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Dec 06, 2017 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed,

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Making Connections Book Report - February. After reading the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, book students will have the opportunity to - Instant Quit Claim Deed, share what they have read with others. By sharing what we have read we are introducing other students to Resume | Cfo, some great books, and also sharing the 197 Best Images, knowledge that we have gained. Are you hungry for Resume Resumed, a sandwich? Want a neat way to Claim Deed Creator, present your book, then try making it into Resume | Cfo Resumed a book sandwich. Top Slice of Bread – title and author. Lettuce – a brief summary of the book.

Tomato – tell about the main character. Quit Deed Creator. Mayo – describe the Resumed, books setting. Meat – describe the plot of the Objective Assessments, book. | Cfo. Bottom Slice of Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 Bread – picture of your favorite scene. Once you have finished your Cheerios (or you favorite cereal) keep the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, box and Cool, create into a box of 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo knowledge about the Construction Labourer Resume Template | Premium, book. Resume Resumed. You may decide to | Calendar Template Calendar, make it a new cover of the book, you may decorate the Resume Resumed, outside with interesting quotes and pictures from the story, or many other things. Who doesn’t like getting together with a group of Example friends for a good board game? Create your own version of Resume | Cfo Resumed a board game for the book you have read. Think of game like Monopoly and Teaching On Pinterest, make up your own version. Grab a brown paper bag (or any other bag, shopping, gift, etc) and Resume Resumed, fill the bag with items that tell you about the Construction And Demolition Labourer Template | Premium, story. Then in a presentation in 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed, front of the class you will pull out the items to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, help you summarize and Resume | Cfo, tell the Resume Template, audience about the book you read.

Slip inside the head of 6+ Receptionist | Cfo one of the characters and create 5 different diary entries for this character. Images. Each entry needs to be at least 500 words long, and remember to | Cfo Resumed, be that character and write about English Paper Images what you think they would write. Have you ever been told you talk too much? Are you one of 6+ Receptionist those people who could convince anyone to Award - Ex, do things for you? Then you may be a salesperson. Take this opportunity to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, sell your book to readers. How?

You are the salesperson, you will think of the 197 Best Paper Piecing Images, perfect way whether it is a… Could you create an | Cfo Resumed, artistic representation of Quitclaimpro Quit Claim Deed one of the characters? If so let’s see it. Also include with the 6+ Receptionist Resume, model of a character that you have made a one page typed description telling us a little more about who this character is and their importance in the story. Get creative with this idea! First create a list of English Paper Images | Patchwork interesting questions (think Oprah or Dr. Phil like) that you could pose to Resume Resumed, one of the Award Example - Ex, characters. Then determine what their response would be to | Cfo Resumed, the questions. These could be presented in Quitclaimpro Claim Deed Creator, written form, recorded on Resume a tape, videotaped, or any other way you can think of.

It’s a good way to get your parents or siblings helping you, have them become the interviewer while you be the character. The book you are reading definitely has a setting (a place where the story takes place). Resume Template. It is up to you now to create the 6+ Receptionist Resumed, town, city, or places hometown newspaper. Remember to Printable : Printable Calendar, include: -the big hit stories (front page!) Check out 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, another paper (like the Star Phoenix) for ideas of Quarterly | Calendar Calendar what a paper needs to have! · Write your author (addressing them properly--Dear Mr., Dear Mrs. or Dear Ms.). You are expected to | Cfo Resumed, use proper letter writing standards as learned in ELA. · Tell him or her why you liked the book and Cool For Call Centre Job 66 With Additional Free, ask any questions that you may have (like, “Why did the story end the way it did?” “Why did you have the 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed, character do. etc.). Letters are to be a page in length. Resume Centre With Additional Online. · Two handwritten copies (no xeroxing) must be turned in, so that after presenting your letter we can mail the second copy to the author.

If you receive a response you can share it with the 6+ Receptionist Resumed, class. Some descriptions are below. 1. Traditional Written Book Report. 197 Best Paper Piecing Images On Pinterest. There are many “traditional” written book report forms, where you take the 6+ Receptionist Resumed, different provided headings and fill in Centre Job 66 With Free, the required information about the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, book that you have read. If you are choosing this option, choose from one of the options found at 282 Best Teaching In 2 Images, the back of 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo this package that allow you to fill in information about the 282 Best Teaching Languages Images On Pinterest | Teaching, book you read. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. Could you give this book a series? If so give us the Construction Resume | Premium, next book that continues the story. Could you write a different or more improved beginning or ending for the story? If so then this is the choice for you. In 3-5 pages typed write one of the Resume Resumed, choices provided to you. Cool Resume For Call Centre Job 66 With Free. (Remember Times New Roman, no bigger than 16!). 6+ Receptionist. Do you have a video camera at home?

A tape player where you could record your voice? If so then you have the ability to… … create a version of the English Paper Images On Pinterest, news for the. … create radio reports, or a radio talk show. … a talk show with the | Cfo Resumed, characters as the. Centre Additional. Could this book be better if it had some pictures to | Cfo, look at? Create 10 different pictures that could be added into Languages On Pinterest the text of the 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed, story to help the reader understand and Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, make the 6+ Receptionist, book more enjoyable. On the back of Speech - Ex each picture describe the part in Resume | Cfo, the book that you are portraying. Enjoy reading comics – then turn your book into For Education: Objective Assessments one! You can focus your comic on Resumed the whole story – or maybe just part, but make the For Call Job 66 Additional Free, story come alive in picture and captions. Resumed. Your comic should have at Reflections On Technology Objective Assessments, least 32 different frames. | Cfo. (I have some layouts you could use – let me know if you are interested). Choose one of your favorite parts from the story and create a puppet show to perform in Assessments, front of the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, class. You may use puppets you have or create them, it is up to you.

The show should be at least 3 minutes long. All the great books these days seem to also become hit movies. Cool Resume For Call Additional. Turn the | Cfo Resumed, book you have read into a movie. On Pinterest. This may mean you decide to act out parts of 6+ Receptionist it with the help of some great friends and family – or you may to decide to write a portion of the 282 Best Teaching On Pinterest, script and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, choose actors who you would cast to English Piecing Images On Pinterest, play each part. There are many things to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, do here, let your imagination go (and let me know where it is headed!) You hold a position in the local town office (of the place where your story is Reflections, set) and Resumed, you are looking to attract tourists to Piecing Images On Pinterest, your place. Resume | Cfo. Create a brochure that will draw tourists to English Images, your location. | Cfo. Where will they be going? What can they do there? What is the Quit Claim Deed Creator, place known for? Etc!

Did you read a book that you think I just have to read? If so then email me and in at | Cfo, least a page tell me why you think I have to Cool Resume For Call Job 66 Additional Free, read the Resume, book. What makes it so good? Don’t give away the Cool Resume With Free, whole story though, but get me hooked so that I go looking for 6+ Receptionist Resume, it! Was this an Quitclaimpro Quit Creator, awesome book, or not so awesome?

Create your own personal review of the Resume, book (stars system, number rating, whatever) but back up your review with facts and Centre Job 66 With Online, reasons why the Resume | Cfo Resumed, book is so good or not so good. Speech - Ex. If you have an amazing way to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, present your book and story (there are so many ways to do it) then let me know what you’d like to 197 Best Paper On Pinterest, do and we can discuss the idea further. Portions not contributed by Resumed, visitors are Copyright 2017 Tangient LLC.

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6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed

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Dec 06, 2017 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed,

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Learning in Classroom Essay Sample. This paper will discuss and evaluate classroom learning strategies and 6+ Receptionist Resume methodologies. The paper would elaborate experiences and modalities of various educationists and academicians in a pedagogical set up. It would also transpire how these renowned educational philosophers and legends acquire the For Call With Free, best results from their empirical studies reflected in their practical approach. My own experiences would also be included to give the study a subjective touch. Disruptive behaviour during class was addressed through implicit teacher acts such as pausing class instruction and making eye contact or moving in closer proximity to the disruptive student. These preliminary classroom management strategies curtailed the inappropriate behaviour and formal school behaviour management policies were not needed.

The observed classrooms clearly achieved both the teacher’s and learners’ objectives, for information to be interesting and therefore engaged with by 6+ Receptionist, students. - Instant Claim Deed. The question to be investigated within this research report is how was such a successful classroom established? Are there any theories or researches that suggest how the classroom environment may better support learners? The goal of a classroom management plan is to develop students’ respect for each other and 6+ Receptionist Resume create a controlled learning environment. Time management and organization of the classroom are major themes in establishing a well behaved classroom. Speech Example. Monitoring is a preventive tool used to quickly deal with problem before they escalate. When a problem arises, working with the student to correct a situation maintains respect and 6+ Receptionist a positive classroom atmosphere.

Classroom management is an Quitclaimpro - Instant Claim Deed aid to provide an 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed open, respectful, and equal learning experience for every student. Rationale of the study. Beaconhouse School System (BSS) emphasises imparting quality education. In Pakistani set up, it has been observed that most of the parents are still illiterate. Construction And Demolition Resume Template | Premium. They themselves don’t know how to grapple with the gigantic issue of their children’s comprehension and learning management.

Students are the future of Pakistan and Resume key to Cool For Call Centre Job 66 With Free Online prospective progress and development. Resume Resumed. BSS offers maximum opportunity to all its students to cope with the issue of learning management. Teachers are the focal point in this respect. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. This study would highlight as how to reduce the difficulty level of this problem. When dealing with classroom management it is important to consider the Resume | Cfo, level and type of education being taught. Middle school student behave differently than high school students, and gifted students behave differently than “exceptional” students. For many teachers, misbehaviour is the most difficult problem to And Demolition Template deal with.

It disrupts their lesson plans along with other students’ learning. In The Synergetic Classroom, C. | Cfo. M. Charles explains some reasons why students misbehave in the classroom. Some students like to see how far they can push and what they can get away with. Others like to mimic each other, especially when it involves disapproved behaviour. Most students crave attention and if necessary, they will misbehave to 282 Best Teaching On Pinterest | Teaching get it.

Few students are egocentric and 6+ Receptionist Resume believe anything they do is all right, including retaliation when they don’t get their way. All these behaviours can be eliminated, modified, or avoided in the classroom. Avoiding, or preventing these disruptions is the primary goal in classroom management. To set the stage, there are several aspects of classroom management that reduce the chances of misbehaviour. In her book, The Caring Teacher’s Guide to Discipline, Marilyn Gootman explains a model of organization to avoid discipline hassles. By organizing space and scheduling time, students will know where things belong and what to Labourer Template | Premium do. She explains if students know where things belong, they will put them there. When they know what to 6+ Receptionist do, they are more likely to do it. By developing a daily routine, the students get to reinforce the appropriate behaviour on a daily basis. Classroom meetings can set the stage for cooperative learning and discuss classroom policies. The rules and policies should be laid out by Printable Template : Printable, the teacher at | Cfo Resumed, the beginning.

If the students are mature enough, this process may be democratic. - Instant. The rules, policies, and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo consequences of breaking them should then be understood and agreed upon by entire class. Part of the preventive management phase is maintaining the appropriate behaviour. Now that the grounds are set for a well-behaved and productive classroom, the For Call Job 66 Online, teacher must monitor and maintain appropriate classroom activity. Edmund Emmer explains in Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers, to be an effective monitor of Resume Resumed, classroom behaviour, you must know what to look for. He explains the two main things to Cool Resume Centre Job 66 With Free Online look for are; the students’ involvements in learning activities, and the students’ compliances with the Resumed, classroom rules and procedures.

I believe a major tool in maintaining a cooperative classroom is to provide positive reinforcement when students display appropriate behaviour. Quarterly Template : Printable. This may come in the form of praise or rewards. This is psychological method is Resume Resumed known as “shaping.” This provides a positive learning environment where the teacher works with, rather than against, the students’ nature. When misbehaviour does become a disruption to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 the class, then it must be dealt with quickly and consistently. Several method of discipline exists, from old-fashioned methods of 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, intimidation and punishment to more modern “softer” approaches. In his essay, The Classroom Management Plan, Dave Wiggins explains the steps in dealing with misbehaviour respectfully in a secondary classroom environment.

The first step would be to Printable Quarterly use non-verbal communication, such as facial gestures to | Cfo Resumed the misbehaving student, to prevent further escalation of the problem. If the student’s attention is not received, then a verbal reminder of the rules and policies may be all that is needed to 282 Best Teaching Languages stop the misbehaviour. Wiggins explains when dealing with attention-seeking students, it is best if the teacher can redirect the student’s behaviour, and attempt to give the student attention when he is not demanding it. This method encourages students to seek motivation from within, instead of Resumed, depending on Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, attention from without. He warns if a teacher ignores an attention-seeking student, the misbehaviour usually escalates to a level which eventually cannot be ignored. As with any punishment method, it is important that the consequences be applied consistently. When all else fails, the student should be removed from the classroom and dealt with unconventionally. The term management is often associated with the supervision and control of 6+ Receptionist Resumed, others, usually within context of the 282 Best Teaching In 2 Languages Images | Teaching, business world (Dinsmore, 2003, p.6). This association is also evident within education, whereby classroom management is 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed commonly associated with the control and regulation of students within the 282 Best Teaching In 2 | Teaching, classroom (Porter, 2000, p.3).

Clearly this definition of 6+ Receptionist, classroom management is flawed as it only And Demolition Resume Template | Premium considers the management of student behaviour, not the Resume Resumed, causes of such behaviour, teaching strategies used or the physical environment in which learning occurs. Construction And Demolition Resume Template. Krause, Bochner and 6+ Receptionist Resume Duchesne (2003) define classroom management as “the planning, organisation and control of learners, the learning process and the classroom environment to create and maintain an effective learning experience” (p. 374). This definition incorporates not only student behaviour but the context in which this behaviour occurs, including the teaching strategies used, classroom activities, physical space and atmosphere of the classroom and participants’ attitudes (Krause et al. 2003, p.374). Classroom management may also incorporate the teacher’s beliefs and 282 Best | Teaching values, the physical environment of the classroom, the amount of teacher preparation and the ways in which the lesson is presented (Dinmore, 2003, p.6). Dinmore’s (2003) definition of classroom management is similar to Krause et al., however emphasising more implicit planning such as teacher preparation, underlying beliefs and values held and class atmosphere. These factors would consequently set the framework for the types of teacher instruction and class activities able to occur, laying the Resume | Cfo, groundwork for the planning and control of And Demolition Resume Template, learners described by Krause et al. To effectively manage a classroom, a teacher must incorporate teaching strategies and behaviour management approaches along with additional environmental strategies to create a supportive learning environment.

Depending on | Cfo Resumed, the beliefs and values of the teacher, how the classroom is managed can exist within a spectrum of models given by Krause et al. (2003), ranging from high teacher responsibility and structure to low teacher intervention and high student autonomy and responsibility (pp. Resume Centre Free Online. 381-390). Wolfgang (as cited in Krause et al, 2003) termed the degrees of teacher-student authority as ‘interventionist’, ‘interactive’ and ‘non-interventionist’ to display a spectrum of classroom management models with the emphasis on types of behaviour management and student responsibility (p. 381). The interventionist teacher exercises a high amount of control over student behaviour and classroom structure as development is | Cfo seen as an outcome of Cool Job 66 With Additional, external factors (Krause et al. 2003, p.282). This theory incorporates responsibility training utilising an incentive system to promote appropriate behaviours, high levels of body language and teacher proximity (Krause et al.

2003, pp.282-283). Dinsmore (2003) clearly agrees with the interventionist model of classroom management. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo. Her research findings concluded that seventy-six percent of the students responded yes when asked if they were more likely to be on-task during direct instruction if the teacher was in close proximity (p.13). From this she concluded, “This would seem to support providing whole class instruction in a community circle setting because the students are closer to the teacher” (Dinsmore, 2003, p.13). Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. The interventionist approach to classroom management however does not accommodate all requirements of the Professional Standards for Teachers (2003). These standards state teachers are obligated to implement classroom management strategies that enable students to learn to take responsibility for their own behaviour. This approach to classroom management is inefficient in teaching students to become responsible for their own actions by Resumed, attributing control and consequences to the teacher. Dinsmore may have alternatively concluded that students where more on task when instructed in a community circle due to the close relationship with their peers if she had observed an interactive model of classroom management.

The interactive teacher believes in a high degree of student autonomy and responsibility for students’ actions as their development is a product of interaction between internal and | Premium external factors (Krause et al. 2003, p.384). Unlike the interventionist, this approach attempts to understand student behaviour and attribute responsibility to the student for consequences. (Krause et al. 2003, p.385). Norris (2003) presents an interactive approach to classroom management, emphasising that social and emotional learning teaches students valuable self-regulatory and social skills, effectively reducing negative peer relations and improving learning by increased academic achievement (p. 313). An important point Norris (2003) makes about this approach to | Cfo classroom management is its suitability to the diverse classroom (p. 282 Best Languages On Pinterest. 318). Resume. As the interactive model of management depicts development as occurring through interaction between internal and external factors, a sense of Template : Printable Calendar, belonging is created by positive peer relations, irrespective of cultural background (p.318). An unknown author, (The Teaching Professor, 2004) also recommends an interactive approach to classroom management, advising that warm and interpersonally sensitive communication, a shared course framework and the establishment of learning communities all prevent classroom disruptions that hinder effective learning (p.6).

According to Krause et al (2003), Dreikurs and 6+ Receptionist Resume Balson argued that children have a basic need to belong, and in order to achieve this, human behaviour is directed towards achieving social recognition. Similarly, students disrupt classes less when they know and Example care about other students in the class. Faculty regularly underestimate the power of peer pressure. Similarly, the Non-interventionist teacher believes development will occur naturally, enabling the teacher to become a facilitator, helping students to become more responsible for their own behaviour (Krause et al. 2003, pp.387-289). Boekaerts’ (2002) work on self-regulated learning seems to emulate this model of classroom management, arguing “Students strive to obtain, retain, foster and protect the goals they value. Personal goals are part of 6+ Receptionist, their theory of self, and a key to our understanding of their adaptation system” (pp. 595-596) Boekaerts (2002) also refers to more traditional forms of classroom management as described in Quarterly Calendars : Printable, the interventionist model where “students are cognitively, emotionally and socially dependent on their teachers to formulate the learning goals” (p.594). The non-interventionist model, as detailed by Wolfgang, works on student self-regulation and Resume consequently emphasises student responsibility for learning and the role of the teacher to facilitate and model appropriate behaviours and Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 techniques. Theoretical Approaches towards Classroom Management.

Theoretical approaches to classroom management describing the balance of power between student and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo teacher are not the only variables to be analysed when managing a learning environment. Dinsmore (2004) investigates how the overall atmosphere of the classroom affects student behaviour, “there is a significant correlation between on-task behaviour and a comfortable atmosphere. Eighty-one percent of students surveyed indicated that they are more likely to be on-task if the classroom has an inviting and comfortable atmosphere” (p.21). Although Dinsmore (2004) utilised plants, soft lighting and soft music (pp. 14-19) within her study, Killen (2003) recommends that decorating the Calendars Template, space with posters, students’ work or models creates a visually stimulating learning environment and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo creates a sense of pride amongst students involved in decorating the classroom (p.7). Killen (2003) also proposes the role of music in creating a safe, comfortable and supportive environment (p.7).

Educational Investigation and Academic Reflection. A supportive school environment is one which aims to maximise the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. According to Student Management Policy within this manual, supportive school learning environments are to be implemented to | Cfo provide an environment that is characterised by non-violent, non-coercive and non-discriminatory practices and quality interpersonal relationships, leadership, organisation, physical environments and teaching and For Call Centre Free learning strategies. It must be required that all schools should implement fair and equitable classroom management strategies that maximise student development, both cognitively and socially. 6+ Receptionist. Teachers should create safe learning environments that are based on mutual trust and respect and that provide social support for student achievement. The aim and objective should be to provide learning environments in Cool Resume Job 66 With Additional, which students have responsibility for their own learning and implement classroom management strategies that enable students to learn to take responsibility for their own behaviour. A safe and supportive learning environment must be established for all learners and that classroom management practices must allow students to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed take responsibility for their behaviour. The core of classroom management can therefore be seen to incorporate the planning, organisation and Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 control of learners, the learning process and the classroom environment to create and maintain an effective learning experience as stated by Krause et al. Resume | Cfo. (2003, p.374).

A thorough classroom management approach must be developed as stipulated by the Professional Standards for Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, Teachers, and should investigate modes of classroom management in terms of student autonomy and attention to the physical and intangible qualities of the general learning environment to ensure learners are actively engaged. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. Consequently, if a classroom is effectively managed, learning outcomes are maximised. Theories and Speech research of classroom management reviewed above were evident within the observed classroom. Wolfgang (as cited in Krause et al. 2003) describes the continuum of models utilised within classroom management, ranging from the | Cfo, high teacher control interventionist to the socially constructed interactive classroom management, and finally the non-interventionist model of high student responsibility (p.282). Printable Quarterly Calendar. Within practice, the boundaries between these approaches are highly fluid, with classroom management practices observed from both interventionist and interactive models, but with little evidence of the Resume | Cfo Resumed, non-interventionist approach being used. Interventionist techniques such as teacher proximity were observed in the classroom, and the physical space of furniture was arranged in an ‘L’ shape to enable increased teacher mobility. As regards to this with the findings of Dinsmore (2003) where student on task behaviour was positively correlated to the closeness of the With Additional Online, teacher (p. 13). Resume Resumed. However, not all classroom management techniques demonstrated the same degree of intervention.

Like the interactive model (Krause et al., 2003), the observed teacher investigated the causes of disruptive or disengaging behaviour in a sensitive and caring manner in private, while at the same time attributing personal responsibility to a student’s actions. Positive peer relationships were also encouraged within the observed classroom, positively affecting the overall tone of the classroom environment, allowing maximum learning to occur. This emulates Norris’ (2003) findings that social and emotional learning helps establish a positive classroom atmosphere, with all students feeling respected and valued (pp. 313-314). The movement between the interventionist and interaction strategies could also be explained by the development stage of the Quarterly Calendars, students. Due to their age and relative maturity in the ninth grade, implementing the non-interventionist approach may not have maximised learning, as students at this stage, may still require much support to 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed be fully self-regulating in their behaviour, although this may be within their zone of proximal development if appropriate scaffolding is provided (Krause et al., 2003, pp.63-65). The classroom atmosphere was also observed and Resume appeared to be a large factor in the classroom management strategy. Much in line with the findings of Dinsmore (2004) and Killen (2003), student work was displayed on the walls of the room creating an intimate atmosphere for learning. Natural lighting and a high degree of natural airflow existed within the classroom, with floor to Resumed ceiling windows.

This created a positive atmosphere, encouraging students to engage in classroom activities through aesthetically pleasing surroundings. As stated previously, students within the observed classroom presented little inappropriate behaviour and enjoyed the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, learning experiences conducted within the classroom environment. In addition to the above approaches used, the teacher observed also organised classroom management according to the requirements of the Queensland Department of Education policies and professional teacher’s standards. The environment was safe and equitable to all learners and encouraged positive social development amongst peers and teacher through mutual respect for each individual’s right to learn. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed. This was also established through the high teacher-student connectedness that occurred in private meetings outside class time to overcome a specific learning or behavioural issue. Teaching strategies used enhanced student responsibility to choose their actions and supported learning by - Instant Deed Creator, relating subject material to real life experiences of students. This teaching strategy encouraged student engagement and interest in the topic, whilst simultaneously demonstrating the expectations of appropriate and respectful behaviour. Classroom management observed was seen to address the educational applications of Resumed, a supportive learning environment as required by Education Queensland. Speech Example - Ex. Best practice could perhaps further incorporate group work into 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, learning experiences, as per the interaction modal of classroom management. This would increase student’s social development and build valuable team work skills needed in society. Classroom management is therefore a complex issue, requiring a firm knowledge of behavioural management issues, teaching strategies and Labourer | Premium how learning is best constructed.

The physical environment must also be utilised to | Cfo maximise student comfort. The level of student autonomy and responsibility must also be considered in addition to educational outcomes required to be developed other than curriculum comprehension. The appropriate level of management should than be implemented to ensure a safe, supportive and equitable learning environment, which maximises learning through student engagement and participation. Behaviour management refers to the actions and strategies of teachers to prevent and respond to inappropriate behaviour of students as well as to enhance self discipline among students. (Walker, J.E. and Shea, T.M, 1999 pg7) Inappropriate behaviour in classrooms may refer to students ‘fighting, swearing, disrupting class activities for no reason, displaying loud and Teaching Languages Images On Pinterest | Teaching disorderly conduct and inept or misuse of 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, equipment.’ (Walker, J.E. and Shea, T.M, 1999 pg 10) This kind of negative behaviour can cause distress, chaos and disruptions in learning especially for those who are keen to enjoy the Quitclaimpro Quit Deed Creator, learning. (Walker, J.E. and Shea, T.M, 1999 pg 10) Hence, it is 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed fundamental that teachers develop an appropriate framework to manage the student’s behaviour. This is as the way in which behaviour is managed by teachers has a major influence on how the students will behave in the future. According to research, being able to Speech - Ex successfully manage the behaviour of students in the early years ensures good academic learning to occur as there is 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed a relationship between intellectual outcomes and behaviour. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 108) There are three reasons for this. Quitclaimpro - Instant Claim Deed. The first is that a student who is responsible would adhere to certain student requirements such as paying attention and completing work on time. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 108)

These are qualities fundamental to great academic achievement. Secondly, students who behave well will develop positive interactions with teachers and their peers. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 108) Having a good relationship with the teacher will enhance a student’s learning process as teachers seem to give less attention to Quarterly Calendars | Calendar Template Calendar students who misbehave.( McInerney, D, 1998 pg 108) Furthermore, a strong rapport among peers, especially peers who value education augments students’ motivation to achieve. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 108) Thirdly, students who are motivated to behave in an appropriate and socially responsible manner will be motivated to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo engage well in Construction And Demolition Labourer Template, their academic work. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 109) Instilling discipline and good learning skills in students is also essential. These lifelong skills which when imbibed at an early age will help the students to become good citizens in the future who will be disciplined in their working and adult life. Furthermore, having effective behaviour management strategies in place will result in a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and development as well as result in students understanding and developing appropriate behaviour. Hence, teachers need to 6+ Receptionist Resumed be aware of a range of strategies and skills for responding to students’ inappropriate behaviour and managing their behaviour in the classroom. Firstly, teachers need to realise the cause of misbehaviour among the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, students in the classroom.

There may be a few reasons as to why misbehaviour may occur. 6+ Receptionist Resumed. Misbehaviour and discipline problems tend to occur when students are not engaged in activities that are absorbing or interesting.( McInerney, D, 1998 pg 112) Students may also find tasks given to them either too hard or too easy hence not allowing them to achieve success. Printable Quarterly | Calendar : Printable Calendar. All this may lead to attention seeking through disruptive behaviour. Aside from poor quality teaching, students may have social and emotional problems such as inconsistent parenting, poverty, emotional or physical abuse, poor self esteem which could also lead to misbehaviour in classroom. . Resume | Cfo Resumed. (Walker, J.E. and Shea, T.M, 1999 pg25) Other factors may include students’ rebelliousness or students not liking or being comfortable with their classmates. . (Walker, J.E. and Shea, T.M, 1999 pg25) According to Dreikurs, misbehaviour among students is usually a need for recognition and attention. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 125) As there are such varied causes for misbehaviour, it is vital that teachers analyse the causes of the behaviour of their students so as to provide them with helpful strategies and support to improve their behaviour. This analysis should be done by having a positive and interactive relationship with the students. (Charles, C, 1996, pg 206) Teachers should also provide personal attention towards all students to acknowledge and encourage their efforts. (Charles, C, 1996, pg 207) Teachers should also create a sense of togetherness in the classroom so that students feel at ease with one another and the teacher.

Communication regularly and clearly with parents of students is also extremely essential to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 bring in parental support into the classroom. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo. (Charles, C, 1996, pg 208) In this way, an atmosphere that is supportive, pleasant, encouraging and boosting self confidence as well as being non-threatening will be created. This positive atmosphere will allow teachers to Quit Deed better understand their students as well as the causes of their misbehaviour thus helping the teachers to implement fitting consequences and strategies in managing their behaviour. Apart from understanding the root cause of the Resume | Cfo, student’s misbehaviour, teachers should also develop a framework of rules, routines and consequences from the onset of the year. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. The rules should be fair and equal towards all the | Cfo Resumed, students. Teachers should teach the Quitclaimpro - Instant Quit Claim Creator, students rules by demonstrating them clearly with concise explanations and role modelling suitable behaviour. 6+ Receptionist Resumed. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 110) This behaviour should then be practised and positive feedback should be given to students when they practice it. . (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 110) These rules should be guidelines of appropriate behaviour that the Award Speech - Ex, teacher expects whilst in the classroom and usually depends on the individual teacher.

Examples of 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, rules in the classroom could include “sitting quietly and listening intently when the teacher is talking” or “participating in a group discussion in an apt manner by contributing well and not fighting or speaking rudely to one another”. Teachers should intervene immediately if they notice misbehaviour in the classroom that is against the guidelines established occurring. Printable Calendars | Calendar : Printable. This technique is “withitness” whereby the teachers are always aware of what is going on in the 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed, classroom. - Ex. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 215) This will allow the misbehaviour to 6+ Receptionist Resume be corrected immediately and teachers could decide based on their guidelines if they want to warn the student or provide the student with a consequence. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 215) Consequences should also be applied with equality to all students and in - Instant Quit Deed, a calm manner so that students realise that they were misbehaving and understand that their misbehaviour is against the guidelines established. | Cfo Resumed. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 115) A teacher should be firm but fair. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. Moreover, a good technique to 6+ Receptionist Resumed follow if a student has broken a rule is to | Calendar Calendar help a student evaluate his/her misbehaviour and to provide support to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo help the Printable Quarterly : Printable Calendar, student improve upon their behaviour. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 122) An example of this is to confront a student who has misbehaved by asking him/her to explain their misbehaviour to | Cfo Resumed bring out the cause of the misbehaviour. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 122) After finding out the cause, the teacher should establish with the student if his/her misbehaviour is against the rules established in the classroom. If so, teachers should encourage the student to find an alternative of Printable Quarterly Calendars : Printable Calendar, their behaviour or to suggest a consequence that is fair to the student. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 122) This process will enable the students to understand where and why they went wrong.

This technique is called “reality therapy” and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed is recommended by Glasser. (McInerney, D, 1998 pg 122) This is a practical approach that enables a student to realise their misbehaviour immediately as well as provide them with alternatives of misbehaviour to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 handling a similar situation. | Cfo Resumed. Teachers should be continuously involved in the process of helping students correct their misbehaviour so that they are aware of the misbehaviour and so that discipline is Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 instilled in them. The Canter model of assertively taking charge is based off of observing not only classroom management skills of teachers, but also how students react to those teachers using different techniques. Assertive Discipline is a direct and | Cfo Resumed positive approach making it possible for the teacher to teach and the students to learn. It is based off of these principles” (Canter 1993)

Teachers should insist on responsible behaviour. When teachers fail, it is typically due to poor class control. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. They cannot teach and the kids are denied the opportunity to learn. Many teachers believe that firm control is stifling and inhumane. The needs and rights of students and teachers are met with a clear discipline plan that the teacher clearly states. This plan must be consistently applied and have fair consequences that look at the best interest of the child. When going with an assertive discipline plan, a teacher must not only teach the expectations, but must also be persistent in stating goals and expectations. Canter believes that there are a few steps to assertive discipline. (Canter 1993) They are:

Recognize and 6+ Receptionist remove roadblocks to assertive discipline. Practice the use of assertive response styles. Learn to set limits. Follow through on limits. Implement a system of positive assertions. By following these five steps, the students will not only respond better to the teacher, but the class will work together more uniformly and stress on the good or positives that are being done. B.F.

Skinner tends to agree with Canter’s ideas in that in order for the students to learn must feel that they are in a non-threatening environment. Skinner goes on the premise that it is in human nature to avoid situations that are adverse. So in other words, a person would tend to shy away from doing something that is Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 wrong just because it is 6+ Receptionist intrinsically wrong for them and they do not want to deal with the harsh consequences. Quitclaimpro - Instant Quit Deed Creator. While reading on Skinner, he also tends to 6+ Receptionist believe that when someone is put into an unfavourable situation, they become aggressive and defensive. 282 Best Teaching In 2 Images On Pinterest | Teaching. (Noll 37) With this assertion, Skinner writes, “A person escapes from Resume | Cfo Resumed, or avoids aversive treatment by behaving in ways which reinforce those who treated him aversively until he did so”. Canter’s philosophy and Skinners are not far from each other in that both agree that student’s behaviour and learning is better when they are working in conditions that are comfortable and encouraging. Discipline, Learning and Class Management. Discipline is more than keeping a group of children or young people quiet while being talked to. Award. Preserving good behaviour is certainly one aspect to discipline, for learning it in an atmosphere of confusion is difficult.

Children have to learn to conform to the rules of behaviour needed in a classroom. However, discipline should be described as ongoing, proactive set of behaviours used to create a cooperative environment, which minimizes the Resume, likelihood of negative, disruptive behaviour. 282 Best Teaching In 2 Images On Pinterest. Teachers have the Resume, right to ask for, a quiet class, keep the students in their seats, and have the right to discipline them if they do not cooperate. In order for a teacher to have his or her needs met, they can influence the behaviour of the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, children. Until the past decade, students and parents looked at the teacher as the main person in the classroom. The teacher, simply because of their role status, had respect and authority. Today, a teacher has to earn the respect of both the students and their parents. A teacher’s basic techniques of Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, influence, or discipline, is no longer as effective as getting the desired results.

The teacher cannot rely on the strong support of the parents anymore. Many parents are openly questioning, the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, education that their children are receiving, and Images | Teaching do not feel they want to support the needs of their child’s teachers. Teachers cannot get their needs met in a classroom unless they have an effective method of 6+ Receptionist Resumed, discipline in which they thoroughly understand and comfortable utilize. Review of Own Practice. In my own student teaching experience, I have found that by paying attention to the good, and ignoring the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, bad, works very well to an extent. This is where I have found Canter to be outstanding. In his books and workbooks he gives ideas that help get a teacher get on task as to what he/she should be doing to promote an assertive discipline atmosphere. Resume | Cfo Resumed. I have noticed that Canter stresses how important it is for parents to be informed on Quitclaimpro Quit Claim, what the classroom rules and procedures are and also encourages teachers to write home or phone home to tell them good things about their child. Canter also thinks that it is important to maintain logs and Resume records of student’s behaviours and - Instant Quit Claim Deed Creator also gives many examples of good worksheets that help keep track of those behaviours. At the Middle School, I have to send out at least 6 postcards weekly to parents telling them of 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, their son or daughters good attributes. Cool Job 66 Additional. By doing this, the parent starts to realize that the teacher is not an enemy rather a team member who recognizes and understands that all students, no matter how “bad,” have some good in them.

I remember what a teacher taught me in Plainfield, “For every one bad thing you say to a parent, you should have 3 positives to say as well.” Many times I have pondered the ideas of management and control in the classroom and with there being so many things to think of, it seems to me that the easiest way to deal with management is to create a skeleton plan, introduce it to the classes and then add on and fill in the skeleton plan as your classes need it. With the experiences I have thus far, it seems that overwhelmingly positive reinforcement is the overriding theme in schools with regards to discipline codes, and with teachers and their rules. I believe that positive reinforcement helps the students to be independent and wise as to what they are expected to do, and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo also gives the Resume, proper attention to the students who are working well and doing what they are suppose to 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed do. Planning is essential to Printable Quarterly Calendar teaching well. Lesson planning is second nature to teachers. Lesson plans are part of a professional routine, and are done almost automatically when the need arises. However, planning for discipline is an 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed entirely different story. The majority of teachers has learned or has been exposed to the steps involved in planning discipline programs, especially those to be used specifically with disruptive students. - Instant Claim. Because of teachers’ frustrations, all we often hear is their complaining about how difficult the students really are. Such complaining may help to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed relieve the strain of dealing with difficult students, but it in no way helps to solve the problem.

Discipline planning will structure and guide classroom management efforts the same as lesson planning for academic efforts. Discipline plans are important and helpful to all teachers. Discipline planning is the systematic applications of the assertive principles the teacher exhibits. It involves focusing your attention on Quit Creator, any existing or potential discipline problems you may have. These discipline problems may involve an individual student, or a group of students, or an entire class. Having good discipline enables the teacher to deal assertively with their students. Resume | Cfo. He or she will know how to maximize their potential influence to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 get their needs met.

The assertive teacher recognizes the fact that he or she has wants and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo needs and has the right to get them met in the classroom. A teacher should be aware that a limit setting response must be delivered as effective a manner as possible. Eye contact is Printable Quarterly | Calendar Template : Printable very important when trying to get a point made. Whenever necessary, the teacher plans how to 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed back up their limit setting statement with appropriate consequences. This is done in order to maximize the influence that his or her response can have on Award Speech Example - Ex, the behaviour of the child.

Whenever required, teachers should be prepared to back up their words with consequences in order to | Cfo Resumed motivate the behaviour of more difficult children. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. He or she is aware some children need more support than others and is prepared to give that child as much as they can. The children learn to trust and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo respect an assertive teacher. The children clearly know the parameters of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. This gives them an opportunity to choose how they want to behave while knowing fully what the Speech - Ex, consequences will be for their behaviours. This does not mean that every child will like an assertive teacher, and does not mean that every child will behave. Some children may still decide not behave for any reason. All that an assertive teacher can do by his or her behaviour is try to establish an atmosphere where he or she maximizes the potential for a positive teacher – child relationship. The major area where being an assertive teacher helps a child is when the student has special needs or problems. This, when a teacher needs to step things up a notch and 6+ Receptionist Resume become more assertive.

Some teachers may lose track of their assertive potential, but they have to teach the child how to behave in the appropriate manner. One problem area where a child needs assertive discipline is Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 when he or she is confronted with peer pressure. This is when the student’s fellow peers force him or her to do something. Confronting the Resumed, child and telling him what he or she is doing can solve this problem. This problem can also be solved by giving out a punishment like, writing on the chalkboard or may be standing in the corner with his or her back turned to the rest of the class.

If all else fails, the teacher may want to Cool Job 66 call the child’s home and plan a conference with the student’s parents. Though most teachers feel threatened and overwhelmed by parents, especially if they are pushy or manipulative, they need to take a stand and thoroughly explain the situation going on with their child. The teacher has to be assertive with the parents and the child. The teacher should not down grade the problems they are having with their child. Resume | Cfo Resumed. Instead they should tell the parents the Quarterly Calendars Template, way things are. | Cfo. The teacher should let the parents know that they need their cooperation to Images discipline the child at Resume, home for his tantrum. Printable Quarterly Calendars | Calendar Calendar. If the | Cfo, teacher does not tell the parents what they truly feel then the child’s tantrum will be even worse the next time.

The corner stone of assertive discipline is the potential positive influence teachers can have on the behaviour of their students. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. When teachers accept the consequences of their potential influence, they accept the consequences of their potential influence they accept the responsibility to choose, or not to choose, to utilize this potential for the best interest of both themselves and the students. Assertive teachers recognize the 6+ Receptionist Resumed, responsibilities they have for the children. They know they cannot assert themselves and get their needs and the children needs met. They know they can have the impact on their classrooms if they choose to do so. Relationship building-the key to minimizing discipline problems-is a process. Encourage parent, community and staff support through a range of measures, beginning with their involvement in the creation of the code.

The teacher should use clear and concise language with specific examples of all behaviours that will result in Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, disciplinary action and the specific punishments that will be administered for infractions of the rules. Consequences for even minor misbehaviours and 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed increased punishments required for repeat offences. Children learn best from what actually happens, not from what is said to them. Teaching children good behaviours is more than telling them what to do. Children will test limits. They will whine and argue to find out how you react. If these negative behaviours are rewarded (the children get what they want), they will use the negative behaviours again.

By being an assertive teacher, you can prevent children from going outside the limits and Award promote good behaviour and education to their limits. In conclusion, teachers should strive to create an atmosphere in the classroom that is favourable to learning by 6+ Receptionist, maintaining a facilitating relationship with the Quarterly Calendars Template : Printable, students, establishing a reasonable framework of rules and consequences and finally, providing students with a curriculum that is not only motivating, but also appealing. The above mentioned techniques will allow teachers to 6+ Receptionist understand the cause of misbehaviour in the classroom as well as to Labourer | Premium help curb it. Resume | Cfo Resumed. This will be extremely beneficial to all the students as they will be provided with an Deed environment that maximises their full potential in their learning and Resumed development and motivates them to succeed and achieve their goals. Apart from establishing a framework of rules and Calendars Template consequences, teachers should also establish a routine and an appealing curriculum in the classroom. This will help prevent boredom among the students. The classroom routine should be established at the beginning of the year and students should be made aware of Resume | Cfo Resumed, it.

The routine should include smooth transitions among lessons with a prompt beginning and an appropriate concluding procedure. The learning curriculum should provide activities that are creative and innovative so that students are kept engaged and motivated to learn. Activities should also have objectives and goals that are catered to Construction And Demolition Labourer Resume Template the individual students’ learning and development so that all students are occupied and enjoy their tasks. Activities should also be pitched at the different levels of | Cfo Resumed, ability of the students as well as have a holistic approach encompassing the physical, social, emotional and educational aspects of Cool For Call With Online, development. Such an Resumed interactive curriculum will reduce the occurrence of misbehaviour, minimize the Quit, chance of disruptions and Resume Resumed ensure maximum productive work. Boekaerts, M., (2002). Bringing about change in the classroom: Strengths and weaknesses of the self-regulated learning approach. Learning and Instruction. 12, (6), 589-604. Canter, Lee Canter, Marlene. Parents on Your Side.

Lee Canter and Associates. In 2 Languages | Teaching. 1991. Canter, Lee Canter, Marlene. Parents on Your Side Workbook. | Cfo Resumed. Lee Canter and Associates 1991. Canter, Lee Canter, Marlene. Succeeding With Difficult Students. Lee Canter and For Call Centre Associates.

1993. Canter, Lee Canter, Marlene. Succeeding With Difficult Students Workbook. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo. Lee Canter and Associates. 1993. Charles, C.M. Building Classroom Discipline. Addison Wesley Longman, New York.

1999. Dinsmore, T., (2003, June). Quarterly : Printable. Classroom Management. Educational Resource Information Centre. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. Retrieved May 19, 2004, from Killen, R., (2003). Effective teaching strategies: Lessons from - Instant Claim Creator, research and practice. Tuggerah: Social Science Press. Krause, L., Bochner, S., Duchesne, S. (2003). Educational psychology for learning and teaching.

Southbank: Thomson. Norris, J. A., (2003). Looking at 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, classroom management through social and Images | Teaching emotional learning lenses. Resume Resumed. Theory into practice. Printable Quarterly Template : Printable. 42, (4), 313-318. Porter, L. (2000). Behaviour in schools: Theory and practice for teachers. Buckingham: Open University Press. Noll, James. Resume. Taking Sides.

Dushkin. McGraw Hill. 2001. Wong, Harry K Wong, Rosemary. The First Days of School. Harry Wong. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Learning in Classroom. essay editing for only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and Languages On Pinterest quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, Learning in Classroom. WHAT IS PROCEDURE’S IN A CLASSROOM Classroom procedures enable teachers and the class to run smoothly and it provides safety and security that is needed. The more the classroom, is… Each different classroom has different rules and behavior settings in their classrooms. The atmosphere of the classroom has a lot to Award Example - Ex do with student behavior. The setting of the classroom… The Role of the Teacher. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs found today. Resume | Cfo. It demands broad knowledge of Calendars | Calendar, subject matter, curriculum, and standards? Enthusiasm, a caring attitude, and a love of 6+ Receptionist, learning? Knowledge of… Classroom Observation A quantitative method of measuring classroom behaviors from direct observations that specifies both the events or behaviors that are to be observed and how they are to Construction Resume | Premium be…

Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management. There are many legal and ethical pitfalls for teachers when considering classroom management. Teachers face pressure from administrators, state agencies, parents, and students to have successful and effective classrooms. Over… Kounin Teaching Principles.

Jacob Kounin, an educational psychologist, became best known for his research of the Resume | Cfo Resumed, effects of classroom management on student behaviour. In 1970, he published his book, Discipline and Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 Group Management…

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Alanis Morissette#8217;s You Oughta Know. Claim: The Alanis Morissette song #8220;You Oughta Know#8221; is | Cfo about actor Dave Coulier from TV#8217;s Full House . Origins: A segment of the Centre Job 66 Additional, modern audience. Resume | Cfo! insists on Resume Centre Job 66 With Additional Free, interpreting the lyrics of pop songs written in | Cfo Resumed the first person literally (see the legend about Phil. Collins#8217; #8220;In the For Call Job 66 With Additional, Air Tonight#8221; for 6+ Receptionist Resumed, a prime example) and Award Speech - Ex, assuming that the accounts described therein must reflect the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, personal experiences of the singers. (The latter perhaps fostered by the trend that began in the 1960s of pop musicians#8217; writing their own material rather than relying upon the efforts of commercial songwriters.) When Mary MacGregor hit the charts with #8220;Torn Between Two Lovers#8221; in 1976, for example, far too many fans assumed she must really have been involved in relationships with two different men at Construction And Demolition Resume Template | Premium the same time (even though the song was not written by MacGregor, but was in fact was penned by two men, Peter Yarrow and Phil Jarrel), and listeners spent years trying to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, guess whom Carly Simon had in mind when she wrote #8220;You#8217;re So Vain.#8221; It was inevitable, then, that Alanis Morissette#8217;s vitriolic 1995 song #8220;You Oughta Know#8221; (from her huge-selling third album, Jagged Little Pill ) would trigger gossip about the identity of the ex-lover savaged in the lyrics for moving on so quickly: Did you forget about me, Mister Duplicity? I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner. It was a slap in my face how quickly I was replaced.

Are you thinking of me when you fuck her? Rumors have named just about Quitclaimpro everyone of note with whom Morissette has ever been associated as the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, target of this bitter attack: Actor and comedian Dave Coulier, best known as Joey Gladstone on Construction Labourer Template, TV#8217;s Full House , whom Morissette dated for a while after they met at a hockey game in 1992. (The relationship reportedly ended because Coulier, fifteen years her senior, wanted to start a family, but Morissette felt she was too young.) Bob Saget, host of Resume | Cfo, TV#8217;s America#8217;s Funniest Home Videos and another regular on the Full House series. Mike Peluso, a (former) member of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. Matt LeBlanc, star of TV#8217;s Friends , who once appeared in one of For Call With, Morissette#8217;s music videos. Leslie Howe, Morissette#8217;s long-time friend and songwriting partner. Morissette did reveal in a 1995 interview that the song was not a mere abstraction but was indeed about someone specific with whom she had a relationship: I haven#8217;t heard from 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo him, and I don#8217;t think he knows. Which sort of says a lot about him.

The ironic thing is, if anybody questions whether it#8217;s them I#8217;m writing about, that means something in and of itself. People who were kind and honest and Quit Creator, full of 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, integrity throughout the process of making this album wouldn#8217;t question whether they were in that song because they would know. Printable Quarterly Calendars : Printable! Dave Coulier is by far the name most frequently attached to this rumor, and if he didn#8217;t know about 6+ Receptionist Resume it in 1995, he reportedly did by 1997, when the spokesman for Boston#8217;s Comedy Connection (where Coulier was currently working) told the Boston Herald : He admitted the Construction Resume | Premium, lines are very close to home. Resume | Cfo Resumed! Especially the one about #8216;an older version of me#8217; and bugging him in #8216;the middle of dinner.#8217; He said she used to do that all the - Instant Quit, time. But just as Carly Simon has steadfastly refused to | Cfo Resumed, identify the Resume For Call Additional Free, subject of #8220;You#8217;re So Vain#8221; for | Cfo Resumed, all these years, confirmation of whom Morissette was thinking of when she wrote #8220;You Oughta Know#8221; may forever remain elusive. Paul Cantin#8217;s biography of the singer quotes her as saying: I#8217;m not going to deny or say yes to it because I think it is wrong. I sort of laugh at it. Quitclaimpro - Instant Quit Claim Deed! That was a most public relationship, and it is a predictable answer . . . The truth is I am never going to tell who it is 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed about.

Alanis Morissette biography. Last updated: 24 May 2007. Printable Quarterly Calendars! Cantin, Paul. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo! Alanis Morissette : A Biography. New York: St. Martin#8217;s Press, 1998. ISBN 0-312-18035-7. - Instant Quit Claim Deed! Fee, Gayle and 6+ Receptionist, Laura Raposa. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481! #8220;H#8217;wood Has Lots of Good Will for Filming in Bay State.#8221; The Boston Herald. 24 March 1997 (p.

8). Jaimet, Kate. #8220;Alanis Finds Her Love: Relationship Full of 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, Healthy, Deep Conversations.#8221; The Ottawa Citizen. 10 March 1999 (p. A3). Jones, Tom. #8220;League#8217;s Future Looks Bright Under Bettman.#8221; The Tampa Tribune. 27 October 1996 (Sports; p. 5). Sakamoto, John. #8220;Hell Hath No Fury Like Alanis Scorned.#8221; The Toronto Sun. 6 July 1995.

Got a tip or a rumor? Contact us here. Published: Feb 26th, 2010. Award! Did a U.S. Veteran Influence Kaepernick#8217;s #8216;Take a Knee#8217; Protest of Police Brutality? Sep 28th, 2017 Green Beret and NFL player Nate Boyer confirmed he convinced the quarterback to take a knee, rather than sit, during the national anthem. 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed! Oct 2nd, 2017 The musician suffered cardiac arrest a week after he and his group the Heartbreakers had concluded their 40th anniversary tour. Quitclaimpro Quit Claim! CBS Fires Lawyer Over Facebook Comments About Las Vegas Mass Shooting.

Oct 2nd, 2017 The comments, which have since been deleted, express a lack of 6+ Receptionist, sympathy for shooting victims in Las Vegas because they may have been Republicans. Did an NFL Player Burn an Award American Flag in a Locker Room? Sep 29th, 2017 A doctored photograph purportedly showed a member of the Seattle Seahawks setting a U.S. 6+ Receptionist! flag on fire. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481! Did Donald Trump Bankrupt a Golf Course, Leaving Puerto Rico with $33 Million in Debt? Sep 27th, 2017 A viral string of tweets gets some facts right about a failed business venture involving a Trump company, but it also leaves out Resumed some important context. #8216;Nothing, Nothing.#8217; Aid Lags in 282 Best In 2 Images On Pinterest | Teaching Hurricane-Torn Puerto Rico. Sep 27th, 2017 Many of the more than 3.4 million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico were still without adequate food, water and fuel five days after Hurricane Maria hit.

Updated What appears to be a $100 (or $50) coupon giveaway by Resume Lowe's is actually a scam. Was a Protester Throwing Explosives Into a Berkeley Crowd Before She Was Punched? Apr 20th, 2017 There's no evidence Louise Rosealma was using a glass bottle she appeared to be holding as an incendiary device. Did a 1950s TV Episode Feature a Character Named Trump Who Offered to Build a Protective Wall? Jan 9th, 2017 An episode of the 1950s western TV series 'Trackdown' featured a character named Walter Trump who claimed he would build a wall in order to protect a town from the end of the world. Did Jeff Sessions Say He#8217;s Amazed a Judge #8216;On an Island in the Pacific#8217; Can Block Executive Orders? Apr 20th, 2017 The Trump administration's Attorney General expressed his amazement on a radio talk show.

Updated Rumor holds that conservative rocker Ted Nugent evaded the Vietnam-era draft by taking drugs and acting crazy during his pre-induction physical.

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Comparison and Concordance of the New SAT and ACT. New SAT results and concordances are in! But what do they mean? How have scores changed from the old SAT? And how can scores help students determine whether the SAT or ACT should be favored? Compass has analyzed available research and concordances to create a comparison tool in both chart and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo table forms below (or access the PDF for easy distribution). A concordance can help provide comparable scores for the ACT and the redesigned SAT, but a concordance cannot give you guidance about which test you should study for and take. Although many students will find that their SAT and ACT scores intersect somewhere in the gray “Judgment Call” band, some may discover that one test is actually better suited to their skills. The release of March SAT scores and 282 Best Languages the publication of New SAT concordance tables means that students are armed with more information about the respective merits of the Resume | Cfo, SAT and ACT. Construction Labourer Resume Template | Premium. Sometimes there are specific reasons why a student prefers one test over another: National Merit requirements, scheduling needs, or a strong negative reaction to Resume a previous testing experience. For most students, however, the question comes down to Teaching In 2 | Teaching “where is my time best spent?” Three common situations are:

You took the old SAT in January 2016 or earlier and want to know if you are “done.” The concordance tables can help you see where your old SAT score stacks up in comparison to the new SAT and to the ACT. 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed. Since retaking an old SAT is not an Resume Centre Job 66 With Additional Free Online option, you will need to decide on a path forward if you are not satisfied with your scores. The old SAT and redesigned SAT are completely different tests, so you should not favor the New SAT simply because of 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed experience on the old exam. Consider taking practice tests for the New SAT and ACT — or use your PSAT as an Quit Deed initial benchmark. You took the New PSAT and have taken a practice or real ACT. You can use the tables provided on our PSAT post. If you have subsequently taken a New SAT — real or practice — then you should use the information on this page. You have taken both a New SAT and an ACT — real or practice — but are undecided about the best step forward. Resume Resumed. Use the chart above and Claim Creator tables below to inform your decision.

In order to see how ACT and SAT scores compare, we have provided two useful concordance tables. If you have an ACT score, you can use the first table below to find comparable scores on the New SAT and old SAT. If you have taken the New SAT, the Resume Resumed, second table gives you a score-by-score comparison with the old SAT and ACT. | Calendar : Printable. These tables are also useful when looking at college, scholarship, or NCAA eligibility information that has not yet been updated for the redesigned SAT. Art graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, where he was the top-ranked liberal arts student in his class. Art pioneered the one-on-one approach to test prep in Resume | Cfo California in 1989 and co-founded Compass Education Group in 2004 in Quit Claim order to bring the best ideas and | Cfo Resumed tutors into students' homes and computers. Although he has attained perfect scores on all flavors of the SAT and 282 Best Teaching In 2 Languages On Pinterest ACT, he is routinely beaten in backgammon.

How would you advise a student who got 1550 on the new SAT (reading 40, writing and language 39 and math 38) but got a score of 17 on the writing portion. The essay is required at several of the highly competitive schools and I am not sure how they will view this. Do you know if the College Board will allow the writing section to be rescored the way ACT did for Resume, students willing to pay a fee for rescoring? Let me answer the Printable Quarterly | Calendar Template, most straightforward part first: College Board’s policy is radically different from 6+ Receptionist Resume, ACT’s, and a rescore — in the sense of Construction And Demolition | Premium a re-reading or re-grading — is not even an option. The only case in which a “score verification” can be requested is in the case of an illegible scan (not illegible handwriting). There are rare cases where a scan is mangled or the student has completed the essay in pen (the scanners are designed to pick up on pencil). Since College Board makes essays available online — sometimes with a delay — it is easy to verify that a student’s essay was readable.

In the case of an essay receiving a total of 17 points, the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, essay had to have been readable. My advice for a student with a 1550 is to celebrate a great score and not worry at all about the essay. College Board has made some good decisions regarding the - Instant Claim Creator, essay. 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed. They have not tried to scale it and pretend that it has more meaning than it does. They have used a narrow range of scores (1-4 per reader per domain) to avoid overly fine distinctions. They have not tried to Calendars | Calendar : Printable Calendar build a concordance with the old essay.

In fact, they don’t even total the | Cfo, scores (or they’ve changed their reporting at the last minute). Scores of 6/6/5 — I’m assuming that things are in that ballpark — are quite respectable. The primary reason for the essay’s existence at this point is the SAT’s use as a statewide exam. Job 66 With. Colleges do not use or do not emphasize the essay scores, and the student will not be disadvantaged by his or her score. Unlike the ACT, College Board will only rescore an essay if it was illegible due to a faint scan.

Your student can login and see the essay for 6+ Receptionist Resumed, herself to see if this is the case. You could probably take a look at it yourself and With Online judge whether it’s simply a weak essay and therefore a legit 17. Resume Resumed. Even assuming the 17 is fair, I’d lean towards not bothering retesting when sitting on a 1550. Seems very unlikely that could be a significant tip factor in a denial. Cool Resume With Additional. Finally, 17 out of 24 really isn’t that bad at all. My advice would probably be the 6+ Receptionist Resume, same even if the score were in - Instant Deed the low teens. I also like to remind students with 1500+ scores that there are quite certainly many other strong indicators of their writing skill elsewhere in their application.

Similar question here…daughter has a 34 ACT but writing score of 24. New SAT score is 1460 (she didn’t take the writing). She wants to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo apply to Davidson where they ask for Award Speech - Ex, the ACT with writing or SAT. The ACT seems to be the better overall score but I’m worried about the Resumed, writing score. (We asked for a rescore on the writing but it didn’t change.) Would you advise retaking the ACT with writing to improve the essay score? We are seeing that a 24 is fairly typical for a student in Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 your daughter’s score range. The low correlation between Writing and other subject scores means that high Composites are often mixed with lower Writing scores. Your daughter’s score is not in a range where I would recommend a retake — certainly not if the | Cfo Resumed, primary goal is raising the Writing score. Say a student took old SAT with 2370 : 800 CR 800 M 770 W. Before this year it would be almost perfect score and Centre Job 66 Online comparable to 36 ACT. This year it’s comparable to 1590 new SAT and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo 35 ACT, it seems less of an Printable Quarterly | Calendar : Printable Calendar accomplishment, is it correct? No, these two sets of scores represent equivalent levels of accomplishment, and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed a very high level at that.

Both sets of scores are well into the 99th percentile, and the very slight differences between the Quarterly Calendars, scores are both a) within the | Cfo Resumed, range of measurement error for the tests and b) entirely irrelevant to colleges. How can someone who can score 2370 and 1590 respectively on old/new have the impression that the lower score is not as impressive? Reminiscent of Spinal Tap (Wonder what Nigel’s score was?): Nigel: The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and… Marty: Oh, I see. And most amps go up to ten? …[Edited for length] Marty: Why don’t you just make ten louder and make ten be the Cool Resume Job 66 With Additional Free Online, top number and make that a little louder? Nigel: [pause] These go to eleven.

On sample sat put out by board I got a 1380 and on practice act I got a 30. Which test should I take? Thanks. Hi Cherie, you are squarely in 6+ Receptionist Resumed the “Judgment Call” zone based on these scores alone. That means colleges would view a 1380 SAT and 30 ACT as equivalent. The bad news is that the scores don’t make this decision easy for And Demolition, you or give you clear direction. The good news is Resumed that both options are wide open for you and equally viable. Also, your situation is Cool Resume With Additional quite typical.

Most students score similarly on Resume Resumed these exams, which underlies why colleges accept both equally. At this point you will want to ponder a number of questions as you seek to make a decision. These questions may include: Do you feel that both of these scores accurately reflect your ability right now? Was one practice test affected by factors that did not affect the other; do both reflect an equal level of Construction And Demolition Resume effort when you took them?

What are the more specific strengths and weaknesses reflected in the subscores? Each test has unique elements, e.g. ACT has Science, SAT has Math with no-calculator questions and grid-in questions. Do you have a feel for which test you would prefer and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo which test would suit you best? Often these instincts become self-fulfilling as you move forward and continue practicing. 282 Best Teaching Languages | Teaching. The caveat is that sometimes an area that is Resume | Cfo Resumed a relative weakness is Printable Quarterly Calendars also an opportunity for significant improvement.

What does your personal crystal ball seem to be telling you about on which test you have more potential to improve? How did each test’s unique structure and rhythm feel for 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, you? The SAT begins with a 65 minute Reading section, for example, which is Construction Labourer Resume significantly longer than ACT’s Reading section. But many students find SAT Reading to be more reasonably-paced than ACT Reading, and Resume | Cfo they like to get Reading out of the way up front. There are many other distinctions like this. Which feels more comfortable to you? Logistics.

Are both tests’ available test dates equally feasible for your schedule? Any other special considerations? All the above aside, there is no need to overthink this. In all likelihood you could simply flip a coin or go with your gut, and you would never have any reason to regret whichever decision you make. The fact that you have taken both practice tests and are visiting blogs and asking questions indicates you are serious about improving your scores and getting through this process successfully. Please let us know if we can address further questions as you move forward. Best of And Demolition Labourer Resume | Premium luck to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed you. My son received a 1530 on the March SAT (730 EBRW + 800 Math). Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. The concordance tables puts the score equivalent to a 2230 on the old SAT and a 34 on the ACT.

However, the individual section scores are concorded as 700 R + 680 W + 800 M, which add up to only 2180 versus the overall 2230 that they list. Also, he scored a 6/6/6 on the essay. Resume | Cfo Resumed. My question is can we trust the 2230 number? Can we trust the 34 on Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 the ACT? How should one decide whether or not to retake the test? Does the 1530 make him less competitive for certain schools? Also, I don’t understand how a 1550 translates to a 2280, a 1540 to a 2260, but a 1530 to a 2230. Congrats to your son on his excellent March score.

You’ve raised reasonable and tricky questions. I’ll take them out of order. First, you can definitely “trust” the concordances, if for no other reason than because the Resumed, colleges will trust them. At the admission committee table in 2016-2017, the Quit, concordances will be considered gospel and a 1530 new SAT will be “worth” the 6+ Receptionist Resume, same as a 2230 old SAT or a 34 ACT. Put another way, if your son were to try a practice ACT and score lower than 34, we would likely recommend that he pursue and report only the SAT. The good news is that a score of 1530 puts him in the ballpark for full consideration at any of the most selective colleges.

See the Competitive Landscape on pp. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. 8-9 of for more context. It would not be misguided by any means for you to declare him done with the SAT/ACT at Resume Resumed, this point and let him move on to focus on other meaningful aspects of Labourer his college applications (and his life, for that matter). It is unlikely that he will miss out on Resumed opportunities that he otherwise would have had if his SAT verbal score were a bit higher. That said, all of our experience tells us that a student of his profile can often improve his verbal score with only a moderate amount of effort. If your inclination is for him to be especially thorough, you should consider a retake. You might also consider having him try a practice ACT before deciding to retake the SAT. Our staff would be happy to provide practice tests and a follow-up evaluation to aid your decision.

We also offer private tutoring, in-home or online, though we would recommend only Printable Quarterly Calendars a modest number of lessons at most for a student with such a high starting score. It’s quite possible that self-study on his part would be sufficient to raise his verbal score. Resume | Cfo Resumed. You have a range of good options here, including doing nothing. There are several explanations for the oddities in the score translations that you’ve noted. The first is that the SAT, in moving from 282 Best In 2 Images On Pinterest | Teaching, a 2400 to a 1600 scale, has fewer points on the new scale from which points on the old scale can be mapped. | Cfo. Therefore gaps (2230 to 2260 to Languages Images | Teaching 2280) were inevitable. Second, a shrunken scale results in score compression at the high end; there is a reduced range of possible scores on | Cfo which high-scoring students can spread out and Resume Centre Job 66 settle. Resumed. On the Construction And Demolition Template | Premium, old SAT there were 11 points on the scale from 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, 2300-2400.

On the new SAT, these 11 points map to just five points: 1560-1600. Finally, the reasons that his individually concorded scores on the old SAT (700 R and Calendars Template : Printable 680 W) concord lower than his combined 730 EBRW on the new SAT are a) scores are inflated across the board from the old to the new based on numerous technical decisions made by the College Board, including the elimination of a guessing penalty and Resume Resumed reducing the number of - Instant Creator answer choices from 5 to 4, and b) individual scores often concord lower than combined total scores; put simply, fewer students are able to demonstrate commensurate strengths on individual sections (many students have lopsided scores, e.g. Writing significantly higher than Reading). Thanks, Adam. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo. This is very helpful. However, it raises a follow up question … My son does feel that he can definitely raise his writing score on the new SAT (he got 5 incorrect on Reading, 4 on grammar, and 0 on Math). So it is tempting to retake especially since he will be able to use ScoreChoice and leverage his 800 on Claim Creator the Math.

However, the next available SAT dates are not the most convenient. In June, he is taking SAT Chem and SAT Math 2 after completing AP Chem and AP BC Calc, which only leaves the possibility of 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed October. Printable Quarterly | Calendar Calendar. Any advice? Ah, it’s unfortunate that the timing doesn’t work optimally, This is an unfortunate consequence of College Board’s delay in reporting scores for the first administration of a new test. Resume | Cfo Resumed. In prior years his March scores would have come back well in time for him to retake on the May test date. Definitely do not mess with his Subject Test plans in June.

I would recommend he invest three hours in an ACT practice test ASAP. If he does as well or better than his March SAT, then he could take the ACT in June a week after his Subject Tests. Otherwise this will need to simmer over the summer and a retake of the SAT in October is the only option. For a student with this strong profile, I like a plan that creates the possibility of being completely done with testing by June. This is so very helpful. Thank you. You mention lopsided scores. My daughter has this issue on the old SAT, with a Reading Score of 660 and a Writing Score of 780.

Her math is Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 also a 780. Will her 660 eliminate her from consideration at any schools right from the start ? Or are will they consider that she has a 2220 overall? Should she even bother with the new SAT (she did not like the ACT)? If it helps matters, she got a 720 EBRW/730 M on the PSAT. She has her Subject tests scheduled for June and October and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed she is very “done” with testing.

I just don’t want her to be short sighted after putting all this work in already. Her extracurriculars are very strong, she has all 5s on her AP scores and she has a 3.95 GPA. The 660 is the only “weak” part of Construction Resume her application. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again. Hi John, well, this is a tough one.

Or, I should say, the 6+ Receptionist Resume, answer is fairly clear, but rather tough to have to deliver. Teaching Languages. While there is Resume only a small fraction of the colleges in this country that would split these hairs, the fact is that her 660 Reading is a minor blemish relative to her other scores/GPA and Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 within the competitive applicants pools in which I assume she will be competing. 6+ Receptionist. Have you seen our latest post with “New SAT and ACT Score Ranges for 360 Colleges and Universities”? You will find that if you’re looking at the most selective colleges, the 660 is going to be a weakness. Now, I would not go so far as to say a 660 in just one section of one test eliminates a student immediately in any applicant pool. But it could certainly work against And Demolition Labourer Resume her, whereas the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, 780’s in Writing and Math are of Printable Template : Printable course above the line at which you know “well, that can’t possibly be a negative.” I’m really bummed to have to say this, but if you felt she could bring up that Reading score without a terrible amount of effort/practice and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed she could find time to do so, then you should probably try to 282 Best Teaching Languages Images | Teaching steer her in 6+ Receptionist | Cfo that direction. Are you sure you need the October test date for Subject Tests?

That’s a bit of an Construction And Demolition Resume Template unusual time to be taking Subject Tests. Please let me know if this is helpful and Resume if I can offer further perspective. I wish your daughter all the best in Construction Resume Template | Premium this process, which I know doesn’t always seem reasonable. On what evidence exactly are you basing your claim that parents/students et al. should “trust the concordances… because the colleges will trust them…and (they) will be considered gospel”? Given the ACT’s response to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed CB’s tables, I would say that’s hardly a given, and as such, I’d advise a great deal more caution, rather than speculation and assumption, when using this data and/or giving advice to Calendars Template Calendar others on how to use it as well. And one piece that seems to be missing from your otherwise generally sound advice regarding which test to take is that of the value of prepping for a test that has a handful of practice exams available vs. 6+ Receptionist Resume. one that has scores of tests to use. If a student is working with a tutor for the new SAT, they should be aware that it’s virtually impossible that tutor will be as helpful in preparing for - Ex, the new SAT as they will be in prepping for the ACT (assuming the general competency of said tutor, of course). Why? Because there is so little material on the new exam from which to work. Barring an incontrovertibly and dramatically ‘higher’ SAT diagnostic score, I’d rather my child prep with a tutor who has mastered the current iteration of the ACT over the past decade plus, than that same tutor who has essentially started anew with a brand new test just recently.

Wouldn’t you? JSG, I would say that ACT’s intent was to shame and scold. ACT’s objections are mostly righteous, and they have every right to complain, but I don’t believe they actually hoped to convince colleges to somehow refuse to use College Board’s new concordance. 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed. I say “somehow” because colleges really have no reasonable alternative. As for bad alternatives, I see two: 1) Accept only one test, not either. 2) Consider the ACT-takers and SAT-takers as two entirely separate groups in the applicant pool and make no attempt to compare across groups. The first option would diminish application volume greatly, a move I have yet to see from an enrollment manager who doesn’t wish to be fired. The second option is all kinds of wrong, not in the least because there are many students in most applicant pools who submit both. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, words “trust” and “gospel.” It’s probably more accurate to say that many colleges will note – as ACT did – the flaws in this “derived” concordance that College Board has pushed on them, and they’ll do some scolding of their own, but ultimately I believe that colleges will hold their noses and use the concordances as their least-worst way of evaluating students who have taken different tests. What other scenario could you see playing out? Finally, I found it interesting to notice just today that the link that ACT had put out | Cfo Resumed previously with its anti-concordance rant is now broken and Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 links to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed nowhere.

If you look hard, you can now find their two position statements buried at I take this, and other feedback from sources in Iowa City, to Printable Quarterly Calendars | Calendar Template : Printable suggest that they’ve made their point and Resume likely won’t press it further. Because it has nowhere productive to go. We completely agree on your point about the dearth of SAT practice tests relative to ACT practice tests. I didn’t fit that caveat into this post on concordance, but I’ve written about it extensively, starting in June 2014 with a post titled “ACT as the Safe Choice for Labourer | Premium, the Class of 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo 2017.” And, more recently this fall here, noting, for example “ There is also the practical reality that even the most experienced test prep tutor cannot be as steeped in the nuances of the new SAT as in Award - Ex the ACT.

These subtleties matter, and we are skeptical of test prep pundits who argue otherwise. ” In that latter post I also outlined some of the unique circumstances that might tilt a student back to the SAT despite the compromises. Those circumstances are becoming less unique every day as the dust around the new SAT’s debut starts to settle. Approximately 90% of our students in the most recent testing cycle opted for 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed, the ACT over 282 Best Teaching In 2 Languages Images | Teaching the SAT, but we see that ratio steadily leveling back off over the next few years. Thanks for your input and Resumed the opportunity to compare notes and share ideas on these complex issues. Thanks for the thoughtful and thorough response, Adam. I did notice that their critique got buried on Construction And Demolition | Premium their site, which is certainly interesting and perhaps indicative of their intentions. I suppose one alternative scenario would be that the 6+ Receptionist, ACT and CB actually get together, as they’ve done in the past, to Quitclaimpro - Instant Claim Creator jointly establish new concordance tables.

But, given the recent enmity and ACT’s insistence on more data on which to | Cfo base such tables, that seems less likely to occur at this point. I was essentially concerned about the wording you used, and appreciate the clarification. Glad to hear you’re also in Example agreement about the issues surrounding the lack of materials for SAT prep, and that it’s now noted on 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed this page, as I and perhaps others had not seen your other posts that you mention. It is, in Quarterly Calendars | Calendar Calendar my mind, a critical factor in deciding which test to take for those with the luxury of working with a tutor to improve their scores. What do you estimate your SAT/ACT breakdown will be for the class of 2018? I’m guessing about 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed 30/70 SAT/ACT for the class of 2018 and In 2 On Pinterest then back to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo roughly 50/50 for class of 2019 and beyond. My daughter scored a 680 E and 660 M on the new SAT. When I do the College Board’s converter this was about the same in Teaching Languages On Pinterest adjusted value as her previous scores on the old SAT. However, when viewing the percentiles that the new SAT said she achieved, it appeared she moved up a good bit in 6+ Receptionist Resumed percentile from the Example, old SAT, but the converter would lead you to believe she didn’t change her relative score much. Any thoughts on why the | Cfo Resumed, percentile wouldn’t have been in the same range for the old and new SAT if the converter is Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 saying her old and new scores are similar?

Also, the new SAT shows two percentiles each for Math and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed English. One seems to rank all students nationally and the other ranks only Claim Creator those that are college bound. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo. Of those two different sets of percentiles, which one is Teaching In 2 Languages Images | Teaching more useful and do you think colleges will be more focused on relative performance (percentile achivement) or actual converted SAT score? College Board hasn’t yet published a full table of percentiles for the new SAT, but I can talk generally about some of the issues involved. 6+ Receptionist Resume. I’ve spent a lot of time on the issue with the PSAT. In the choice as to whether to believe the Printable Calendars Template : Printable Calendar, converter or the percentiles, believe the converter.

Although both the percentile ranks and the concordance tables behind the converter are based on sample studies, College Board has far more invested in getting the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, concordances right. We saw with the PSAT that percentile scores were inflated and 282 Best In 2 Languages distorted in several ways. A well-designed concordance should reflect the same relative standing if the | Cfo Resumed, concorded scores are the 282 Best In 2 Images On Pinterest | Teaching, same. As for why the Resumed, percentiles are misleading: 1) When the College Board moved from the old SAT and Quarterly Calendars : Printable Calendar PSAT to the new SAT and PSAT, they adopted a new definition of percentile rank. Previously they reported the percentage of students scoring below a score. Now they report the Resume | Cfo, percentage of Teaching In 2 Languages | Teaching students at 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed, or below.

The change is legitimate and Quitclaimpro Quit Deed Creator matches the 6+ Receptionist Resumed, way ACT reports percentiles, but it leads to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 confusion. The new percentiles are a notch higher. 2) The national versus the user percentiles are another new twist, and I am less fond of Resume Resumed this one. A percentile rank based on other test takers seems the most natural way to think about scores and has long been the standard for college admission test reporting. The new national percentiles are in line with College Board’s desire to have the new SAT server a wider education audience. The good news is that the national numbers have no impact on your daughter’s admission chances. The bad news is that they tend to be another source of percentile inflation and Award Example can be misleading. Ultimately, colleges care about where your daughter stacks up versus other applicants.

The percentile numbers are just a way of putting scores into context. 3) The percentiles are based on a “representative sample.” College Board has no way of predicting the exact make-up of students in your daughter’s cohort that will take the new SAT over the next year. Resume | Cfo. Instead, it must estimate percentiles from Teaching In 2 | Teaching, studies. As with any estimate, results are not always reliable. The difference between the percentiles reported on the new SAT and the percentiles implied by the “concorded” scores on the old test are of concern and it makes it very hard for 6+ Receptionist Resume, me to put my son’s new SAT score into context. His overall score was 1470 (760 Math, 710 Reading/Writing).

According to the Percentiles for the new SAT, the overall and the math score would both be in the 98%. Quitclaimpro - Instant. On the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, old sat (2014), the 98% would be somewhere between 2160 and Quarterly Calendars | Calendar Template : Printable Calendar 2210 for the full score. Given your reference to how the percentile reporting change has been made, I would have guessed that my Son’s score would translate into a score of at least 2150. Resume Resumed. However, the concordance table maps his score into a 2110 corresponding to the 96 percentile on the old SAT! Similarly, the 98 percentile on the old SAT (2015) was 770 so I would have mapped my son’s score to Cool Job 66 With Free Online a score of at least 760 on the old Math SAT. However, the 6+ Receptionist, concordance tables maps it to only a 740…

My guess is that any concordance and percentile calculations made on samples prior to Quitclaimpro Claim Deed Creator the actual administration would be fine in the center of the distribution but unreliable in the tails due to modest samples sizes. I am not sure if the percentile reported with the New SAT are based on the March test takers (a pretty large if possibly biased sample) or on any previous testing….I guess this may be at the back and forth between the ACT and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed SAT folks over this issue….Really trying to determine how good the 1470 score is (is it really closer to the 98th or 96th percentile) as the higher end of the mapping would put my son into the top 25% at some of Quarterly Calendars | Calendar Template : Printable his target schools while the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, lower end of the mapping would not…. Both the percentile scores and concordance tables were developed from studies done prior to the March test. Both are subject to the same concerns about the accuracy of the Cool Additional, sample population and how testing was conducted. In the choice between percentiles and concordance, though, go with concordance every time.

In College Board terms, percentiles are for Resume | Cfo, a year, concordances are for Construction Labourer Resume | Premium, a lifetime. It’s the concordance that links their old flagship test to their new. We saw on the PSAT how flawed percentiles were and how the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, primary reaction from College Board was a shoulder shrug and a denial. 282 Best In 2 Images. The concordance for the PSAT gave a more accurate picture (although it is possible that this was just chance). It is unlikely that we will see accurate percentile data on class of 2017 test takers come out until the summer of 2017 when College Board traditionally reports on 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo the college bound class. In the meantime, I think the 2110 is the best way of thinking about your son’s score if you are comparing it to other old SAT scores. Similarly, I would put more trust in the concordances when thinking about his section scores. In looking at the 2015 data for the number of students at each score, I calculate a 2110 as the 97th percentile under the current definition. In fact, it was 97th percentile even under the old definition. I would caution about making overly fine distinctions about a test that has never before been used for Job 66 With Free, admission purposes. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo. The new SAT is not the old SAT and concordances don’t bridge that gap.

SAT scores have never been a dominant factor in college admission, and I expect colleges to be even more loathe to overweight them this year. My daughter is in a situation as few others here. She has a 34 on ACT and she scored a 1520 on Labourer Resume Template | Premium the new March SAT. She also has 800’s on SAT math2 and SAT Bio. She feels she can improve her SAT score if she makes another attempt.

She is planning to 6+ Receptionist Resume do an early decision to one of the selective colleges.She is worried to take the Oct. Teaching Images. SAT as the scores may not be available on time for ED. Does she need to take one more subject test? Can she try taking the SAT on 6+ Receptionist June 4th instead of SAT Chem. What would be your suggestion?

Georgetown insists on having the quirky policy of recommending 3 Subject Tests, but no college requires more than 2 subjects. It would be unusual for an October SAT date to Printable Quarterly Calendars | Calendar Template Calendar trip up your daughter’s ED applications, but the Resume, unusual has been occurring more frequently lately. Understandably, students would rather have testing out Quitclaimpro - Instant Claim Deed Creator of the way in June rather than anxiously awaiting scores right before the Early Decision deadline. It’s hard to be critical of a decision in Resume either direction, since your daughter’s testing portfolio is hard to improve upon. She would not be disadvantaged by taking the SAT rather than the Chemistry Subject Test in June.

What she might want to consider is taking Chem in October. Although her knowledge may gather some rust over the summer, it’s certainly not out of the question for a strong student to take a fall Subject Test. Even if the Construction And Demolition Template, score were delayed — and multiple-choice Subject Tests are less likely to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo be delayed — her application would already be complete. You might want to check out the recent post from the ACT CEO regarding the recently released concordance from College Board between SAT and ACT. Check it out here – Collaboration essential when claiming concordance – Yes, the distrust between ACT and College Board runs deep, and College Board replied quickly.

Roorda makes a number of valid points, but he is Resume Centre Additional Free also well aware that students and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed colleges are better off with a concordance rather than without. I remain hopeful that the organizations are able to cooperate on a true concordance study based on the class of 2017. Students deserve to choose between admission tests without fear that corporate maneuverings will interfere with their college plans. Unfortunately, the results of any collaboration are at least 2-3 years out. My son took the PSAT and got a 1490 sectional index of 222. He then took the Sat in April and Labourer Template | Premium got a 1500 which corresponded to a 2170 old sat.

It seemed pretty good, but he had to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed take the optional essay and didn’t do well. 6/4/6 The school rice university says it is not required, but obviously if he sends it they will see his score. Since it is optional will they not judge it one way or the Cool Resume Centre, other or should he just take the act test and hope he does just as well on that test and just submit that and not take the essay. How much weight will they place on that optional essay do you think if he sends it. The 6/4/6 may not be as weak as you think and Resume | Cfo Resumed should not be an obstacle at Rice (which does require Subject Tests from SAT submitters). We are seeing even top scoring students clustered in the 5-7 range, with cumulative scores in Construction Resume the mid to upper teens. There is very little correlation between SAT Total score or EBRW score and the essay scores. Analysis has been the toughest area for students, so it is not surprising that this was your son’s weakest dimension.

The SAT scores and Subject Test scores dwarf the Resume, essay in importance. Your son should not be concerned about sending his scores. My daughter scored a 35 in Cool With Free ACT ( composite) but got only 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed a 1380 in the new SAT. We are going to let her take another SAT in October but I am worried about the types of colleges to apply. - Instant Claim Deed Creator. Based on 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed her grades and accomplishments, she wants to go for the reach schools but the new SAT scores are really confusing. By the time the results come on Oct 23, we will be nearing the deadline for Quitclaimpro Quit, early decision. Is there a reason why you feel that your daughter should submit new SAT scores? Her 35 is 6+ Receptionist Resumed very strong. - Instant Claim Deed. Based on the College Board’s own concordance of new SAT scores to 6+ Receptionist ACT scores, your daughter would basically need a 1600 to improve her standing.

Most schools are fine with the Oct SAT for ED, but you are right that it can give your daughter precious little time if she wants to Resume Centre Job 66 With evaluate her scores before submitting them. My recommendation would be to 6+ Receptionist Resume stick with her ACT score. She should be considering (or have taken) Subject Tests for those “reach schools.” Those will have a better chance of improving her testing portfolio than will an improved new SAT score. My son scored (old SAT) 650 CR, 800 Math and 780 Writing. When I do the College Board’s converter this was 1530/1600. However, I was told by an IVY university admission staff that they would only consider CR/Math on the old SAT and compare the score to the new SAT score since the Labourer Resume, new version no longer requires writing. This seems to be inconsistent with College Board’s concordance table. Resume | Cfo Resumed. Have you discussed with colleges how they are planning on using the concordance table? If not, will colleges treat old SAT and new SAT as totally different tests? Thanks!

The response you got is indicative of the lack of respect that the Writing test always received on 282 Best Teaching In 2 Images On Pinterest the old SAT — and the misunderstandings surrounding it. The old SAT and new SAT are treated as totally different tests, which is why a concordance is 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed needed in the same way that one is needed between the SAT and ACT. If you mean “Are colleges separately considering the pools of Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 students applying with old SATs and new SATs?,” the answer is “No.” The College Board maintains that the “best” concordance between the old SAT and the new SAT is from CR+M+W to EBRW+M. The admission office is both right and wrong. Wrong: Although the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, essay is not part of the new SAT score, “writing” is very much a part of the - Instant Quit Creator, new test. Right: Many colleges never fully incorporated Writing and 6+ Receptionist Resume are more comfortable using CR+M to EBRW+M. Construction Labourer Resume Template. To allow for this, College Board does provide this concordance. 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed. After doing the conversion from old to new, you should see a link or option to “See an estimate based on Critical Reading + Math only.” In your son’s case, the CR+M estimate converts to a 1490 on the new SAT. We’ve also provided a table with the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, CR+M concordance.

Unfortunately, there is no universal rule as to how colleges will convert among old SAT, new SAT, and ACT, which is why College Board has provided them a number of options. Thanks for the encouraging reply. She is taking subject tests. Resume | Cfo Resumed. But I am afraid that she will be at a disadvantage when compared to some one who has scored well in SAT and ACT. Will the schools not be ” suspicious” when you submit one and not another? I don’t want to regret for the rest of my life for not encouraging her to Quitclaimpro - Instant Claim Deed take another new SAT. What if she takes another SAT and for some reason she scores in the lower range? Can I NOT send it to the colleges? This is so confusing and nerve racking to say the least. More so because of the fact that there is a 3-4 month gap before next SAT. I wish they had one in 6+ Receptionist August.

The SAT and ACT give colleges what is essentially duplicate information. Only about Quitclaimpro Quit Creator 1/4 of applicants to top schools send both tests (although a bit more than that take both tests). Sorry to make things more confusing for you, but there is a set of schools that requires all testing that a student has done — the most prominent colleges being Yale and Resumed Stanford. There are not a lot of these, though. It’s particularly confusing because colleges have no way of enforcing that requirement — it’s still the student’s choice. Most schools — by 282 Best Teaching | Teaching, a very decisive margin — recognize Score Choice, and a student can choose not to send scores. In general do you think that the students will be at an advantage or disadvantage for having an | Cfo Resumed old SAT score? Some schools (e.g. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. UVA) have stated that they will not concord, but rather look at the tests independently.

Also for schools that traditionally only 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed looked at Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, the CR/M components of the Resume Resumed, old SAT, how will they look at the new SAT? Do you think they will discount the writing portion that is - Instant Quit Deed built into the test? This does not seem like a feasible path forward because it is so confusing to students. If they choose to look at the whole EBRW score, will students who took the old SAT who had lopsided CR/W scores (e.g., 660 CR and a 780 W), be at Resume Resumed, a disadvantage? My daughter thought her testing was over Construction And Demolition Labourer Template with a 2220 (660CR/780M/780W), but we are beginning to wonder.

Thank you! I haven’t seen statements from UVA saying that it would not use concordance tables; I’d be interested if you have examples. The dean has talked about the fact that they will not be superscoring between test editions. I think it is in that sense that he means that they are treating the tests independently. We expect EBRW+M to get full acceptance from the colleges who used to look at only CR+M. The rejection of SAT Writing was more about the 6+ Receptionist, essay (even though it only Construction And Demolition Labourer Template | Premium represented about 30% of the score) and the fact that colleges had 60 years of | Cfo experience using “verbal” and “math.” The material tested on the new SAT is very similar to that tested on Award Speech - Ex ACT Reading and English, and there has never been a boycott of those sections. The transition may not be seamless. Resumed. In your daughter’s case, she does suffer from having her stronger score on Quitclaimpro Claim Deed Creator the less accepted “verbal” section. This is not a penalty conferred by the new SAT, as many colleges already looked primarily at CR+M or downplayed the significance of Resume Writing. The positive view is Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 that I don’t expect any college to ignore the 6+ Receptionist, W in EBRW.

Your daughter’s strength in 282 Best Teaching Images grammar will be part of her score. I believe that your daughter got a 720 EBRW/730 M on her PSAT, which is roughly in Resume line with those expectations. She can likely improve on 282 Best Teaching Languages Images those figures on the SAT. Resume Resumed. In some ways, the new SAT may be the ideal test for Resume For Call Centre With Additional Free, her. Art, Thank you very much for your response.

Re UVA I was referring to Dean J’s comment that “The tests are different and we aren’t going to convert old SAT scores.” It is buried in her post about updated the waiting list. Thanks again. Great. It’s nice to see an 6+ Receptionist | Cfo admission department that is so diligent about Resume For Call Centre Job 66 With explaining its methods. Some colleges will state “we use your highest scores” without reassuring students that the | Cfo, only scores included in a file are the top section scores. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. Similar quote here to the one you cited: Basically a file will have potentially 3 sets of scores: SAT, rSAT, and ACT.

As he says in the link I just included, UVa wouldn’t combine SAT M with rSAT M any more than it would swap in ACT M. The rSAT gets neither points nor demerits for being published by Resume | Cfo Resumed, the same company as the SAT. To make test-to-test comparisons, a concordance is required. Thanks for Resume For Call With, the clarification. I find this blog very useful. Do Cornell, Brown and Columbia want ACT and Resume SAT scores reported?

I have a feeling that with all the confusion going on Printable | Calendar Template : Printable this year, most colleges would be happy with one or the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, other. To make this worse, today SAT subject test results were reported to be delayed this June 15th. Makes me have less confidence in them. Brown and Columbia participate in Score Choice and there is no reason to Quit send any scores with which your daughter is 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed not completely satisfied. Cornell does not recognize Score Choice for SAT scores. The twist there is that a College Board report includes Subject Test and SAT scores by default. Cornell is adamant that “it is in the student’s best interest to send all scores and Cornell will only consider those that are most supportive of the application .” [emphasis added] My son chose to automatically have his new SAT scores sent to - Ex four universities (Texas AM, Virginia Tech, University of Florida, University of Central Florida). 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. The score report also shows his PSAT scores and Claim 10th grades scores.

Do these four universities also get to 6+ Receptionist Resumed see his PSAT and 10th grade scores? (He scored 730 ERW, 700 Math on Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 the SAT and 720 ERW 740 Math on Resume | Cfo Resumed the PSAT, for an SI 218.) Thanks. PSAT scores are provided to students so that they can track their performance over time. Construction Labourer Resume | Premium. Colleges do not receive PSAT scores. Hi, I received a 1560 (760 Reading/Writing and 800 Math) on the SAT and a 34 on the ACT. I was planning to use the SAT for Resume | Cfo, all colleges not requiring subject tests and the ACT for Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, colleges that do (I only have taken the Math II subject test and scored 800).

However, I got my ACT writing score back a few days ago and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo scored 21. Even though many students have been shafted by the essay, 21 still seems awfully low (I scored a 7/7/7 on the SAT essay). Should I study the essay and retake the ACT? I don’t want to have to do any more subject tests unless I really have to. I got a 4 on the APES exam via self-study. MIT and Georgetown are on my list and both seem to like subject tests. Thanks in advance! Great scores and an interesting situation because of Subject Tests. My recommendation would be to submit both SATs and ACTs.

Both scores are very strong and, as you know, many schools that want Subject Tests will accept an ACT instead. Quitclaimpro Quit Deed. But I see no reason to withhold your SAT and ST scores from those colleges. As for the 21, I would not be too concerned. It seems that you have enough other things in your record that will reflect well on your writing skills. The bigger outstanding issue is Subject Tests. It wasn’t clear if you are planning on 6+ Receptionist | Cfo taking more — you should. MIT wants a math and Example a science and 6+ Receptionist Resume Georgetown has a VERY strong recommendation of Award Speech Example 3 (Georgetown has always enjoyed being iconoclastic).

The essays are optional at MIT and, although required at Georgetown, they are not actually used for admission! In summary, think about 6+ Receptionist Resumed taking additional Subject Tests, consider submitting SAT, Subject Tests, and ACT (I believe Georgetown requires all of 282 Best In 2 Images On Pinterest them if you have taken them), and don’t stress over the 21. Daughter got 1500 on PSAT in PA and got 1550 in Resume June SAT, that being her only Quit admission standard test (She does have 4 subjects tests, 760 Math2/760 US history/800 Bio/800 Chem). Resume. She is done with testing, but I am concerned that according to concordance, this only converts to 34 in ACT. Thoughts? You have nothing to worry about. Resume Centre Job 66 With. Your daughter’s scores provide an excellent “testing portfolio” for any college. A 34 is an excellent ACT score.

In truth, once a student reaches a certain testing level, small differences in 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed scores mean little for admission chances. Having 4 strong Subject Test scores rounds out - Instant Quit Claim Deed her application nicely! Thank you for your post. Is the new SAT score (R+W:750, M:800, Essay: 6/4/6) a problem to apply for 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, the extremely competitive colleges? I am mainly concerned with the bad essay score: 6/4/6.

From what we’ve seen with SAT Essay scores, a 6/4/6 is not that unusual for even very high-scoring students. I think College Board has done the right thing by not emphasizing (or even providing) percentiles for Example - Ex, the essay. Nor did they do something silly like ACT’s failed attempt at turning the essay into a scaled score. Your SAT scores are competitive, most colleges are not requiring the essay, and schools will be hesitant to make decisions based on essay scores until they have more data. My daughter wants to go to University of Alabama. Being out of state we have been looking at Resumed, the out of state scholarships that are offered. Cool Resume Centre Online. I am extremely confused about the SAT requirements for the scholarships. Resume Resumed. They list the old SAT requirements and the new SAT requirements and Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 they are very similar, if not the exact scores.

I have contacted the scholarship department and they say that they used the CollegeBoard concordance table. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed. Can you explain how the scores needed can be so similar? Thank you. Alabama uses only the Resume For Call Centre Job 66 With, Critical Reading and Math components of the old SAT, so you are seeing scores on a 400-1600 scale for both the Resume Resumed, old SAT and the new SAT (EBRW and Math). New SAT scores are somewhat inflated in comparison to the old SAT. When comparing CR+M scores, new SAT scores are about 40-70 points higher overall. If you look at the last table on our secondary concordance page, you’ll see how the 1600 scores stack up. It does appear that Alabama is using the College Board concordance exactly. For example, the Capstone scholarship went from 1210-1240 scores for the old SAT (CR+M only) to 1280-1300 for the new SAT. The UA Scholar scores have gone from 1330-1390 to Quarterly Calendars Template 1390-1440. Resume | Cfo. These changes mean that a similar number of Teaching | Teaching students should qualify (assuming a similar number of students taking the 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed, SAT).

In addition to being a great school, Alabama has excellent scholarship opportunities for out-of-state students. I don’t know why I cannot see my questions I submitted. Test successful. We moderate our comment threads and have fallen behind. I happen to be going through the queue now and will get to your original question. Thanks! I have a question about the reliability of translating new SAT scores to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 old SAT scores. My son has a June SAT score of 1500–750cr and 750m. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. I understand that the scores on the new SAT are higher, and a 750cr is not as high as an old SAT 750.

If I submit his score of 1500, it won’t be translated high as an old score of 2250 (750, 750, 750). In fact, the new SAT calculator says that it translates into a 2170 old score. However, the Printable Quarterly Calendars Template : Printable Calendar, May 2016 ‘Understanding your scores” reports a 750cr as 99%ile. Oddly, the 2015 SAT percentile document for 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, the old SAT says that a 750R is 98%ile and 750W is 98%ile. I am confused as to why this May 2016 document says a 750 is Quit Claim a higher percentile than the older chart says an older score of 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed 750 is. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. Is there any chance that a new SAT 750cr is really the top percentile and 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo should correlate at least as high as getting an old SAT 750r and 750w? To further complicate the issue, my son got a 34 on the ACT. His college counselor is telling him to send ACT scores as well as June SAT scores bc ‘traditionally a 750 or above is considered highly competitive.’ His 34 puts him at or above the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, 75%ile of 6+ Receptionist admitted students to most colleges he plans to apply. However, the 1500 on the SAT does not put him above the 75%ile at many of these colleges. It is important, I think, to figure out | Calendar Template which to send.

Thank you for 6+ Receptionist Resume, your time! Your questions go right to the heart of the Construction And Demolition Labourer Resume, difficulties College Board and colleges face in making the transition to the new SAT. Let me start by explaining why the percentiles are not useful in Resume | Cfo Resumed making a comparison (for a far more detailed explanation involving the PSAT — the issues are similar — you can see my previous posts). The two most important points are that 1) the percentiles are estimates based on a sample group and 2) the Award Speech Example, percentile definition has changed. In order to accurately determine percentiles, once must use a representative population. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. This means that College Board couldn’t simply take March test takers and calculate the percentiles. The group of In 2 On Pinterest | Teaching students who take March are not the same as those who take May or October. | Cfo. And the group of students taking the new SAT this spring were not necessarily the same profile as those taking the old SAT in the spring. Instead, what College Board did was base the | Calendar : Printable, percentiles on reference groups who took non-operational tests (test days at schools or paying college students to | Cfo Resumed take the test).

These percentiles are roughly accurate but are too iffy to make decisions between, say, 98th percentile and 99th percentile. And Demolition Resume Template | Premium. 2) is an 6+ Receptionist Resumed interesting case, because most people assume that a percentile is | Calendar : Printable a percentile is a percentile. There are actually multiple ways that percentile ranks can be defined. The old SAT used “the percentage of students scoring BELOW” a given score. The new SAT (and the ACT) uses “the percentage of students AT OR BELOW.” College Board also started reporting the National percentile and the User percentile.

These changes have the effect of “inflating” percentiles somewhat. The College Board will not be able to report on the entire class of 2017 cohort until after students graduate (they usually release their “College Bound Seniors” report in Resume Resumed the October after graduation). - Instant Quit Claim Deed Creator. Clearly that’s not helpful for 6+ Receptionist Resume, your son. And Demolition Resume | Premium. I counsel people to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo ignore the percentiles. They are also invalid for comparing to ACT scores, because the tests are not taken by identical pools of students. Now to your first question about your son’s 750 EBRW / 750 M. Scores on the new SAT are somewhat inflated when compared to Printable Quarterly Calendars : Printable Calendar those of the old SAT. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo. This is largely the result of College Board’s decision to eliminate the “guessing penalty” and to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 not re-norm the tests. 6+ Receptionist Resumed. What the 2170 / 1500 concordance is saying is that the Labourer Resume Template | Premium, percentage of students scoring 1500 or lower on the new test is equivalent to Resume | Cfo Resumed those scoring 2170 or lower on the old test. In this sense, they represent comparable achievements.

This is why it is also dangerous to use the exact same “rules of thumb” that worked for old SAT scores (not that they ever worked that well). Claim. A 750 M on the new SAT is better compared to a 720 M on the old SAT. A 750 EBRW is closer to Resume Resumed a combined 1450 (CR+W) on the old SAT. So when your college counselor uses a “traditional” comparison to say that “750 or above is considered highly competitive,” your son’s scores are more akin to 720 and 730. Still, those are quite competitive, and it’s not as if there is Construction Labourer Resume | Premium some hard cutoff at 750. 6+ Receptionist. Another way of saying that is that the students who used to Example get 750 or above are now far more likely to be getting 770 or above. Yes, quite confusing for everyone. It is definitely true that your son’s 34 is better — from a concordance standpoint — than his 1500 new SAT score. 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed. I don’t think that means that your son should not send his SAT score.

It is in the same range, and most colleges will work with his best scores. What it really boils down to is that any decision you make will be a good one as long as you include his ACT scores! Your decision to send or not send his SAT scores will not impact his admission. There are plenty of things to worry about during the application process. In your son’s case, the SAT decision is Printable Quarterly Calendars Template Calendar not one of them. I hope that I haven’t muddled things further for 6+ Receptionist Resume Resumed, you. Languages On Pinterest. Your son’s scores are excellent. Best of luck during the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, admission process!

I have a question for you about whether my daughter should send both her new SAT score and 282 Best Images On Pinterest her ACT score to colleges. She scored a 1510 (760R, 750M), 6/6/6 on essay) on Resume the new SAT, and a 34 (36E, 36R, 32M, 33S, 23 essay) on the ACT. She took each test once, and she does not plan to re-test. Although the SAT is Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 lower than the ACT overall, we are considering sending it to show the Resume | Cfo Resumed, relatively higher math score. She is applying to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 engineering programs. She also has a 760 Math Level II and | Cfo a 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam.

Your thoughts on sending the new SAT score to bolster her math credentials? A separate question: If a school neither requires nor recommends the Teaching On Pinterest, SAT subject matter tests, should she send her Biology subject matter test score of 700? (I should mention her grades, course load and Resume | Cfo Resumed rank will also make her a good candidate for Printable Calendars | Calendar : Printable, engineering programs.) She will be applying to very competitive schools, and I am not sure if that score will be helpful. Thanks so much for any help you can provide! I’d be hesitant to say that the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, SAT Math score will boost your daughter’s math credentials, but I can’t muster an argument against sending both scores. Resume With Free. Her 32M is hardly a weak score, and the 760 on the Math 2 is more relevant to most engineering programs. The 1510 new SAT and 34 ACT, though, are quite similar, so she is not hurting herself by sending both scores.

I often warn students about the “gotcha” of needing to send all SAT scores to non-Score Choice schools. Since your daughter only took the test once, there is no concern on that count. I’d also opt to send her Biology score. Yes, ideally students to the most competitive schools will have 750-800 Subject Test scores, but at a number of the neither-require-nor-recommend schools, Subject Tests are viewed us “plus factors.” And showing math and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo science Subject Tests show that she is serious about STEM. Another thing to keep in mind is that new SAT Math scores are “inflated” about 30-40 points compared to old SAT scores, whereas Subject Test scores have not gone through the same inflation. For example, the old SAT equivalent of your daughter’s 750M is 720M, which is close to her Biology score.

Hi, I have an 35 composite ACT score with 35 English, 35 Math, 36 Science, 32 Reading, and 24 Writing. I also have an SAT score of 1550 with 780 Math, 770 Reading + Writing, and Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 7/6/6 Essay. I want to apply to Resume | Cfo the top schools like Harvard with a concentration in liberal arts possibly political science or something of the sort. I was wondering which score would be better to submit or should I submit both to show consistency? Do the section scores matter when taking major into Award Speech, account, like if I want go to major in 6+ Receptionist Resume a social science and go to law school should I submit the test with the better english and Example - Ex writing scores or does it not really matter since they are all kind of close to each other?

Thank you! You are in great shape either way you decide to go. In general, there is Resume not a benefit to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 showing ACT/SAT consistency. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed. It might have a small impact if section scores were wildly different (let’s say you aced the ACT English and Reading but struggled on SAT EBRW). Section scores can come into Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, play at | Cfo, certain schools for certain majors. Applying to Wharton with weak Math scores might raise an eyebrow (the same could be said about 282 Best Teaching Languages Images most engineering programs, too). Subject Test scores are usually a better place to prove STEM skills, since the ACT and Resume | Cfo Resumed SAT are broad spectrum tests. Printable Calendars | Calendar Template : Printable Calendar. Colleges such as Harvard almost expect students to change concentrations (I entered as computer science concentrator and 6+ Receptionist Resumed left as an Award Example English major).

I can’t imagine an admission decision, in Resume your case, hinging on 282 Best Teaching Languages your SAT scores versus your ACT scores. 6+ Receptionist Resume. A plus about submitting both is that it takes any guesswork out of the equation. Other than the Printable Quarterly | Calendar, added cost, the one potential downside would be with college that ask for all ACT scores if you submit 1 or all SAT scores if you submit 1. If you got your scores after a try or two, that’s not a concern. If you took both tests 3 or 4 times, I think you’d be better off sending one or the other. Hi I was wondering if you could help because I have an Resume | Cfo almost 4.8 GPA and am first in my class. However, I can’t seem to score any higher than 1320 on the SAT, even after taking it several times; the comparative ACT score for this is a 28 . But last month I took the ACT and Quitclaimpro - Instant Quit Creator got a 33.

Should I try to continue taking the SAT, or will colleges be fine if I only send in the ACT? And should I be worried about this large discrepancy in scores? Your ACT is 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed so much better than your SAT score that there seems like no point in repeating the SAT — especially since you’ve already been frustrated by it several times. Colleges are absolutely fine with just an ACT score. A very small number of colleges — Yale, for example — expect you to send all of the Printable Quarterly Calendars Calendar, SATs and ACTs you have taken. Even at those colleges, I’d argue that you are better off abandoning the SAT. It wouldn’t help your testing profile to see another SAT score below your excellent ACT score. Sounds like you can take a break from testing. My daughter scored 35 on ACT (36 in Math and 35 in 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo rest) and scored 31 in 282 Best Teaching In 2 Languages writing. In new SAT she scored 1580 (780 EBRW and Resumed 800 in Math) and 6/6/8 in essay.

She has taken subject tests Math2: 800, Chem: 770 and Physics: 740. She has taken all of the tests only once and not planning to Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 retake any test. Which scores (SAT vs ACT vs both) should we submit knowing that she is targeting to get into elite schools. Can she not submit SAT Physics? How would Yale and 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Stanford react to her SAT Physics score knowing that we have to | Calendar : Printable send?

Most students would do anything to | Cfo Resumed have your daughter’s dilemmas. Her SAT scores are strong enough that I don’t see a benefit to sending the ACT scores. One could argue that admission officers may not be comfortable yet with the 282 Best Teaching, new SAT, but they know what they see, and they won’t see many 1580-1600 scores. I feel more comfortable making the recommendation knowing that your daughter has excellent Subject Test scores. If she were applying to colleges that allowed the ACT to serve “in lieu of” Subject Tests, then weak scores might have been an argument for the ACT. No harm will befall if she were to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo submit her ACT score, but this way she can keep things clean and just send all her scores via a College Board report. She can choose not to submit Physics. I don’t think she should make that choice. SAT scores can seem so exact that we (I include those of us in test prep) can easily get wrapped up in - Instant Claim Deed Creator small differences. If an admission officer went to the committee to argue that Student A should be accepted over your daughter because A had scores of 800 / 770 / 780, they would give him the admission officer equivalent of a toddler’s time out.

Your daughter’s testing portfolio is SO strong that the 740 would never hurt her. I also want to do an aside on Subject Test score interpretation because it’s a topic that interests me. 1) It’s her third Subject Test. She is allowed to have a lowest score. 2) You may be concerned that a 740 Physics score is 68th percentile. Percentile scores are incredibly misleading with Subject Tests, because the exams are taken by elite students in their top subjects. Resume Resumed. Your daughter’s ACT score of Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 35 is 99th percentile. Among Harvard applicants, though, that score might only 6+ Receptionist | Cfo be 80th percentile. Context is key. 3) Last, but not least, a 770 and 740 are very similar. In fact, the mathematics underpinning the tests tells us that a 30 point difference is not sufficient to distinguish between two students’ abilities.

The Standard Error of the Difference (SED) for Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, the Physics Subject Test is 40 points. So Yale and Stanford will be perfectly fine with her Physics test. An aside about the Resume Resumed, “send us all scores” policies. These are not always as they seem. Colleges haven’t always thought through how “no Score Choice” gets interpreted when it comes to Subject Tests. Calendars. They often don’t intend for it to apply to Subject Tests. Stanford requires that students submit all SAT and ACT scores. They do not state that they require all SAT Subject Test scores (ST’s are optional at Stanford, so technically they don’t require any Subject Tests). 6+ Receptionist Resumed. Yale, fortunately, explicitly addresses the topic: “Yale does participate in Quitclaimpro - Instant Claim Score Choice for the reporting of SAT Subject Tests. You may wait to receive your score results before deciding which scores, if any, you would like to send to Yale.” Your daughter has a number of choices to make, but they’re ones without wrong answers.

Thank you and Resumed really appreciate you taking time to answer my questions. 1. Printable Calendars | Calendar Template. Regarding your comment on sending only SAT and NOT ACT – Since my daughter has taken the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, test only once, can there be any doubt in the officer’s mind that she may have gotten lucky in her attempt? and sending ACT also would help remove that remote doubt that the officer may have? 2. Regarding your comment “She can choose not to submit Physics. I don’t think she should make that choice” –Is your recommendation based on Construction Template a thought process that without SAT Physics score, it might appear that rest of the scores are near perfect which may not be good for admission purposes as colleges don’t want perfect people? PS: My daughter took all the three SAT subject tests on Resume | Cfo the same day which definitely played a role in Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 her score. 3. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. This is a technical question regarding collegeboard. Teaching In 2 | Teaching. For Stanford or Yale since we need to send the entire history of 6+ Receptionist SAT or ACT (Not subject tests), I am assuming we have to pick a choice of “All Scores” within the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, collegeboard.

But if I do that it is including SAT subject scores as well. Since Stanford or Yale does not ask us to SAT Subject scores, how to tell them that I have submitted entire history of Resume SAT and send only specific SAT subject? 4. My daughter is interested in Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 Business undergrad and she attended a summer program at Wharton. We have narrowed down to the below options and I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts and Resume | Cfo suggestions as we are totally unclear as to how to proceed. A. Apply ED to Wharton. The challenge here is my daughter is slightly concerned about the cut throat nature that she has observed/heard during summer program. She is competitive herself but prefer a collaborative environment at least outside of the classroom. B. Apply Restrictive EA to Award Example Harvard. Resumed. The challenges here are that the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, bachelors she has to do is in 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed Economics which she is not sure how she would like and also she will lose the benefit of her summer program that she did at Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, Wharton if she does not apply to ED at Wharton.

The reason to do a REA at Harvard is to leverage the higher chance of 6+ Receptionist Resume her getting in. C. Leave EA, REA and Teaching In 2 Images On Pinterest | Teaching ED and 6+ Receptionist Resumed just apply regular for all colleges. Thank you so much for your time in Example answering my questions. 1) It’s too easy to Resume | Cfo Resumed start overthinking score interpretation. | Calendar. You could easily argue that an admission officer would interpret this as an Resume | Cfo excellent student getting an Cool Job 66 Additional excellent score and moving along from testing. The fact that the choice between SAT only and ACT/SAT is essentially a toss-up means that I’d recommend you do what you and your daughter will feel most confident about. In this case, I don’t think there is a wrong answer. 2) My thinking is that as a third Subject Test in Physics that the | Cfo Resumed, score does not hurt, and may help, your daughter’s application. This is And Demolition Resume | Premium another close call.

The fact that she took all tests on 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo the same day does not factor in. 3) No, you do not have pick that option, although College Board will tell you that these schools want all scores. Score Choice is on the honor system, and you are being completely honorable in following Stanford and Yale’s own rules. Schools are not told whether or not a student has exercised Score Choice. 4. This strays away from my testing expertise into college advising. All I can say is that you are correct that there is no true equivalent of a Business major at Harvard. If that is what she wants to do, increasing her odds at And Demolition Labourer Template, Harvard (and there is Resume debate as to whether REA does that) would seem somewhat irrelevant.

I can’t speak to Wharton’s cut throat nature. Construction Labourer Resume Template. I can say that I’ve never observed that at Harvard. Thank you for such an Resume | Cfo Resumed insightful article!! I was hoping you guys could help me out with an issue I have….. I am an international student studying in the UK, currently in Year 13 (Grade 12) looking to apply to universities both at - Instant Creator, home and in the US this year. I took the | Cfo Resumed, New SAT in May this year and received a score of Award Speech Example 1520 (760 + 760 + 21 on essay). Due to my AS school exams happening at a similar time and my very late decision to apply to US universities, I ended up doing very little preparation for the SAT, having done only one practice test and 0 essay practice before going into my actual exam, so I know I can do much better if I take a retest. My problem comes when taking into account the fact that I’d like to | Cfo Resumed apply early to Stanford, meaning that the only available date I could resit the SAT would be this October. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. However I have already booked this date to take my SAT subject tests (very late I know…..) in Maths-II and Bio. So my very long winded question is: should I stick with the 1520 and 6+ Receptionist Resumed apply early to Stanford, or should I delay my application to regular decision, and apply with what will be an Cool Resume For Call With Free Online almost definitely better SAT score. I’ve heard that entry to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo highly selective universities such as Stanford is even more competitive for international students, so I am unsure as to whether my current score of For Call Job 66 Free Online 1520 will give me a good enough chance of 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed getting in.

I’d really appreciate any advice you guys can offer, as help for US uni admissions is Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 scarce where I live. Thanks in advance!! I don’t have any easy answers for 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, you. You are right that admission is even more competitive for international students. The problem you face with delay is giving up any benefit from applying early. The size of this benefit is a hotly debated topic. Some make the claim that EA is just a way to get a decision sooner and results in the same outcome as RD. Many argue that applying under Stanford’s Restrictive EA policy sends a strong “first choice” message that can be useful.

They’ll point out the higher acceptance rate for Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, early applicants. The “it’s all the same” group will point out that early applicants skew more talented, so of course the acceptance rate is higher. I’m not going to try to settle that argument here. I fall in the “small but measurable benefit” camp between the 6+ Receptionist Resumed, warring factions. Your 1520 is an excellent score, but it will probably be just around average (probably a bit over) for Stanford. But how much more impressive will it be if you apply with a 1570? Will that prove the tipping point? That’s unlikely. Keep in Construction Labourer Template mind, too, that Stanford will see your 1520, even if you do raise your score.

I would stick to | Cfo Resumed your desire to 282 Best Teaching Images | Teaching apply early. Excellent scores on your Subject Tests combined with your 1520 would mean that the decision will not come down to test scores (at least not U.S. standardized test scores). Apologies if you’ve addressed this elsewhere on the site. Is it possible that the group of students who took the Resume, new SAT during its first two administrations — March and May — are not representative of the class of 2017 as a whole? I’m thinking they may be more likely to be risk takers, may be smarter, more willing to try something new, etc. If so, the concordance table — comparing scores to the ACT or the old SAT — might not be valid, because the groups of students are so different.

Many kids in my daughter’s class — a public school in Ohio — didn’t take the SAT last spring. I just think the pool of test takers thus far may not be representative. Eventually it will be, but not yet. Am wishing I had encouraged my daughter to Speech Example - Ex take the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, ACT instead — this whole guinea-pig experience is somewhat stressful. She did well on the PSAT — 710 math, 740 EBRW (good enough for NMSF in Ohio), but is less happy with her March SAT score (almost identical scores — 710/730 — but, with the Printable Quarterly Calendars Template : Printable, concordance, not as high comparatively). She’s taking it again Oct. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. 1. Thoughts?

The concordance has been a bone of contention between College Board and ACT, although after their respective leaders gave addresses at the National Association of Construction And Demolition Resume | Premium College Admission Counselors last week, the struck a more conciliatory tone. The concordance and percentiles were developed BEFORE the first live SAT was given. They were developed using a study group. This is not necessarily reassuring, since there are many ways to have a biased group. But I think it is broadly accurate. You are absolutely correct that the new SAT has skewed the pool of test takers as many fled to the ACT. Resume | Cfo Resumed. And the March and May tests are not representative. This is why a full year cohort is needed to generate accurate percentiles. To generate an effective concordance, ACT and College Board will try to Speech Example - Ex complete their work in | Cfo Resumed 2018. It may be a little late for her to switch to ACT. You may want to consider a proctored practice ACT (on a real test) to see how she is doing.

We pretty much don’t start working with a student until we have a great baseline. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. It’s possible that she could be an 6+ Receptionist ACT natural and take the test as soon as possible. If not, then your daughter should keep a positive attitude regarding the Cool With Additional Free, SAT and the concordance, as there is nothing to be gained by second guessing it. Ultimately, I have faith in admission officers to get it right. Thanks for your response. I, too, have hope that admissions officers will get it right — and not rely too heavily on test results when they are so untested. However: Ohio State University is using the following cut-offs to determine merit scholarships: 32 ACT, 1400 old SAT (critical reading and math), 1450 new SAT. Using that scale, my daughter wouldn’t get the top amount of aid with her current SAT score. So, very real consequences. She did take a “practice” ACT last fall, with absolutely no prep, and got a 31. My guess is she could bring that up to a 32 pretty easily (by studying the science portion).

Question: Is the December administration too late? (She’s not applying early anywhere.) Oct. 6+ Receptionist | Cfo. 22 is coming pretty quickly. One more question: What happened to the “compression” at the top for Resume Centre With Additional Free, high scorers on the SAT? I thought the | Cfo, concordance gap was supposed to 282 Best Teaching Images On Pinterest diminish among the top scores. Resume | Cfo Resumed. It seemed to do that for the PSAT — does it for the SAT? Thanks again.

Let me pick off the strictly factual question first: December is Speech - Ex not too late for regular admission at virtually any university, but scholarships play by their own rules. Resume | Cfo Resumed. OSU says that merit applicants need to meet the criteria AND apply by November 1. I’m glad you brought up score “compression” because the PSAT results provide the only visible supporting evidence of the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, new concordance (College Board has not published the results of the Resume | Cfo, trial studies used to generate the concordance.). Compression does exist on Quitclaimpro Quit the SAT — just as it did on the PSAT. However, the important difference is 6+ Receptionist Resumed that scores are only Resume For Call Centre Job 66 Additional Online being pushed up from below. Both new tests have a degree of 6+ Receptionist Resume “wind assist” when it comes to scores. Typical scores are 20-40 points higher in each section than on the old PSAT and SAT.

What made things so problematic with the PSAT/NMSQT is Construction that the new 160-760 score range capped the Selection Index for extremely high scorers. A student who might have achieved a 77 M on 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed the old PSAT could, at best, get a 760 on the new test. However, a student with a 67 M was just as easily able to Quitclaimpro Quit Deed Creator achieve a 700 M on the new test. In other words, the wind assist was there for Resume Resumed, the excellent scorer, but it diminished — or even blew against — the most exceptional scorers. This is why we saw the Commended level move from 202 to 209, while the With Free Online, top state cutoffs moved down slightly. The SAT score range remained the 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, same — 200 to 800 — so there is Award Speech - Ex no downward pressure.

The two tests ultimately converge, which is why the Resume, concorded scores are so similar at the top — for example, a 1550 old CR+M concords to a 1560 EBRW+M. The Ohio State merit cutoff change is more analogous to what happened with the Commended level than with the New Jersey cutoff. A 1400 on the old CR+M is quite good (96th percentile), but the scoring changes of the new test still have room for an upward push. That’s why College Board expects a 1450 to be a comparable score (and Ohio State has followed the concordance exactly). Deed. This 50 point change is 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed right in line with the 7 point movement in Commended scores, since the Example - Ex, Selection Index doubles the weight of 6+ Receptionist Resume EBRW. Do we know with certainty that the appropriate score is not 1440 or 1460? No. But College Board has a big incentive to get it right and not alienate its college users.

The 50 point change seen at the 1400 level does diminish as one approaches 1600. That’s why, for example, the cutoff for Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, OSU’s Eminence Fellows scholarship has gone up 30 points (1490 to 1520). Merit aid tends to be a special case in testing because of the hard cut-offs. For an admission officer, the difference between a 1440 and a 1450 (or whether a 32 ACT concords to 6+ Receptionist Resume a 1450 or 1460) is inconsequential. For students looking at merit aid at OSU, it’s very consequential.

Your daughter stands a good chance of bringing up her SAT score Oct 1, but it may be worthwhile to 282 Best Teaching In 2 Images On Pinterest | Teaching verify with OSU that the October 22 ACT would also be used. While she would not have much time to prepare, it would not take much to 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo get her where she needs to be. My son has a composite score of 32 on the ACT with a 31 score in the Math section of the ACT. His composite SAT score was only a 1950 which does not compare well with his 32 on 282 Best Teaching In 2 Languages Images the ACT, but his math SAT score is a 740. Should he submit both his ACT and SAT scores?

It appears that a 740 on the math SAT is Resume | Cfo Resumed superior to Quarterly | Calendar Template a 31 math score on the ACT. Appreciate your advice. Your son’s 1950 is Resume | Cfo Resumed enough lower than his 32 ACT composite that I would recommend submitting only the ACT. Most schools will concentrate on And Demolition Labourer the composite. They may look at the relative strengths in Resumed the different subject areas, but they rarely concord individual sections.

The potential negatives of showing an SAT score that is comparable to a 29 ACT composite is not outweighed by the potential positive of the college seeing a stronger math score. Construction Resume Template | Premium. It’s nice to consider this sort of quasi-superscoring across tests, but it rarely happens that way. Thanks much for your very understandable response. One final comment: Last fall, my daughter’s guidance counselor suggested we pick the test (SAT or ACT) that we thought she would do best on, and go for Resume | Cfo, it. That’s what we did. Didn’t see the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, need to give the testing companies more of my money (or my daughter’s time) than necessary. 6+ Receptionist Resume. Now, of course, I’m second-guessing that strategy. Second-guessing is what we parents do best! Son has an Job 66 With Additional Online ACT score (no writing) of 33, SAT with writing is 1480 (750 reading and writing; 730 Math).

Unfortunately, his essay scores are quite low and Resume surprised us – 4/4/5. Very concerned about whether to Printable Calendars | Calendar Template bother taking either exam again. He has only taken each exam once. Also, we are questioning which score to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed submit to Printable Template Calendar Universities. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. We certainly wouldn’t want a negative essay score to Speech Example - Ex impact his admissions.

Thanks in Resume advance for your opinion. In part, the answer depends on Printable Quarterly | Calendar Calendar where your son is applying. 6+ Receptionist Resumed. If he is shooting for the very most competitive schools, then I’d probably recommend retaking the test on Quitclaimpro Quit Deed which he felt most comfortable. If he is a junior, he certainly has plenty of time. If he is a senior, time is of the essence, and you should verify with the Resume | Cfo Resumed, colleges their testing cutoffs (generally, December is fine). The ACT is the Cool Centre Job 66 With Additional Free, slightly stronger of the two, but it would not be of use at any of the Resume Resumed, colleges requiring the essay. There is an Construction Labourer Resume | Premium outside chance that College Board will discuss essay score distribution at its annual Forum happening right now (several of my colleagues are there). What we have seen is Resume Resumed that even high scorers are often in the teens (similar to how we often saw high ACT scorers in the low 20s for Writing). The SAT is by far the Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, least important part of the test, but I think your son could improve his testing portfolio with another attempt. Thank you – he is a junior and has many more opportunities to Resume Resumed improve. We will revisit the exams in Labourer the spring/summer.

My daughter received a 1430 on the new SAT, and she hopes to apply to semi competitive schools such as the UCs and Cal states. However, her essay score was unexpectedly low: 5|4|5. We are worried that the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo, essay score will negatively impact admissions. Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481. Is it worth it to take the test again in the spring? She is a junior. | Cfo. Thank you very much for your advice. Unless and until we learn more about colleges’ use of essay scores, my advice to Template students with 4s and 5s would be to let the overall test score dictate any decisions. Resume. In other words, if your daughter is happy with her 1430, I would not recommend retesting simply because of her essay score. When you are evaluating her scores, keep in Quitclaimpro Claim Deed mind that the new SAT scores are about 30 points higher per section than the old SAT scores. Historical numbers for admitted UC students still use old SAT scores.

The Eligibility Index, on the other hand, has been updated for the new SAT. It can be confusing when trying to 6+ Receptionist | Cfo Resumed figure out a competitive score. Hi- I scored a 1980 on the old SAT – 690 R, 620 M, 670 W. I took the ACT in October 2016 and got a 31. I’m thinking of submitting this score seeing as it translates to a higher score than 1980. However, my breakdown was 36 English, 27 Math, 36 Reading, and 24 Science. I’m wondering if this much lower science section will be taken seriously, or if I should just focus on the fact that a 31 composite is better than a 1980 SAT.

Thanks so much. I think you are better off focusing on the 31 composite. Not only is it, overall, a stronger score, there is also an argument that if you are going to be lopsided, go big. In other words, your CR and W scores on Speech - Ex the old SAT are good and are better than your M score, but they don’t come close to your ACT English and Reading scores. Thank you for all of your thorough responses. What a complicated business! I have a question regarding the Resume | Cfo, Compass SAT/ACT concordance vs. the Compass PSAT/ACT concordance. Given the time that has passed since Compass put out each of these, would you consider the Quitclaimpro - Instant Claim Deed, SAT/ACT concordance to be more accurate than the PSAT one, and should be used even if a student has ONLY taken the PSAT (and ACT)?

Also, along these same lines, when new PSAT scores come out in a couple of weeks, should students use the newer Compass SAT/ACT accordance? Is there any reason to think that the concordance numbers on Resume | Cfo Resumed any of these charts will change in the near future? Thank you so much. I bet, even if you had wanted to, you never could have imagined all of the questions that parents/counselors/students could dream up in relation to these test scores! Great questions, and ones that I have been chewing on Cool Resume For Call Centre Job 66 With Additional Free as I work on updating our PSAT/ACT concordance and 6+ Receptionist recommendations. The plan is to 282 Best Images have a revised version of that post available almost immediately after counselors receive PSAT scores on 12/5/2016. While I don’t expect College Board to release anything new of 6+ Receptionist value, there seems little reason not to wait (since students will be receiving scores after counselors). This reply will cover some of the points that I’ll expand upon. [The really short version is Labourer Template | Premium that it may not matter which version of the concordance is 6+ Receptionist | Cfo used, because other factors can play an even larger role. I’m never satisfied with really short versions.]

There is virtually no chance that College Board will be offering any revisions to its concordances before it can accomplish an official joint study with ACT in 2018 or 2019. So we are left with several choices in assessing PSAT scores, none of which is ideal. Option 1 is to use the In 2 Images | Teaching, May 2016 concordance that is identical for the SAT and PSAT (with the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, important qualification that the PSAT concordance tops out at 1520). College Board considers this the “final” version. 282 Best Languages Images On Pinterest. Option 2 would be to stick with the “preliminary” concordance that College Board released in January 2016 that was used to develop the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, current (as of 11/28/16) version of Cool Resume With Free Online Compass’ PSAT to ACT concordance. Option 3 would be to 6+ Receptionist Resumed develop a set of Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 recommendations that does not exactly follow either College Board concordance. 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed. [I recommend reading my earlier post on - Instant Deed Creator the differences between the January and May concordances. While the post looked at Resumed, things through a National Merit lens, much of the discussion and most of the tables and charts are quite relevant.] At first blush, it would seem to make sense to use something labelled “final.” I have significant concerns about College Board’s PSAT concordance, however.

A concordance depends on the underlying tests being concorded and on the tested population (specifically, the population in Award Speech the concorded sample). 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo. The PSAT and SAT have “vertically aligned” scales, but they are definitely not the same test. The populations taking the two exams are also quite different. In order to Teaching In 2 | Teaching follow through with the 6+ Receptionist, notion of Cool For Call Centre Job 66 With complete alignment, however, College Board’s psychometricians have had to hold their noses and Resume | Cfo use identical concordances. To quote from my earlier post: “A polite way of - Instant Claim Deed describing the PSAT concordance is ‘aspirational.’ It conforms with the most desirable outcome, not necessarily the Resume Resumed, most accurate one.” I also show in that post how that inaccuracy comes into play when looking at Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, verifiable examples from National Merit. A thought experiment helps to explain why PSAT and SAT concordances — even good ones — suffer from 6+ Receptionist, problems at the extremes. Imagine a “760 Math student” — one who, over hundreds of SATs and Printable Calendar without repetition effects, would end up averaging a 760. While the student would have many exams where she scored 760, she would also have a good many 770s, 780s, 790s, and Resume | Cfo even 800s. She won’t have performed as well on Teaching Languages | Teaching some forms and Resume likely ended up with some 740s, 720s, and even 700s. Now plop several hundred PSATs in Printable Calendars Template Calendar front of Resume | Cfo this student.

Unless she has perfect performances on every single exam — a virtual impossibility — her average will be below 760 (likely closer to 730-740). She’ll have forms where she misses a few problems, but she’ll never have the opportunity to score better than a perfect 760. - Ex. It’s wrong, then, to consider a 760 on the SAT as interchangeable with a 760 on 6+ Receptionist the PSAT. The “preliminary” concordance did a better job of reflecting this imbalance. If you look at the chart of the two concordances and how they match up with National Merit (that post was before we knew all 50 states, but it maintains its rough accuracy), you will see that the January concordance did a better job than the May concordance. My opinion is that this was because January was presented as a true new PSAT to And Demolition Resume | Premium old PSAT concordance, whereas the May concordance was forced to into alignment with the SAT to old SAT concordance. Resume | Cfo. I should point out that no concordance directly links new SAT or new PSAT to the ACT. Printable : Printable Calendar. Instead, they concord to the old SAT, and then take advantage of the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, well-established old SAT to ACT concordance for the final leap.

This sort of assumed transitive property is why ACT objected so strenuously when College Board released a new SAT to ACT “concordance.” It’s both useful and misleading at Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, the same time. If the January PSAT concordance seems better, then why not continue to use it for Compass’ SAT vs. ACT recommendations? A significant problem is that this represents the testing equivalent of betting against the house. College Board refuses to have any independent corroboration of its new SAT equating or of its concordance procedures. It has done its best to release as little information as possible [National Merit has provided a nice peephole that College Board can’t block]. This left it some leeway to tweak the PSAT between the October 2015 and October 2016 administrations. Resume | Cfo. We won’t get our best insight into Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481, this until the | Cfo, spring or summer of And Demolition Labourer Resume Template | Premium 2017 when National Merit data starts leaking out.

Publishing a non-standard concordance may confuse students and parents more than it helps them. Resumed. I’m trying to work through the best way of dealing with this conundrum. I feel that SAT versus ACT recommendations based on PSAT results must provide at Quitclaimpro Claim Deed Creator, least a tip of the hat to these issues. Ironically, the final concordance would tend to push more students toward the ACT. 6+ Receptionist. It aligns with somewhat lower old SAT scores than does the preliminary concordance, so it also aligns with somewhat lower ACT scores. And Demolition Labourer Resume. For example, using the 6+ Receptionist Resume | Cfo Resumed, official concordance would link a 1320 PSAT score to Speech Example a 28 ACT score. Using the preliminary concordance would link a 1320 to a 29 ACT score. The difference can grow as wide as 2 points. Concordances are great for determining which scores a student should submit to a college — especially since we don’t need to worry about the special case of the PSAT. Resume Resumed. A student with a 29 ACT is better off sending that score than sending a 1320 SAT score. Concordances are not so good, though, at predicting future performance.

This is why we have emphasized score ranges in our guidance. Speech - Ex. Accounting for factors such as those outlined by my colleague Adam Ingersoll in “Who Should Choose the SAT?” can be just as important as a small discrepancy in PSAT score versus ACT score. For now, my recommendation would be to use the SAT to Resume Resumed ACT concordance provided here but to Teaching In 2 On Pinterest | Teaching keep in mind its limitations. First of 6+ Receptionist Resume all, thank you for 282 Best Teaching In 2 Images | Teaching, a very useful post. My name is Vinh, I am Vietnamese, I finished my bachelor degree in Biotechnology in Resume Resumed Vietnam with a GPA of 3.25 and was planning to applying for Construction And Demolition Labourer | Premium, master degree in US which means I was planning to get GRE (I did get TOEFL with the score of 101). However, something has changed… So the direction here is | Cfo clearly Linguistics Major that means I have to begin all over Teaching Images again at BA degree. So I was planning to take the old SAT test but since it changed to the new one which lacks practice books and practice tests, I’m kind of thinking about switching to ACT.

However, there are some problems making me hesitate which I hope you can help, and they are: 1) Does ACT somehow affect my chance of Resume | Cfo getting accepted in US college with Linguistics major? 2) Can I use ACT and SAT subject (I don’t really know what to take, maybe Maths and Teaching Images | Teaching Literature, or World History and Literature I guess) for Resume | Cfo Resumed, my application instead of new SAT and SAT subject? Is this OK and not weird at all? I’m sorry if these questions are silly because I’m kind of really new to this (I’ve just changed my mind recently and am going around on the Internet getting confused by Template, the ACT, change of Resumed SAT, etc). 3) I was planning to take GRE before, so should I take it too as to increase my chance of Top-8-Medicaid-Service-Coordinator-Resume-Samples-1-638.jpg?cb=1431565481 getting accepted since I’m not US citizen? And maybe learning GRE is also useful for ACT, SAT subjects? And is there any full scholarship for 6+ Receptionist, linguistics because I think (personally) not many people go into this field? I’m thinking of Yale, maybe this is very hard but I really love linguistics so I have to do my best. Thank you very much and wish you the best.

The first challenge you will face is that most undergraduate programs in the U.S. will not accept students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. You should discuss this with the admission offices. 1) As for the ACT/SAT, the choice will not impact you chances of acceptance. Both exams have downloadable tests that you can try. | Calendar : Printable Calendar. The Khan Academy program for 6+ Receptionist | Cfo, the SAT is improving the number of tests available, so the ACT’s lead on that score has narrowed. Cool Centre Job 66 Additional Online. 2) Yes. I don’t know of any colleges where an ACT alone or an ACT with Subject Tests would not be acceptable. 3) It typically would not have an impact on undergraduate admission, because admission offices are not setup to use the GRE as a tool. Getting a scholarship as an international student is challenging.

I would strongly recommend starting, though, by seeing if you are even eligible for undergraduate admissions. 6+ Receptionist Resumed. If not, you should not give up on your dream to study linguistics. Construction And Demolition Labourer Resume Template | Premium. You may be able to do sufficient work to show that you have the 6+ Receptionist, skills to be admitted to a graduate program. Math, Reading, and Writing Concordances for the New SAT. 2017 Compass Education Group.

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