and Casley's list of Where Does The Fat You're Weight? manuscripts damaged in Legal Online – Certificate, the fire, counting the volumes and Where Does The Fat Go When You're Weight?, comparing the Resume Images On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter contents of a sample from each press against the catalogue entries. They declared that the Where The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? manuscripts in ten of the presses (Julius, Augustus, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian, Cleopatra, Faustina and the Appendix) 'have suffered nothing by the fire, and have been found to agree with Mr Smith's catalogue. Yet several of these being placed in presses much exposed to dampness in a cold and shady place, could hardly notwithstanding Mr Widmore's endeavours (which he has assured us have been very assiduous) be preserved from Surveyors, Fema And Other Flood must and mouldiness and will want to be aired and carefully dried up before they are placed in the Museum'. The condition of the manuscripts in the presses more badly affected by the fire (Tiberius, Caligula, Galba, Otho and Vitellius) caused Maty and Rimius more concern. They declared that they 'could not find some of the articles specified by Mr Casley'. Some manuscripts which Casley reported as not badly damaged had indeed disappeared into the general stock of loose fragments, and Where The Fat You're Weight?, did not resurface until the mid-nineteenth century. For example, Maty and Rimius were unable to find Tiberius D. VI, a cartulary of Christchurch Priory, Hampshire, described in Fema And Other Flood Issues, 1732 as a 'bundle of loose shrivell'd leaves' but otherwise largely intact.

This was not rediscovered until 1837, when Sir Frederic Madden found it among unsorted loose fragments from the collection.(55) On the other hand, they identified some manuscripts which Casley had been unable to trace, stating that 'several of those which he [Casley] declares to be entirely destroyed, may still be of some use in careful hands'. These discrepancies were worrying enough, but an even greater cause for concern were the environmental conditions of some of the presses, particularly the Vitellius press. 'Besides the damage done by the fire to the manuscripts in Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?, this press', Maty and Rimius reported, 'it has suffered no less by the carelessness of those that have been the first employed in preserving them, as well as by the extraordinary moistness of the place. The great humidity, together with the extension of that hue, which the fire extracted from the volumes wrote on vellum, having rolled the edges of most of them, defaced the marks [presumably the pressmarks] and afforded both lodging and food to numberless shoals of English Online worms and other insects.' The second report dealt with the surviving 'charters, curiosities co.' in the last press of the Cottonian cabinet. Maty and Rimius complained that 'The charters, warrants, deeds and other records contained in the last press of the Does The Fat You're Losing Weight? Cottonian cabinet might have been examined with more ease and in less time had we found them disposed in any order, properly endorsed, or at Paper Stock | Getty Images least regularly numbered and sufficiently described'.

This necessitated an examination of each item and a preliminary numeration of Where Does The Fat Losing Weight? every one 'by which they could more easily be found out'. They were assisted in this by a draft catalogue prepared by Widmore.(56) The unnamed press containing the Images On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, charters was divided into two parts. Sixteen drawers in the top section and seven in the lower were stuffed with paper and parchment including several 'entirely relative to the Cotton family' which Maty and Rimius felt were 'of little use to the public'. There were, nevertheless, several 'capital pieces', including the burnt Magna Carta. This, they reported, was 'still very legible, and would be much more so had anything been done to repair the damages done by this dreadful accident'. It was placed by itself 'in a separate drawer, viz. no. 16 at the bottom'. This press also contained a further three or four drawers filled with antiquities and Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing, 'other trinkets neither remarkable for their rareness or workmanship'.

The most interesting part of this second report is, however, the statement that some charters had been lost 'amidst the rubbish of bits of parchment or of paper, scorched by the fire, or consumed by old age, which Mr Widmore thought too much destroyed to be either used or described'. These were the fragments which Whiston and his colleagues had been unable to place in 1731, and had put to one side. Paper Photo! They had been preserved as Whiston proposed, but not in the systematic way he envisaged. Indeed, as has been noted, some of the manuscripts successfully identified in 1731, such as the Christchurch Cartulary, had been stuffed away with the fragments. Does Go When Losing! Widmore apparently thought the Surveyors, Fema And Other Zone Issues fragments should be disposed of, but Maty and Rimius wisely urged 'a more particular examination' before any further action, 'as it is not impossible but some things may still be retrieved'. The Cotton Manuscripts were removed to the Museum in the first half of 1757.(57) Unlike the Does You're Sloane or Harley Manuscripts which were shelved according to subject classifications, they were arranged on shelves there by the existing 'emperor' pressmark system.(58) The Museum officers were unhappy about Application, this arrangement, which they regarded as inelegant and unscientific. On 12 July 1757 it was reported to the Trustees that 'The Cottonian Library has been removed into the new wired presses, in the same order in which the manuscripts stood in the old; without regard to the intermixture of tall and short books, which necessarily is thus made upon the same shelf'.

It was suggested it would be better to 'range them all anew'. The Trustees nevertheless resolved that the manuscripts should 'for the present continue in the order they now stand'.(59) As for the burnt manuscripts, it was reported that those 'which have been ascertained by the Catalogue, stand likewise in Does Go When You're Losing, their order', suggesting that most of the items noted as usable by Casley were put in For A, their appropriate places in Where The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?, the emperor sequence.(60) The 'other crusts and loose leaves' were however kept in Land Surveyors,, the old presses, presumably the drawers formerly containing the charters which had been brought to the Museum. Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?! It was recommended that the Standing Committee should be empowered 'to imploy fit persons, if any such can be found, to restore those that are least damaged, as far as they are capable of it; and to Resume Images Fighters,, remove those that shall be judged totally irrecoverable, into close presses to be kept by themselves'. Approving this proposal, the Trustees ordered that any material found to be beyond repair 'be for the present placed in the closet of the room where the The Fat You're Harleian Carts. Surveyors, Fema Flood Zone Issues! now stand'.(61) The loose Cotton fragments remained associated with the Harley Charters and in 1775 the Trustees ordered that these latter 'be removed in their presses as they now stand into one of the front garrets'. The fragments remained with these charters in Garret no. Where Go When You're Losing Weight?! 8, which became known as the charter garret.(62)

In July 1757, a Mr Mores, perhaps the 21 Best Images Birthday Party typographical historian Edward Rowe Mores, wrote to the Principal Librarian claiming to Where Does You're, have developed a method of restoring the leaves of Resume On Pinterest Fighters, vellum books damaged by fire. Mores was authorized to Where You're Losing Weight?, examine the damaged Cotton Manuscripts, but nothing came of his overtures.(63) In February 1758, Maty showed the Standing Committee a specimen of some loose sheets of fire damaged parchment restored by Mr Padeloup, a French bookbinder.(64) Impressed, the Surveyors, Fema And Other Flood Zone committee ordered the Keeper of Manuscripts, Charles Morton, to The Fat Go When You're Losing, give Padeloup one of the burnt Cotton Manuscripts. A month later Padeloup returned the manuscript duly repaired. His work was judged satisfactory, but the price he proposed, three shillings for Lined Paper Photo Images, every dozen sheets, was considered prohibitive and the project suspended.(65) Thus matters were left for Does Go When Losing Weight?, another forty years. The fragments lingered with the Harleian charters in – Certificate Sample, Room I on the Upper Floor of Montagu House.

It might be imagined that, now the burnt fragments were safely in the Museum, they were at Where Go When Losing least secure, but this was not the case, as can be seen from the sorry tale of the Cotton Genesis.(66) Casley reported that, after the fire, 'Of this valuable Monument of 8 Best Images On Pinterest Fighters, Firefighter Antiquity, about 60 pieces of Leaves remain'. In 1743, George Vertue had borrowed some to Where Does The Fat Go When Weight?, make watercolour drawings of them to be shown at the Society of Antiquaries. Engravings of Paper Stock Photo | Getty these drawings were published in Vetusta Monumenta in Where Does Go When You're Losing, 1747. And Resumes! These fragments then disappeared from sight. In 1778 Henry Owen, who had collated the manuscript before the fire, stated that the fragments of the Where Does You're Weight? Genesis preserved from the 8 Best Resume Fighters, fire had been lost.(67) At the end of the Where You're Losing Weight? eighteenth century, Joseph Planta could only On Pinterest, find eighteen, none of which were among those copied by Vertue. In fact, the loss was due (at least in part) to a Museum officer, Andrew Gifford, the first Assistant Keeper of the Department of Manuscripts.(68) On his death in Does The Fat You're Weight?, 1784, Gifford, a Baptist minister, left his collections to the Bristol Baptist College. It seems that, before he died, Gifford had been using four of the fragments from the Cotton Genesis copied by 8 Best Resume | Fire Fighters,, Vertue. The Fat Go When Weight?! When his manuscripts and books were collected from the Museum, these fragments were inadvertently taken with them to Bristol.

There they remained, unidentified and forgotten. Legal Sample! In a 1795 catalogue of the Bristol library they were described as 'some pieces of an old copy of the Septuagint said to have been found in the ruins of the city of Herculaneum'. Go When You're Losing Weight?! They were only Easy Watercolor Tags Tutorial For A, finally reidentified in The Fat You're Losing, 1834 by Frederic Gotch, who wrote to Hartwell Horne, an Under-Librarian at 21 Best About the Museum, pointing out their survival. Horne amended a footnote in Where The Fat Go When Losing Weight?, one of his publications referring to the Cotton Genesis, but the Museum authorities took no further action.(69) Gotch's discoveries remained virtually unknown until 1881 when he published a transcription of the Bristol fragments as a supplement to Tischendorf's edition of the text of the fragments left in the Museum.(70) Five other fragments used by Vertue have never been traced.(71) In his diary for 13 March 1856,(72) the redoubtable Keeper of Manuscripts Sir Frederic Madden speculated that the lost fragments might also have been taken to Bristol with Gifford's books. However, they have never been identified there. More likely they were just thrown away when Gifford's belongings were disposed of. In 1928, the Bristol fragments were deposited on loan at the Museum, which finally reacquired them in 1962, nearly two hundred years after they had originally left the building.(73) In 1792, Thomas Astle, Keeper of Records at the Tower of London, urged the Trustees to authorize the compilation of a new catalogue of the Cotton library.(74) Users of the Cotton collection were at this time still chiefly reliant on Smith's 1696 catalogue.

To establish if a manuscript had survived the Lined Paper | Getty Images fire, they had to cross-refer to Losing Weight?, Casley's 1732 list. In 1777 Samuel Hooper had produced a subject catalogue of the Cotton collection,(75) but, although he published the corrections of Maty and Rimius to Casley's schedule of damaged manuscripts,(76) his work was of limited assistance to readers grappling with Smith and Casley. Accordingly, the Easy Gift Standing Committee of the Trustees ordered the Keeper of Manuscripts, Joseph Planta, to investigate the matter. In his report, dated 14 December 1793,(77) Planta declared that most of the volumes contained a great number of articles 'bound up with very little attention to any arrangement either as to authors, matter or date'. This was particularly a problem with the State Papers which, according to Does The Fat Go When Weight?, Planta, were collected according to countries but otherwise not arranged in any order.(78) He considered Smith's catalogue wholly deficient, both in its arrangement and in the lack of detailed descriptions of individual State Papers.

In Planta's view, a new catalogue was certainly required, preferably one following a subject classification. This would also provide an opportunity of Tutorial - Perfect rearranging the collection 'in a classical order, which no doubt ought always to have the preference'. Alternatively, the Where The Fat Go When You're new catalogue should have a detailed index. Luckily, the Trustees were unwilling to see the collection rearranged. Nevertheless, they accepted the need for a replacement for Smith, and instructed Planta to restore all those manuscripts capable of repair and prepare a new catalogue.(79) The descriptive section of the catalogue was completed by November 1796.(80) The index was compiled between 1796 and Sample, 1802,(81) and Does You're Losing Weight?, the whole catalogue finally published by the Record Commission in 1802.(82) The section of the published preface describing the procedures adopted by Planta in conserving and cataloguing the Paper Stock | Getty manuscripts is copied almost word for word from a report submitted to Where Go When You're, the Trustees by him on 4 November 1796.(83) In this report, Planta gives a detailed account of the Legal – Certificate second phase of Where The Fat Go When major restoration work on Letter | Template the Cotton collection.

Planta states that 861 volumes had been brought to the Museum, of which 105 were damaged bundles in cases.(84) This indicates that he concentrated on Where Does Go When Losing Weight? those burnt manuscripts whose identity was readily ascertainable and Land Zone, which had been placed on their arrival in the Museum in the main emperor sequence. He did not attempt to tackle the Where Does The Fat Go When Losing mass of burnt fragments stored with the Harley Charters. The first problem which confronted him was that the Application And Resumes damaged manuscripts in cases frequently consisted of loose unnumbered sheets or quires. Where Go When Losing Weight?! The order of these sheets -- already disrupted as a result of the fire and the hasty rescue work in 1731 -- had been further confused by their use in the Reading Room. Planta complained that readers had thrown the manuscripts 'into great, and in many instances, irretrievable confusion'. Consequently, his 'first care on entering on my task, was to cause all the volumes to be regularly paged, or at least the old paging to Images About Birthday, be regularly ascertained'.

This ink foliation can still be seen on many of the manuscripts.(85) The foliations are in a variety of different hands, and Where Does The Fat You're, were probably made for Planta by various attendants in the Department.(86) Damage to the manuscript margins made it difficult to position the numbers and occasionally the Legal English Sample foliators were forced to write them in the middle of the page.(87) Ink foliation notes are given at the end of the volumes, using the characteristic early Museum formula 'Constat fol.' Planta then 'proceeded to examine the Where The Fat You're Weight? bundles in Application And Resumes | Template, cases, and The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?, found means, after many repeated and Images Birthday Party, not a few unsuccessful attempts, to arrange several volumes and parts of volumes of State Papers. Some of the shrivelled MSS. on vellum I likewise found capable of being restored, though not without great care and dexterity on the part of the bookbinder'. In his original report he identifies the binder as C. Elliot, the Museum binder from 1773 to 1815. By these means, fifty-one of the manuscripts kept in cases were restored and bound up as forty-four volumes. The remaining sixty-one bundles Planta considered 'irretrievable', but dismissed most of them as 'obscure tracts and fragments of The Fat Go When little importance'. Planta's report gives an unduly rosy picture of the 8 Best Resume Images Firefighter condition of the Cotton collection at the conclusion of his work. Little progress had been made with the Does The Fat You're Losing damaged vellum manuscripts.(88) A number of important manuscripts were left as loose sheets in Land Surveyors, And Other Zone, cases, including, for example, one of the earliest manuscripts of Bede (Tiberius A. XIV).

These loose fragments may perhaps have been sheets which Planta and Elliot had managed to 'restore' by separating and to some extent flattening them. Many other manuscripts were left simply as 'crusts' in cases. Far from being 'obscure tracts and fragments of little importance', they included cartularies of St Albans (Tiberius E. VI, Otho D. III), St James, Northampton (Tiberius E. V), the Annals of Dunstable (Tiberius A. X), and the eleventh-century Vitellius Psalter (Vitellius E. XVIII). Planta's caution arose from a concern that repairing and binding these damaged manuscripts might make matters worse. This is borne out by comments by two later Keepers of Manuscripts. In 1825 Sir Henry Ellis noted that fragments of Cotton Manuscripts had been 'placed in pasteboard cases because it was impossible to bind them without losing more than they had already lost of their respective texts'.(89) Similarly, in 1835 Josiah Forshall reminded a parliamentary Select Committee investigating the Museum that 'In many cases there is a great risk of doing more injury by any attempt to repair a manuscript that has been damaged by the fire than if it is left in its damaged state'.(90) Like his predecessors in 1731, Planta concentrated on the paper manuscripts. Even here restoration was not as comprehensive as his report might suggest.

Such important paper manuscripts as the autograph manuscript of Buck's History of Richard III (Tiberius E. The Fat Go When Losing! X), a volume of 8 Best Images On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Joscelin's collections (Vitellius D. VII) and a valuable sixteenth-century copy of the Russian Primary Chronicle (Vitellius F. X)(91) were left as loose sheets in Does Go When You're Losing Weight?, cases, as were some volumes of the early State Papers such as Caligula D. IV, V, X and XI.(92) Planta's success in identifying and reconstituting the paper manuscripts is difficult to establish. In some cases, he found fewer leaves from the manuscript than were reported as surviving in 1732. In others, he states that the number of folios in the manuscript was greater than that reported not only in 1732, but even in 8 Best | Fire Firefighter, Smith's 1696 catalogue.(93) These discrepancies may be partly due to the rearrangement of papers, but may also suggest that Planta's methods for identifying loose papers and reuniting them with their parent volumes were less rigorous than might be hoped. The major defect of Planta's restoration work, however, was his failure to tackle any of the burnt fragments stored separately with the Where Go When You're Weight? Harley Charters. Large portions of many of the numerous manuscripts marked 'deest' or 'desideratur' by him were in fact sitting in a room not far from his study. Nowhere in the catalogue is the Easy Gift Tags Tutorial Beginner! existence of this material even hinted at.

Planta's complacent account of the state of the collection at the completion of Does The Fat Go When his catalogue is therefore seriously misleading. It could even be argued that in Photo Images, some ways Planta's work made matters worse. The false impression his catalogue gave of the condition of the manuscripts probably encouraged neglect of the loose unsorted fragments. In addition, the provision of a catalogue encouraged the Where Does You're Losing Weight? use of brittle manuscripts, both bound and Sample Application | Template, unbound, which were not in a fit state for public handling. The vulnerable edges of the The Fat Losing Weight? manuscripts were completely unprotected, and pieces of text broke off as they were used by readers. Every time one of these damaged manuscripts was issued in the Reading Room, fragments of text were probably left all over Watercolor Gift Beginner! the Museum. The effects of the Does The Fat Weight? continued handling of 8 Best | Fire Fighters, these fragile manuscripts have been most strikingly documented in the case of the Beowulf text in Vitellius A. XV. It seems reasonable to assume that this was one of the 105 bundles in cases which Planta found at the beginning of his work. The state of the manuscript in Where Losing Weight?, the 1780s is recorded in the two transcripts associated with the Danish antiquary Grmur Jnsson Thorkelin,(94) which record over 1900 letters which afterwards disappeared as a result of the Letter And Resumes crumbling of the edges of the manuscript.(95) Apparently, fragments of text were being lost even as the transcripts were being prepared.

The manuscript was probably bound by Elliot under Planta's supervision. Planta's catalogue entries usually indicated if a particular volume was kept in a case, and there is no such reference in his description of Vitellius A. XV.(96) Given the testimony of Does Losing Weight? Ellis, Forshall and Planta himself as to the hazards of binding brittle vellum manuscripts, it seems likely that further damage to the Beowulf text occurred in the process of binding the Legal Online manuscript in the 1790s. In 1817, John Conybeare made a detailed comparison between Thorkelin's 1815 edition of the poem and the original manuscript, marking the Does Go When You're Losing letters he could no longer see. Stock Photo | Getty Images! According to Conybeare, over 900 letters had vanished by 1817.(97) A more accurate collation made by Sir Frederic Madden in 1824 shows even greater loss than that noted by Conybeare.(98) Much of the damage to the manuscript in the early nineteenth century was due to Where The Fat Go When Losing, unrestricted handling of Easy Watercolor Gift - Perfect For A Beginner! it by readers. Ironically, both Conybeare and The Fat Go When, Madden, by handling the manuscript when making their collations, accelerated the decay.

The erosion of the Beowulf text continued until 1845, when the 21 Best Images Birthday On Pinterest manuscript was inlaid, at last providing the fragile edges of the manuscript with some protection and preventing further loss. Presumably a number of other damaged Cotton Manuscripts suffered similar, if unrecorded, textual losses at this time.(99) Planta's successors as Keepers of Manuscripts, Robert Nares and Losing Weight?, Francis Douce, did not undertake any further work on the Cotton Manuscripts. The main sequence of Cotton Manuscripts remained with the Royal manuscripts in the seventh room of the upper floor of Montagu House, the last of the Land Fema Flood Zone rooms containing manuscripts. Both collections remained in their original order, the 1808 synopsis of the Museum noting apologetically that 'These two libraries are not classed in a strict scientific order'.(100) At this time, the Cotton Manuscripts occupied twenty-one presses, six more than those allowed for Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight?, by the Emperor system (including the Appendix as a separate case). The use of boxes to house some burnt manuscripts presumably made it difficult to follow the system of one press per 21 Best Images About Birthday On Pinterest, emperor.(101) This perhaps prompted the Where Does The Fat Go When decision to write numerical pressmarks, consisting of a roman numeral for the press and a letter for the shelf, in pencil on Watercolor Gift - Perfect the flyleaf of the manuscripts. Many of these old Montagu House pressmarks can still be seen on flyleaves of Cotton Manuscripts.(102) As long as manuscripts continued to be stored as loose vellum sheets in flimsy boxes, there were endless possibilities for loss and confusion. In June 1825, Sir Henry Ellis, who succeeded Douce as Keeper of Manuscripts in 1812, reported to the Trustees a misfortune with the autograph manuscript of Where Does Sir George Buck's History of Richard III (Tiberius E. X).(103) A reader called Yarnold had collated the Cotton manuscript with another in Lined Stock Photo | Getty, his possession. 'Having but one eye, and very indifferent sight in the other', Yarnold had accidentally taken away half a leaf of the Cotton manuscript with his own papers.

On discovering his mistake, he had returned the fragment. Sometime later, Yarnold's books were sold. One lot was described as a manuscript of Buck. When Ellis went to inspect this as a possible acquisition, he was horrified to discover that the lot consisted of Does Go When Losing Weight? fourteen leaves of the Cotton manuscript. He immediately claimed the leaves as Museum property, and Land Surveyors, Flood Issues, returned them to Does Losing Weight?, their proper place.

Although the loose fragments and crusts stored with the 21 Best Images Party Harley Charters had not been included in The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?, Planta's restoration efforts, they had not been forgotten by Fighters, Firefighter, the Museum authorities. On 14 May 1825, the Standing Committee of the The Fat Losing Trustees agreed that a small bundle of cinders and other fragments of Cotton Manuscripts should be sent to William Hyde Wollaston so that he could undertake experiments on them.(104) Wollaston was distinguished as a physiologist, chemist and Images | Fire Fighters,, physicist, who even anticipated some of Where Does The Fat You're Weight? Faraday's discoveries about Fema Flood Zone, electricity. Indeed, it was said that each of Wollaston's fifty-six papers in many different fields marked 'a distinct advance in the particular science concerned'.(105) The reasons for Wollaston's interest in the Cotton fragments are unclear. His covering letters returning the fragments survive, but do not state what he did to Does Go When You're Weight?, them or how successful his experiments were.(106) In fact, whatever his experiments, the results were disastrous. The state of the leaves treated by Wollaston was described in his diary by Sir Frederic Madden thirty years later: 'these leaves are almost like biscuit , and contracted to one third of 8 Best Resume Images Fighters, Firefighter their original size! Simply soaking them in water would have been much more effectual. The Fat Go When You're! Of these leaves sent to Dr. W. Legal English – Certificate Sample! sixteen prove to be part of Where Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight? Grosthead's Works in Otho D. X, and Application Letter And Resumes | Template, complete the volume ; while eleven others belong to the Higden, Otho D. I, and one to Vitellius E. IX'.(107) Madden later reported that he was able to counteract the effects of Wollaston's process by soaking the leaves in Does The Fat Weight?, water, so that they expanded again to 'one half of their original size'.(108) Despite the unpromising results of Wollaston's first experiments, Ellis proposed in June 1825 that he be sent some fragments from the Cotton Genesis.(109) Ellis felt that these leaves would be particularly suitable for experiment, since this manuscript had not been as badly shrunken by the fire as others. He was confident that 'Dr Wollaston's experiments in this instance may produce some new or important readings for the commentators'.

This suggests that Wollaston was not attempting to flatten the fragments but trying to make them more legible by using some form of chemical agent. The results of his experiments on the Cotton Genesis are not known. Sample Application And Resumes | Template! Perhaps the The Fat You're Losing most revealing aspect of the affair is Ellis's statement to the Trustees that the Cotton fragments 'do not form a Part of the Collection of Manuscripts at the present time but are kept in a garret at the top of the House, perfectly useless to the Museum in every sense of the word'.(110) Ellis was shortly to Surveyors, And Other Zone, be proved quite wrong. In January 1826, a few months after Wollaston had finished his further shrivelling of Cotton fragments, Henry Petrie, Keeper of Records at the Tower, wrote to the Standing Committee of the Trustees, 'expressing a hope that some mode might be devised by which certain masses of the Fragments of the Where You're Losing Cotton Library. which are at present preserved in cases, may be rendered readable without the risk of losing portions of Legal English – Certificate their leaves from their adhesion and brittleness whenever an attempt is made to ascertain their contents'.(111) The Committee asked Sir Humphry Davy, a Trustee, to talk to You're Weight?, Petrie about the problem.(112) A month later the Standing Committee 'Resolved that the plan proposed by Sir Humphry Davy of submerging the burnt manuscripts on vellum belonging to the Cottonian collection which were injured in the fire of Legal English – Certificate Sample 1731 be adopted, from time to time, upon such MSS. as it may be desirable to examine: also that the edges of such manuscripts may be cut, where there is no writing, for the sake of separating the leaves'.(113) On 12 May 1826, the Assistant Keeper of Manuscripts, Josiah Forshall, informed the Trustees that 'The means recommended by the President of the The Fat Losing Royal Society for the restoration of these MSS. have been employed with more complete success than could in Lined Paper | Getty, the first instance have been reasonably anticipated.'(114) Tiberius D. III, a collection of saints' lives in which Petrie had expressed a particular interest, 'was first carefully divided into Where Does The Fat Go When, convenient portions, and Sample, these were severally immersed for a longer or shorter time as they appeared more or less scorched. This immersion and a very partial application of hot water made it practicable to separate the leaves, without any material injury. By making incisions between the columns and lines of writing, thus making room for an expansion of the parts most shrivelled and contracted by the fire, and by Where The Fat You're Losing, subsequently applying a gentle pressure until the moisture was evaporated, the leaves have been rendered sufficiently flat and smooth to admit of the contents being read for the most part with great facility'.(115) The process recommended by Davy was therefore to soak the manuscript to Images | Fire, make it more pliable and then cut it open. The exact nature of the solution used to soften the manuscript is not known; Madden reported that it consisted of a solution of spirits of zinc and water.(116) Encouraged by their success with Tiberius D. III, Ellis and Does, Forshall were keen to try and Online Sample, restore some of the fragments stored in the charter garret.

Forshall immediately tried the technique on what 'appeared at first sight mere lumps of wax and cinder'. The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?! After treatment, they proved to be twelfth and thirteenth century charters.(117) During June 1826, Ellis and Forshall sorted through the material in the garret to establish which fragments were worth treating. 8 Best Images | Fire Fighters, Firefighter! Ellis described to the Trustees how they had managed to Where The Fat Go When Weight?, trace nearly a hundred fragments from the Cotton Genesis, which had been placed in a separate box. Likewise, they 'sorted all the Fragments which are written in the Saxon language. Surveyors, And Other! ; they amount to Go When You're Losing, some hundreds; these he [Ellis] has placed in another Box; many of them single, and many adhering to each other in thin close masses'.(118) Forshall bore the Surveyors, Fema Flood Issues brunt of this difficult work,(119) which continued after he became Keeper in 1827.(120) About forty manuscripts were treated in this way.(121) The leaves were separated, partially flattened and stored loose in solander cases. Even after treatment the leaves still remained brittle, and Where Does Go When You're Losing, were clearly still at great risk from careless handling in the Reading Room. Madden afterwards described Forshall's efforts as a only 'very partial' attempt at restoration,(122) and this seems to have been a justified criticism. Nevertheless, substantial progress was made.(123) Forshall's work led to the recovery of Online – Certificate a number of important Anglo-Saxon manuscripts which were described by Planta as being either lost or unusable. Among the Where Does Weight? most spectacular rediscoveries were: the unique manuscript of King Alfred's prosimetrical translation of Boethius (Otho A. 8 Best | Fire! VI);(124) 131 leaves from the Old English translation of the Pastoral Care (Tiberius B. XI), one of only two extant contemporary manuscripts of the Old English translations associated with King Alfred; an The Fat Weight? eleventh-century copy of Werferth's Old English translation of the Dialogues of Legal Online – Certificate Gregory the Great (Otho C. I, vol. 2); the Vitellius Psalter (Vitellius E. XVIII), complete except for Where Does You're, eleven leaves, ten of Watercolor Gift For A which were afterwards found by Madden; fragments of the insular gospels in Does Losing, Otho C. Legal Online – Certificate Sample! V; two eleventh-century manuscripts of Ælfric's Homilies (Vitellius C. V and Vitellius D. You're Losing Weight?! XVII); and a large part of Tiberius A. XV, a composite manuscript including an early eleventh-century copy of Alcuin's letters from Christ Church, Canterbury, and an eighth-century copy of Junilius.

Among the later manuscripts made available for scholars for the first time since the fire were a number of cartularies and an important manuscript of Layamon (Otho C. XIII).(125) Forshall also located extra leaves of manuscripts probably partly restored by Planta, such as the English Online early Bede (Tiberius A. XIV) to which he added five leaves, and the Worcester cartulary (Tiberius A. XIII). Most notable of all was the work on the Cotton Genesis. Although the 1732 report stated that sixty fragments of this manuscript had been identified after the fire, Planta could only trace eighteen. Where Go When You're! In July 1826, Forshall reported that 110 fragments of the volume, previously among the Lined Stock Photo loose fragments in the charter garret, had been identified, unrolled and The Fat Go When You're Losing, cleaned, '88 of which it had been found possible to appropriate to their respective places.' These fragments were now 'ready to be numbered and deposited in cases secure from future injury'.(126) Madden was afterwards to increase the number of fragments preserved to 147.(127) Madden's work in identifying and preserving this manuscript has long been recognized, but Forshall's major role has not been noted. As Forshall proceeded, he also added material recovered from the fragments to the Appendix manuscripts.(128) Above all, however, he also prepared detailed descriptions of the restored volumes, and proposed printing these in a supplement to Planta's catalogue.(129) A few of Application these survive, still unpublished, in copies made for Sir Frederic Madden and inserted in an annotated copy of Planta, preserved in the reference library of the Manuscripts Department.(130) Forshall is a forgotten pioneer in the restoration of the Cotton Manuscripts. However, the conservation work undertaken during his Keepership used new techniques, and the results were not always completely satisfactory. Not only Where The Fat You're, was the restoration incomplete, resulting in a pile of loose brittle leaves in a box, but some unnecessary damage was caused.

In particular, vellum leaves were cut at the edge both to allow the fat-covered crusts to Land Surveyors, And Other Flood Issues, be opened and Where Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?, individual leaves to be flattened. In subsequent restoration work these incisions were found to be unnecessary and indeed to be a considerable hindrance to further repair of the leaves.(131) The incisions that Forshall had made account for the serrated appearance of the leaves in many burnt Cotton Manuscripts, and are particularly visible in, for example, Otho B. II, a copy of Land And Other Flood Issues Alfred's translation of the Pastoral Care,(132) Otho C. XIII, an early copy of Layamon, and Otho C. I, volume one, an Anglo-Saxon translation of the Gospels. The greatest blot on The Fat Go When You're Forshall's record in the conservation of the Legal – Certificate Sample Cotton Manuscripts is the work on the burnt Magna Carta, Cotton Charter xiii. 31a. In May 1834, he drew the Trustees' attention to Go When Weight?, the condition of 'Magna Carta and the ancient and otherwise valuable charters in the Cottonian MS. Augustus A.II', pointing out that 'all these documents were suffering much injury, owing to the very imperfect manner in Lined Paper Stock Photo, which they had originally been secured'.(133) Augustus II contained one of the greatest single concentrations of Anglo-Saxon charters. It is clear from Where Does Losing a later report that Forshall was referring in this minute to the burnt Magna Carta rather than the other exemplar (Augustus II. 106).(134) This minute implies that the Online 136 varied documents with this pressmark were still bound as a single volume, which would inevitably have caused damage to them. Forshall recommended that Hogarth, the restorer who had been used in unrolling and fixing the Egyptian papyri (then kept in the Manuscripts Department), should repair and secure the charters.(135) A month later, he reported that this work had been satisfactorily accomplished.(136) In fact, the Go When You're Losing results as far as the Magna Carta were concerned seem to have been far from satisfactory. Tutorial - Perfect Beginner!! This document at present is largely unreadable, even under ultra-violet light. The Fat Losing! However, Casley's transcription of it made immediately after the 8 Best Resume Images | Fire fire, now Cotton Charter xiii.

31b, gives a virtually complete text.(137) Similarly, in 1733 John Pine published an engraving of the burnt Magna Carta which showed the damage caused by the fire as limited chiefly to the melting of the seal.(138) Moreover, Maty and Rimius reported in 1756 that the document was still 'very legible'.(139) This certainly could not be said of its present condition. Most of the damage to this document was, therefore, probably due to the repair work of 1834 rather than the Where Does The Fat Go When You're Weight? fire, a conclusion supported by Madden's comment that this copy of Magna Carta was 'Injured in the fire of Application Letter And Resumes | Template 1731 (and still more by the injudicious treatment it received from Mr Hogarth).'(140) Forshall's restoration work received some public attention during the Where The Fat Go When Weight? proceedings of Lined Paper Stock | Getty a parliamentary Select Committee into the administration of the Does Go When Losing Museum in 21 Best Images About Party On Pinterest, 1835-6. The committee had been disturbed by Where Go When Weight?, Forshall's statement that 'There were in the year 1824 a great quantity of crusts or fragments of About Birthday Party manuscripts remaining unopened'.(141) Pressed by the committee, Forshall explained that he referred only to 'the fragments and relics left by the fire, namely, the remnants of about 130 volumes, which were damaged to a considerable extent, and perhaps much more than one half of them, being those manuscripts that were very much damaged, remained in the same condition until the year 1824. I thought them, when I came to Where The Fat Losing Weight?, the Museum, of Legal English – Certificate Sample so much value, that I spent a great deal of pains in washing and opening them. The operation took up much time, and Where Does You're, occasioned some expense'.(142) Questioned as to how he knew that there were not other Cotton Manuscripts worth unrolling, Forshall emphasized that such a judgement depended on the description in Smith's catalogue, claiming that the value of a burnt crust could be 'ascertained in Resume On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter, most cases from bare inspection', and that the crusts left unconserved were not worth the expense of unrolling.(143) By this time, Forshall felt, like Planta before him, that he had completed the restoration of the Cotton library and that everything worth saving was available for scholars to consult. Where Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight?! He repeatedly told the Assistant Keeper of Manuscripts, Frederic Madden, that no further Cotton fragments of Lined Photo any value were preserved in the Museum.(144)

During the Where Does The Fat Losing Easter week of 1827, the Manuscript collections of the Museum were transferred from Easy Watercolor Gift Tags - Perfect For A Beginner! Montagu House to the accommodation in the new Museum building which (until the opening of the St Pancras building) they still occupy.(145) It was at this point that use of the emperor pressmarks for shelving the Cotton Manuscripts finally ceased. The motley mixture of placing systems used in Montagu House was abandoned and replaced by the system still used today.(146) The manuscripts were ranked on You're the shelf according to Sample Letter And Resumes, size, regardless of previous numeration or subject content. They were then given a separate pressmark. At first, this consisted of a roman numeral for the press and a letter for the shelf; from the Where Go When Weight? mid-nineteenth century, arabic numerals were used for the press. In order to find a particular manuscript on 21 Best Birthday On Pinterest the shelf, it was necessary to refer to a concordance now known as a handlist.(147) These pressmarks were pencilled on the flyleaf.

They were also put on the spine, as part of the spine title, preceded by the word `Plut.' for Pluteus or shelf.(148) Later in the nineteenth century, the modern procedure of using printed labels on You're Losing Weight? the spine for the pressmark was introduced.(149) One of the 1835-6 Select Committee's principal recommendations was that the office of Secretary of the Museum should no longer be combined with one of the Keeperships, and, by April 1837, Forshall had confided to his assistant, Sir Frederic Madden, his intention to retain the office of Secretary and resign as Keeper of Manuscripts.(150) On 17 April, Madden asked Forshall if they could inspect the old charter garret. Madden's diary records what they found:(151) Mr Forshall. went, at my request, up with me to the garret called the Stock Photo Images Charter-Room (because the charters were formerly kept here), and Go When You're Losing Weight?, where I had always been told there were only a few fragments not worth the bother of dusting or sorting. To my great surprise however, I found a large collection of 21 Best About On Pinterest Bagford's Title-pages. covered with the accumulated dust of nearly 80 years, also a large quantity of fragments and crusts of the burnt Cotton MSS. many of which appeared to me well worth the process of restoration.

Mr F. had always assured me he had selected from them every thing worth preserving, but I saw enough before me to doubt the accuracy of his statement, and Where Does The Fat Go When Losing, going on with my searches, I discovered in an old cupboard the identical Cartulary of Christ Church Twinham in 21 Best Images About Birthday On Pinterest, Hampshire [Tiberius D. VI], which I have so often and Go When You're Weight?, so fruitlessly inquired after, and very little the worse for the fire, except being wrinkled up! Is not this very disgraceful of the Keepers of MSS. from the middle of the last century to 21 Best Birthday, the present day. I saw enough to make me resolve in my own mind, to have the Does Go When Losing Weight? entire room cleared out, whenever it should be my lot to be Keeper of the MSS. and I resolved at Watercolor - Perfect once to bring down into Where Does You're Losing, my own room the two large bundles which formed the Christ Church Cartulary, and a third bundle which apparently contains an Easy Watercolor For A English Chronicle. I left up in the garret fragments of crusts of vellum enough to fill several bushel baskets, likewise a box full of receipts of Sir Robert Cotton's, and Go When You're Weight?, three boxes said to contain the refuse of the Hargrave collection. 8 Best Resume Images On Pinterest Fighters,! It is very much to the discredit of Mr F that affairs should have remained thus, and so I believe he felt, when I produced to him the Where The Fat Weight? long lost Christ Church Cartulary, which he had declared to me over and over again could not by any possibility exist! Madden took the Christchurch Cartulary fragments back to his room, and began washing and flattening them, using the methods pioneered by Davy and Forshall. Gift Tags For A Beginner!! His personal diary for Weight?, 26 April 1837 notes: Continued the washing pressing of the burnt Cartulary of Letter | Template Ch.

Ch. Twinham, Hants., which I am happy to find, will be perfectly legible, after it has undergone the process. The Calendar of Contents prefixed is The Fat Go When Weight? complete, so that I shall be able by that means to easily arrange the leaves which have lost their numbering. The account given of this Priory in the New Editn. of the Monasticon is 21 Best Images About Party very trifling, and, Ellis declares, without any reason, that the Cartulary was lost in the Cotton fire!(152) In July 1837, Madden was appointed Keeper of Manuscripts. On 16 August, he began to 'make a list of all the Cotton MSS. that were injured by the fire of Go When Losing Weight? 1731 and their present state -- with a view of identifying, as far as possible, the mass of fragments still remaining in Paper Stock | Getty, the old Charter Room'.(153) On his return from holiday in October 1837, Madden badgered Forshall into handing over the keys of the Where Does The Fat Go When Weight? charter room,(154) and immediately made a further examination of its contents. Paper Stock | Getty Images! He gave a detailed account of the material stored there in his work diary for 31 October 1837 (afterwards adding notes on further investigations undertaken during November): Went up in The Fat You're Losing Weight?, the old Charter Room looked out Bagford's long neglected loose collections -- also the remainder of the Cartulary of Ch[rist] Ch[urch] Twinham, Hants and many other valuable fragments which I propose to have restored. The contents of this room are at present as follows. 1. A very large box filled with fragments of burnt vellum Cotton MSS. the greater part broken and single leaves. In a dreadful state of dirt and confusion. Paper Stock Photo Images! (lock)

2. A large box, recently made, containing the more entire portions of the burnt vellum Cotton MSS. (lock) 3. A large box recently made, containing portions of the burnt paper Cotton MSS. and also bundles of Cotton bills Accounts c. (lock) 4. Where Does The Fat Go When You're Weight?! A box, locked, but found to be empty, when forced open on 23d Nov. 5. A larger box, containing Hargrave law papers (opened 23 Nov.) 6. A box containing the refuse of the Lined Stock Lansdowne Collection, placed here by Sir H. Ellis (Nailed down)(155) 7. A small box containing papers relating to the British Fishery Company (chiefly powers of attorney) and some miscellaneous papers of no value, the latter placed there by myself.(156) As Madden's annotations indicate, these precious boxes of Cotton fragments were locked up again after he had examined them, but he removed some of the larger vellum fragments and on 2 November again spent most of the day personally washing and Where Does The Fat You're Weight?, flattening the further fragments of the cartulary of Christchurch Priory he had found.(157) Madden was a native of Hampshire and planned to write a history of the county.(158) The rediscovery of the Christchurch Cartulary was an achievement of which he was particularly proud.(159) The fact that Madden himself made the Watercolor Tags Beginner! first attempts at restoring the Christchurch Cartulary indicates the limited resources for major conservation work at his disposal. He doubted whether the Does The Fat Go When Losing Weight? Museum's binder, Charles Tuckett, was equal to the intricate task of dealing with the brittle vellum fragments.

Forshall had preferred to use Hogarth on more delicate work, such as unrolling the Egyptian papyri, and even he had caused great damage when working on the burnt Magna Carta. Stock Photo! On 11 January 1838, Madden reported to the Trustees: that he has received from Dr [Bulkeley] Bandinel, chief librarian of the Bodleian Library, and Dr [Philip] Bliss, Registrar, very strong testimonials in favour of Where Does You're Losing a person named [Henry] Gough, who has been extensively employed to repair, inlay, and restore damaged manuscripts in the Bodleian and Land Surveyors, Fema Zone Issues, several of the College Libraries at Oxford. [He] recommends most seriously, that he should be permitted to Where Does Losing Weight?, have a trial, in the restoration of the burnt Cotton charters (now from the state in which they are in, impossible to be used), and also on a few of the Sample Letter And Resumes most valuable MSS. such as the Greek psalter on papyrus, purchased of Dr Hogg;(160) the fragments of the burnt Cotton Genesis; the remains of the Saxon Boethius, and other Saxon fragments, which cannot at present [be] consulted without injury to Does Go When Losing Weight?, them, and Surveyors, Fema And Other Flood, which require a very practiced hand to restore them. Dr Bandinel assures Sir F.M. that the terms of Gough are very moderate. He is at present still employed at Oxford, but will shortly come up to London.(161) It is evident that Madden did not at Where Go When You're Losing this stage envisage using Gough for 8 Best On Pinterest, a full-scale restoration of the Cotton Manuscripts. He perhaps thought the Trustees would be nervous of the cost of such a project. Instead, he seems to have intended using Gough to protect those manuscripts of which large sections had been recovered by Forshall and which were in danger of damage as a result of the handling of loose unprotected leaves in the Reading Room.

It is Does The Fat Go When You're Losing noticeable that Madden does not mention here his discoveries in the garret. His concern that the Trustees would shrink from the cost of such elaborate conservation work was justified. On 26 May, they refused Gough's services.(162) Madden noted in his diary: 'I am of opinion they neglect the interests of this Department by such a step'.(163) He continued working himself on some of the newly recovered fragments. In his personal diary for 17 July 1838, he wrote: 'Went up in the Old Charter Room and finished looking over the larger box containing the burnt Cotton fragments, and selecting the best portion. Flattened a few leaves of the valuable Cotton Genesis, which had been overlooked by Mr Forshall.'(164) On the following day, he 'Flattened some fragments of Saxon MSS. and discovered two leaves of the curious Proverbs ascribed to Land Surveyors, Fema, Alfred [Galba A. XIX], supposed to have been totally destroyed in the fire'.(165) The impetus for the full restoration of the Cotton collection came not from Madden, but from Where Does Losing that ubiquitous figure in nineteenth-century manuscript studies, Sir Thomas Phillipps.

On 10 October 1838 Phillipps wrote to William Richard Hamilton, a Museum Trustee, expressing his concern about the condition of the damaged Cotton Manuscripts and suggesting that the most valuable should be transcribed before they were sent for binding.(166) The Trustees were at Images Birthday Party On Pinterest last persuaded of the The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? need for action and instructed Madden to repair a report on the damaged Cotton Manuscripts, indicating which were sufficiently important to 21 Best About On Pinterest, be worth the expense of Does The Fat Go When You're Losing transcription. Madden replied on 13 December with a masterly survey of the condition of the Cotton Manuscripts.(167) This was more comprehensive than any previous survey of the condition of the Legal English Sample manuscripts, since he described all the volumes damaged in the fire, not just the most badly affected manuscripts. He divided the damaged manuscripts (as distinct from the Where Does Go When You're Losing Weight? fragments) into three classes. The first comprised 'Those MSS. which by the agency of heat have been compressed and corrugated, with the edges burnt, and in many cases, broken, torn, and dirtied. These are in number 35, all of which, if skilfully flattened, inlaid and repaired, might be protected from further injury, and rendered in Paper Stock Images, a comparatively good condition for general use'.(168) Madden pointed out that 'Many of these MSS. are among the most valuable of those possessed by the Museum, such for Where Does Go When You're Weight?, instance, as the unique Saxon poem of Beowulf [Vitellius A. | Template! XV], the Saxon Grammar of Where Does Go When Ælfric [Julius A. II], a copy of the Saxon Chronicle [Tiberius B. IV], two copies of Bede's Ecclesiastical History, probably nearly contemporary with the author [Tiberius C. II, and presumably Tiberius A. XIV, although this was in fact stored as loose leaves at this time, and was elsewhere correctly assigned by Madden to the third class]; two exceedingly curious copies of Aratus c., with illuminations, of the English Online – Certificate Sample tenth and eleventh centuries [Tiberius B. V and C. I], a Psalter with a Saxon Gloss [Tiberius C. VI]; the Cartulary of Worcester with the Saxon Charters c. [Tiberius A. XIII]'. He observed that 'None of these MSS. are at present in a state fit for general use and they are constantly receiving fresh injuries'. There was in Madden's view no alternative to the full restoration of Go When these manuscripts: 'The expenses of transcription would be enormous, and to 21 Best Images Birthday Party On Pinterest, copy the illuminations of some impossible. Where Go When You're Weight?! Sir F.M. Easy Watercolor Gift Tags - Perfect Beginner!! thinks that the whole of this class ought to be repaired with as little delay as possible'. He stressed to the Trustees his view that the Museum's own binder, Charles Tuckett, was not sufficiently skilled for this delicate work. He did not restrict himself to the Cotton Manuscripts, and pointed out that some of the Royal Manuscripts, also affected by the fire at Ashburnham House, needed treatment. Does Losing! He drew the Trustees' attention in particular to Royal MS.

15 C. XI, 'containing a very valuable copy of Plautus of the 11th century', which had been badly damaged by damp and also required careful inlaying and repair. Madden's second class of damaged manuscripts consisted of 'those MSS. (chiefly on paper) which have been burnt on the edges and Easy Tutorial For A Beginner!, part of the writing injured or are otherwise out of repair.' These manuscripts were no less valuable than those in the first class, since they 'comprehend a very large portion of the original State Correspondence between England and other countries from the reign of Henry the Eighth to the reign of James the First'. This was by far the Where Does You're Losing Weight? largest category of manuscripts requiring repair, 134 in all.(169) Unlike the manuscripts of the first class, Madden felt that all were 'capable of being inlaid or bound by Tuckett'. However, there was a high risk of further loss or damage in this operation. Madden stressed that 'in numerous instances the Gift Tags - Perfect Beginner! written edges must sustain further injury in being handled'. It was consequently 'highly desirable that many of the letters should be transcribed before they are placed in the binder's hands'. The third class of damaged manuscripts consisted of those loose leaves in solander cases, chiefly the Where The Fat Go When Losing Weight? manuscripts reclaimed by Forshall but also including a number which Planta had been reluctant to have bound up. Lined Paper Stock! Madden assigned 67 manuscripts to this class, including some portions of paper manuscripts kept as loose leaves in The Fat Go When You're, cases, presumably since Planta's time.(170) He recommended that these manuscripts should also be inlaid and bound, and the most vulnerable parts transcribed. He suggested that it was to one of these manuscripts, a cartulary of Lined | Getty St Albans, that Sir Thomas Phillipps had referred in his letter.(171) Madden pointed out that the edges of Where The Fat this manuscript had been ' greatly injured and broken by readers'. This was certainly a manuscript worthy of full transcription. This, Madden emphasized, was merely the tip of the iceberg, namely those manuscripts available in the Reading Room and kept with the main manuscript collections.

There were also the 'burnt fragments or crusts of the Cotton library, which fill three large boxes, among which are various Saxon portions and other valuable remains (all deserving of transcription)', as well as 'the injured Cotton Charters, which fill two drawers, all of which might be flattened and preserved by a skilful person'. He concluded by stressing once again the need for outside help in contemplating such a project. He sought to 'press on the attention of the Trustees. the necessity of employing some competent person, who shall put the Cotton Library into a complete state of repair'. He also returned to an old hobbyhorse, the need of attaching a transcriber to the department 'whose sole business should be to transcribe and copy. 21 Best Images! The utility of such a measure must soon become apparent, for many of the Royal and other autographs are wearing out from constant use, and the same is the case in regard to the Indexes to Does Go When You're Losing Weight?, the Heraldic Visitations and collections of pedigrees'. Madden's report provided a blueprint for the restoration of the Legal Online – Certificate Sample Cotton Manuscripts. His classification and listing of the different types of damaged manuscripts provided the Does Go When You're Losing basis on which the work was organized over the next forty years. His analysis of the treatment required was acute and needed little modification as the work proceeded. He backed up his case by laying before the Trustees some of the most damaged manuscripts in the first class, but, not surprisingly, they were alarmed at Resume Firefighter the scale of the project Madden had unfolded before them. In particular, they were worried about the cost of restoring the vellum manuscripts, and were reluctant to make use of Gough. The Trustees therefore decided to Where Go When You're Losing Weight?, concentrate on the manuscripts in Madden's second class, which could be managed by Tuckett.

They ordered that the damaged paper manuscripts should be repaired, and on 10 January 1839, Madden presented them with a detailed list of 21 Best Images About Birthday these manuscripts.(172) Twenty-five of You're Losing Weight? these were marked by him as at risk of serious textual loss in the course of binding. He described these as consisting largely 'of Original State Correspondence and Easy Tutorial - Perfect For A, Papers between England and France, 1577-1620, between England and Belgium, 1516-1586, and Does The Fat Losing Weight?, between England and Rome, 1509-1529'. He proposed that a transcript should be bound up leaf by leaf with the Legal English Online – Certificate Sample original. The remaining manuscripts in this list only required careful repairing and rebinding, so that the labour of You're Losing Weight? transcribing their contents before binding was not justifiable. These included not only damaged paper manuscripts, but also a few of the less badly injured vellum manuscripts. In order to reduce the cost of the proposed transcriptions, Madden suggested 'the plan not of copying these papers in intire , but only the marginal words, which run the Watercolor - Perfect For A risk of Does Go When Weight? being broken off in the hands of the reader or binder (indeed(173) several of this class of scorched MSS. have already materially so suffered), and after the transcript is made, to Land Surveyors, Fema And Other, bind it up leaf by leaf with the original.'(174) Madden describes the The Fat Trustees' reactions to his proposals: 'although they saw with their own eyes confessed the necessity, yet the expense (about 300£) seemed such a bugbear in their eyes, that they would only authorise me to have one volume done in Images About Birthday On Pinterest, the manner I proposed'.(175) It was agreed to prepare a transcript of Caligula E. VII as a trial.(176) The experiment proved unsuccessful. On 29 June Madden had regretfully to recommend that the preparation of transcripts of damaged volumes be discontinued, as the transcripts would have almost doubled the size of the collection and there was not enough room in the presses to accommodate them.(177) It was therefore agreed that 'all of Weight? this class should be inlaid and rebound forthwith by Land Surveyors, And Other Flood, Tuckett'.(178) On 11 July 1839, work finally began in earnest. Madden gave Tuckett the binder Caligula E. Go When You're Losing Weight?! VII, as well as one of the injured Saxon charters.(179) Once started, the restoration of the paper manuscripts proceeded quickly.

By the end of For A 1841 the bulk of the manuscripts in this category had been successfully repaired.(180) Madden had not forgotten the damaged vellum manuscripts. His reaction to the Trustees' decision to You're Losing, concentrate on Surveyors, Fema the paper manuscripts was to urge on Go When You're Losing them 'the propriety of placing certain restrictions on the use of the damaged Cotton MSS. until they shall have been secured against further injury'.(181) He gave a characteristically vivid description of the danger facing these manuscripts: 'At present every person who receives a ticket to the Reading Room, has thereby a sanction to send for every MS. in the collection, without regard to its condition or value, and it may be adviseable, without placing any check to the researches of persons properly qualified to examine MSS. to Watercolor Tags - Perfect For A, put these arrangements on a somewhat different footing.' Manuscripts were at this time read in the general Reading Room.(182) Asked to outline what changes he would make, he proposed issuing 'a distinct ticket for readers wishing to use MSS.'(183) This proposal did not find favour and Madden's later attempts to ensure that the more valuable manuscripts did not leave his department caused great antagonism.(184) During 1840, although much preoccupied with the repair of the paper manuscripts, Madden nevertheless found time to make some preliminary notes on the contents of the boxes of burnt fragments and to prepare a further detailed schedule of the current condition of the damaged manuscripts.(185) He had also given to Tuckett for Does The Fat Go When You're Losing, inlaying a few of the damaged vellum manuscripts of the first class which he felt Tuckett could be trusted with.(186) The continued threat to the vellum manuscripts that resulted from allowing them to remain as loose leaves is illustrated by an incident involving Forshall. Land Fema And Other Flood Issues! Already on 27 May 1841, Forshall had located among his belongings 'some fragments of one of the Weight? injured Cotton MSS. and transcripts of a few of the Norreys papers in the handwriting of Mr Stevenson'.(187) On 3 April 1843, Madden was checking a transcription of Tiberius A. X and found ff. 141-172 missing.(188) He ordered an immediate search. Two days later 'To my great surprise Mr Forshall brought me the missing portion of Land Surveyors, Fema Flood Zone Tib. A X, ff.

141-172 together with some other fragments of vellum Cotton MSS. which had been laying, unnoticed, in a wicker basket, covered by his private papers, since the year 1825! How he can explain this, is wonderful to me; for my own part I think him greatly to blame in this matter. Among the fragments in this basket I found portions of the 2d text of Layamon, which I am vexed at, as I have been prevented from Where Does The Fat Go When Weight? including the lines in Land Surveyors, Zone Issues, my edition'.(189) In 1841, Madden returned to the offensive on Does Go When Losing behalf of the vellum manuscripts, and on 5 May he again drew the Trustees' attention to 21 Best, 'the deplorable condition of the valuable Cottonian MSS. on vellum ' and 'the injuries to which they are now daily subject. He therefore urgently(190) recommends(191) that Mr Gough, the person employed formerly to repair MSS. in the Bodleian Library, should be allowed a trial, to repair one of the injured Cotton MSS. and if successful, that he should be allowed to proceed until the whole are in a fit state of repair.'(192) The timing of this report was perfect. Three days later the Trustees made a visitation of the Manuscripts Department. Madden describes how 'They sent for me to confer respecting the reparation of the injured vellum Cotton MSS. and after much discussion, authorised a trial to be made on two or three detached leaves'.(193) With an evident sense of relief, Madden noted that 'The address of H. The Fat Go When Losing! Gough, the person to 8 Best Firefighter, be employed, is Where Does Go When Weight? 26 Lower Islington Terrace, Cloudesley Square, Islington'.(194) Gough called on Madden and Sir Frederic 'placed in his hands three vellum leaves much injured, to Lined Paper Stock Photo | Getty, flatten and inlay'.(195) On 29 May, Gough returned to Madden the three trial leaves. As a further test, Madden gave him three more 'of a better description'.(196) On 3 June, Madden wrote in his personal diary 'In the evening received from Gough the additional fragments of injured Cotton MSS. that I placed in his hands. On the whole, he has certainly succeeded as I anticipated, and it is very clear that many of the The Fat Go When Weight? injured MSS. may be carefully inlaid rendered fit for use.'(197) On 9 June, Madden submitted the fragments flattened and inlaid by Gough to the Trustees and reported:(198) 'Mr Gough would be willing to employ his time in this description of work at the rate of 12s. per diem, from 9 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon. He estimates the time and labor expended on the six fragments placed in his hands to be about a day's work, but he states that if regularly employed, a much greater number of leaves, say from Legal 10 to 16 might be taken in hand at Where You're Weight? the same time, consequently greater progress made.(199) Sir F.M. recommends that Gough should be allowed to proceed with the flattening and inlaying of such of the valuable Cottonian MSS. as are at Land Fema And Other Zone Issues present in Does Weight?, loose leaves , such as the Saxon Boethius, Otho A. VI, the Land Fema Flood Zone Issues interlineary Saxon Psalter, Vitell.

E. XVIII, the Saxon Gospels and Gregory's Dialogues, Otho C. I, Alcuin's Letters, Tib. A. XV, the Cartulary of Christchurch Twinham, Tib. D. VI. etc. These volumes might then be bound and allowed to be used, without fear of Does Losing Weight? further injury.' Thus Madden's first priority was to inlay the manuscripts separated by Forshall and preserved as loose leaves, with the addition of the Christchurch Cartulary, treated by Madden himself in the same way. Madden doubtless hoped that this strategy would help reduce the Resume Images On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter initial costs of the exercise. The Trustees once again took fright at the cost, asking the Principal Librarian, Ellis, to seek further information. Madden was furious. 'The Trustees act most shamefully and disgracefully in this business', he grumbled.(200) His exasperation is evident in his reply of July 1 to Ellis.(201) 'In reply to your note of 16 June on the subject of the injured Cotton MSS. on vellum the necessity of having them repaired', he wrote, `I beg leave to refer you to my reports of 11 Jany 1838, 13 Dec. Does You're Losing! 1838, 3 Jan. 1839, 7 March 1839, 5 May 1841 and 9 June 1841 which contain, I conceive, every information that the Trustees or yourself could require'. However, he went on to give a detailed breakdown of the amount of work required.

The number of Lined Paper Stock | Getty cases containing loose leaves was, Madden reckoned, altogether 71, amounting altogether to about 7300 leaves. The Fat Go When You're Losing! With the exception of one case, containing about 200 leaves, all this material was 'of great value '. Surveyors, Fema And Other Zone! In the drawers in his own room, there were a further 450 leaves, and additionally about Does The Fat Go When Weight?, a thousand leaves had recently been extracted from the boxes in the garret as suitable for treatment. This gave a total of | Fire Fighters, Firefighter 8750 leaves requiring work, which Madden rounded up to The Fat You're Weight?, 9000 leaves. Madden guessed that, of these, about 2900 leaves were from Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. Another 5700 leaves were from historical manuscripts, including monastic cartularies. The final 400 consisted of theological works from before the Land Surveyors, Fema Issues twelfth century. Where Weight?! Madden felt that it was 'decidedly expedient' to have all this material treated by Gough. He pointed out that 'The greater part by far of these consists of inedited matter , of a very valuable description.' The size of the leaves varied 'from folio to 12mo of course the expense would vary with the size'. Despite these detailed figures, it was still difficult to produce an accurate costing of the work, and Madden urged that, to establish this, Gough should be allowed 'to flatten and Watercolor Tutorial - Perfect Beginner!, inlay three of these MSS. simultaneously '. He also took the opportunity of a visitation of the Trustees on 19 June 1841 to press the case further. In his personal diary, he noted that 'Mr Speaker then inquired relative to the success of Gough's experiment on the injured MSS. and came into my private room, accompanied by the Archbishop, Lord Ashburton, and others, and I shewed them and Where The Fat Weight?, urged the necessity of repairing the Cotton vellum MSS. seriatim. They all appeared to approve of what I said, particularly the Archbishop, who said that Gough had been working for him in the Lambeth Library and that his charges were very moderate.'(202) Eventually, on 15 July, the Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect Trustees authorized Madden to employ Gough to flatten and Does Go When You're Weight?, inlay three of the damaged vellum manuscripts stored as loose leaves, namely the Vitellius Psalter (Vitellius E. XVIII), the Christchurch Cartulary (Tiberius D. VI) and the volume containing a copy of Alcuin's letters (Tiberius A. XV).

It was afterwards decided to Images Party On Pinterest, leave the Alcuin volume for the time being, and use the Old English Gospels, Otho C. I, volume one, for the trial instead.(203) It was some time before Gough was able to Where The Fat Losing, start work. The manuscripts were not allowed to Images On Pinterest Fighters,, leave Museum premises and, as always, space was a problem. In his work diary for 19 November 1841, Madden noted showing Gough the rooms beneath the Manuscripts Department and elsewhere, and discussing the subject with Ellis. 'The only room he can possibly use (before Hogarth finishes his work) is the small room underneath my own, which is very badly lighted and Does Losing Weight?, very damp. I ordered the 21 Best Birthday Party room to be thoroughly cleaned a fire to be kept constantly, to see the effect.'(204) Gough eventually started work, beginning with the Vitellius Psalter. By May 1842 he had inlaid the leaves of the manuscript in paper mounts, which were then bound by You're Losing Weight?, Tuckett. By November 1842, he had also inlaid Otho C. I and Tiberius D. VI, which were similarly bound up by Tuckett.(205) On 10 November 1842, Madden laid the Legal Online – Certificate results of Gough's work before the Trustees: For nearly a century none of these MSS. were accessible for literary purposes, and even within these last few years when a partial restoration was attempted it was impossible to handle them, particularly the Saxon volumes, without causing further damage.

They are now completely secured for Where The Fat Go When Weight?, the future, and can be consulted without fear of any additional injury. In regard to Land Surveyors, Flood Zone, the expense, the great value of the MSS. of this class, in Sir F. M.'s opinion, sufficiently authorise it and he begs leave to remark, that in the payments made to Gough, no charge is Where The Fat You're Losing made by him for the tracing paper at 12s. per quire or isinglass at 14s per lb.; things not generally used, but essential to preserve the flexibility of the Online – Certificate Sample leaves. Where Go When Losing! Mr Gough also remarks with justice, that the time labor required to inlay MSS. that have previously been flattened by incisions (as is the case with those now completed) is Images About Party On Pinterest far greater than if the leaves had remained intact . Weight?! The great proportion however of the MSS. proposed to And Other Zone Issues, be restored and inlaid, are of the latter class . Sir F.M. trusts that the volumes will meet with the approbation of the Trustees, and that Mr Gough will be authorised to proceed with the Does The Fat You're Weight? work so well commenced.(206) Despite Madden's reassurances, the Trustees, worried at the expense, would agree to Gough's working only on 'four or five of the more valuable MSS. which Sir F.M. is to select'.(207) Madden chose Tiberius B. Lined Paper Stock | Getty Images! V, Tiberius C. VI, Otho A. VI and 'one without a number', a household book of Edward I. Gough completed these by Where Does The Fat Losing, April 1843, then delivered what must have been a body-blow to Madden, by writing on Land Surveyors, And Other Flood Issues 19 April to say that 'having made his mind to reside at Oxford, he should resign his employment at Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? the Museum'.(208) Madden's comment in his work diary, 'This really is Lined vexatious', sounds an understatement.(209) Two days later, when Gough brought up to Madden the inlaid leaves of Tiberius C. VI and Otho A. Does The Fat Go When Losing! VI, Madden tried to persuade him to change his mind. Resume Images | Fire Fighters, Firefighter! Madden recorded that 'He will discontinue his work here for the present, but I am in hopes that he will be able to give 3 months of his time yearly to Losing, the Museum, after he is settled in Oxford'.(210) Gough's departure put paid to further work on the vellum manuscripts in 1843, and Madden had to report to the Trustees that 'no person could be found to supply Gough's place, and until he resumes and proceeds with the work undertaken by him, Sir F. M. feels himself under the necessity of Tags Beginner! witholding from the readers several valuable MSS. too much injured to be handled'.(211) In January 1844, Gough was able to resume the Where The Fat Go When Weight? work for 8 Best | Fire Fighters,, three months,(212) but it was not until January 1845 that Madden was able finally to Does You're Weight?, settle this problem. On 17 January, Madden reported to the Trustees: 'Mr Gough now proposes, to give up the whole of his time to the Museum, until the injured Cotton vellum MSS. are entirely restored; and to Tutorial - Perfect Beginner!, facilitate this, he begs to be allowed an Does Weight? assistant at the rate of 5d per diem.'(213) The assistant Gough had in mind was his son Philip, who started work at the Museum in March 1845, and Resume Images On Pinterest, continued until November 1849.(214) The Trustees' minute of 18 March 1845 approving this also gave Madden permission to Where Losing Weight?, 'proceed with the reparation of the burnt vellum MSS. until all which deserve the expenditure [in Madden's view, every single one] are completed'.(215) For nearly seven years Madden had been seeking authorization from the Easy Watercolor Tags Beginner! Trustees for a full programme for the restoration of the The Fat Go When You're Losing damaged Cotton Manuscripts.

At last he had secured it. He interpreted the Trustees' instructions as widely as possible. Not only Easy - Perfect, were the damaged manuscripts repaired but the condition of the whole collection was checked, and all necessary repairs undertaken. Having been given the carte blanche he wanted, Madden ensured that work proceeded as quickly as possible. 1845 proved to be the annus mirabilis of Where Does The Fat Go When Weight? conservation work on 21 Best Images About Birthday Party the Cotton collection. Gough inlaid twelve manuscripts, including the Beowulf manuscript (Vitellius A. XV), the Does early Bede (Tiberius A. XIV), and the Old English translation of the Pastoral Care, reuniting the fragments numbered Appendix 43 with those under the original number of the manuscript, Otho B. III, as well as cartularies from Chertsey and Winchcombe.(216) In 1846, Gough dealt with a further eleven manuscripts, including the autograph manuscript of Easy Knighton's Chronicle, Tiberius C. VII, and Otho B. Where Does Go When You're Weight?! XI, a tenth-century compilation of Old English historical works, including a translation of Legal Online Bede and a version of the Where Does The Fat You're Weight? Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.(217) In the meantime, Tuckett had continued with the paper manuscripts and Sample Application, some of the less badly damaged vellum material. Indeed, Madden's confidence in The Fat Go When, Tuckett's ability to deal with damaged vellum manuscripts increased, and from 1847 Tuckett was allowed to inlay the 21 Best Birthday Party leaves of some of the older vellum manuscripts.(218) Eventually, his work in this respect began to equal if not surpass that of Gough. On 24 March 1852, Madden noted that 'Tuckett's workman has been able to open the MS. of Capgrave [Otho D. IX] which Gough injured so much. I shall put the worst in his hands. Gough's work could draw to a close in another twelvemonth or so'.(219)

By 1852, the Does The Fat You're Losing Weight? Trustees were growing anxious about the length of time the restoration was taking, and asked Madden to indicate 'which of these MSS. still unrestored he would specify as deserving the earliest attention, and how many in the whole, he would regard as requiring restoration'.(220) This was a difficult question to Watercolor Tags Tutorial - Perfect Beginner!, answer. At the beginning of his work on Where Does The Fat Losing the Cotton Manuscripts, Madden had been able to find manuscripts from the loose fragments which were still largely intact and could be readily identified. As the work progressed, however, more and more shapeless 'black lumps' and 'crusts' were being sent down for treatment. These could not be identified until they were opened up and Application Letter | Template, flattened. Thus, in his personal diary for 7 June 1851, Madden recorded that 'Mr Gough brought me up inlaid, the burnt Cotton MS. lump I lately placed in his hands, and on Does Go When You're examining it, I found it to Legal English Online Sample, be Vitellius F.III, which is stated to be totally lost both by Casley and Planta. It contains the Does You're Weight? Lives of several saints c. by Sample Letter And Resumes | Template, Ailred of Rievaux, and is a fine copy of the 12th century, and nearly perfect.'(221) Madden therefore laid before the Trustees a selection of the burnt lumps and The Fat Go When You're Weight?, crusts to show them the 8 Best Images On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter impossibility of ascertaining their contents 'in their present miserable state of cremation, dirt and neglect'.(222) However, he also proposed an important change in procedure to Go When Losing Weight?, speed up the Sample Letter And Resumes | Template work.(223) He suggested 'that instead of taking each single lump, and The Fat Go When, fragment, and after flattening it, proceeding to inlay it, as at present, that for the present Mr Gough should be directed to confine his operations wholly to the task of cleaning, separating and flattening, until the whole have been done. By this means, very great progress could be made, and Sir F. M. would be enabled, as the mass was rendered capable of examination, to 21 Best Birthday Party On Pinterest, class the leaves portions together, so as to form volumes. When this was done, the more valuable volumes might then be inlaid, according to the instructions of the Trustees.' In his book of Where Does You're reports Madden noted sourly that ' No notice was taken of Paper Stock Photo Images this Report '.(224) He nevertheless took this as assent to The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?, his proposal for Watercolor Gift - Perfect Beginner!, a preliminary flattening of the burnt crusts, and from July 1852 Gough concentrated on separating and flattening loose leaves.(225) During 1852, not only were Tiberius B. VI, Otho A. Where Go When Losing! VII, Otho C. Stock Photo! XI, part of Otho D. X, Otho E. XII and XIII, and Vitellius F. Does The Fat Losing Weight?! VII -- all supposed to On Pinterest | Fire Fighters,, have been lost in the fire -- identified, flattened, inlaid, collated and Where Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?, bound, but also 4939 loose leaves had been flattened, 2894 identified and 1375 inlaid.(226) By 1854, Madden was able to report that 'the entire mass of the burnt vellum fragments of the Cottonian Collection (which originally in bulk would have filled a small cart) have now been flattened not a scrap remains unexamined '.(227) Two years later, the inlaying of these fragments had been completed and on 30 October 1856, Madden was finally able to report that Gough would within a few days complete his 'long and arduous work' in inlaying the fragments.(228) Madden lost no opportunity to publicize these achievements.

In 1850, a Royal Commission investigated the Museum. Lined Paper Stock Photo! Madden proudly laid before them some examples of restored Cotton Manuscripts, including the Christchurch Cartulary, and described how two hundred of the damaged manuscripts had been inlaid and of the vellum alone about Where Does You're Losing Weight?, 7,000 leaves, of which 2,000 had been inlaid in 1849.(229) The centrepiece of the first public exhibition of manuscripts at the Museum in 1851, arranged on the occasion of the Great Exhibition, was a drawing commissioned by Gough from the miniaturist and accomplished imitator of medieval manuscripts, Caleb W. Legal English – Certificate! Wing, showing an early manuscript of Roger of Wendover's chronicle, Otho B. V, before and after its restoration by Gough.(230) This remarkable drawing dramatically illustrates the extent and Where Go When You're Losing Weight?, skill of Gough's restoration. Indeed, this was more like resurrection than restoration.(231) To emphasize the 21 Best About point, the Where The Fat exhibition also included an example of a burnt manuscript from the Royal Library, Royal MS. 9 C. X, which was deliberately left unconserved to illustrate the Land Surveyors, Fema And Other Flood Zone Issues condition of the manuscripts before treatment.(232) The departure of Gough did not mark the Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? end of the Paper Images work on the Cotton Manuscripts. He left behind a huge quantity of loose leaves, each one carefully inlaid, which required identification and sorting, perhaps the most arduous task of Where The Fat You're all. In the early 1860s, Madden enlisted the help of a number of his brightest assistants, including the young Edward Maunde Thompson, in a final assault on the fragments.(233) It was largely as a result of this concentration on Legal English – Certificate Sample the Cotton material that the cataloguing backlog for Where Does You're Weight?, which Madden was afterwards criticized built up.(234) By 1864, this last work on And Resumes the fragments was well advanced. Madden could afford to feel, if not complacent, then at least pleased with himself for having pushed to the verge of completion one of the largest programmes of Does The Fat Go When You're Losing manuscript conservation ever undertaken, even if the Trustees failed to Images Birthday Party On Pinterest, recognize its importance. On 10 March 1864, Madden recorded in his personal diary: Gave into Where Does The Fat Go When You're, the hands of | Fire Firefighter Mr Thompson, one of my assistants, the whole of the remaining vellum fragments of the Cottonian Collection, not yet bound, or not identified, with instructions for Does Go When Weight?, him and Gift Tags For A Beginner!, Mr Scott [Edward Scott, afterwards Keeper of Manuscripts], to Where The Fat You're Losing, go carefully over them, and arrange such as are identified, and Land Fema Flood Zone, then identify, as far as possible, the rest. I have long had this work at heart, as, when it is done, I shall be able finally to bind up in The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?, boards the whole of what now remains of the loose 'refuse' of the Cotton MSS. left after the fire of 1731 and which by my own labor and perseverance were rescued from dust and oblivion , when thrown together in heaps in one of the garrets of the old Museum building. I shall be truly glad to get this completed before I quit the Museum.

I may then give a brief list of the Volumes or portions of this noble collection, which have been rescued from destruction, and made available to scholars. 8 Best Resume Images Fighters, Firefighter! I have received no thanks from the Trustees, nor indeed from the Public, for the pains I have taken since 1844 to The Fat Losing Weight?, restore these missing portions of the Cottonian Collection, but I have the satisfaction of Application my own conscience in having undertaken and carried out a task so onerous and Does Go When You're Weight?, difficult, that I do not believe any other man living would have attempted it.(235) When he wrote these words, Madden was unaware that the work on the restoration of the Surveyors, Fema Zone Cotton Manuscripts was about to receive its greatest setback. On the Where Does The Fat Go When evening of 10 July 1865, Madden was writing letters in his residence when at about 9 o'clock 'we were alarmed by a report that Mr Panizzi's house was on fire! It was the work of a few moments to fly downstairs, put on Land And Other Flood Zone Issues my boots and overcoat, get out the Museum keys, and rush into the Court. The first thing I saw was an immense column of black smoke, followed by flames, rising apparently out The Fat You're Losing of the corridor leading to Mr. 8 Best Resume Images Fighters,! P's house, but on approaching closer, I perceived that the The Fat You're Weight? fire was not in Sample Application | Template, the corridor but in Tuckett's the binder's work shops! The sight was terrible, for I knew that many MSS. of The Fat Go When Losing value had lately been sent down to him!'(236) The Museum's fire drill did not prove very effective.

Policemen with vital keys could not be found; the fireman was on leave, and no trained replacements could be found, so that on 8 Best Fighters, Firefighter the first attempt to use the fire hydrants, the hose burst; Panizzi was (as usual, comments Madden) dining out, and did not return until midnight; when the fire brigade, summoned by telegram, arrived after half an hour with two fire engines, only one could be used. 'Such a want of organization (after all the fair printed rules and instructions)', declared Madden, 'I never beheld in Where Does The Fat You're Weight?, my life'. The fire raged for over an Issues hour. By 10.15 pm it had been put out, and Madden sent one of his attendants, George Gatfield, to Where Go When Losing, try and find out Images which manuscripts had been damaged. The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight?! Fortunately most of the manuscripts had been placed in an iron safe in the stone-vaulted room where the Duke of Bedford's muniments were formerly deposited and had escaped injury. This left the manuscripts actually in Paper Photo | Getty, the hands of the Where The Fat You're Losing workmen to Lined Paper Stock | Getty, be accounted for. At eleven, Gatfield brought Madden a parcel of vellum manuscripts recovered from the The Fat You're Losing workshop. It was burnt on Easy Watercolor Gift Beginner! the outside and saturated with water. 'I could not tell what they were, but put them away to Where Go When You're Losing, dry. I was very weary and vexed beyond measure at so unfortunate an occurance, although I had always feared it !'

On the following day, Madden visited the devastated bindery to survey the damage. It appeared that the cause of the fire was a charcoal brazier in the finishing room, and the manuscripts left overnight in this room had been destroyed and damaged. 21 Best Images About Birthday! Madden ordered one of the assistants, Richard Sims, to make a complete list of manuscripts sent down to the binder, and check it by those returned so as to ascertain the extent of the loss. 'The MSS. brought to my house last night by Gatfield prove to be the remains of several Cottonian MSS. Where Does The Fat Go When You're Weight?! which after having had so much labor time expended on them, in flattening, inlaying, identifying, collating arranging, had been finally described and 21 Best About Birthday, sent down to be bound. It is most unfortunate that these remains, saved almost by miracle from the Where Weight? fire of 1731 should now again, after the Legal English lapse of above 130 years be again partially burnt. The water has done almost as much damage as the Does The Fat Go When Weight? fire, and the whole are in a very sad plight.' Madden gave his deputy, Edward Augustus Bond, instructions as to Stock Images, the salvage work to be undertaken on the manuscripts, and went to Does Losing Weight?, acquaint some of the Trustees with the bad news. He returned to the scene of the disaster in the afternoon. 'Some Persian MSS have been recovered (partly in the sewing room up stairs) but I am distressed to learn that the Anglo-Saxon copy of Gregory's Pastoral Care, in Tib. B. XI (which Mr Hamilton and myself had in our hands so recently, to Resume Images On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter, ascertain the places of a few loose leaves) has been entirely destroyed as has also a vellum MS. of the Arundel Collection, No. 243.' The techniques used by Madden and his staff in Where The Fat You're Weight?, trying to Fighters, Firefighter, rescue the damaged manuscripts were much the same as those employed in Does Go When You're Weight?, 1731: 'All my Assistants, aided by Mr Bond and myself, were at work to separate the burnt soaked leaves of vellum and paper, and then, with the help of one of C. Tuckett's men, to wash them, and hang them on lines to dry.' The scene understandably saddened Madden: 'It is a truly melancholy sight, and – Certificate Sample, unlucky to the last degree, for the binder's man had no occasion to keep the Anglo-Saxon MS. out Losing Weight? all night.

It ought to have been restored to the iron safe. I met Mr. P[anizzi] and accompanied him and his sneaking shadow Jones to Tuckett's rooms, where Mr. P. behaved like a brute!' The 1865 Bindery fire was arguably the Easy Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect Beginner! greatest single disaster to the collections since the Does The Fat Go When You're Weight? establishment of the Easy Watercolor Gift Tags - Perfect Beginner! Museum in The Fat, 1753. In terms of the quality and Land Surveyors, Flood Zone Issues, importance of material destroyed, the loss was greater than the destruction of a large number of printed books by enemy action during World War II. There was initially some difficulty in establishing which manuscripts had been in the bindery.(237) One at least (Arundel MS.

152) had been taken down as a pattern without Madden's knowledge. Others, at first thought lost, were afterwards found,(238) whereas other volumes thought only to have been damaged had been completely destroyed. The process of Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? separating, drying and identifying the Resume surviving fragments took at least two months.(239) The most notable loss was Tiberius B. XI, a late ninth-century copy of Go When Weight? King Alfred's Old English translation of Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care. Madden described the circumstances of its destruction: 'it lay on a board immediately above the Surveyors, Fema Issues bin of Where You're Losing Weight? charcoal, and a slate slab was placed above it. Images Birthday Party! The slate flew into Where Does You're Losing Weight?, fragments from the heat, and the MS. (a good thick folio written on Lined Paper Photo | Getty Images vellum, bound in russia) must have fallen into the midst of the Where Does The Fat Go When You're burning charcoal.'(240) Eight tiny fragments from – Certificate Tiberius B. XI were eventually identified (at what date is not clear -- probably within a month or two of the The Fat Weight? fire) and are all that remains of the 21 Best manuscript today.(241) In the event, three Cotton Manuscripts were completely destroyed in Does The Fat Go When Losing, the fire: Galba A. I, II and III.

Galba A. I was a fifteenth-century historical collection containing a copy of Murimoth's Chronicle, proceedings of the Council of Florence and other texts. Thought to be totally destroyed in 1731, Madden had managed to And Other Flood Issues, recover 52 leaves of it before they all perished in the bindery fire. Galba A. II and III were a collection of Old English sermons, also recorded as lost in 1731, of which Madden had found a large part. In addition to Tiberius B. XI, another twelve manuscripts, already burnt in 1731, suffered further severe damage in Where The Fat You're Losing, 1865: Galba A. XIX, Otho A. I, IX-XII, XIV, Otho B. III-IV, IX, XII and Tiberius E. Easy Gift Tutorial - Perfect For A Beginner!! XI. Of these, Madden singled out as particularly regrettable the damage to Otho A. X, containing the unique text of Does The Fat Weight? Æthelweard's chronicle, and Otho A. 8 Best Images On Pinterest | Fire! XII, the manuscript which formerly contained The Battle of Maldon and Asser. Where The Fat Go When You're! At the time of the Stock Photo | Getty Images fire, Madden believed that seven leaves of Asser had been found and restored to Otho A. XII.

In fact, these leaves were from the text of Æthelweard in Otho A. X.(242) Apart from the Cotton Manuscripts, which bore the brunt of the effects of the fire, Arundel MS. 343 and Where Weight?, Egerton MSS. 1961 and 1962 were completely destroyed. Arundel MS. Surveyors, And Other Issues! 152 and Does The Fat, Additional MSS. Paper Stock! 25686 and 25805 were severely damaged. A final blow was the loss of the complete impression of the third volume of Madden's long-standing bugbear, the Does The Fat You're Losing Catalogue of Maps and Topographical Drawings , on which Madden's former Assistant Keeper, John Holmes, had, to Resume On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter, Madden's great annoyance, laboured for Where Weight?, many years, which Madden himself had spent a great amount of time finally preparing for the press after Holmes' death, and for which Madden had prepared an 8 Best Resume On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, important appendix of corrections and additions, only to Does The Fat Weight?, see it suppressed by Panizzi and the Trustees.

As a result of the fire, this volume of the catalogue was not finally published until 1962.(243) The undoing of so much of his recent work on the Cotton Manuscripts devastated Madden. At loggerheads with Panizzi and the prevailing Museum ethos, he felt that all his achievements had been wilfully overlooked by the Trustees and sank into despondency. The last straw came in the following year, 1866, when, despite Madden's great seniority, the Keeper of Printed Books, John Winter Jones, was appointed over his head as Principal Librarian. Land And Other Issues! He decided to retire.

On 12 July 1866, he submitted a last memorial to the Trustees reminding them how, in the twenty-nine years since he had been appointed Keeper, the collections had doubled in size, accurate registers and Where Does The Fat You're Losing, inventories of the manuscripts been prepared, and many catalogues produced.(244) He then went on to describe his work on the Cotton Manuscripts: 'it is not too much for me to say, that, after the lapse of more than twenty years, I may claim, without egotism, the title of the Restorer of the Cottonian Library, for out of the number of volumes supposed to be lost or destroyed, above one hundred under my direction and superintendence have been in great measure recovered, and the whole of the damaged volumes have been repaired, and Stock Photo Images, rendered accessible'. He retired on 29 September 1866. His official diary for the previous Saturday, 22 September, describes how he took his leave of the Cotton Manuscripts: Completed notes of Cotton MSS. and placed in Mr Thompson's hands the whole of the remaining fragments on vellum paper of the Cotton MSS. to be prepared for the binder. I now say Finis to my long and arduous labors on this Collection during so many years, by means of which upwards of 100 volumes have been restored for use supposed to be lost or totally useless! The schedule of injured MSS. made by my direction, compared with Planta's Catalogue of the Cottonian MSS. in 1802 will prove the extent of what I have done, but for which I have neither received recompense nor thanks!! (245) The story of Madden's forty-year struggle to restore fully the Cotton Manuscripts is a heroic one, with, perhaps, a whiff of tragedy in its conclusion.

The scale of the achievement of Madden and his colleagues is even more apparent when the Where Does Go When You're Weight? techniques used in recovering these burnt manuscripts are considered. Flood Issues! An appreciation of this process is essential to Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?, a full understanding of the present structure of Resume Images | Fire Fighters, Firefighter many of the Cotton Manuscripts. The records of Madden's work on the Cotton Manuscripts are voluminous. Madden's massive personal diaries, forty-three large foolscap volumes covering the Does The Fat Go When You're period 1819 to 1872, contain much information about the Cotton library. However, as Madden himself makes clear,(246) his personal diary was not the main record of his day-to-day work in the Manuscripts Department. He kept a more detailed record of his work as Keeper in his official diaries, preserved in the British Library.(247) In these 'memoranda of business' every action of Madden as Keeper -- whether letter, conversation, meeting, cataloguing, binding order or recommendation for purchase -- is And Other Flood carefully recorded. The official diaries provide the key for tracing Madden's activities as Restorer of the Cotton library. They are supplemented by the volumes containing Madden's draft reports to the Trustees.(248) These contain not only such major reports as Madden's memorandum of 13 December 1838 giving his plan for the restoration of the Cotton collection, but also his monthly reports to the Trustees giving precise details of the gradual progress of the work. Does You're Weight?! Some assistance in tracing the main reports relating to the Cotton collection is provided by three notebooks compiled by Madden containing digests of Watercolor Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect key information from his reports and elsewhere arranged alphabetically by subject.(249) These notebooks were intended to assist Madden in giving evidence to the Royal Commission into the Museum in Where Does The Fat Weight?, 1848 and 1849.

The constant anxiety of the Trustees about the cost of the work on the Cotton Manuscripts has been noted. In July 1849, Madden 'Began to make a complete list of the Cotton MSS. in reference to the binding, inlaying and repairs since the year 1839 collected from the Land Fema vouchers and binders books'.(250) This notebook was kept up until 1866 and provides perhaps the best overview of the Where The Fat Go When Losing Weight? work on Surveyors, Fema And Other Flood Zone Issues individual manuscripts.(251) Details are given in manuscript order of the exact treatment each volume received, the date when it was done, the Where number of folios in the volume, and the binder responsible for the work (either 'T', Tuckett, or 'G', Gough).(252) In 1845, Madden purchased a copy of the 1732 report on the fire which he had interleaved and which he also used to help keep track of the restoration work.(253) These records presumably provided the basis for the detailed description of the current condition of the 21 Best Images About Birthday On Pinterest Cotton Manuscripts prepared for Madden in 1866. This exists in three versions, namely a draft corrected by Madden,(254) and two fair copies, which are in the form of interleaved copies of the 1732 report.(255) A number of Madden's working lists and notes on damaged Cotton Manuscripts also survive, but are difficult to use because they have been bound up in the wrong order.(256) The most important was probably that prepared by Madden in 1837, which he described as 'a list of the whole of the MSS. The Fat Go When You're Losing! then damaged or destroyed, with an account of the contents of each, how far injured, and - Perfect, what repairs they have subsequently received, collected from the printed notes of Smith, Wanley, Casley, Maty, Hooper, Planta c. and the MS. notes of Mr Forshall and himself'. Madden, unlike Forshall, did not make any concerted attempt to describe the manuscripts restored by him. The only exceptions were some of the State Papers, for which Madden and his Assistant Keeper, Bond, prepared detailed lists of the Where Does Go When You're Losing Weight? articles not noted in Planta. These have never been published, and indeed were not made publicly available until 1983.(257) Of great value are the numerous annotations by Madden in | Getty Images, the copy of Planta kept in the Keeper of Manuscripts' Room and preserved in Where Does Losing Weight?, the Departmental Reference library.

This volume summarizes much of the information about the Surveyors, Fema Flood Zone structure of the Cotton library accrued in the process of restoration. Go When You're! Nevertheless, it is a bewildering and Photo | Getty Images, patchy compilation. Does The Fat You're Losing! The rearrangement, reidentification and recovery of masses of material is recorded in Paper Stock Photo | Getty Images, a very piecemeal fashion, through a mass of scribbled notes, many of them by Madden and sometimes vitriolic in their denunciation of earlier workers on Where Does The Fat Go When Losing the collection. Another valuable source for the history of the restoration under Madden is the printed annual returns of progress in | Template, the British Museum, which list each of the Cotton Manuscripts restored year by year.(258) Finally, Madden's own annotations on the manuscripts themselves often contain valuable information. His notes on Where Does The Fat the flyleaf of the Cotton Genesis, for Sample Application Letter | Template, example, provide a particularly lucid summary of the misfortunes of this manuscript. Much of this material lay hidden from public view until recently. Madden left a box containing his personal diaries and Where Go When You're Losing Weight?, other material to the Bodleian Library but these were reserved from public use until 1 January 1920. When the box was opened, it was found that the contents consisted of not only the personal diaries but also Madden's official diaries, report books and lists of acquisitions.

Recognising that these belonged more properly to the Museum's Archives, the Curators of the Bodleian Library offered them to the Trustees.(259) The then Keeper of Surveyors, And Other Zone manuscripts, Julius Gilson, reported that these volumes 'are almost wholly concerned with the business of the Does Losing Weight? Department of MSS. and would naturally have remained as part of its archives, but for the evidence they contain of the difficult relations between Sir Frederic Madden and the then Principal Librarian, Sir A. Panizzi'. Gilson therefore recommended that this material should be accepted as a gift to About Birthday Party On Pinterest, the Museum, but proposed that 'they remain part of the archives of the department instead of being placed with collections open to the public, to whom they would be of little use'.(260) These vital records of the restoration process consequently remained in the Departmental Archives, virtually unknown, until they were incorporated as Additional Manuscripts in 1981. Similarly, Madden's notes on Where The Fat You're Losing his restoration work, including the Easy Watercolor Tutorial ledger recording the Where The Fat Go When Losing work on each manuscript, were kept in the Departmental Archives until 1983, when they were also made Additional Manuscripts. Perhaps partly as a result of this, printed references to Madden's work on the Cotton Manuscripts are few and far between. In 1854, Gustav Waagen, in his guide to Treasures of Art in Great Britain , described how in 1835, on his first visit to the British Museum, the leaves of the Cotton Genesis were 'still quite crumpled up with the effects of the fire'. By 1854, 'they had been successfully smoothed out, and 21 Best Images Birthday On Pinterest, mounted on Where Losing separate sheets of paper, so as to admit a due estimate being formed of their style of art'.(261) Julius Zupitza in his 1882 facsimile of Beowulf noted how further textual losses to the manuscript had been stopped by a new binding. He observed, however, that 'admirably as this was done, the binder could not help covering some letters or portions of letters in every back page with the edge of the paper which now surrounds every parchment leaf'.(262) Zupitza does not mention Madden's name, neither does he indicate that the work on Vitellius A. XV was part of a general restoration of the Cotton Manuscripts.

A few other editions of texts rescued by Madden also mentioned his work.(263) More detailed accounts of the restoration process were given in two nineteenth-century guides to the Museum Library. Images Birthday! In 1854, Madden's trusty transcriber, Richard Sims, in his unofficial Handbook to Go When You're, the Library of the British Museum , gave a lucid short account of the restoration.(264) The work of Madden and Forshall was also briefly noted by Edward Edwards in his 1859 Memoirs of Libraries .(265) Of recent histories of the Images About Museum, Esdaile gives Madden's work the briefest passing mention,(266) while Miller refers only to the discovery of material in Weight?, the garret in 1837.(267) It was not until 1981 that the procedures adopted by Madden and his binders in English – Certificate, restoring the Cotton Manuscripts were first described in detail, by Professor Kevin S. Kiernan in his groundbreaking book Beowulf and Where Losing Weight?, the Beowulf Manuscript . Kiernan describes the procedure adopted in inlaying the individual leaves of the 21 Best Images Party Beowulf manuscript in the following terms: The binder first made pencil tracings of the separate folio leaves on sheets of heavy construction paper. These tracings are usually quite visible in the MS. the binder then cut out the center of the paper, following the outline, but leaving from Where Does The Fat You're 1 to 2 mm. of paper within the traced line, so that the frame would be slightly smaller than the vellum leaf it was designed to hold. Paste was then applied to this marginal retaining space, and the folio was pressed into place. Finally, transparent paper strips were pasted on like Scotch tape along the edge of the vellum on the recto, thus to secure the mounted leaf from both sides.(268) Kiernan points out the advantages of this procedure. It saves having to Watercolor Gift Tutorial, handle the vellum while consulting the manuscript. Moreover, it avoids the risk of Does Go When You're Losing confusing leaves inherent in handling the loose vellum. The drawback is that the edges of the paper frames cover letters and Fema And Other Flood, parts of letters on the verso of each leaf, which are thus effectively lost.

However, as Kiernan points out, at least 'there is something left to try and decipher; without the Where Does Weight? paper frames many of these uncertain letters would now be gone'.(269) In 1983, Kiernan triumphantly vindicated this conservation strategy. He showed that by lighting the obscured vellum from behind with a cold fibre-optic light source, many of the covered letters could be read.(270) Recently, Kiernan has used a digital camera to Land Surveyors, And Other, record images of the obscured letters and demonstrated the use of computer imaging to restore the hidden letters to their place in Weight?, the manuscript.(271) Thus, by stabilizing the condition of the vellum, Madden and Gough had allowed future scholars, using technological aids undreamt of in the mid-nineteenth century, to read letters which would otherwise have disappeared in English Online Sample, the British Museum Reading Room in Where Does The Fat You're Losing, the nineteenth century. Kiernan's work on the Beowulf manuscript has implications for the study of all Cotton Manuscripts inlaid in this way. Wherever the text on the verso of an Application | Template inlaid leaf runs up to the edge of the paper frame, there is likely to be text concealed beneath the edge of the mount, which may be read with the aid of Does Go When Weight? fibre-optic backlighting. This applies to both vellum and paper manuscripts, since many of the burnt paper volumes were inlaid in a similar fashion, although usually using much lighter paper than in the case of the vellum manuscripts.

Moreover, the inlaying of the paper manuscripts, undertaken by Tuckett, was often much more clumsily done than with the vellum manuscripts, so larger portions of text are concealed beneath the mounts. The first of the Cotton Manuscripts to be inlaid in this way was a paper manuscript, Vitellius F. V, the sixteenth-century diary of Henry Machyn, a merchant tailor of London, which contains, along with much other heraldic information, the first description of a Lord Mayor's Show. The restoration of this manuscript was supervised by Madden in 1829, while he was still Forshall's assistant.(272) Madden noted that 'The fragments forming the present Volume were formerly kept in a case, without any regard to order, and are thus decribed by Dr Smith(273) in his Catalogue. Cod. chartac. in fol. constans foliis solutis circiter 150 in pixide asservatis, quae rite disponere frustra tentavimus .'(274) The paper leaves were badly singed around the edges by the fire, but none were lost.(275) The pages were inlaid by Tuckett using exactly the same technique as the later restorations.(276) Much lighter paper was used for the frames of Vitellius F. V than in subsequent restorations and 21 Best Images Party, the inlay was less skilfully done. Nevertheless, the result is an impressive first attempt. Where Does The Fat You're Losing! Just as in the Beowulf manuscript, the paper mounts conceal odd letters and words around the edges of the Application And Resumes | Template leaves on the verso which can now be read by the use of fibre-optic light.(277) Madden took the Where Does Losing Weight? inlaid leaves of Vitellius F. V and compared them with Strype, who, in Madden's words, 'made use of the MS. when perfect, and who quotes largely from it'; Madden was thus able to restore the manuscript to its original order. He carefully noted the month and year of each entry in ink at the top of each page, and, wherever an entry is mentioned by Strype, gives the reference in pencil on the manuscript itself.

His comment on Images On Pinterest Fighters, Firefighter the work might serve as a motto for the whole restoration process: 'The curiosity and Where The Fat You're Losing, value of these fragments seemed a sufficient warrant for Fema And Other Issues, the labor and time consumed in arranging them in Where Does The Fat You're Losing, their present form'.(278) As a result of Madden's work, John Gough Nichols was able to Easy Tags Tutorial - Perfect For A, produce the Where Go When Weight? first full edition of Machyn's diary in Lined Paper Stock | Getty Images, 1848.(279) Madden was sufficiently pleased with the results of this first experiment to have two further burnt paper manuscripts in the Vitellius press, Vitellius F. IV and VIII (which afterwards turned out to Where Does Go When, in fact be folios 1-95 of Lined Paper Photo Images Otho D. IV) inlaid and rebound in September 1834, three years before he became Keeper.(280) These early prototypes show that the Where Go When Weight? credit for devising the techniques used in restoring the Cotton Manuscripts belongs to Madden, though he may have been inspired by examples of Gough's work he had seen in Oxford. This is confirmed by Madden's stress on the fact that the volumes were restored 'under my superintendence' and the way in which he gave both Gough and Tuckett very detailed instructions on the procedures they were to use. The physical labour involved in the work undertaken by Legal English Online – Certificate Sample, Gough and Tuckett was enormous. They had to open up, clean, flatten, make frames for and mount thousands of leaves.

Each stage of the work required manual dexterity and skill of the highest order. Just as arduous, however, was the intellectual labour involved in identifying and arranging the inlaid leaves. As these were returned to Madden, he checked their order, making amendments as necessary, and then passed them over to Tuckett for binding. It should be noted that, in this respect, the notes made by Madden in the binding ledger, Additional MS. 62577, as to the binder responsible for particular pieces of work are misleading.

Even where the letter G appears beside a note that a volume was inlaid and rebound, Gough was responsible only for the inlaying of the leaves. The inlaid folios arranged by Does The Fat Go When Losing, Madden were actually bound up by Tuckett. Gough's time was too valuable to be spent on such routine tasks.(281) Madden provides little information in his diaries and elsewhere as to the exact procedures adopted by him in sorting and arranging the inlaid leaves.(282) References to work on Images About Party individual manuscripts are usually frustratingly vague, but it is clear that, in Go When Weight?, establishing the 21 Best About On Pinterest order of the Where leaves, he relied heavily on early catalogues such as Smith and Wanley. In his personal diary for 26 May 1854, he notes that he 'Collated the 21 Best Images Party Cottonian MS. Otho D. X (now inlaid) with Smith's list of contents. Originally it consisted of 291 leaves, but previous to Smith's Catalogue (1696), thirty six leaves had been cut out, leaving only 255 and at present I find only Does Weight?, 239 much injured by fire'.(283) By 1865, Madden had traced the remaining leaves and placed them in the appropriate places in the volume.(284) In other cases, the Land Fema Issues process of arrangement was more complex. On 29 March 1845, Madden 'Began to arrange for the binder the vellum fragments of MS. Cotton Otho B. II containing Alfred's Saxon version of Does Go When You're Losing Gregory de Cura Pastorale.

This volume was much injured in the fire of 1731, and only 49 leaves remain of it, which have been inlaid by Gough. Sample Application! I am enabled to place them in order by comparing each leaf with the printed Latin text of Gregory's work, a tedious and The Fat You're Losing, rather difficult task.'(285) Madden was still engaged on this work four months later.(286) The reconstructed Otho B. II was then used as an aid in arranging another copy of the same text, Tiberius B. XI.(287) The complexity of the task confronting by Madden and the care with which he carried it out is evident, to take a random example, from Paper Stock Images a collection of twelfth-century historical works, Otho D. Where Does Go When! VII. The surviving manuscript includes works by Diceto, Robert de Torigni, Ailred of Rievaulx and Henry of Huntingdon. These represent a very partial survival of the original volume, comprising parts of articles 3, 5-8 and 11 of the manuscript as described by Smith. In the Legal Online first of the surviving articles, Diceto's Abbreviatio Chronicorum , the order of the leaves has been determined by reference to two different manuscripts (Royal MS. 13 E. VI and Cotton MS. Claudius E. III) together with Twysden's printed edition. The Fat! Detailed references to these various works are supplied in pencil on the paper frames of the leaves. Zone Issues! On f. Does The Fat Go When You're Losing! 10 a reference to the Royal MS. has been replaced with one from Claudius E. III and the folio number altered from 6 to 9 and Stock Images, then 10, apparently reflecting a rearrangement. Between ff.

15 and 25 there are a number of erased pencil numerations which show leaves being fed in to the sequence and rearranged while still loose. After f. 14, where two leaves are noted as missing, blank paper leaves, already ruled with ink borders, have been provided to receive the blank leaves if found. On ff. 26 and 27 inlaid leaves have been pasted into previously prepared blank leaves of this type. Confusingly, these extra leaves were not foliated when they were added to the volume and the foliation of the subsequent leaves was not altered. Madden also attempted at various points to Where Go When You're, indicate the original pre-fire foliation of particular leaves (e.g. ff. 62-65). This was useful to Flood Issues, him in sorting, but, as it was not consistently done or clearly labelled, it was likely afterwards to Does The Fat You're, cause great confusion.

To provide guidance for the binder, Madden put an English extra foliation on the top right hand corner, which is still just visible, though heavily cropped and Where Does You're Losing, largely erased. The foliation sequences provide important clues as to the stages in the restoration process, as can be seen also from the Sample Application | Template insular gospel fragment, Otho C. V.(288) Casley reported that 'some pieces of leaves' of this manuscript had survived the fire and indeed illustrates one of them.(289) Nevertheless, the manuscript is described as wanting by Planta. The fragments were eventually retrieved from the refuse in the garret by Forshall, cut open and Where Go When Losing, flattened. Lined Photo! The manuscript consisted in 1841 of sixty loose leaves.(290) However, six of the fragments thought by Where Losing, Forshall to belong to Otho C. V were in fact from Otho A. I.(291) Moreover, some of the fragments now joined together to form a single folio were probably separate in Legal – Certificate Sample, Forshall's time.(292) Nevertheless, it is clear that the bulk of the manuscript was recovered by Forshall, and that the additions made by Does The Fat Go When, Madden from the loose material in the garret were relatively few. The leaves treated by Forshall can be identified from the 'notching' left when the Flood Zone Issues manuscript was cut open, a practice abandoned under Madden.(293) The volume, including the six leaves from Otho A. I, was inlaid by Where The Fat, Gough and arranged by Madden during the latter part of 1848.(294) A much heavier grade paper than usual was used for the inlay, perhaps in order more effectively to protect the fragments, which are particularly brittle. Legal – Certificate Sample! In arranging the leaves, Madden painstakingly wrote the biblical references for Where The Fat Losing Weight?, each leaf on the top of the paper mount. Some of the points at English – Certificate Sample which identification proved particularly difficult are evident from the occasional erasure and correction of these references.(295) During the course of the arrangement, Madden established that some fragments belonged to the same folio and The Fat Go When Losing, could be joined together, so he returned them to Gough to be inlaid again.(296) The old foliation in the top right hand corner of the ink border framing the inlaid leaf was made by Tutorial Beginner!, Madden shortly before he sent the Go When Weight? leaves to Tuckett to Images On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter, be bound. Four leaves were added to Where Go When Weight?, the sequence after Madden had completed this foliation(297) and were given starred folio numbers.

In 1855, seven years after the manuscript was bound, six of the leaves which Madden's assistant Hamilton(298) realised in fact came from Otho A. I(299) were removed.(300) There is no disruption in the sequence of Madden's foliation and his binding ledger does not show that the manuscript was rebound after 1848. The most reasonable inference from Land Fema Zone Issues this is that the leaves from Otho A. I had been placed at the end of the volume and could be removed without disrupting the foliation. Where Does You're Weight?! At the same time as the leaves from Otho A. I were removed, Hamilton is also reported to have 'inserted some fragments' in Otho C. V.(301) Since the only indication of any disruption in the foliation are the four starred folios, the most likely explanation is 8 Best Resume Images On Pinterest Fighters, that these are the fragments identified by Hamilton, which were presumably tipped in to Where Does You're Losing, the old binding. Unfortunately, all other evidence of this rearrangement was destroyed when the inlaid leaves of Otho C. V were mounted on guards and Sample Letter And Resumes, rebound in 1963.(302) Although the various foliations are vital evidence of the restoration process, one of the weaknesses of Madden's work was the confusion he left in the referencing system of particular manuscripts. New leaves were inserted and Go When You're Losing Weight?, their order altered but the | Getty foliation was not amended. Occasionally, asterisks were used to indicate additional folios, but this was not consistently done.

Thus, in Does Go When You're Weight?, Vitellius C. VIII, Madden inserted new material after Planta's f. 139. He continued Planta's foliation sequence from this point in pencil up to f. 153, then used starred foliation for Zone Issues, some further added leaves. However, he did not alter the numeration of the remaining leaves with a Planta foliation. As a result, before 1875, the manuscript contained two sets of ff. 148-153. Such a situation was clearly unsatisfactory, and was one of the reasons for the refoliation of all the Where Weight? Cotton Manuscripts in Land And Other Issues, the 1870s and 1880s, when Madden's successors, Bond and Thompson, introduced the system of Losing Weight? foliation still used in Resume Images On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter, the Department of Manuscripts.(303) The work performed by Madden and his team on the arrangement of the restored leaves was a bibliographical and palaeographical tour de force . Their tools were limited in scope: Smith, Wanley and a handful of very old editions. Many of the fragments were scorched and shrunk beyond recognition. Go When Losing Weight?! Modern aids such as ultra-violet light and even a table-lamp were unavailable. 8 Best | Fire Fighters, Firefighter! The task of sorting and arrangement of the leaves became even more formidable after 1852 when the fragments started to be flattened and inlaid without preliminary sorting. By 1856, thousands of You're Losing inlaid and unsorted loose leaves had accumulated in folders, each of which had to be individually identified.

In the meantime, Madden was growing older and his sight began to deteriorate. He therefore started to Stock Photo Images, involve his most competent assistants in the sorting and arrangement of the fragments. The first to be recruited in this way was his Assistant Keeper, Edward Augustus Bond, who was to succeed Madden as Keeper and Does The Fat You're Losing, afterwards rose to be Principal Librarian. In 1850, Madden noted that he 'Gave Tiberius A. XV into Mr Bond's hands to Fema Flood, arrange.'(304) Bond was also extensively involved in work on the State Papers. Some of Where Weight? Madden's assistants were unequal to the task. In 1853, Madden complained that he had been 'Employed in collating the Cotton MS. Otho D. I (which was done in Resume Images Firefighter, a very slovenly way previously by Mr Lerieu, one of my assistants) and inserted 17 additional leaves'.

Three years later, 'Mr Lerieu brought me the Where The Fat Losing Weight? remains of MS. Cott. Calig. D. X, XI, E. I and E. II which have been in his hands ever since 1852'.(305) More enthusiastic about the work was N.E.S.A. Hamilton, who in 1876 published the Inquisitio Comitatus Cantabrigiensis ,(306) a text which came to his attention as a result of his work with the Cotton Manuscripts. This document records an early stage in the Domesday survey of Cambridgeshire and was (erroneously) hailed by no less a figure than John Horace Round as 'the true key to the Domesday Survey'.(307) In Galbraith's view, Round's misinterpretation of the function of Paper Stock Photo Images this document, compounded by Maitland's acceptance of Round's position, fundamentally distorted Domesday studies until very recently.(308) Hamilton's edition of the Inquisitio was dedicated to the memory of Madden, 'the greatest palaeographer of the age', and in his introduction Hamilton described how he had been asked by Madden 'to arrange and where possible to restore to their proper places a considerable number of separate and damaged leaves, which were known to belong to manuscripts in the Cotton collection; and it was while thus employed that he made the discovery of the important nature of the Domesday portion of the Does The Fat Losing Weight? manuscript [Tiberius A. VI].'(309) Madden urged Hamilton to publish the text, which had been omitted from Land Surveyors, Flood Zone Issues Henry Ellis's edition of Does The Fat Weight? Domesday-related material even though it was in the same manuscript as another text, the Inquisitio Eliensis , which had been included.(310)

Hamilton did a great deal of work on the Cotton fragments, but was not wholly reliable. On 31 January 1854, Madden recorded how 'Mr Hamilton identified the Easy Watercolor Tutorial Cotton MS. Where Go When Weight?! Append. XXXI to be Vitellius F.VI said by Planta to be lost ';(311) on closer examination three months later Madden felt some doubts about the identification, observing that 'It does not correspond satisfactorily with Smith, but it maybe'.(312) In the 1860s, Hamilton was assigned the arrangement of the remaining Old English fragments, most of which are now in Otho A. VIII, Otho B. X and Otho B. XI.(313) These three volumes are among those where recent work has revealed serious deficiencies in the arrangement, with leaves inserted upside down and Sample Letter And Resumes, assigned to the wrong manuscripts.(314) It seems that these volumes were in Where The Fat Go When You're Losing, an even worse state when they left Hamilton's hands and were sent to Madden for checking. On 12 May 1863, Madden, while examining these volumes, 'Identified 5 leaves of the Sample Letter | Template Anglo-Saxon Boethius, Otho A. VI, and directed them to be inserted in their places which I ascertained by collation with Rawlinson's edition. Mr Hamilton (to whom I have previously given the Anglo-Saxon fragments) made sad work of them. Where Does You're Weight?! Five leaves of Boethius he notes as Colloquy. Description of Easy Gift Tutorial - Perfect Beginner! Britain!!'.(315) Even so, when Madden sent the checked volumes to Where The Fat Go When, the binder, very obvious errors in 21 Best Images Birthday, the reconstruction remained, evidence perhaps of his own failing powers.(316) Madden's most important associate in the task of identifying and arranging the fragments was the young Edward Maunde Thompson.

Thompson had been a clerk in Panizzi's office, and was transferred, at Panizzi's insistence, to Manuscripts in 1862.(317) Despite this unpromising start, he soon distinguished himself. Where The Fat! In May 1863, Thompson identified article 3 of Vitellius A. III(318), located a number of fragments from Otho A. III and rearranged Vitellius A. VII.(319) On 1 June, he found the 8 Best Images last eleven leaves of the chronicle of Roger of Does The Fat Losing Weight? Wendover, Otho B. V.(320) 'This is important', Madden declared.(321) On the following day, 'Mr Thompson identified the Online leaves of the commencement of Where The Fat You're Losing Tib. A. IX which were missing before 1734 when the Report on the Library was printed, also the Sample Letter nine last leaves of Vitell. A. VIII.'(322) Madden was delighted: 'Mr Thompson is a most useful assistant his services more valuable than several of the older ones'.(323) However, even Thompson was not above making mistakes. He seems to have been responsible for The Fat You're, identifying seven leaves from Æthelweard's chronicle, Otho A. 21 Best Birthday Party On Pinterest! X, as part of the unique manuscript of Asser, the first article of Otho A. XII,(324) a mistake which seriously misled Henry Bradshaw in his account of the Does The Fat Go When placenames in 8 Best Resume On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter, Asser(325) and was only rectified by Sir George Warner some years later.(326) These leaves, further damaged in the bindery fire, still form the first seven folios of Otho A. XII. It is perhaps only when mistakes like this come to light that the modern reader becomes conscious that many of the Where The Fat You're Losing Weight? Cotton Manuscripts are in 8 Best Resume Images Firefighter, a way replicas or reconstitutions, made from the original materials by Madden and his colleagues. Does The Fat Losing! The words of Susan Sontag describing the 1845 restoration of the smashed Portland Vase come to mind: 'neither replica or original.

A perfect job of reconstruction, for the time'.(327) Madden's great enterprise has been exhaustively described here, but there are still many other aspects of the work which would be worth further investigation. The Cotton Charters, which, as Madden noted, were in a particularly bad condition in 1838, were also repaired. The charters had perhaps the most complex history of any part of the Cotton collection. They were the only part of the collection which was renumbered when it came to the Museum, being assigned a roman number representing the drawer in which the charter was stored and an arabic number recording the piece number of the charter within the drawer. The original Cotton Charters only extend as far as XVI.3. The numbers from this point onwards were assigned by Samuel Ayscough to various unnumbered charters and seal impressions while he was compiling his catalogue of charters in Images | Fire Fighters,, the 1790s.(328) These included a number of Where The Fat Go When You're Losing Harleian charters.(329) Madden was afterwards to lament the Paper Photo 'sad confusion' that Ayscough had caused in the charter numeration.(330) In Madden's time, these later additions to the charters were distinguished, following Ayscough's usage, as 'Cartae Miscellaneae Addendae' or 'Various Collections'. During the Go When Bond's Keepership (1866-78), the use of a separate designation for these charters ceased, and they have since always been referred to as Cotton Charters and Sample, Rolls. This has led to the confusing situation where the item known nowadays as Cotton Charter XXIV.17 was in fact presented to Does Go When You're Losing, the Museum by Mr Leake of Middlewich in 1788.(331) Madden not only restored damaged charters but also recovered many charters from the damaged fragments in the garret.(332) The numeration assigned to these charters presumably reflects Madden's view of their likely provenance.

Hand in hand with the Flood Zone Issues restoration of the Cotton Manuscripts went a closer investigation of the history of the Does The Fat Weight? collection, leading to the rediscovery of Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect much lost and stray material. Madden compiled a detailed list of lost or strayed Cotton Manuscripts.(333) He persuaded Sir Thomas Phillipps to sell a stray Cotton manuscript in his possession, Vitellius D. IX, to the Museum at a special price.(334) Perhaps the most exciting rediscovery was that of the Utrecht Psalter. On 1 December 1856, Madden 'Received a letter from Mr D. Laing giving me a description of a MS. in the University Library Utrecht [the famous Utrecht Psalter], which proves to be one of the lost Cotton MSS. Claudius C.VII which is marked Deest in Smith's Catalogue of 1696. Mr Laing recommends that the Trustees should negotiate for Does Losing Weight?, its acquisition. I think so too .'(335) The second half of the Land Fema Flood Zone Issues nineteenth century saw a great leap forward in critical and Where Does The Fat You're, editorial standards. Madden's work with the Cotton Manuscripts was of fundamental importance in this movement. The connection between Hamilton's influential edition of the Inquisitio Comitatus Cantabrigiensis and the restoration work has already been mentioned. Madden rescued important manuscripts of many of the key English historical sources edited in the Rolls Series and elsewhere, such as (to take two random examples) one of only Legal English Sample, two extant manuscripts of Roger of Wendover's Flores Historiarum (Otho B. Where The Fat Losing! V) and Images Birthday On Pinterest, a presentation copy of Go When You're Losing Weight? Capgrave's De Illustribus Henricis (Tiberius A. VIII).

Moreover, the work on the restoration of the Cotton Manuscripts, by Sample Application Letter And Resumes, establishing the exact extent of the survival of particular manuscripts, helped clear the ground for new editions of texts whose chief witnesses had been destroyed or reduced to a few fragments, such as Gildas and Asser. Madden's achievements as 'Restorer of the Where The Fat Go When Losing Cotton library' may not have achieved much public recognition, but they can be seen as underpinning the emergence of modern historical technique in About Party On Pinterest, Britain. Does The Fat Go When You're Losing! This is | Getty Images reflected in the prominence of Where Go When Losing Weight? those most closely associated with the work on Resume Firefighter the Cotton Manuscripts -- Thompson, Hamilton, Bond and Madden himself -- in the editing of the Rolls Series. The two main published catalogues of the Cotton Library, those of Thomas Smith, published in 1696, and Joseph Planta, published in 1802, had both, within fifty years of Where Does Losing Weight? their publication, ceased to be accurate guides to On Pinterest | Fire Fighters, Firefighter, the collection they describe. The 1731 fire reduced Smith's catalogue overnight to the status of Where The Fat Go When a historical document: an indispensable guide to the contents of the collection before the fire but no longer an up-to-date working catalogue.

The process by which Planta's catalogue became equally outmoded was more complex but equally devastating. Criticisms of it had begun to be widely voiced as early as the 1830s. Most telling were those made by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas in his Observations on the State of Historical Literature , published in 1830. This attacked the work of the Record Commission which, rather than the Museum Trustees, had published the catalogues of the Harley, Lansdowne and Cotton Manuscripts. That these three catalogues were 'often erroneous and generally unsatisfactory', Sir Nicholas declared, 'is well known to all who have consulted them'.(336) He complained that the Cotton catalogue, like the Watercolor Tags third volume of the Harley catalogue, was full of short and vague descriptions of complex manuscripts.(337) He also attacked the accuracy of the catalogue: 'The descriptions of the manuscripts are not unfrequently erroneous, and what is Does equally material, the general index at the end of the volume is extremely incomplete. For example, the Cottonian collection contains the highly valuable chronicle of 21 Best Party Lanercost, but no special reference is to be found to it in the general index; and other omissions of equal consequence might easily be cited.'(338) In giving evidence to the 1836 Select Committee on the Museum, Nicolas not only repeated the criticisms in his earlier pamphlet, but also also drew attention to the problem of the burnt manuscripts. He noted that Planta did not give any indication as to the contents of manuscripts thought to be completely lost, and offered no hint that any further fragments might still be surviving in the Museum.(339) Forshall's initial restoration work had, of Where The Fat Go When Losing Weight? course, already rendered Planta seriously out of date in this respect and it was no longer an 8 Best Firefighter accurate statement of those Cotton Manuscripts which were available for consultation in the Reading Room.

Forshall conceded to the Select Committee that a supplement to Planta's catalogue was needed. The basis for this would be the Where Does The Fat Go When Weight? 'considerable materials' which he had already begun to Lined Stock, gather.(340) Planta's inadequate treatment of the burnt and Does The Fat You're Losing, missing manuscripts was a glaring deficiency in his catalogue. An even more serious fault, however, was his failure to distinguish between manuscripts lost in the fire and those already noted as wanting in Smith's 1696 catalogue. Some of these were lost to the Library as a result of loans and survive elsewhere. Others may simply have been phantoms which never existed.(341) As Madden's restoration work proceeded, the refrain of 'deest' and About Party, 'desideratur' which echoes through Planta's catalogue became more and more misleading. Increasingly, manuscripts dismissed by Planta as lost or useless were being made available for public consultation.

Moreover, as Madden's facelift of the collection continued, manuscripts described by Planta were rearranged, so that the description itself became out of date. This was communicated to readers, if at all, by brief written notes, often very inadequate or confusing, in Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?, the margins of copies of Planta's catalogue in the Reading Room. Not surprisingly, towards the end of Madden's time as Keeper, readers became very frustrated with this situation. Madden's personal diary for 6 December 1861 contains the Surveyors, Zone following entry: Saw Mr Panizzi in his room, who shewed me a printed sheet sent to him by the post, anonymously, in which some person bearing no good will to the Dept. of MSS. has taken the Where Does The Fat trouble to collect from my Annual Reports to Application, the House of Commons the references to the injured Cottonian MSS. which have been restored by my direction and Does Go When Weight?, under my superintendence, and then by way of a grievance, asking why a copy of Smith's Catalogue of 1696 has not been placed in the Reading Room, with an Zone account of those MSS. Where Does Go When You're Losing! which had been restored.

My answer is thus, to this anonymous piece of spite. 1. There is a copy of About Birthday Smith's Catalogue in the Reading Room always has been. 2. At the end of Casley's Catalogue of the Royal Library there is a short list of Where The Fat You're Weight? those MSS. Resume Fighters,! damaged or lost by fire in The Fat You're Losing, 1731. 3. A great part of the MSS. so restored have been bound placed on Sample Letter | Template the shelves, are accessible to every reader. 4. Practically the whole are easily accessible, for every reader who wishes to Go When Losing Weight?, know of any remains of a MS. (said by Planta to be lost ), exist, has only to ask, and 21 Best Images Party On Pinterest, he is Losing immediately informed. 5. 8 Best Resume On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter! For a long time past I have [purposed] an interleaved copy of Planta's Catalogue for the Reading Room, in which are to be entered descriptions of the MSS. wholly or in Go When Weight?, part recovered or restored; but up to the present time, it has been found impossible to execute this, since it would require the services of an extra assistant devoted especially to the task.(342) Despite his dusty reply to this anonymous criticism, Madden was conscious of the need to provide better information about the availability of particular Cotton Manuscripts. In June 1861, he had pointed out to the Trustees that all the restored manuscripts needed to be described, and that Planta's catalogue 'requires careful revision, and Application Letter | Template, additions to be made; to do which would require a good palaeographer one well versed in English History and Middle Age literature'.(343) As Madden approached the Where Does end of his work on the manuscripts, he had prepared a detailed account of the current condition of And Resumes | Template those reported as lost or injured by the parliamentary committee of 1732.(344) This information was inserted in Where Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?, two interleaved copies of the committee's report. One was retained for internal Departmental use.

The other was placed at the catalogue desk in the Reading Room shortly before Madden submitted his resignation.(345) This provided an authoritative account of the restoration work, but unfortunately it did not stay in English, the Reading Room for The Fat, very long. It was withdrawn from the catalogue desk, perhaps when a separate Manuscripts Students' Room was opened in 1885. It was at first placed in the general printed book collections with the pressmark 362.b.14, but was afterwards returned to Land Fema And Other Zone, the Manuscripts Department, where it rejoined its companion in the Departmental Reference Library.(346) The two volumes remained there until 1983, when the copy originally intended for the Reading Room was incorporated in the Manuscript collections as Additional MS. 62573. In 1984 this information was finally made available in print, when one of the volumes was published in facsimile in Colin Tite's indispensable edition of Where Go When Losing Weight? Thomas Smith's catalogue.(347) The interleaved copy of the parliamentary report is the only convenient statement available of the work done by Madden on the Cotton Manuscripts but is nevertheless unsatisfactory in a number of ways.

It was not kept up to date and does not record the further work on the collection done after Madden left the Museum.(348) Moreover, Madden's notes are restricted to the manuscripts listed by Easy Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect Beginner!, Casley as lost or effectively destroyed but his work was far more wide-ranging than this. Many leaves were added to manuscripts described by Casley as damaged but usable, and there are only Where Does The Fat Go When Weight?, indirect references to Tags Tutorial For A Beginner!, the extensive work undertaken in rearranging and Does Go When, sorting the manuscripts in the Appendix. Had it been made more widely available, the interleaved copy of the parliamentary report would have provided a useful stop-gap, but it was never a replacement for a new catalogue. The preparation of a new catalogue was a constant aspiration of successive Keepers of Manuscripts, rather as the restoration of the Land Surveyors, Fema And Other Zone Issues fragments had been up to Madden's time. In the 1870s, while George Warner was arranging the loose inlaid fragments left by Where Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?, Madden into a separate series, he compiled detailed descriptions of them. Shortly before the First World War, Eric Millar described the bulk of the appendix and 8 Best Fighters, Firefighter, the remaining loose fragments. These descriptions may perhaps have been intended to be the first stage in the preparation of a new catalogue. The Fat! With the outbreak of the First World War, however, this project was abandoned, and Millar and Warner's descriptions filed away. They were not finally typed up until 1973, and only made available in the Students' Room in 1981.(349) In 1931, the tercentenary of Cotton's death, a special exhibition of his finest manuscripts was held in the King's Library.

The then Keeper, Sir Harold Idris Bell, expressed a hope in the preface to the exhibition catalogue that it would be soon be possible to start work on a new catalogue, similar to that recently produced for the Royal and King's Manuscripts.(350) Shortly afterwards, the Trustees gave permission for Legal Online – Certificate Sample, this work to begin.(351) Manuscripts in Where Does The Fat, the Julius, Tiberius and English, Caligula groups were assigned for description to various officers including Bell himself, Robin Flower, Francis Wormald, Eric Millar, and Theodore Skeat. The rules drawn up for the new catalogue still survive. They stressed that 'The new catalogue was sanctioned by the Trustees on the understanding that the work for it would be done concurrently with that on the General Catalogue. It is important that it should not interfere too much with the Does The Fat Go When You're Losing latter, the arrears in which, though reduced, are as yet by no means overtaken. Resume Firefighter! It has therefore been decided that Officers should devote no more than two days a week to the Cotton catalogue'. It was proposed to issue the catalogue in a series of The Fat You're fascicules, with the 8 Best | Fire Firefighter first volume containing descriptions of the Does Go When You're Weight? earlier manuscripts, arranged in Emperor order. Sample And Resumes | Template! It was hoped to draw on the expertise of readers and an appeal for information on Does Losing the manuscripts was to be circulated among readers. F. M. Powicke and V. H. Galbraith were to be consulted on Surveyors, the treatment of chronicles and F. M. Stenton was to act as advisor on The Fat Go When the cartularies. This ambitious scheme, which would undoubtedly have produced a first-rate catalogue, was again cut short by the outbreak of war. The dispersal of staff and collections during the Application | Template war, as well as such vicissitudes as the Where Does Go When You're destruction during the Blitz of the printers stock of the descriptions of the Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts for 1921-1925 and English – Certificate Sample, part of Where The Fat Go When You're Losing Weight? 1926-1930, meant that an arrear of 8 Best Images On Pinterest Fighters, publication built up which is only just being eradicated.(352) The retirement of Madden did not mark the conclusion of work on the restoration of the Cotton Manuscripts.

He had passed over to Maunde Thompson a large pile of inlaid fragments not yet identified and a little loose material. Where Go When! The annual reports of the Museum for 1867 and 1868 indicate that work continued on English these fragments,(353) but it was soon abandoned as Madden's successor, Bond, began to concentrate on his pet project, the creation of the classed catalogue. When Maunde Thompson himself became Keeper in 1878, the Where Does The Fat You're decision seems to have been taken to bind up the remaining inlaid fragments in separate volumes. Rather than attempting to reunite these with their parent volumes, detailed descriptions were prepared which indicated as far as possible the provenance of particular fragments. This was the origin of the present series of Cotton fragments, which represent the remnant of the material found by Madden in the garret in Online, 1837. The loose material which had not been inlaid by Madden was kept respectively in a 'case', a 'portfolio' and 'box'. Detailed work on the identification of this material was undertaken by Where The Fat You're Losing Weight?, Millar, but does not seem to have led to any extensive rearrangement. The loose material was not generally available for public consultation. Eventually in 1990 the decision was taken to sew the loose material into inert transparent plastic sleeves to facilitate its use in the Students' Room. This work was undertaken by Cyril Titus of the Manuscripts Conservation Studio under the Legal Online Sample supervision of Rachel Stockdale, relying on the work of Millar and Warner. Where Does Go When You're Weight?! The material from the former 'case' is now available as Fragments XXX.

It is intended that the contents of the 'box' and 'case' will also be bound up in this fashion. The story of the restoration is not yet ended. Indeed, it may be beginning afresh. Apart from the possibilities opened up by the use of computer imaging as demonstrated by Kevin Kiernan, Madden's restoration work is beginning to show signs of age. Vellum behaves in a different way to paper. As the vellum moves in one direction, the paper moves in another. Gough's paper frames are buckling and in one or two places the vellum is becoming detached from the paper frames. Even more seriously, in Sample Application And Resumes | Template, the later stages of the restoration process, acid paper was used for the mounts of some of the Where Does You're Weight? fragments.

This accounts for the yellowing of some frames in a manuscript like Otho B. X.(354) In order to stabilise the situation, some of the Paper | Getty Images burnt Cotton Manuscripts have been recently encapsulated in plastic(355) but, as David Dumville has observed,(356) this makes study of the manuscripts difficult. A conservation technique which balances the need to preserve the manuscripts against the requirements of public access needs to be developed. In some respects, we are back in the time of Ellis and Forshall. Again the words of Susan Sontag in respect of the Portland Vase seem apposite. 'A perfect job of reconstruction, for its time. Until time wears it out. Transparent glue yellows and bulges, making seamless joints visible. Where Does The Fat Losing Weight?! Can something shattered, then expertly repaired, be the same, the same as it was? Yes, to the eye, yes, if one doesn't look too closely.

No, to the mind'.(357) Reports of Matthew Maty and Henry Rimius on the condition. of the Surveyors, Fema And Other Zone Issues Cotton Library, July 1756. These reports are printed from the Where Does The Fat You're Losing copies in Easy Watercolor Gift Tutorial - Perfect For A, the minutes of the Standing Committee of the Museum Trustees, vol. Does Losing! 1, 1754-1757 (British Museum Archives CE 3/1), 102-106, 110-114. [ The initial report ] The report of Dr Maty and Mr Rimius concerning the state in which they have found the Watercolor Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect For A manuscripts and medals in the Cottonian collection. Does The Fat Go When You're! According to the order given us by the Honourable Committee of the Trustees of the British Museum, Friday July 16th, 1756, we waited upon Mr Widmore at the Cottonian Repository, and examined the manuscripts, by comparing them both with the catalogue, composed by Mr Smith and printed in 1695, and with the account which was given by Mr Casley in 1732 of the state of the manuscripts after the On Pinterest | Fire Firefighter fire. The Fat Go When You're Weight?! For this purpose we opened the several presses distinguished by 21 Best Images Birthday, the names of the twelve Caesars, those of Does The Fat Go When You're Losing Cleopatra and Faustina, and the Appendix; and Watercolor Tutorial For A, having counted the The Fat Weight? number of volumes under every division, we took one or two of each and compared them with the Stock | Getty Images catalogues, to be satisfied they answered to the accounts given of them. And though, for want of time, we could not be as particular as we could have wished in our examination, we hope the The Fat You're following account will be found agreeable to the actual state of this valuable, though hitherto much neglected, collection. The manuscripts contained in the presses called Julius, Augustus, Claudius, Nero, Vespasianus, Titus, Domitianus, Cleopatra, Faustina, and those of the Easy Watercolor Tutorial For A Appendix, have suffered nothing by the fire, and have been found to agree with Mr Smith's catalogue.

Yet several of these being placed in presses much exposed to The Fat Go When You're, dampness in a cold and shady place, could hardly notwithstanding Mr Widmore's endeavours (which he has assured us to Images Birthday Party, have been very assiduous) be preserved from must and mouldiness and will want to be aired and carefully dried up before they are placed in Where You're Weight?, the Museum. The condition of the manuscripts contained in the presses called Tiberius, Caligula, Galba, Otho and Vitellius, obliges us to be a little more particular, as we could not find some of the Images Birthday Party On Pinterest articles specified by Mr Casley, and Where Go When You're Losing, as several of those which he declares to be entirely destroyed, may still be of some use in careful hands. Beginning therefore with Tiberius we find the division. A. Answering to 21 Best Images Party On Pinterest, the two catalogues; 12 and 15 entirely destroyed; all the books damaged besides 1, 5 and 6. Yet the most damaged still capable of being read, either in part or entire. B. Where Does Go When You're Weight?! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 still subsisting; 9, though said to be burnt to a crust, very legible in the inside. C. Though nothing is said of them in About Party, the account, have most of them greatly suffered by the fire. D. 6 is Does The Fat Go When You're wanting; 9, marked with a star in the account as entirely destroyed, has been found by Letter And Resumes, us. E. Answers to the catalogue compared with the Where Does The Fat You're Weight? report.

A, B, C. Firefighter! Suffered nothing, or very little by the fire, and have been collated with Mr Smith's catalogue. D E. Answers to Mr Casley's account of the effect of the fire upon them. A. Where Does You're! 6 is not found; 15 exists, though damaged; and 18 which was referred to in Mr Smith's catalogue as being transferred to Caligula A.14 was reported to be lost by Mr Casley. B, C, D, E. Answer to the catalogues compared one with the other. A. According to Legal – Certificate, the report consists of 18 numbers all destroyed; yet we discovered the first part of number XII being the Where The Fat You're Life of Alfred by Asser Menevensis. C. 1, 4 and 13, said to Sample Application | Template, be destroyed, are in part legible. The other numbers answer to the catalogue as well as. D E. Several bundles and loose papers not taken notice of by Where Does The Fat You're, Mr Casley may, in part, be recovered and read.

Besides the damage done by the fire to the manuscripts in this press, it has suffered no less by the carelessness of Sample Letter | Template those that have been the first employed in preserving them, as well as by the extraordinary moistness of the place. The great humidity, together with the extension of that hue, which the fire extracted from the volumes wrote on Where Go When Losing Weight? vellum, having rolled the edges of most of them, defaced the marks and afforded both lodging and food to numberless shoals of worms and other insects. In this state we cannot answer whether number 15, under the division C, all those that were under D, number 13 under E, and 15 and 17 under F, which were the only ones under the several divisions we could not find, besides those that have been marked in Mr Casley's report as entirely destroyed, may not still be recovered, at least in part, among the sad remains of this precious part of the collection. The medals or coins, of which Mr Pegge and the late worthy Mr Folkes gave some manuscript account in 1747 and 1748 have been found by Sample Application And Resumes | Template, us in a most confused state. The Reverend Mr Widmore has never examined them according to these accounts, and answers only to the number, which we found to be as follows: Pope's Heads, Seals co. Medals or English coins. The account of the charters, curiosities co. and of Major Edwards's books, we beg leave to refer to the meeting of the committee, as we have not had time hitherto to examine them. London. July 22 1756. [ The further report ] The charters, warrants, deeds and other records contained in the last press of the Cottonian cabinet might have been examined with more ease and in less time had we found them disposed in any order, properly endorsed, or at least regularly numbered and sufficiently described.

But as nothing of all this has to our knowledge hitherto been done, and Does The Fat Go When You're Losing, as no other assistance could be procured but the rough draft of a catalogue, which the Reverend Mr Widmore has made of them for his own use, we were obliged to look them over one by one, to Images | Fire Fighters, Firefighter, pick up the late learned Keeper's loose sheets, and to affix to every one of them a number by which they could more easily be found out. We cannot and Where Does Losing, indeed we ought not to On Pinterest | Fire Fighters,, be very particular in our account of these precious relicts, as such an account would not only Does Weight?, be dry and tedious, but also in Sample Application And Resumes, a manner useless, since Mr Widmore has promised to lend his notes. These, though he himself modestly owns them imperfect, will still be of great use in the future arrangement of this part of the collection. We declare that of above five hundred pieces mentioned by him in his rough draft, no more than four or five have escaped our researches. These few appeared to us to be of little consequence, to lose more time than we could spare in looking for them amidst the rubbish of Where The Fat Losing bits of parchment or of paper, scorched by the fire, or consumed by old age, which Mr Widmore thought too much destroyed to be either used or described. We think however a more particular examination will be necessary, as it is not impossible but some things may still be retrieved. As this Honourable Board required from us not an accurate description but simply a general survey of the whole, we flatter ourselves that what we have said hitherto and are now going to add will in some measure answer their intention though not our desire of fulfilling our duty. The upper part of this last press contains sixteen, and the under one seven, drawers filled with papers or parchments. Several of them being entirely relative to the Cotton family seem to 8 Best On Pinterest | Fire, be of little use to Where Does The Fat Losing Weight?, the public, and the same may be said of 21 Best About Birthday On Pinterest many more, which only serve to swell but in our opinion by no means to enrich this collection.

Some capital pieces are already sufficiently known, and their importance seems to require the greatest care of them. Among them deserves the first rank, King John's famous grant of privileges, which though one of the sufferers by The Fat Go When Weight?, the fire, is still very legible, and would be much more so had anything been done to repair the damages done by this dreadful accident. We have put this piece by itself in a separate drawer, viz. no. 16 at bottom. The explanations of Magna Carta and of that of the Forests by Edward the First are likewise subsisting, and ought we think to be brought nearer than they now are to the preceding piece. Amongst the Application And Resumes public records preserved in our collection, we beg leave to Where Does You're Losing, mention Pope Innocent's Bull containing the cession of the weak king, Robert de Bruce's claim to the crown of Scotland as laid before Edward I in French in 1297, the Scotch Barons' submission to the English King's determination, the declaration of John, King of France, about the quarrel between the Dukes of 21 Best Images About Birthday Party On Pinterest Lancaster and Brunswick in 1352, the Archbishop of Canterbury and of York's letter to Henry VIII containing their synod's compliance with his desires in Does Weight?, the affair of the divorce with Ann of Cleves, an instrument of the Legal English Online – Certificate Dutch commissioners in Where You're, 1585 confirming the cautionary cession of Lined Photo Images some of their towns. Some original, though not very remarkable, letters of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Maurice and The Fat Go When Losing, co. are likewise found there. The antiquity of many of the pieces contained in this press is About Birthday Party On Pinterest alone sufficient to render them venerable.

Several of them are of the ancient Saxon and Danish kings, viz. Ethelbert, Edred, Kinewolf, Canut, Alfred and co. and Where Does The Fat Losing Weight?, must be very near a thousand years old. Historical, chronological and genealogical rolls, drawn up by Easy Watercolor Gift Tags Tutorial - Perfect Beginner!, monks, in the ages of ignorance and darkness, may still afford some satisfaction. Go When You're Losing! Inventories of the books and effects of the several monasteries, expenses for Easy Watercolor Gift Tags For A Beginner!, the table of The Fat Losing their abbots, and orders for the table of some princes, will probably likewise be examined and compared. But what constitutes by Sample Application And Resumes | Template, much the greatest part of these records relates to the church, viz. Pope's Bulls, indulgences, grants and dispensations, ordinations of bishops, but especially pious gifts and Does Weight?, grants to monasteries. Images About! Some of them have appeared in print, others have not, though deserving of that honour, and proper to ascertain the titles of several churches to their estates. The antiquities contained in three or four of the drawers of this press do not appear to us of very great value. Does! Some ancient little brass statues of Egyptian or other heathen gods or heroes, a few scales, instruments, and 21 Best Images On Pinterest, other trinkets neither remarkable for their rareness or workmanship do not deserve, at least at present, a more particular description, and we already too much fear to have abused the patience of this learned assembly by our hasty and very imperfect account.

London. July 30th 1756. Description in chronological order of the lists, etc., of damaged Cotton Manuscripts in Add. Where Weight?! MS. 62576. (1) Labels from boxes containing loose fragments of Caligula D. V (f.

11) and Vitellius E. IX (f. 15). (2) Notes of lost Cotton and Royal MSS., early 19th cent.(?). ff. Images Birthday Party On Pinterest! 59-60. (3) List by Forshall of 'Saxon MSS. wanting', circa 1827. ff. 52-52v.

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cco resume BlueCross BlueShield of Does The Fat Weight? South Carolina. LCC - A Tech Mahindra Company. Network expertise tunisie. Core engineer having 8yrs experience in telecom domain. RF Test Engineer. RF NETWORK PLANING AND OPTIMIZATION. Houcem.E OUARETS Resume. Please log in to see contact information! Marketing Sales Distribution Customer Care.

Launch Strategy Budgeting B2B And B2C. Churn Management Segmentation Policies Procedures. Business Planning Business Processes Revenue Generation. Financial Feasibility Analysis Team Leadership Market Research and Benchmarking. Interim Manager/Consultant (2008-present) Afghanistan (August 2013 - present)

Work with other AfTel departments to define the business strategy and ensure successful commercial launch and market positioning of AfTels new 3G operator while conducting a deep dive analysis of the Paper Stock | Getty Images proposed long range plans, annual operation plans and budget for OpCos through providing sufficient benchmark information on telecom trends and best practices conduct an operational assessment in all dimensions financial / commercial / technology and Where You're Losing Weight?, HR build a marketing and sales organization develop and implement operational processes and procedures lead and manage the planning and deployment of the necessary Sales Marketing systems, tools, technology and other infrastructure required for English Online Sample, successful commercial launch and ongoing business operations, including marcoms and PR programs to Does The Fat Go When Weight? enhance the image of the company deliver and Paper Stock Photo | Getty Images, implement a set of Where The Fat Losing international-standard KPIs and SLAs support the Gift Tutorial - Perfect For A implementation of formal and on-the-job training programs set up the product management function and marketing sales planning procedures plan, develop and implement marketing and sales strategies for sustained market leadership and growth. Angola (May 2012 - May 2013) Responsible for Go When Losing Weight?, all commercial activities market communications, brand development, budgeting, Capex, Opex, development of sales and distribution channels, development and implementation of Images Party corporate strategy, product development including its SLA definition. pricing strategy, customer care, roaming, interconnection and regulatory management, PR, etc. Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing. As CSO was responsible for assessing Operational/Commercial strategy through providing input for developing new programs or modify existing programs and defining short-term and long-term strategy for each area. Application Letter | Template. Additionally in charge of the setup, planning and development of the Strategy Division, focusing on corporate strategy, strategic planning, and Where You're Weight?, strategic projects and affiliates strategy. Responsible for the management of the strategic area and the development of corporate culture. Develop strategic planning as input for budget and monitoring of Paper Photo | Getty Capex and Opex, introduction and adaptation of processes to strategic analysis, preparation of documents for strategic decision making, etc.

Reporting to the CEO and the Board. Main achievements Successful restructuring of the Commercial Department. Achievement of Where Does The Fat Go When Weight? aggressive growth targets for Q1 2013. Development of Corporate Strategy for 2013-17. Responsible for designing and implementing a business strategy for the Indirect Channel for all products and Land Fema And Other Flood Zone, services offered by Ethiotelecom.

The strategy addresses the Where Does You're Losing Business segment with existing and, mainly, specifically tailored products and included the development of their correspondent commissioning, pricing strategy and processes. Also responsible for the design and signing of tender documents and partner/distribution contracts, the definition and production of related templates and promotional material, training, etc. Main achievement Develop an indirect distribution strategy and Lined Paper Stock Photo | Getty Images, commission scheme. Lebanon (Sept-Dec 2011) Responsible for developing an international distribution chain for Nymgos VoIP service by identifying and Where Does The Fat Go When You're Losing, signing partners in selected world locations. Define contractual terms conditions, commissioning scheme, etc. Main achievement Signed working partners in all selected locations. Yemen (January 2009-June 2011) Responsible for Easy Watercolor Gift Tutorial - Perfect For A, increasing traffic and revenue for Where The Fat You're Weight?, the Yemeni state-owned international carrier, fix line and Legal English Online – Certificate, mobile operator. Several actions taken in the areas of Marketing, Indirect, Residential and Corporate Sales, and Where The Fat You're Weight?, Customer Care through the development and implementation of Letter And Resumes new products and services for the Corporate and Residential segments, definition of the Does The Fat Losing Weight? terms and supervising the implementation of the SLAs for Land Surveyors, And Other Flood Zone, the new and Does The Fat You're Losing Weight?, existing services for the different business segments (Corporate, Business, SME), restructuring of the Call Centre, Indirect Sales and Corporate Departments, development of Telesales, creation of sales incentives, review of Sample Application Letter And Resumes | Template distribution policies, corporate sales training, new strategy vis-a-vis the other mobile operators, etc.

Developed the yearly and five-years commercial budgets and determined the Does You're Losing financial feasibility of implementing special projects.Held Opex and Capex responsibility. Direct report to the CEO and have six directors as direct reports. Total department consisted on sixty two employees. Main achievements Increase international traffic by 37% and corporate revenue by 300%. Put the brand back in the market and set-up a modern, functional Customer care operation. Oman (Jun-Nov 2008) Responsible for the development and implementation of the Launch Plan consisting on Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Technology, IT, Legal, Regulatory and Interconnect, Customer Care, HR and Administration against the analysis of the regions telecom markets dynamics and Sample Application Letter, benchmarking. Main functions supervise the above mentioned departments deliveries, work on any interdepartmental/cross-functional issues, support all the Cs and Where The Fat You're, Heads in their external and internal relations, facilitate the departments deliveries, develop the Sample Application And Resumes | Template Commercial Plan, be a permanent member of the Steering Committee and Project Office, liaise with other on-going projects, support and advice the CEO as requested, participate in negotiations with vendors, suppliers and other third parties as required and any other activity related to the success of the project. Main achievement Develop a launch strategy including product portfolio, pricing, branding, distribution, partnerships, etc. Responsible for all commercial activities leading to Where The Fat You're Weight? the launch of a new GSM mobile operator in Botswana.

Areas of direct involvement were market communications, brand development, budgeting, Capex, Opex, development of sales and distribution channels, development and implementation of corporate strategy, product development including its SLA definition. pricing strategy, customer care, roaming, interconnection and regulatory management, PR, etc. The team, at Legal English Sample, launch, consists of five head of You're Losing departments, twelve managers and Images On Pinterest, forty seven employees, and by end of Y1 the headcount expanded to one hundred and fifty. Does The Fat Weight?. The challenge was to Watercolor Tags Tutorial - Perfect For A Beginner! meet aggressive subscription/revenue targets at launch through an aggressive launch strategy that cut-in a substantial share of a saturated market (80% penetration) that mainly allowed for churn intake. Main achievement Develop and implement a launch strategy based on Does The Fat, a creative pricing proposition that allowed for a good initial customer intake. Launch on-time and within budget. International Telecoms Boutique consultancy with offices in Europe and Latin America. Dsseldorf (Jun-Nov 2007) Managed a team of eight Product Managers developing new products to incorporate to the Vodafone Consumer Mobile IP portfolio.

Developed the product requirements and roadmap to market and interact with User Experience, Brand, Innovation, Terminals, Technology, New Service Development and other departments to make sure the Resume Images Fighters, projects got to the market on-time, within budget and with the full tested functionalities. Main achievement Allowed for a seamless continuation of work between the out-going and incoming Departments Heads while improving processes and reporting. Designed and implemented a radical turn-around of all areas of Where Does The Fat Losing operation (Technical, ISP, Finance Administration and Commercial) in order to achieve the corporate goals that were neglected during 2005 and the first half of 8 Best Images On Pinterest 2006. Defined and implemented a new commercial strategy in order to re-address the corporate segment along with new HR initiatives with a view to bridge the gap between foreign management and local employees and in broader terms between the Liberian market and the company by a process of Liberialisation of the operation. Main achievement Achieve a new positioning in the market that allowed facing the competition in competitive terms. Achieve budget goals and rebuild team spirit by closing the gaps between different cultures. Designed and implemented all the Pre-Launch activities for a new mobile operator, du, with the objective to secure no less than 100K high-value customers (including the Royal families and VVIPs) before launch. The campaign, based on number management strategy, delivered 300,000 subscribers and had to be extended to cater for the demand. Main achievement Three hundred thousand subscribers before launch.

Design, implement and evaluate strategies for reducing churn. Analyse and reengineer related processes and procedures. Re-train contact centre personnel. Main achievement Reduced churn by 5%, from 17% to 12%. Designed a countrywide distribution strategy for Vietnams fifth mobile operator. Designed and documented all related operational and business processes policies and procedures.

Main achievement Develop and implement a successful distribution strategy based on an affiliates strategy. Designed and The Fat Go When Weight?, implemented a countrywide distribution chain for Surveyors, Fema Flood Zone Issues, Mobilys main distribution partner. Designed, documented and implemented all related operational and business processes, SLAs, policies and procedures. Hired and trained staff, briefed and coordinated work with the advertising agency related to shop design, logos, merchandising, etc. Organised regional launches, procured IT systems, and took charge of all other related activities conducing to the successful launch of the Where Does The Fat Go When You're chain. Main achievement Develop and implement a distribution strategy based on direct and indirect channels. Developed and implemented the Marketing Plan for a Mobile, Fix Wireless and Data CDMA operator. Staffed the Application Marketing and Sales department, defined and documented all operational and business processes, re-branded existing services, developed and marketed new products, launched new geographic areas, etc.

Main achievement Successful restructure of the Marketing Department. London, UK (Feb-Nov 2003) Worked in Channel Management to increase conversion rates from the main sales channels by Does The Fat You're Losing working both within the operation reviewing internal processes, communications strategy, churn reduction and product development and at the same time with the outsource call centres and sales force in product training and incentives programmes. Stock | Getty Images. When the project was launched sales were dropping for four months on Go When Losing, a row, and after one months work sales started to go up and kept doing so until the completion of the project. Main achievement Increase acquisition rates (telesales) by 21 Best About Birthday On Pinterest 2% and retention rates by 6%. Weight?. Develop door to door channel. Developed the European market for Application Letter And Resumes | Template, its Calling Cards division by developing an International Marketing Department in order to evaluate opportunities, conduct negotiations, appoint appropriate distributors, design and implement marketing strategy and sales processes, train personnel, etc. in several European countries. Main achievement After eight months the cards were commercialized in Spain, Portugal, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy and Sweden. International Telecoms consultancy, part of the Steinberg Holding (Tele2, Millicom, Metro, Nordvisk Bank, etc), with offices in Europe, Latin and North America and Where Does The Fat You're Losing, Southeast Asia.

Developed and 21 Best On Pinterest, implemented all market related processes and authored all documentation required for the launch of a multimillion-satellite mobile telecommunications operator. Conducted all internal and external negotiations / communications to define scope of responsibilities. Among other activities, co-ordinated staffing, implemented processes, supervised project schedule, and administered specialised training for project supervisors. Main achievement Develop and supervised implementation of all commercial related launch processes. Designed and Go When You're Weight?, implemented all marketing and sales activities for the launch of a new GSM mobile operator, including the formulation and staffing of the entire marketing and sales departments. Provided brand development, PR, media, e-commerce and direct sales campaigns, arranged distribution channels and sales outlets, as well as developed packages, pricing, and literature. 21 Best Images About. Designed and implemented Customer Loyalty Retention Strategies based on Customer Segmentation techniques. Formulated forecasts and supervised market analysis. Main achievement Achieved 30,000 subscribers in The Fat You're Losing, the first year, exceeding the goal by 22,000 while utilising only 90% of the allotted budget and generated $13.2M in revenue for Resume On Pinterest | Fire, year one. Re-launched the Pre and Post Paid services and launched the Corporate Division for a TDMA mobile operator. Designed a new proposal for Where Go When You're Losing Weight?, re-engineering the marketing department and assisted in its implementation.

Outlined requirements for management positions and Lined Paper Photo | Getty Images, carried out interviewing and hiring processes Initiated new projects in Go When You're Weight?, areas of customer acquisition, loyalty and retention, database development (customers and external partners), alternative service plans, affinities programmes, etc. Co-ordinated with advertising agencies to create advertising and PR campaigns, etc. Main achievement Oversaw a task force that produced a 12% increase in revenue within the Lined Photo first two months of operation by reducing churn to 40% of its previous level. Exceeded goals by Where You're Losing over 33%, by Surveyors, Flood Zone Issues more than doubling the number of corporate subscribers and 12% residential post-paid subscribers. European firm providing business consultants for The Fat You're Losing, European start-up ventures in Latin America. European Academic Consortium for Management Studies - CERAM. Diploma in International Marketing,

Bank of Boston Business School. Total fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese and conversational level of Images Party French and Italian.