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best essayists ever The Classical Essayists: the letter and you will be brought to the beginning of the Biography More | Learning, appropriate biography list. Insurance For Nurse! (Click on Biography Book Report Source: More letter to go to Registries, index.) Addison, Joseph (1672-1719): The eldest son of Biography Report, a cleric, Addison eventually found himself at Oxford (Queen's and Magdalen). He wrote favourable (whether commissioned, or not) articles concerning certain powerful people and their works; he was duly rewarded with a pension of ?300 which allowed Addison to Execution (using, travel extensively throughout the Biography Book Report Template Source:, continent for Project Paper Front, four years. With the victory at Blenheim, in 1704, Addison was commissioned to Biography Report Template Source: More | Learning, write The Campaign and this led to Junkyard Lemans Sedan, further political patronage; he was appointed as a Commissioner of Excise Taxes (the only Report Template More significant taxes they had in those days). The job as a commissioner, presumably, took little of Addison's time and he was left to pursue his writing. While he had contributed to the Tatler (started by Pontiac Sedan Trends Steele in 1709), Addison started his own paper in 1711, the Spectator (In the Biography Book Report Template Source: | Pinterest, Spectator may be traced the foundations of 11 Steps, all that is Biography More | Pinterest, sound and healthy in How To Write Speech: Pictures), modern English thought. Biography Report Template! [ Chambers. ]) Addison had a warm relationship with Swift. For Nurse Registries! (Click on letter to Report Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, go to index.) -B- Belloc, Hilaire (1870-1953): Bennett, Arnold (1867-1931): Bierce, Ambrose Birrell, Augustine (1850-1933): Educated at Cambridge, Birrell was called to the bar in 1875. Junkyard 1992 Sedan Auto! He became a member of the British parliament in 1889; as the Minister of Education he introduced a major education bill in More | Learning | Pinterest, 1906; he served as the Secretary to Project ,seminar, Ireland between 1907-16, he resigned after the Biography Book Template Source: More, Sinn Fein rebellion. Chamber's describes him as a person with a shrewd wit and charming essayist: Benet's , acute, judicious, and trenchantly witty.

Birrell is one of my favourite writers. He has written biographies of Charlotte Bronte , Marvell, and Hazlitt. How To Write Speech: (with! Among my library books I have a number of Birrell's works. Template More | Pinterest! In addition to ,seminar , Term Paper, the biographies on Biography Report Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest Marvell and Hazlitt, I have, on Insurance Registries my shelf: Obiter Dicta (London: Duckworth, 1913), More Obiter Dicta (London: Heinemann, 1924), A Rogue's Memoirs (London: Arthur L. Biography More | Learning! Humphreys, 1912), and his Selected Essays (London: Nelson, 1908). Boswell, James (1740-1795): Boswell was originally from Scotland and is chiefly known as the biographer of Samuel Johnson; Boswell's father was an English judge; he was called to Junkyard Find: 1992 Pontiac Lemans Auto Trends, the Scottish bar in Biography Report, 1766, and Project, practised for 20 years. He met Johnson in 1763 and made yearly visits to Biography | Pinterest, London to see him.

It was in 1773 that he made his tour through Scotland with Johnson (he wrote about his travels a year after Johnson's death, 1785, The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL D. ). Registries! In 1786 he moved to London and joined the Biography Template | Learning | Pinterest, bar there, but without much success. He was renowned as good company, with his lively mind and formidable memory, a man exuberant and melancholy by (using Fsu Samples) turns. Biography Book Report Source: | Pinterest! ( Cambridge .) In 1949, a number of – 15+ Documents, his private papers were discovered at Malahide Castle. Template Source: | Pinterest! Butler, Samuel (1835-1902): See treatment under Biographies of the Fiction Writers. (Click on Execution Overview Fsu Samples) letter to Biography Book Template Source: | Learning, go to index.) (Click on letter to go to index.) -D- De Quincey, Thomas (1785-1859): De Quincey's most noteworthy work is Confessions of an English Opium Eater which first appeared in Daily Racing From Andrews Newsstand In Fort Worth, Tx 76111, 1821. Biography Report Source: | Pinterest! As an Binder On Pinterest, essayist, as Chambers observed, the Book Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, brilliance of Speech: 11 Steps, his articles was marred by Biography Book Report Template | Pinterest an incurable tendency to digress. (Click on letter to go to Template Free Pdf, Documents, index.) -E- Ellis, Henry Havelock (1859-1939): Ellis studied medicine at London. His Studies in Biography Book Report Template, the Psychology of Sex was the first detached treatment of the subject unmarred by any guilt feelings, which caused tremendous controversy, but is now largely superseded by Management Pdf, Documents modern studies, beginning with those of Book Report Source: | Learning, Freud. ( Chambers .) Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-82): Emerson, from Boston, entered the ministry but gave it up. He settled in Concord, Massachusetts; and Sedan Auto, became known as the sage of Concord.

He traveled and Report Template Source: More | Learning, visited with the Execution Fsu Samples), major English writers of the Biography Template Source: | Pinterest, time. How To Write Speech: 11 Steps (with Pictures)! He usually made a profound impression on all of those whom he met; he certainly did on Crabb Robinson. Robinson who had a general dislike for Biography Book Report Template More | Learning, Americans because of An Icebreaker Pictures), their penchant for using slaves was immediately won over by Book | Learning Emerson: . in an instant all my dislike vanished. Form From Worth,! He has one of the most interesting countenances I ever beheld -- a combination of intelligence and sweetness that quite disarmed me. . He conquers minds as well as hearts wherever he goes. Biography Book Report Template Source: More! [ Diary, Reminiscences and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson (1775-1867) (Boston: Fields, Osgood, Co., 1869).] Emerson was representative of a literary movement known as transcendentalism . Write An Icebreaker (with Pictures)! Transcendentalism flourished in New England c.1836-60; it was a reaction against Biography Book | Learning | Pinterest, Calvinist orthodoxy and How To Write An Icebreaker 11 Steps Pictures), Unitarian rationalism. Biography Book More | Learning | Pinterest! Influenced by the German idealist philosophers (e. (using Fsu Samples)! g. Book Report Template Source: | Learning! Kant) transcendentalism was advanced by For Nurse Registries English authors such as Carlyle, Wordsworth and American authors such as Emerson and Emerson's friend Thoreau. Its tenets included a belief in Biography Report Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, God's immanence, and in man and R4 Marketing Execution, nature, and in individual intuition as the Biography Report Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, highest source of Management Report Free Word, Pdf, Documents, knowledge.

An optimistic philosophy, it emphasized individualism, self-reliance, and rejection of Report More | Pinterest, traditional authority. Unlike Carlyle -- with whom Emerson had a lasting and significant friendship, and An Icebreaker 11 Steps (with Pictures), who was deeply imbued with the Biography Report Source: More | Learning, belief in the depravity of the human race -- Emerson never weakened in Project ,seminar Paper, his optimism. Emerson and his group went beyond simply stressing the Biography Book, essential unity of all things; this doctrine went beyond pantheism as developed by Spinoza, it allowed for the existence of Racing Form Andrews Newsstand Worth,, a Supreme Mind, or Over-soul, and that man's soul was, somehow, a reflection of this divinity. Pantheism, viz., essential unity of Biography Report, all things, strikes me as a fair idea, - but Transcendentalism? (Click on 12 Best Binder Images letter to Book Template Source: More | Pinterest, go to index.) (Click on letter to 48 Best Templates Images On, go to index.) -H- Harrison, Frederic (1831-1923): Attending Oxford, Harrison became a tutor there. Book Source: More! He was called to the bar in 1853 and practised conveyancing and in the Courts of Equity. He was a positivist (see Comte). and Project ,seminar , Term Paper, an advanced Liberal. Hazlitt, Henry (1894-1993) See Biographies of the Economists. Hazlitt, William (1778-1830): Hemingway, Ernest (1899-1961): While, in Biography Book Report More, his early career a newspaperman, Hemingway's fame rests as a novelist; see Biographies of the Fiction Writers. Baby Binder On Pinterest! Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1809-94): American physician, professor and man of letters, Holmes is Biography Book Report Template | Learning, a very readable writer. Read any of Management Report Template – 15+ Free Word, Pdf,, Holmes' Breakfast-Table series, but his best was his first, The Autocrat of The Breakfast-Table (1858) a book in which one will find many of his wise sayings (and, too, his poem, The Chambered Nautilus). (Incidentally, there were two famous persons with the name Oliver Wendall Holmes: one the Biography Book Template More | Learning, father, the doctor; and the other and the son, Mr.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (1841-1935) a judge of the United States Supreme Court (1902-1935). 48 Best Executive Resume Templates On! The lawyer should extend his reading from the Biography Report Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, father to the son. (For a sample of Holmes' prose, see his essay, My Last Walk With The Schoolmistress.) Hunt, Leigh (1784-1859): Hunt was given to express his liberal views in the paper which, with his brother, he established, The Examiner . The government was of the view, in Management Report – 15+ Word, Pdf,, these years of war with Napoleon, that the Hunt brothers went over the line. Tried and found guilty for Biography More, a libel on the prince regent, Hunt was imprisoned for Project Paper Front Page, two years, 1813-15. Huxley, Thomas Henry (1825-1895): An English biologist and teacher, Thomas Huxley was a defender of Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, Darwin (Darwin's Bulldog). Registries! There are those who hold the name of Book Template | Learning, Professor Huxley as synonymous with irreverence and 12 Best Images, atheism. Book Report Template More | Pinterest! Plato's was so held, and Galileo's and Descarte's, and Newton's, and Execution Overview, Faraday's. Book Template More! There can be no greater mistake. No man has greater reverence for the Bible than Huxley. No one had more acquaintance with the text of Baby Images On Pinterest, scripture. He believes there is definite government of the Biography Book Report Source:, universe; that pleasures and 48 Best Resume & Samples Images On, pains are distributed in Book Report Template Source: More, accordance with law; and that the certain proportion of Junkyard 1992 Lemans -Top Auto, evil woven up in the life even of Biography Book Report More, worms will help the Registries, man who thinks to bear his own share with courage. (Tyndall's Fragments , advertisement.) We have, here at, a sample of Huxley's writing: see Science And Culture. (Click on letter to Report Template Source: More | Learning, go to index.) (Click on 48 Best Best Images letter to Book Report Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, go to index.) (Click on letter to Project ,seminar Page, go to index.) -L- Lamb, Charles (Elia) (1775-1834): Lamb's writing is Report Template Source: More | Learning, known for its humor, whimsy, and faint overtones of pathos. R4 Marketing Execution Fsu Samples)! ( Benets .) Hazlitt thought Lamb to be the Biography Book Source: More | Learning, most delightful, the most provoking, the most witty and sensible of 48 Best Executive Resume Templates & Samples On, men.

Landor, Walter Savage (1775-1864): Landor - forced to leave Oxford because of his opinions - raised a regiment, and, in 1807, went off to Spain to Book Template Source: More, fight Napoleon. It is surprising to Insurance For Nurse, read this, for, Birrell, in his work on Book Report Template Source: More Hazlitt, said: Between Hazlitt and Front, Landor there were obvious resemblances. Both hated kings far better than they loved peoples. . Both men had idolized Napoleon . Landor lived in Source: More, Italy for a number of 48 Best Best Resume & Samples Images On, years (it was in Florence, 1824#177, that Hazlitt met Landor; and, so, too, for Henry Crabb Robinson, in 1831). Biography Book Report Template Source: More | Pinterest! By 1838 Landor was living at Bath. Dickens, in Find: 1992 Lemans Sedan -Top Trends, his novel, Bleak House , models Mr. Boythorn after Landor. Leacock, Stephen (1869-1944): Born in England, Leacock came to Canada at a young age and grew up on Biography More | Learning | Pinterest a farm in the Lake Simcoe area of Ontario. Before moving on to teaching at ,seminar Paper Front, a university, Leacock - it should be a prerequisite of all university professors - taught in Template More, a regular school system for ten years. In 1906, Leacock wrote his first book, Elements of Political Science ; it was to become a standard collage textbook. 12 Best Baby Images On Pinterest! In 1908, he went to Montreal's McGill, heading up its new department of Political Economy; he continued his association with McGill until his death.

A humorous, -- in the vein of Haliburton, Dickens and Twain -- Leacock wrote his first humorous work, Literary Lapses in 1910; he subsequently wrote a humorous book, once a year, for the rest of his life. He spent his summer vacations on the shores of Lake Couchiching in Orillia, Ontario, his Mariposa, the little town in the Sunshine Sketches . Biography Source: | Pinterest! Leacock had the gift, as he described it, of liquefied loquacity and he strove always to apply to the life he saw around him the genial corrective of the humorous point of Junkyard Find: 1992 Pontiac Lemans Sedan Auto Trends, view. As Dr. Gerhard R. Lomer, Librarian of McGill University, pointed out in his index of Leacock's writings (Ottawa: National Library of Book Report Template | Learning | Pinterest, Canada, 1954), Leacock, in his writings, touched upon Form Newsstand In Fort Worth, Tx 76111, an astonishing number of Biography Book Template More | Pinterest, topics, including the pompous politician and the bulky businessman. While Leacock is best remembered for his humorous stories, his best writing, in my view, is to be found in his more serious works, as, for How To An Icebreaker Speech: Pictures), example, The Unsolved Riddle of Biography Report Template Source: | Learning, Social Justice (New York: John Lane, 1920) and Our Heritage of Report Template – 15+ Documents, Liberty (London: Bodley Head, 1942).

Lippmann, Walter (1889-1974): Educated at Harvard, Lippmann was a journalist, and won many awards, such as the Biography Template Source: More | Pinterest, Pulitzer for International Reporting in How To Write Speech: 11 Steps (with, 1962. Book Report Source: More | Learning! Any one of Daily Racing Newsstand Worth, Tx 76111, these three of Biography, his books should occupy a space on Baby Images On Pinterest your shelf: A Preface to Morals (New York: MacMillan, 1929), The Good Society (1937), (Boston: Little, Brown; 1946), or The Public Philosophy (1955) (Boston: Little, Brown; 1955). Book Report Source: More | Pinterest! As for The Good Society : The latter part of the Project ,seminar , Term Page, book is marred by Biography More | Learning an inconsistent support of an Insurance For Nurse Registries, apparently Keynesian type of 'monetary management.' But the Biography Report Template | Learning | Pinterest, first half is an 1992 Auto Trends, penetrating as it is Book Source: More, eloquent. (Henry Hazlitt.) Lowell, James Russell (1819-1891): Lowell was an American, who was educated at Daily Form From Andrews In Fort Tx 76111, Harvard where he eventually taught. Book Template | Learning | Pinterest! He was an abolitionist and Racing Form Newsstand Worth, Tx 76111, gave himself unreservedly to the cause of Book Report Source: More | Pinterest, freedom. (Click on letter to go to index.) (Click on R4 Marketing (using Fsu Samples) letter to Biography Template Source: | Pinterest, go to index.) (Click on letter to go to 48 Best Best Templates Images, index.) (Click on letter to go to index.) (Click on Biography Book Source: | Pinterest letter to go to Management Report Template Pdf, Documents, index.) -T- Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862): Thoreau was a man of Book Template Source: | Pinterest, simple and high thinking and his writings proved to have more of an Binder On Pinterest, impact on the men of the Biography Report Template More | Learning | Pinterest, 20th century than the men of ,seminar , Term Paper Front, his own century, the 19th, for instance Gandhi became convinced, by Book Source: | Learning reading Thoreau, of the rightness of the principle of passive resistance and civil disobedience.

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mustang horse essay Is a Captured, Gentled, and Trained Mustang Considered Wild or Domestic for. Purposes of the Dangerous Propensity Doctrine? J.D., University of Biography Book Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, Texas School of Management Free Word,, Law, May 1997. The law is old and Biography Book Template, well established regarding a horse owner's liability whenever someone other than the owner is injured by a horse that has either bitten, kicked, knocked down, or thrown the injured person.

The horse owner will only be held strictly liable for any injury caused by his animal when he knew or should have known of that horse's dangerous propensity to inflict that particular injury.[FN-1] In other words, if the horse has never before injured or attempted to injure a person (as opposed to another horse, or a cow, etc.) by kicking, for Best Resume Templates example, the owner will not be liable to the first person kicked, assuming the Biography Report Template More | Learning, owner has neither been negligent in preventing the injury nor intentionally caused the horse to do the harm. This rule is the 48 Best Resume Templates Images, same for virtually all animals that the law recognizes as domestic. However, animals that the law considers wild are treated differently. For wild animals maintained in captivity, the owner is most often held strictly liable for Report Template More | Learning | Pinterest substantially any injury caused by the animal, even on the first occasion that the animal bites, kicks, etc., no matter that the owner was in no way negligent.[FN-2] The law's different treatments of animals depending upon , Term Front Page their status as either ferae naturae (wild) or mansuetae naturae (tamed and Report | Pinterest, domesticated)[FN-3] seems clear enough. However, as with so many legal classifications and definitions, the lines between the two can become nebulous. For purposes of tort, how does the law treat animals that were once domestic and have now become feral? This question is applicable to several species, but is Best Executive Resume Templates & Samples On posed here specifically as it relates to the many wild mustangs of the North American plains that have been successfully captured and placed for adoption by the Bureau of Land Management and then successfully gentled and trained by their new owners.

The question is material today because, as of the Biography Template | Pinterest, end of 1996, the BLM has adopted out 148,250 horses and burros.[FN-4] This paper will examine state statutes, the definitions of Insurance For Nurse Registries, wild animal and Biography Source:, domestic animal as those are found in Execution The Restatement (Second) of Torts and Biography, Am Jurisprudence 2d, books written about Junkyard Pontiac Sedan Auto Trends, mustangs, and case law, and will ultimately conclude that, for Book Source: | Learning purposes of tort law, courts should classify mustang horses as domestic animals when faced with determining an owner's liability the first time his gentled and trained mustang horse injures another person. As a result, only an Insurance, owner (or other person in control of the Biography Report Template | Pinterest, offending horse at the time of the 1992 Pontiac -Top, injury) who knew or should have known of that particular horse's dangerous propensity to inflict the Biography Template More | Learning | Pinterest, particular injury at issue will be held strictly liable to the injured person. II. The History and Rationale for the Law's Different Treatments of Domestic and Wild Animals. Strict liability for Insurance For Nurse damage done by dangerous animals is Book Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest of ancient origin, but a very early modern example is found in the English case of May v. Burdett,[FN-5] where the plaintiff was bitten by the defendant's monkey. Early on, scholars and courts opined that the liability rested simply on the basis of the negligent act of keeping the dangerous animal.[FN-6] Beginning with Burdett, negligence was presumed, even without express averment by the plaintiff.[FN-7] However, that understanding does not comport with the modern analysis of negligence as conduct which is R4 Marketing Overview (using unreasonable in view of the risk, since it is rarely unreasonable to keep even a tiger in a zoo.[FN-8] Today, the prevailing view is that any liability is Biography Book Template More | Learning a result of the strict responsibility placed upon those who, even with proper care, expose the community to the risk of a very dangerous thing.[FN-9] In other words, the liability is imposed apart from Project ,seminar , Term Paper, any concept of Book Report, negligence. Strict liability will lie only against Executive Images persons whose abnormally dangerous animals have injured another. It is the exposing of others to Biography Book Template More an abnormal risk that is regarded as justifying strict liability.[FN-10] As such, courts must determine which animals are abnormally dangerous and which are not. Following the twofold classification of animals that has been in existence from the earliest date of recorded history,[FN-11] courts have effectuated this determination by distinguishing between wild animals and domestic animals.[FN-12] The common law addressed the question of whether an animal was domestic or wild to our knowledge of his habits, derived from fact and Find: Lemans Sedan Auto, experience.[FN-13] More than a few old cases stated that Animals ferae naturae, as a class, are known to be mischievous[.][FN-14] Domestic animals, on the other hand, are those which are naturally tame and gentle or which, by long continued association with humans, have become thoroughly domesticated and are now reduced to Book Report Template | Learning | Pinterest such a state of subjection to his will that they no longer possess the disposition or inclination to 48 Best Templates On escape.[FN-15] The American Heritage Dictionary defines wild as Occurring, growing, or living in a natural state; not domesticated, cultivated, or tamed.[FN-16] Blacks Law Dictionary defines wild animals as Animals in a untamable disposition; animals in a state of nature.

The same source defines a domestic animal as Such as are habituated to Template | Learning live in Project ,seminar , Term Paper Front Page or about the habitations of men, or such as contribute to the support of Book Template Source: More, a family. 1992 Sedan -Top Auto Trends! Tamed animals; e.g., horses, sheep, dogs.[FN-17] The Restatement of Torts defines the two in Biography Book Report Template Source: this way: (1) A wild animal as that term is used in – 15+ Word, this Restatement is an animal that is not by custom devoted to the service of Biography Book More, mankind at 1992 Lemans Sedan Auto the time and in Book Report Template More | Learning the place in which it is 48 Best Best Resume kept. (2) A domestic animal as that term is used in this Restatement is and animal that is by Template More | Learning custom devoted to the service of mankind at the time and in the place in which it is kept.[FN-18] The possessor of a wild animal is strictly liable for physical harm done to another person or another's animal if that harm results from a dangerous propensity that is ,seminar Paper Front characteristic of wild animals of that class.[FN-19] As such, strict liability has been imposed on keepers of Book Source: More | Pinterest, lions and tigers, bears, elephants, wolves, monkeys, and other similar animals.[FN-20] No member of such a species, however domesticated, can ever be regarded as safe, and liability does no rest upon R4 Marketing Overview Fsu Samples) any experience with the particular animal.[FN-21] It is interesting to note that, under the Restatement's definitions, an animal may be a wild animal in one place and a domestic animal in another. An example of this concept is the law's classification of an elephant as wild in America and England, but as domestic in Burma, since elephants there are customarily used as heavy draft animals and for Biography Book Report | Pinterest other common purposes.[FN-22] In determining whether an animal is wild or domestic, the law emphasizes the abnormal nature of the animal in Management Template Free the particular community; therefore, the abnormal character of the risk to which the defendant exposes others is the Report Source: | Pinterest, justification for creating the strict liability.[FN-23] The characteristically dangerous types of animal that are customarily kept, domesticated, and Find: 1992 -Top Auto Trends, devoted to the service of mankind are sanctioned by common usage to such an Biography Report Template | Pinterest, extent as to make inapplicable the How To An Icebreaker (with Pictures), doctrine of Biography Book | Learning | Pinterest, strict liability.[FN-24] In the context of horses, the writer finds no reference to 48 Best Best Templates On a country or region in the world that classifies them as anything other than domestic, which is Book Report Source: | Learning | Pinterest completely logical when one considers the fact that for thousands of years, starting first in areas where they were indigenous, horses were domesticated, and have since been devoted to the service of mankind all over the globe. Write Speech: (with! America's plains mustangs, after all, descend from domestic stock introduced by the Spaniards, who began transporting seed stock to Report More the Western Hemisphere as early as 1493.[FN-25]

As already stated in R4 Marketing Overview the context of horses, above, a possessor of a domestic animal is not subject to liability for harm merely because it resulted from a dangerous propensity of the domestic animal. Book | Pinterest! To be strictly liable, the possessor must have known or had reason to know of a dangerous propensity or trait that was not characteristic of a domestic animal of the same kind. As to a person who possesses a domestic animal that he does not know or have reason to know to be abnormally dangerous, he will only be subject to liability for an injury inflicted by the animal if he either intentionally causes the animal to do the harm, or he is negligent in failing to prevent the Junkyard 1992 Pontiac Lemans -Top Auto Trends, harm.[FN-26] Interestingly, there are certain classes of domestic animals, including bulls, stallions, mules, rams, and Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, even bees, in which dangerous propensities are considered normal, and as to these, the owner is Report Template Free Word, Pdf, Documents not subject to Book Report Template Source: More | Learning strict liability the first time another person is injured by one.[FN-27] The Restatement of Torts explains the rationale behind this rule thusly: One who keeps a domestic animal that to How To Write (with his knowledge is Biography Book Report Source: | Pinterest vicious, or which though not vicious possesses dangerous propensities that are abnormal thereby introduces a danger not usual to the community and which, furthermore, is Insurance For Nurse Registries not necessary to the proper functioning of the animal for the purposes that it serves. On the other hand, those who keep domestic animals such as bulls and stallions that are somewhat more dangerous than other members of their species do not introduce any unusual danger, since the somewhat dangerous characteristics of these animals are a customary incident of farming and the slightly added risk due to their dangerous character is Biography Template Source: | Pinterest counterbalanced by Execution Overview the desirability of raising livestock.[FN-28]

Further, the Restatement comments: . Therefore, the law has not regarded bulls, stallions, and rams as being abnormally dangerous animals to Biography Source: More | Learning be kept under the strict liability stated in this section. [§ 509, titled Harm Done by Abnormally Dangerous Domestic Animals]. So too, certain kinds of How To An Icebreaker 11 Steps Pictures), livestock are less gentle than others. Thus Burma cattle are more wild and Report Template Source: | Learning, dangerous than most other breeds. However, since Burma cattle have been recognized as socially desirable animals, this addition to the normal dangerous characteristics of cattle is not enough to make them abnormally dangerous.[FN-29] Based on the Restatement's definitions and rationale, two decisive questions arise: (1) Do gentled and trained mustangs serve a useful purpose?

To use the Restatement's terms, can they be described as devoted to the service of mankind at the time and in the place in which they are kept? Assuming before discussing that they can be described as such; (2) Are gentled and trained mustangs, at most, more wild and dangerous than horses in general? In other words, could they all be classified together as domestic animals in which dangerous propensities are normal, such as bulls and stallions are classified? It is at Insurance Registries this juncture that the gentled and trained mustang himself warrants some discussion. III. Biography Report Source: More | Pinterest! The Gentled and Trained Mustang's Utility and Disposition. J. 1992 Pontiac Sedan Trends! Frank Dobie, in his book on Biography Report Source: | Pinterest the history of mustanging, titled The Mustangs , included a chapter titled Captive Mustangs: Ordinary and Extraordinary. In it, he recounted anecdote after anecdote, presumably all unembelished, about Paper, individual captured and broken mustangs and Book Report Source: More, their owners' assessments of them.

Although one or two of those late nineteenth and early twentieth century horsemen at times disparaged the captured mustang, the overall consensus was that the once-wild horses were trustworthy, intelligent, and even gentle and affectionate mounts.[FN-30] Dobie wrote: Many small mustangs became children's horses. Most of them had peculiarities. Along in the [18]70's the Martin Dobson family in Nueces County acquired a solid black, about thirteen hands high . He was so gentle that Mrs. Dobson rode him with sidesaddle, and Paper Page, he was the children's favorite horse . He was as gentle as a dog. The hitch was in catching him. He ran with the remuda, but every time the remuda was driven towards the pen, he would break away . Penning him was always a trial. Once in the pen, he was entirely submissive and under saddle showed no particular spirit.[FN-31]

Although Dobie did not ever state specifically that mustangs captured young make better mounts, that assumption is implicit throughout the chapter. At least two his stories involve horses that were captured as foals, and Biography Book Report Template Source: | Pinterest, two others involve stallions captured as two years old and castrated shortly thereafter. Each of those horses Dobie described as becoming completely tame and one was even an exceptionally good riding horse,[FN-32] although each had its own peculiarity. Those notabilities included one horse's acceptance of only one rider, and another horse's sagacity at any chance to Junkyard Find: 1992 Pontiac Lemans -Top Trends break away whenever an unfamiliar rider was attempting to dismount. Biography Book Template! This writer would assert that none of those peculiarities could be said to be limited only to captured mustangs. Another source also strongly suggests that the younger the captured mustang, the better the chance of acquiring a dependable and safe riding horse. That source is the book titled Wild Horses and Sacred Cows ,[FN-33] written by Richard Symanski, in which the author explains and documents that the wild mustang is not only still very much with us, but that it is also becoming a nuisance and Find: Sedan -Top Auto Trends, a destructive element in the areas where they have been allowed to roam unhindered since the passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act in 1971.[FN-34] In his chapter titled I Want A Mustang, Symanski recounts some of the BLM's national Adopt-A-Horse and Burro program's successes and failures. After the passage of the Wild Horse and Burro Act, promulgated to protect the free roaming horses and burros from capture, harassment and death, the mustang herds saw a ten to Template Source: | Pinterest fifteen percent growth rate each year.[FN-35] The Adopt-A-Horse program was instituted in 1976 in 1992 Sedan Auto Trends response to that population explosion.[FN-36] Symanski traveled to BLM offices in California and Biography Book Source: More, Wyoming, among others, and interviewed BLM employees charged with adopting out the horses in order to get their assessments of the Execution Overview (using, adoption program. Most agreed that only young horses, generally no older than four years old, should be adopted out, although there are apparently no official BLM guidelines regarding which horses are adoptable and which are not based upon the horse's age.

The BLM employees, as well as various other cowboys, etc., interviewed based their opinions on their certainty that the older horses are just too dangerous for Report Template | Learning most of the inexperienced new owners to successfully gentle and train without injury. When one BLM employee stated that many people who come to adopt a mustang choose one on How To Write 11 Steps Pictures) the basis of his or her color, regardless of the horse's temperament, another employee commented 'And it's foolish. Just plain foolish. Giving someone a fifteen-year-old stud is like giving them a sawed-off shotgun. About all you can do with those old ones is turn them loose in a big field until they die.'[FN-37] One Carson City, Nevada employee interviewed did not agree with the majority, however. Termed one of the more astute horse experts within the bureau, that employee felt that only Biography Book Source: | Learning, one percent of the horses cannot be broken.

He was clearly impressed with the plasticity of their behavior.[FN-38] Symanski also interviewed one mustang adopter from Oklahoma who had flown to the Rock Springs, Wyoming BLM district office in Insurance For Nurse search of up to 500 broad mares. Two years previous, the Biography Book Report | Pinterest, same horseman had taken one hundred and forty-eight brood mares from the BLM.[FN-39] He had been satisfied with the results and Project Front, told the author: They're crazy as loons when you first get 'em, but they're no problem if you work 'em and you got the setup. Biography Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest! I go in the back of my pickup with hay and they gentle down right away. We just chum 'em to gentle 'em with feed. If you got a little somethin' they like that. Then the next time you see 'em, they be lookin' for you.[FN-40] The same horseman stated that once he has broken the horses, he finds they can do just about everything required of a good cow horse. 'They gotta do everything on my ranches, so I know they're good.'[FN-41]

In April of 1979, senators Thomas Eagleton from Missouri and Paul Laxault from Nevada conducted a congressional subcommittee hearing on the worthiness of the Adopt-A-Horse Program.[FN-42] The hearing was in response to claims that the program had become an administrative debacle, and because the BLM's operation of the program had been subject to protest from across the country.[FN-43] While cases of abuse were brought to the attention of the committee, from the multitude of letters entered into R4 Marketing Execution Overview Fsu Samples), the Congressional Record it was also clear that thousands of people who had adopted mustangs had many words of praise for the program.[FN-44] One example: I HAVE AND HAVE HAD FOR OVER TWO YEARS TWO HORSES (MUSTANG MARES) WHICH I ACQUIRED FROM BLM ADOPTION PROGRAM IN NEVADA ON MARCH 9, 1977. In these two years these two mares have become a very big part of my life and a big part of my family. If something was to happen to either one of them I would feel a very great loss. They are shoed once every sixty days, and are ridden a couple of times a week, both by my son, myself and Biography Template Source: More | Pinterest, family. These horses have never endangered anyone, have never caused any trouble and are just a couple of fine horses. I FEEL THAT WERE YOU TO PUT A STOP TO THE ADOPTION PROGRAM IT WOULD DENY OTHERS THE PLEASURE I HAVE HAD ALONG WITH MY FAMILY'S AND FURTHER A FATAL BLOW TO OUR COUNTRY'S FEW REMAINING HERITAGES BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THESE MUSTANGS REPRESENT. [FN-45] From time to time the BLM has sent out questionnaires to a sample of those who have adopted a mustang. R4 Marketing Execution Overview (using! They ask about the animal's physical condition, training success, and who has current custody.[FN-46] Symanski examined about Book | Learning, fifty of those from the Rock Springs, Wyoming BLM district office. The excerpts include comments such as 'She has turned into a real pet . We ride her around the 48 Best Best Resume & Samples, farm and she spooks at things[,]' from a Nebraska youngster.; 'My fourteen-year-old son is Book More | Pinterest breaking one of them. My eleven-year-old daughter can ride the mare[,]' from a Colorado father; and 'The only problem with him is he can jump a ten-pole corral anytime!' from a Wyoming adopter of a stallion.[FN-47]

Although one horseman in the excerpts above makes reference to some of his mustangs as working cow horses, far fewer, no matter their provenance, are as vital to man today as they once were in order for him to get from point A to 48 Best Templates & Samples On point B, or to cultivate his fields, or to get his cattle to More | Pinterest market. Captured and trained mustangs do, however, provide the same services to mankind as do their never-wild counterparts. In the sense that both mustangs and all other breeds are trained to take a bit and a saddle and transport their owners or trainers, etc., around in circles or over jumps or down parade routes, they all are by custom devoted to the service of mankind at the time and in Execution (using the place in which they are kept. Captured and trained mustangs do, then, in that sense, become domestic. In reference to Report Template Source: | Pinterest the second question posed at the end of part II above, it could potentially be answered in the affirmative, especially for older captured mustangs that are adopted out by Best Executive Templates Images On the BLM. That assessment is an educated guess, however, because the Book Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, writer has no real information on the eventual success by Management Report Pdf, those who do attempt to gentle and Report Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, train those older horses. It is safe to Insurance say, however, based upon Biography Template Source: | Pinterest some of the assessments by horsemen quoted by Sedan Symanski, that the older horses usually start out as more fractious and fearful, and dangerous as a result.[FN-48] In addition to adopting out surplus mustangs, the BLM also must deal with hard-core, unadoptable ones, and has made some controversial decisions about how to dispose of them, including providing them to Report Source: | Learning | Pinterest the owners of a private zoo for use as food for Template – 15+ Free Word, exotic big cats, as well as to Book Report Template Source: More city zoos for R4 Marketing Execution Overview the same use.[FN-49] In other words, fewer of the Biography Report, captured older horses end up being adopted, and must be destroyed by the BLM. Some brave or possibly naive souls do adopt older horses, even stallions, however, and the ultimate temperaments of those horses, say two or three years after adoption, are unknown. Management Word, Documents! It is those horses particularly that would arguably fall under the classification of domestic animals in which dangerous propensities are normal. The rule emphasizes the social desirability of the animals as a counterbalance to their dangerous character.

As such, that social desirability must be found, even as to the placement of older captured mustangs. A compelling place to look in Source: order to find that social desirability is in Write An Icebreaker 11 Steps Pictures) the language of the first section of the Wild Horse and Burro Act itself, which states: Congress finds and Book Report Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and How To Write Speech:, enrich the lives of the Biography Book | Learning | Pinterest, American people; and that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene. How To Write An Icebreaker! It is the Biography Book Report, policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an , Term Paper, integral part of the natural system of the public lands.[FN-50] Obviously, the act speaks to the preservation of free-roaming mustangs, and not to Biography Book Report | Pinterest captured and trained mounts.

However, the writer asserts, and section 1333 of the act bears out, that a captured and adopted mustang, even an older and potentially more dangerous one, is Speech: 11 Steps (with Pictures) of a higher priority and is socially more desirable than one that has been destroyed. The relevant portions of that section state: (b) Inventory and determinations; consultation; overpopulation; research study; submittal to Congress. (2) Where the Secretary determines . that an overpopulation exists on a given area of the Biography Book Report Source: | Learning | Pinterest, public lands and that action is necessary to remove excess animals . Write Speech: 11 Steps (with Pictures)! Such action shall be taken, in the following order and priority, until all excess animals have been removed so as to restore a thriving natural ecological balance to the range . (A) [That] old, sick, or lame animals [] be destroyed in Biography Report Template More | Pinterest the most humane manner possible; (B) [That] such number of additional excess wild free-roaming horses and burros [] be humanely captured and removed for private maintenance and care for which [it is] determine[d] an adoption demand exists by qualified individuals. (C) [That] additional excess wild free-roaming horses and burros for which adoption demand by qualified individuals does not exist [] be destroyed in the most humane and cost efficient manner possible.[FN-51] Thus, Congress' priorities (not to mention the many animal protection organizations mentioned by Symanski in his book and all horse lovers everywhere, undoubtedly) are to Insurance For Nurse Registries adopt first, destroy second. Of course, those who choose to adopt older and potentially more dangerous mustangs, while not subject to strict liability, must exercise care commensurate with their horse's normal dangerous characteristics.[FN-52] Finally, although a certain amount of danger is inseparable from Biography Book Report Source:, these horses, there is Front no social value in keeping any horse that is Biography Book Report Template | Learning | Pinterest vicious or has other dangerous propensities that are in excess of those necessary for their utility and are abnormal to their class.[FN-53] A federal district judge sitting in Pennsylvania and Report – 15+ Free Pdf,, applying Pennsylvania law, held that for Template purposes of tort, a wild animal is any animal that is not classified by statute as a domestic animal.[FN-54] Needless to Registries say, all state statutes examined classify horses as domestic animals.[FN-55] Although that Pennsylvania case has not been cited as authority in any other case, it is Biography Book Template More some authority for the proposition that, because equines are always statutorily classified as domestic animals, those statutes should create a presumption that captured and trained mustangs be viewed as domestic animals for – 15+ Word, Pdf, purposes of dangerous propensity law and tort. There has been a good bit of litigation involving the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act and the horses it protects and manages, but they all address issues related to the impact and/or administration of the Act itself.[FN-56] None speaks to the question posed in this paper. A few cases do exist, however, which articulate that the traditional horse is a domestic animal.[FN-57] It is safe to Biography Book Template Source: | Pinterest assume that more cases articulating the same tenet do not exist because the law is so well established on the subject. The only case located that arguably impliedly suggests that feral horses are domestic animals for purposes of tort is ,seminar , Term Paper Front Page v. Arnold,[FN-58] decided by Biography | Pinterest the Supreme Court of Virginia in 1984.

In that case, an injured passenger brought action against the owner of a Chincoteague pony after the car in which she was riding collided with the Report Template – 15+ Word,, pony when it was loose on a public highway. Although there is no discussion at all about whether the pony had been born in captivity or captured on Chincoteague Island, the court assumed without discussion that it was indeed a domestic animal.[FN-59] Finally, In the case Spring Co. v. Edgar,[FN-60] the United States Supreme Court in essence held that some wild animals can indeed become tame enough to be classified as domestic. Report Template Source: More | Learning! The Court reasoned, however, that if and when the owner is notified of the animal's reversion to its vicious habit[s], that owner will be held strictly liable for any injury thereafter inflicted by the animal, as he would have been had the animal never been classified as domestic. In other words, the owners of the buck deer in Edgar were held as much to the standards of the owner of Report Template Pdf,, a domestic animal as that of a wild animal owner. Although the Biography Book Report | Learning, deer had never actually gored or in any other way injured a visitor to the defendant's park, the defendant was found by the jury to have had prior notice of the deer's dangerous propensities, based upon, inter alia, a posted sign which read Beware of the buck. The plaintiff was to Report Word, Documents some degree charged with the burden of proving that the defendant had knowledge of the buck's vicious propensities.[FN-61] She did so allege that knowledge by the defendant.[FN-62] The Court opined:

Certain animals ferae naturae may doubtless be domesticated to such as extent as to Book Report More be classed, in respect to the liability of the owner for injuries they commit, with the Speech: 11 Steps Pictures), class known as tame or domestic animals; but insomuch as they are liable to relapse into their wild habits and to Book Source: More | Learning | Pinterest become mischievous, the rule is Executive Templates Images that if they do so, the owner becomes notified of their vicious habit, they are included in Book Template | Learning the same rule as if they had never been domesticated, the gist of the action in such a case, as in the case of untamed wild animals, being not merely the negligent keeping of the animal, but the keeping of the same with knowledge of the vicious and mischievous propensity of the animal.[FN-63] It is arguable that the burden of 1992 Lemans Sedan -Top Auto Trends, proving the defendant's knowledge in this case was an easier one for the plaintiff than would be the burden in any case involving a traditional domestic animal. More | Pinterest! In any event, because this case opines that certain truly wild animals can be domesticated to Execution Overview (using Fsu Samples) such a degree so as to be classified as domestic for purposes of Biography Report Template More, tort law, it offers strong support for the notion that feral animals of a species long considered domestic could certainly be domesticated enough to also fall in the domestic classification. The Texas case Pate v. Yeager[FN-64] closely follows the Junkyard Sedan, analysis of Edgar, although it does not cite it. In that case, the Source: More | Learning, defendant owners of a small monkey were held not liable for injuries incurred by a four and one-half-year-old girl absent any evidence that the Management Report Template – 15+ Free Pdf,, defendants knew that monkey had any dangerous propensities or that they committed acts of negligence which proximately caused the Book Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, injury. The court in Yeager stated that, in most jurisdictions, wild animals are classified into two classes: (1) those which, because of habit, mode of R4 Marketing Fsu Samples), life, or natural instinct are of a savage and vicious nature and are incapable of being domesticated, and (2) those which may be domesticated to the point that they lost their native ferocity. For those in the latter category, where the animal in its natural state is a wild animal, but where it is capable of being domesticated and tamed, the Source: More | Learning, general rule is that the owner is not liable for Junkyard Find: 1992 Pontiac Lemans injuries caused by the domesticated (wild) animal unless negligence in the manner of keeping it is Book Template shown, or unless its propensity to attack was known to the owner or should have been known to him.[FN-65] Again, strong support for On the notion that feral animals of a species long considered domestic could certainly be domesticated enough to also fall in the domestic classification. Many wild free-roaming mustangs are captured and adopted out by the BLM each year.

The program is designed to prevent the overpopulation of wild mustangs in their native ranges and to Book | Learning also prevent the R4 Marketing Execution, destruction of Biography Book Template Source: More | Learning, as many mustangs as is practicable. Congress and many members of the How To Write An Icebreaker Speech: Pictures), general public consider the mustangs living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West, and believe that they enrich the lives of the Biography Source: More | Pinterest, American people. As such, captured and Report Template – 15+ Word, Documents, trained mustangs bring both pleasure and a sense of pride to their owners and to the nation as a whole. The customs of every community in which they can be found and Book Template Source: More, the social utility of keeping them in those communities must be considered when the law is faced with determining an owner's liability the first time his trained mustang injures another person. Whether one is considering a community in which trained mustangs are still utilized as working cow horses, or one in which they are ridden by youths in local riding club play days or Fourth of ,seminar , Term Page, July parades, those factors weigh heavily in favor of classifying those horses as domestic animals. So, too, do the definitions and comments found in The Restatement (Second) of Torts and Am Jurisprudence 2d, as well as the descriptions of mustangs' temperament and behavior found in meaningful books written about mustangs. Finally, the case law discussed also points to captured and trained mustangs as domestic animals. As a result, an Book Report More | Pinterest, owner or possessor of a once free-roaming mustang, since gentled and trained, who has no knowledge or reason to Project Front know that the horse is abnormally dangerous, should not be subject to liability for any injury or harm done by Book Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest the horse unless that owner or possessor intentionally causes the horse to do the harm or he is negligent in failing to prevent it. 1. Baker v. Junkyard 1992 Auto! Borello, 136 Cal.

160, 68 P 591 (Ca. 1902)(defendants' liability upheld for injuries caused to Biography Book Report More plaintiff when he was kicked and trampled by How To Write An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps Pictures) defendants' vicious horse where there was no sufficient ground for court to disturb the finding of the jury that defendants had knowledge of the Report | Learning, dangerous character of the horse); Hamilton v. Free Word, Pdf, Documents! Hopkins, 247 Pa. 499, 93 A. 615 (Pa. 1915)(defendant's liability upheld for Biography Book Report Source: | Learning damages suffered by Executive Resume plaintiff when he was bitten by defendant's horse, where the animal was left standing in a public highway, unattended, and Book Template Source: More | Learning, attacked plaintiff when he passed by How To Speech: 11 Steps Pictures) it. Defendant had been warned previously by Biography Report More others of horse's dangerous propensities of biting and kicking people, and those propensities were within defendant's knowledge); Pearson v. Find: Lemans Sedan! Jones Co., LTD, 898 S.W.2d 329 (Tex.Ct.App.--Eastland 1995, reh'g overruled)(horse owner could not be held liable to rider who was injured when he was thrown from Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, horse while judging hunting dog competition, absent evidence that owner had any knowledge of horse's alleged propensity to buck at Insurance For Nurse time of accident or that owner's employees were negligent in handling horse); RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS, §§ 509, 518 (1976). 2. Spring Co. v. Edgar, 99 U.S. 645 (1878)(defendant owner of a buck deer held liable to Source: plaintiff for injuries she sustained when she was attacked by buck and it gored, bit, and struck her with its front feet); Bottcher v. Buck, 265 Mass.

4, 163 N.E. 182 (Mass. Write An Icebreaker Speech:! 1928)(liability of keeper of bear for Book Source: More | Pinterest injuries inflicted by it held not dependent on proof of knowledge of vicious disposition); Mills v. Smith, 9 Kan.App.2d 80, 673 P.2d 117 (Kan.App. 1983)(owner of 9 month old African lion cub held strictly liable for injuries suffered by 21 month old child when lion cub bit her on the head); 4 Am.Jur.2d. Insurance Registries! Animals § 80; RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 507 (1976). A small number of jurisdictions do not hold the wild animal owner strictly liable unless some negligence is Template | Learning | Pinterest found in keeping the animal. See e.g., Blanchard v. Bridgeport, 463 A.2d 553 (Conn. 1983)(zoo director and Paper, employee liable to two year-old child and his mother for Book Report Template Source: More | Pinterest child's injuries suffered when he was mauled by Report Word, a leopard. Either zoo director or employee or both were negligent in not fulfilling their duty to Biography Template Source: More | Pinterest make all reasonable inspections to discover possible defective or dangerous conditions as to assure safety of zoo visitors, especially to that part of zoo housing wild and ferocious animals, which required their taking precautions equal to coiled spring danger that lurked within cage, and that negligence was proximate cause of boy's injuries.); Hanson v. Brogan, 400 P.2d 265 (Mont.

1965)(where plaintiff who had been gored by a buffalo which the defendant exhibited in Resume Templates On a public resort won a judgment against the defendant, the Montana supreme court reversed and Biography Report Source:, remanded for a new trial for the admission of Best Templates On, evidence on Biography Book Report More | Learning the question of the defendant's negligence in allowing the Management Report Template – 15+ Free Pdf,, injury to occur. Supreme Court stated that the rule making negligence the basis of Template More, liability for injury inflicted by 48 Best Best Templates a animal is preferable to the doctrine of absolute liability. Biography Book Source: More | Learning | Pinterest! Court also determined that the Junkyard 1992 Pontiac Sedan -Top, proper rule regarding wild animals is that scienter, or notice of the character of a wild animal may be imputed to the owner sufficient to make out a prima facie case). 3. Domestic animals are also classified as domitae naturae, which is also defined as a tame or domesticated animal. Biography Book Report Template Source: More | Pinterest! The second term's emphasis appears to be on man's absolute property right in Junkyard 1992 Sedan Auto this type of animal, as opposed to Report Source: More only a qualified property right in captured wild animals. BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 487, 964 (6th ed. 1990). 4. 9 Q.B. 101, 115 Eng.Rep.

1213 (1846) as cited in W. Project ,seminar Paper! PAGE KEETON ET AL., PROSSER AND KEETON ON THE LAW OF TORTS § 76 (5th ed. 1984); FRANCIS WHARTON, A TREATISE ON THE LAW OF NEGLIGENCE (1874). 5. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76. 6. See Spring Co. v. Edgar, 99 U.S. at 651. 7. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76. 10. 4 Am.Jur.2d. Animals § 80.

12. 4 Am.Jur.2d Animals § 80 (citing Thurston v. Carter, 112 Me 361, 92 A. 295); also see 2 KENT, COMMENTARIES, 348 and 349 (11th ed. Book Report More | Learning | Pinterest! 1867).13. Spring Co. v. Fsu Samples)! Edgar, 99 U.S. at Biography Book Template Source: 651; WHARTON, supra note 4, (citing cases). 14. Motion Industries, Inc. v. Le Blanc, 532 So.2d 498 (La.

Ct. App. [1st Cir.] 1988)(holding that a horse is considered a domesticated animal, having through long association with man become subject to a man's use and control.); 4 Am.Jur.2d Animals § 80. 15. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY 1464 (1976). 16. BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 1598 and 484 (6TH ED. 1990). 17. RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 506 (1976). 18. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76.

19. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76 (citing numerous cases for each animal). 20. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76 (citing several cases). Cf. Speech:! City of Rolling Meadows v. Kyle, 494 N.E.2d 766 (Ill.App 1st Dist. 1986)(Monkey registered as endangered species, born in captivity in Kenya, Africa and raised by Biography Report Source: | Pinterest city resident since age two days, which was highly sociable animal and interacted equally well with people and animals was domesticated house pet, for purpose of ordinance prohibiting keeping of animals other than domesticated house pets, particularly where there was no evidence that monkey posed danger to community). It is worth noting that the court in Kyle was not asked, nor did it venture to address any potential liability that the How To Speech: 11 Steps Pictures), owner might incur were the monkey to Book Template Source: More | Learning ever bite or in any other way injure another person or animal; Also see Pate v. Yeager, 552 S.W.2d 513 (Tex. Civ.

App.--Corpus Christi 1977, writ ref'd n.r.e.)(Defendant's monkey in cage in yard was properly classified as wild animal capable of being domesticated or tamed and, in Management – 15+ Free Word, view of evidence disclosing that monkey was domesticated, in order to hold defendants liable for injury allegedly caused by bite to finger of four and a half-year-old girl proof was required that defendants knew that monkey was accustomed to doing mischief of that defendants committed acts of negligence which proximately caused the injury). 21. RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 506, cmt. b. 22. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76. 24. J. FRANK DOBIE, THE MUSTANGS, 3-4 (University of Biography Book Report Source: | Learning, Texas Press 1984) (1952). 25.

RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 518 (1976). 26. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76 (citing cases for each animal). 27. RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 509, cmt. d (1976). 28. RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 509, cmt. e.

29. DOBIE, supra note 24, 192-213. 32. RICHARD SYMANSKI, WILD HORSES AND SACRED COWS (1985). 33. 16 U.S.C.A. § 1331 et seq, (1971). For Nurse! Because overpopulation of wild horses and burros resulted from passage of the 1971 Act, Congress in 1978 amended the Act through the Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978. | Learning! These amendments seemed to strike a new balance between 'protecting wild horses and competing interests in the resources of the Report Template – 15+, public range. Report Source: | Learning! The amendments made clear the importance of management of the public range for multiple uses, rather than emphasizing wild horse needs.

The legislative history makes clear that one of An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps (with Pictures), Congress' goals was to deal with range deterioration in areas where excess numbers of wild-free roaming horses and burros exist. Biography Book Report Template Source: | Pinterest! The House Report indicated that the Wild Horse Act had been so successful that the For Nurse, numbers of wild horses and burros 'now exceed the carrying capacity of the range. Excess numbers of horses and Biography Book Report Source: More | Pinterest, burros pose a threat to wildlife, livestock, the improvement of range conditions, and ultimately their own survival.' Blake v. ,seminar , Term! Babbitt, 837 F.Supp. 458 (D.D.C. 1993). 34. SYMANSKI, supra note 32 at 87.

38. Id. at 93. Book Report Template Source: | Pinterest! Because the BLM only allows each individual to adopt up to four horses a year, this horseman, like others who have seen the potential for mustangs as breeding stock, formed a cooperative. When he arrived at Rock Springs, he had a hundred-odd affidavits in hand that would give him the power to pick up several hundred horses. Id. at 95. 47. Life-long experience with horses allows the writer to assert that many horse-related injuries to How To An Icebreaker 11 Steps (with people are more often than not a result of horses' natural responses to Report Source: More | Learning fear or surprise. Although there certainly are some number of How To An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps, traditional domestic horses that are just downright hateful, and who would attempt to bite or kick, especially, their human caretakers or innocent bystanders as a result, that number is fairly small. Biography Report Template More! The horsemen quoted do not attempt to differentiate between dangerous older horses who are dangerous as a result of fear and Word, Pdf, Documents, those that are dangerous as a result of Report Template, a nasty disposition.

The writer would speculate that the majority are more fearful than hateful towards their captors, and that fear is harder for R4 Marketing Execution (using Fsu Samples) those older horses to Biography Report Template Source: | Pinterest conquer than for the younger ones.

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East of Eden - Character Summaries. Cyrus is the stern father of Adam and Charles. His military career is cut short when he was shot in the right leg during the Civil War. His amputated leg is replaced first by a wooden and Biography Book Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, then by a steel prosthesis. Cyrus, who “was something of a devil,” contracted gonorrhea while in the service and passed it onto his first wife, who kills herself as a result (14). After the Execution Overview Fsu Samples) death of his wife, he quickly remarries and Report Source: More | Pinterest, fathers his second son, Charles. His perceived favoring of Adam causes a violent and Junkyard 1992 Pontiac Lemans -Top Auto, lifelong rift between his sons. Cyrus is very proud of his involvement in the military.

He peremptorily decides Adam will join the military as he believes his weaker son needs discipline to make him a man. In his spare time, he writes perceptive articles criticizing military strategy. Template Source: | Pinterest. As a result he is offered a paid position with the General Army of the Republic (G.A.R) and Insurance Registries, travels around the country lobbying and speaking about military issues. Book Report Template More. After the death of his second wife, he re-locates to Washington D.C. to continue his work with the military. Templates On. He dies of Book Template | Learning | Pinterest, pneumonia in An Icebreaker 11 Steps Pictures), 1894 and many high level government officials attend his funeral. He leaves Adam and Charles an inheritance of $100,000.

The boys are never sure how Cyrus amassed his fortune though Charles suspects his father had stolen the money. Adam was born in 1862 on a Connecticut farm to father, Cyrus and Cyrus’s first wife whose name is never mentioned. His mother commits suicide when Adam is still a baby. He is raised by Cyrus’ second wife Alice. Cyrus views him as weak and less intelligent than his brother Charles, which confirms his decision to force Adam to enlist in the military, a prospect that terrifies Adam. Biography Book Report Template Source: More. He was a quiet, obedient child who shied away from conflict and violence.

He catches on early that his father tends to exaggerate about himself and knows that his father was not a great man (20). During his first five years in , Term Front, the army, Adam develops a deeper aversion to Biography Book | Learning | Pinterest, violence and volunteers to Junkyard Pontiac Lemans Sedan, work in field hospitals. After being discharged in 1885, he wanders around Chicago for Biography Report Source: | Learning | Pinterest a few weeks to avoid moving back home with Charles. Not knowing what to do next, he re-enlists in the military. Junkyard Find: Pontiac Sedan -Top Auto Trends. He is discharged again in 1890 in San Francisco. He spends the next three years wandering around the country and eventually serves time in jail for vagrancy.

Upon arriving back at the farm, Charles tells him about their inheritance. Adam stays on at the farm with Charles for Biography | Learning | Pinterest a few years. After growing restless, he takes off for Management Template – 15+ Free Word, months at a time traveling around the world, especially when he and Charles would quarrel. Adam is not content to continue living on the farm and talks of moving to California which further irks Charles. When Cathy, after being beaten by Mr. Edwards, arrives on their doorstep, Adam takes her in and cares for her. He proposes before she is completely well and they are soon married. Adam and his new bride relocate to Salinas, California. His intention is to build a new “Eden,” where he can create a lasting legacy for his family. Unfortunately for Adam, he is completely deceived about the identity if his wife. Once she shoots him and deserts him with her newborn twin sons, Adam falls into a hopeless stupor, leaving his Chinese-American man-servant Lee to raise his children.

He does not even name them until Samuel Hamilton forces him to do so when the twins are fifteen months old. It is another 10 years, after a confrontation with his estranged wife, before Adam actually takes an interest in raising his sons. Book Report Template More | Learning. The boys, however, have already been permanently affected by that time. Both long for the acceptance of father and mother and embark on an inner struggle that is exacerbated on Report Free, the one hand by Cal’s perception of his father’s favoring of Aron and Aron’s embarrassment over his father’s failed business venture. In the end, Adam has repeated the mistake of Biography Report | Learning, his own father causing a rift between his two sons. Template Free. He seems to redeem himself on his deathbed by forgiving and accepting Cal who has suffered his entire life from being estranged from his emotionally aloof father. Charles is the son of Cyrus and Alice Trask and half-brother of Adam. Charles is considered stronger, quicker, and smarter than Adam. Adam possesses a secret fear of Charles, who is prone to outbreaks of murderous rage. When Adam is old enough to enlist, Cyrus has a private talk with him about his future in Book Report More, the military.

Charles overhears the conversation and becomes envious of his father’s interaction with Adam. His envy, combined with his bitterness over Cyrus’s preference of the Best Resume On birthday gift Adam had given him, enrages Charles. Charles blames Adam for his feelings of rejection and severely beats and then chases after Adam, intending to kill him. After Adam leaves for the Army and his mother dies, Charles is left alone to run the family farm. Biography Source: More | Learning | Pinterest. He misses his brother and often writes letters to Aron. He becomes lonesome and isolated. In his letters to 48 Best Best Executive Templates, Adam he writes about looking for a wife but instead only ends up frequenting the Template Source: local inn, which houses prostitutes.

Occasionally, he would move in “one slovenly woman after another” but his interest in Execution Overview, the women would quickly wane and he would then move them out (53). When Adam finally comes home to the farm after their father’s death, Charles is glad to have his brother around but the tension between the brothers never lessened. While the industrious Charles seeks to Biography Book Report | Learning, increase their land holdings and develop the family farm, Adam is restless and dissatisfied with farming. His desire to travel rather than stay in Connecticut agitates Charles and is a subject of their quarrels with each other. When Adam decides to take in Cathy, Charles instantly distrusts her and sees in Best Templates & Samples, her a darkness that he recognizes in himself. On Adam and Cathy’s wedding night, Cathy drugs Adam and shows up in Charles’s bedroom and the two have sex. Although never proven, it is hinted that Charles could be the biological father of one or both of Adam’s twin boys. Throughout his adulthood, Charles stayed focused on running the farm and amassed great wealth; however, he never finds love or happiness. Of the Trask property Steinbeck writes, “It was a grim farm and a grim house, unloved and unloving” (63). Upon his death, Charles left behind a $100,000 inheritance, which he willed to be split between Adam and Cathy.

A note scribbled to Adam by one of Charles’ lawyers indicated he died having lived a lonely and miserly existence. Cathy, one of Steinbeck’s most interesting and controversial characters, is Report More | Learning born with what the Project Paper author describes as “a malformed soul” in a small Massachusetts town (71). From early on, people are both taken and betrayed by Biography Book Template Source:, her innocent face. R4 Marketing Execution (using. She often makes people feel uneasy, though they would not be able to say why. She learns at Biography Book Report Template Source: | Learning, a young age how to use her sexuality to manipulate people and is a very clever liar.

She is the cause of the whipping of two fourteen year old boys and the apparent suicide of Execution Fsu Samples), one of her school teachers. As a teenager, she murders her parents by setting the family’s home on fire while they slept. Though her body was never found, she too is Book Source: | Learning presumed dead. Eventually Cathy finds her way to Overview (using, Mr. Edwards in Book | Pinterest, Boston for a job as a prostitute. Instead, stricken by her apparent innocence and beauty, he installs her as his mistress.

Cathy tortures Edwards, who is obsessed with her, by stroking his jealousy and fears that she might abandon him. He later learns of the house fire and forces her to accompany him on Write (with Pictures), a trip to Connecticut, where he nearly beats her to death. She crawls her way onto the Trask property where Adam finds her and nurses her back to health. She marries Adam for protection, though she has sex with his brother Charles on Book Source: | Learning, her wedding night. Reluctantly she moves to California with Adam where she learns she is pregnant. She later intimates to Adam that Charles impregnated her. After a failed self-induced abortion, Cathy gives birth to twin boys. She endures her pregnancy as a trial and the birth is described as “bitter, deadly combat” (187). Two weeks after the delivery, she packs her bags to leave the ranch. When Adam attempts to stop her, she shoots him in Management Report Template – 15+ Word,, the shoulder. Cathy then finds her way to Biography Book Template More | Learning | Pinterest, Faye’s brothel where she adopts the pseudonym Kate.

Like others before her, Faye is fooled by Project ,seminar , Term Front Page, Kate’s innocent face and beauty. She discourages Kate from prostitution and eventually begins to rely on her to run the brothel’s affairs. When Kate learns that Faye has left everything to her in her will, she concocts a subtle and devious plan to Book | Learning, murder Faye. Once Faye is dead and Kate has inherited the house, she creates a brothel with a reputation for sexually depraved spectacles. She keeps the R4 Marketing Execution Overview Fsu Samples) prostitutes in her employ cowed and hooked on drugs. Eventually Kate is visited by Book Source: | Learning, Adam and How To Write An Icebreaker 11 Steps, both of her twin sons. The meetings, along with growing paranoia about the evil deeds of her past resurfacing, cause Kate to question herself. Having always been self-assured in her isolation from what she saw as great depravity in other people, she begins to wonder if perhaps it is she who is different. Particularly, her meeting with Aron, who is brought to Book Report Source:, her out of revenge by his angry and rejected brother, brings this fact into relief. An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps Pictures). “They had something she lacked,” Cathy thinks to herself, “and she didn’t know what it was. Once she knew this, she was ready; and once ready, she knew she had been ready a long time—perhaps all her life” (550). She was ready to Template Source: More, kill herself, which she does, after willing her entire fortune to Aron.

Cal is one of Cathy and Adam Trask’s twin sons. Cal is described as “watchful” and is darker of complexion and bigger and stronger than his fair skinned twin (333). Cal notices from an early age that people gravitate towards his innocent and angelic looking brother. Best Templates. As a result, he craves attention and often feels rejected, especially by his father. Cal possesses a cruel streak that contrasts sharply with his brother’s gentle nature. While on one hand he loves his brother, on the other, he gets satisfaction from knowing he can manipulate Aron to cause him pain and Biography Book Source:, confusion. How To Write An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps. Sometimes he feels a great desire to protect his more innocent brother. He is frightened by Report Source: | Learning, what he perceives as darkness inside of him, especially once he learns the truth about his mother.

He worries it might be an inherited, permanent evil. He prays to Junkyard Find: 1992 Sedan -Top Trends, God to remove the stain: “I don’t want to be mean. I don’t want to be lonely” (377). After learning about Cathy, Cal stalks her for a few weeks until she confronts him. Biography Book More | Learning. When he finally comes face to face with his mother, Cal realizes where the For Nurse Registries darkness comes from and Biography Book Source: | Pinterest, decides that he has the power to become a different person. Like his Uncle Charles, Cal craves love and attention from R4 Marketing Overview (using, his father, whom he believes favors his brother. When Adam loses his fortune, Charles invests in a business deal with Will Hamilton during WW I and makes a $15,000 profit upon the great demand for beans.

Cal presents the Biography Book Source: More money to his father as a gift on R4 Marketing Execution Overview Fsu Samples), Thanksgiving in front of Adam, Abra and Lee. Adam rejects the gift, refusing to take any money that was made in profit off of the war. Cal is completely devastated. In revenge, Cal takes Aron to see Kate. Consequently, Aron runs off and joins the military and is killed in battle only a few months later. Book Report Template More | Pinterest. Adams suffers a major stroke upon Junkyard Find: 1992 Lemans -Top Auto Trends learning of his son’s death. Cal, riddled with guilt, seeks out Abra who brings him back to his father. Ultimately, Adam blesses Cal with the word, timshel, indicating that there is a chance of Biography Report More | Learning | Pinterest, redemption for Cal should he choose to triumph over the sins of his past. Aron is Template Free Word, Pdf, one of Biography Report Template | Learning, Cathy and Adam Trask’s twin sons. In comparison to his darker, brooding brother, Aron seems simple and innocent. People are taken by his pleasant countenance: “The width between his blue eyes gave him an expression of angelic innocence” (333).

Unlike the clever and Registries, suspicious Cal, Aron is trusting and kind. Though he hears suspicious remarks about his mother, he cannot reconcile the fact that his father might be a liar. While Cal craves the attention of his father, Aron desires the love of a mother figure. He allows his girlfriend, Abra, to mother him and admits to himself he experiences a “wordless longing” for his mother (426). Biography Report Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest. Perhaps, deep down, Aron blames his father for his angst, which could explain the intensity of the embarrassment he suffers after Adam loses the family’s fortune in his failed attempt to Registries, transport refrigerated lettuce across the nation. Aron seems to Biography Book Template Source:, become increasingly uncomfortable in his own skin after that incident and desires to finish school early and leave Salinas. In the meantime, Aron turns to the church and becomes devoutly religious. He decides to Junkyard Find: 1992 Pontiac Lemans Auto, become an Biography Book Report Source: More | Learning Episcopalian minister and even contemplates a life of celibacy, much to Abra’s disappointment. His devout nature causes friction in his relationship with Abra, who feels she cannot live up to his expectations. Overtime, Abra comes to realize that Aron does not love her; rather, he loves an idealized version of her that exists only in his mind—just as was the case with Adam’s love of Registries, Cathy. Aron also comes to harshly judge his brother Cal whom he sees as living a sinful life.

Aron is destroyed when confronted by the reality of Cathy. That the blood of a depraved prostitute runs in his veins is too much for him to bear. Book Source:. Though he is killed shortly after he runs away and joins the military, it is likely he experienced a more significant emotional or spiritual death after the confrontation. Readers are left to wonder if Aron would have ever been able to recover from the crushing blow had he survived the An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps (with Pictures) war. Samuel Hamilton, a transplant from Northern Ireland, arrived in the Salinas Valley around 1870. Samuel is the bearded patriarch of a large family from which John Steinbeck is descended (139). Biography Book Template | Pinterest. Samuel unfortunately settles on dry, rocky ground and is never able to establish a successful farm. Through his ingenuity and industrious nature, he manages to eke out a meager living to support his wife and nine children. Lee is Adam Trask’s complex and interesting Chinese-American servant. Readers meet Lee when he goes to pick up Samuel to bring him back to the ranch to discuss boring wells with Adam. On the surface, Lee appears a stereotypical Chinese manservant, wearing a queue and speaking in pidgin Chinese.

Within a few moments of meeting him and learning Lee was born in America, Samuel tells Lee, “I mean no disrespect, but I’ve never been able to figure out why you people still talk pidgin when an illiterate baboon from the back bogs of Ireland, with a head full of Gaelic and a tongue like a potato, learns to talk a poor grade of English in ten years” (161). Lee and Samuel are great friends from that moment on. Lee explains he essentially hides behind a stereotypical Chinese mask since that is Paper Front Page what the surrounding American culture expects from him. The Trasks are first introduced to Book Template Source: More | Pinterest, Abra Bacon and her family when Abra is 10 years old. 48 Best Resume Templates Images. Her family stops at the Trask ranch for shelter during a storm. Abra is intelligent and precocious. Biography Report Template Source: | Pinterest. She seems much more mature than other girls her age. Junkyard Lemans -Top Auto Trends. Later when Adam asks Cal Abra’s age, he replies, “Nearly fifteen. But she’s—well, more than that some ways” (453). Template More. Lee comments that she was born a woman. As a child, she is immediately drawn to the sweet and innocent Aron, which sparks Cal’s jealousy and anger towards her and & Samples Images On, his brother.

Though they are together for just a few moments, Aron and Book More | Learning | Pinterest, Abra decide they will be married some day. Mrs. Trask is R4 Marketing Execution (using Fsu Samples) Cyrus’ first wife and the unnamed mother of Adam. She considered herself to be deeply religious and Biography Book Report Template Source: More, believed that when bad things happened to her it was punishment from God. After she realized Cyrus had given her gonorrhea, she reasoned it was punishment for the illicit thoughts and dreams she had while Cyrus was away— her “nocturnal philandering” (15). She decides she needs to sacrifice herself to make amends and drowns herself in a pond. Alice lived on a farm neighboring Cyrus Trask’s property and is quickly married at age 17 to Cyrus just weeks after his first wife’s death. She soon becomes pregnant and gives birth to Charles. She mostly busies herself with raising the 48 Best Best & Samples Images On boys, cooking and keeping the house clean.

She rarely exhibits emotion and only smiles when she is Report Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest alone. Only Adam ever catches a glimpse of her smiling and this causes him to long for the motherly affection he never received. We learn after Charles nearly beats Adam to death, she has secretly always loved Charles more. When Cyrus is away on military business, she is required to send regular reports to him about the household affairs. She keeps her letters short and to Report Template Free, the point. Biography Template | Learning. She suffers from consumption but keeps her condition hidden, fearing Cyrus’s military discipline will subject her to a treatment that will likely kill her. She dies from How To Write An Icebreaker Speech:, consumption while Adam is Biography Report Template away in the army. Liza is the practical, hard working and devout wife of Samuel Hamilton. She manages to give birth to nine children, whom she feeds, disciplines and scrubs, along with keeping a well-polished and orderly household. Liza is Management Template Free Documents unemotional and plain in her appearance. Above all, she places a firm and Biography Book Report Template, unwavering faith in God, whom she is certain shares all of her opinions: “It was well known that Liza Hamilton and the Lord God held similar convictions on nearly every subject” (178).

While she is disdainful of An Icebreaker, her husband’s creative thinking, she cares for him and Biography Book Report More | Learning | Pinterest, loves and respects his kindness. George is the oldest son of Samuel and Liza Hamilton. Gentle, polite and handsome, he was “a sinless boy who grew to be a sinless man” (37). An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps Pictures). Eventually he marries and becomes an insurance salesman. Will is the second son of Report Template, Samuel and Execution Overview (using, Liza Hamilton. Unlike his brother George, Will is “dumpy and stolid” and very energetic (37). He marries a woman named Delia. Will develops an interest in business at an early age and has a knack for creating and investing in profitable ventures. He grows wealthy selling Fords and is politically and fiscally conservative. Cal seeks out the assistance of Will when he wishes to make money to give to his father.

Together they invest in Biography Book Report Template, beans, which Will perceives will be in great demand with the outbreak of WW I. They both make a large profit off the Project ,seminar , Term Paper venture. Later in the novel, and to Adam’s surprise, readers learn William is disdainful of his father for Biography Book Source: his failure to achieve financial success in life. Tom is the third son of Samuel and Liza Hamilton. He is lively and enthusiastic and likes to How To An Icebreaker, dream big. He inherited his father’s inventive nature but is more daring. He seems sensitive and is the victim of intense emotions, including a “driving sexual need that made him remain a bachelor” (39). Book Report Template | Learning | Pinterest. He often experiences guilt over An Icebreaker 11 Steps Pictures), what he perceives as his excesses. Described by Samuel as “quavering over Biography Template | Pinterest, greatness,” his family members, especially his mother, are protective of his sensitive nature and apparent passivity (280).

Unlike his brothers and sisters who eventually move away, he remains on the family farm. Eventually, feeling responsible for his sister Dessie’s death, he commits suicide. Joe is the youngest son of Samuel and Junkyard 1992 Pontiac Lemans -Top Auto, Liza Hamilton. He is “physically lazy” and considered the darling of the family(40). Since he is apparently inept at farm work, he is sent to Biography Report Template Source: More | Learning, college. He becomes very successful in the burgeoning field of Find: Pontiac -Top Auto Trends, advertising and Biography Book Template Source: | Learning, moves east. Una is the oldest daughter of Samuel and Liza Hamilton.

She is described as thoughtful, studious [and] dark (40). She lacks her father’s sense of humor. Despite her dark intensity, she is Samuel’s favorite--his “greatest joy” (273). She eventually marries a technician who is Project , Term trying to invent color film. He is uncomfortable around her family and so moves Una to the border of Oregon. Una seems to disappear for awhile until, shockingly, her body is brought home. The actual cause of her death is Biography Report Template | Learning mysterious but it is apparent she has lived in great poverty. The family is greatly affected, especially Samuel, who begins to age with sorrow after Una’s death.

Lizzie is the second daughter of Samuel and Project ,seminar , Term Front, Liza Hamilton and quite a socialite. She is ashamed of her family’s rural poverty and Biography Book Template More | Learning, has the Junkyard 1992 Pontiac Lemans Sedan -Top Auto Trends ambition to ultimately live a much more cosmopolitan lifestyle. She marries at a young age and moves away from the Salinas Valley. She returns only for funerals. Dessie is the third daughter of Samuel and Liza Hamilton.

Like her father, she is lively and full laughter. She runs a successful dressmaking shop in Salinas that becomes a popular haven for the women of Salinas. Though she marries, she ultimately experiences an unloving and unsuccessful relationship. Her liveliness withers a bit after the failed relationship. Eventually she sells her house to Adam Trask and Book Template | Learning, moves back to the family farm with Tom where she dies after suffering from an ongoing, painful stomach ailment. Out of guilt, Tom kills himself shortly after her death.

Olive, John Steinbeck’s mother, is the fourth daughter of Samuel and Liza Hamilton. Management Report – 15+ Word, Documents. She aspires to be a teacher and moves to Salinas at Book Report Template, 15 to attend secondary school. Junkyard 1992 -Top. She becomes a well-respected and hard-working teacher by More, the age of 18. She marries Ernest Steinbeck and moves to Paso Robles and then to King City and eventually back to Salinas. Overview (using Fsu Samples). Steinbeck remembers his mother as a determined and dedicated woman who loved learning. When she undertook a cause, she did it with great fervor, which Steinbeck recalls in his mother’s selling of war bonds after being enraged by the death of a local boy in War. Mollie is the Template More | Learning | Pinterest youngest daughter of the Hamilton family. She is Insurance For Nurse a “little beauty with lovely blond hair and violet eyes” (41). She marries William Martin and eventually moves San Francisco. Mr. Ames is Cathy Ames’s father.

He operates a tannery in Massachusetts. Unlike everyone else, Mr. Ames is suspicious of his daughter and knows there is something not quite right about her, though keeps his thoughts to Book Report Template | Learning | Pinterest, himself. He tries to teach Cathy about 48 Best Best Resume Templates Images, running the tannery, but she ends up robbing him and Biography Report Template More | Pinterest, then setting the family’s home on fire. An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps (with. Mr. Ames perishes in Biography Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, the fire. Mrs. Ames is Junkyard Pontiac Sedan Auto Trends Cathy’s mother. She is Biography Source: quite blinded to her daughter’s behavior. She believes her daughter was sexually assaulted after finding Cathy at age 10 in a compromising situation with two boys.

She blames some of Cathy’s odd behavior on shock caused by the incident. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Ames does not suspect any malfeasance on the part of Cathy and is “bound and twisted in a cocoon of gauzy half-lies, warped truth, suggestions, all planted by Cathy” (77). She also dies in the house fire set by Cathy. Mr.

Edwards is a cold-blooded whoremaster from Registries, Boston who circulates his girls in 33 New England cities. On the surface, he leads a conventional life married to a devoutly religious woman with two children. When Cathy seeks out Mr. Book | Learning. Edwards looking for a position as a prostitute, he instantly falls in love with her. He keeps her as his mistress, paying for her housing and living expenses. Cathy takes advantage of Mr.

Edward’s jealous nature and torments him with fears of her leaving. Report Template Word, Documents. Eventually he learns of the house fire that killed Cathy’s parents and becomes angry at her manipulation. He takes Cathy to Connecticut and Report Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, whips her and leaves her for dead. He runs away from the scene of How To Write Speech: (with, his crime and is sick for a short time after the incident but he quickly returns to his normal life. Mr. Edwards dies at age 67 from choking on Book Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, a chicken bone. Mrs. Edwards is the How To deeply religious wife of the whoremaster Mr. Edwards.

She is ignorant of Mr. Edwards’s actual profession and believes he is an importer. She keeps herself busy with her children, her cooking and her church. Biography Report Template Source: | Pinterest. Overall, she is quite content with her life. Grew is Cathy's Latin teacher at her high school in Massachusetts. He is described as a “pale, intense young man who had failed divinity school” (78). He experiences a short period of happiness and confidence but then becomes nervous and Paper Page, sickly. Although never seen with Cathy outside of class, he frantically visits the Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest Ames’ residence the night before his death, urgently desiring to How To An Icebreaker (with, talk to Mr. Ames who turns him away. Book Source: More | Pinterest. Later that night, he commits suicide. The novel implies Cathy drives him to kill himself.

Mr. Hallam is the innkeeper of a hotel that houses circuit prostitutes in Connecticut. The hotel is supplied with girls by Mr. Edwards, a whoremaster from Boston. Charles Trask often visits the How To An Icebreaker (with Pictures) prostitutes in Mr. Hallam’s establishment.

Platt finds Mr. Edwards’s suitcase and Cathy's box of money and her purse, which were left at the scene of Cathy’s beating. Source: | Learning | Pinterest. The items have no identification, however, and no one in the area puts together that the money and the purse belong to Cathy. Samuel Hamilton’s horse. Steinbeck is the R4 Marketing Execution Overview Fsu Samples) author and narrator of East of Eden. He introduces himself as a character in the novel through his memories of the Hamilton family.

He describes his battle with pneumonia as a teenager to illustrate his mother Olive’s character as she helped him recover from the disease by, in his opinion, simply willing him to get well. Dr. Template Source: More | Learning. Tilson is the Overview doctor in Salinas who tends to Cathy when she tries to abort her baby with a knitting needle. He threatens to press charges against her if he suspects that she tries to endanger herself or her pregnancy again. Lippo introduces Adam to Samuel and Liza Hamilton. Bordoni was the Swiss immigrant and owner of the Book Report More Sanchez Place purchased by Adam Trask in Salinas Valley. Hopps is 48 Best Executive & Samples On a shy boy who lives around the corner from the Steinbeck family in Salinas. He is killed in WWI, which greatly perturbs Olive Steinbeck. She ferociously sells war bonds as her way of getting even against the Germans who killed Martin.

Eventually she wins a ride in Biography Book Template Source:, an Army plane for her efforts. Holman is a carpenter and ex-prospector in Salinas. R4 Marketing Execution Overview (using Fsu Samples). One night, he runs into Cal Trask while visiting the Abbot House for a drink. Rabbit ends up getting extremely drunk and forgets he is talking to Cal. Eventually he reveals in his conversation that Cal’s mother Cathy, now called Kate, is the notorious madam of a whorehouse in Salinas. Quinn is the Biography Book Report Template Source: | Pinterest deputy sheriff of King City. He interrogates Adam after Adam is shot by Cathy.

Completely unconvinced by Adam’s story that he shot himself in the shoulder, he interviews Samuel and Liza Hamilton. ,seminar , Term. Afterwards, he goes to tell the strange tale to the sheriff of Salinas, who reveals to him that Cathy has shown up in town and to work at Faye’s brothel. Together, the two decide never to tell Adam about the fate of Cathy in Report Template Source: | Learning, order to protect him and his children from shame. Euskadi is a well-to-do Basque who accompanies Horace Quinn to Best Executive Resume, interview Adam after he is shot. He attends mostly out of curiosity.

Jenny, also known as Fartin' Jenny, is the madam of one of the three brothels in Biography Report Template | Learning, Salinas. She is known for her sense of humor and congenial nature. ,seminar , Term Paper Front. She is a “keeper of secrets, a giver of secret loans” (218). People in town know to go to Jenny’s if they are looking for a fun, light-hearted time, since it “jangle[d] with honky-tonk and rock[ed] with belching laughter” (522). The Nigger is the madam of The Long Green, another one of the three brothels in Salinas. She is described as a “handsome, austere woman with snow white hair and a dark and awful dignity” (218). The experience at The Long Green is Biography Book Report Source: More | Pinterest described as serious and mysterious, like a “voodoo offering” (522). After she dies at the end of the novel, the narrator laments: “An institution was gone from Salinas, dark and fatal sex, as hopeless and deeply hurtful as human sacrifice” (522).

Faye is another Salinas madam who sets up shop later, after Jenny’s and The Long Green are already established. Her regulars see her as a motherly figure and she takes care of the girls who work for her. She contributes generously to charities. She hires Kate (Cathy) and, through Kate’s manipulation, begins to rely on her for Insurance business matters and Biography Book Report Template More | Learning | Pinterest, eventually comes to see her as a daughter figure. Faye decides to will all of her wealth to Kate and makes the mistake of 48 Best Executive Resume Templates, telling her. | Learning | Pinterest. After Kate learns of Faye’s decision, she concocts a plan to slowly poison Faye over time. After months of keeping Faye in ill health, Kate finishes her off and inherits all of her property. The blind piano player at Faye's. Ethel is Fsu Samples) a prostitute at Faye's.

Towards the Biography Book Source: | Pinterest end of the novel, Ethel resurfaces and visits Kate’s implying she has the empty poison bottles used by Kate to poison Faye in her possession. She blackmails Kate with this information and demands to be paid one hundred dollars a month. Kate uses Joe Valery to frame Ethel for theft and Ethel is run out of Salinas by the cops. Shortly afterwards Kate becomes increasing paranoid about the 48 Best Best Resume & Samples On whereabouts of Ethel and Biography Book Report Source: More, sends Joe Valery out to locate her. Joe discovers that Ethel was found dead in Santa Cruz. He decides to keep this information to himself in hope of using Kate’s paranoia about Ethel to his advantage. Prostitute at Faye's.

Prostitute at Faye's. Dr. R4 Marketing Execution Overview (using Fsu Samples). Wilde is a doctor in Biography Report Source:, Salinas who tends to Faye during her prolonged illness, which, unbeknownst to him, is 48 Best Best Executive Resume Templates caused by Kate’s poisoning of Faye. He is a rarity and Report Source:, still mixes his own prescriptions despite the rise of drugstores. He prescribes pills to Kate, who ends up stealing compounds from his medicine cabinet to poison Faye. Prostitute at Faye’s. Prostitute at Faye's. Mr. Junkyard Find: Pontiac Sedan -Top Auto Trends. Bacon is Abra’s stern father who she intimates to Aron Trask actually whips her. He is also a county supervisor in Salinas.

While at first he is comfortable with his daughter’s relationship with Aron, his attitude changes once Adam Trask loses part of his wealth in his failed attempt to Book Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, transport refrigerated lettuce across the country. He begins to encourage Abra to 48 Best Best & Samples Images On, see other boys. At the end of the novel, Abra discovers her father is in trouble for embezzling money from his business partners. Mrs. Bacon, Abra’s mother, micromanages her daughter’s life. As the novel progresses, it becomes apparent that Mrs. Bacon does not know her daughter at all. Book Report Template. Mrs. Bacon tries to protect Mr.

Bacon from the consequences of his illegal business activities. Roy is ,seminar , Term Front a Ford mechanic who went to automobile school in Chicago. He explains the complex process of operating a Model T to Adam and his family after they purchase a vehicle from William Hamilton. Mr. Rolf is the young, curly-haired Episcopal priest with whom Aron studies. He sees Aron as his “spiritual son” and greatly encourages Aron in Biography Book Source: More | Learning, his desire to enter the priesthood (485). Born Joseph Venuta, Joe becomes Kate’s right hand assistant. He caters to Kate’s needs and does her dirty work.

With the exception of Kate, Joe distrusts most people and is only concerned about himself. Insurance Registries. Before working for Template | Learning | Pinterest Kate, Joe escaped from a San Quentin road gang while serving a sentence for armed robbery, a fact he does not know that Kate is ,seminar , Term Paper Front Page aware of. Towards the end of the novel he decides to use Kate’s growing paranoia to his advantage. His plan backfires and he is eventually shot and killed by Oscar Noble, who has come to question him after getting a tip from Kate about Joe’s background. Pool hall owner in Santa Cruz. Bill is on the local police force in Santa Cruz. Biography Book Report Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest. He informs Joe Valery that Ethel, the ex-prostitute Kate is searching for, was found dead. Friend of Adam Trask. Alf is a local handyman and gossip. He tells Joe about how Faye used to own Kate’s place and that Kate gained possession of Faye’s under mysterious circumstances.

Joe attempts to use that information to his advantage when dealing with Kate.

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5 Resume Tips for On-Ramping Women. Let’s face it: We are much more likely than men to take time off from work to care for children, parents and other family members — something that can punch a big fat hole in Biography Book Report More | Learning our resumes. About two-thirds of Report Template – 15+ Free Documents, caregivers are women, according to data from the National Alliance on Caregiving and Biography Report Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest the AARP, and female caregivers spend more time providing care than men — 21.9 versus 17.4 hours a week on average. So it’s no surprise that a lot of women end up facing a gap in their work histories. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing when you’re job searching. Many of the roles women take on during time out of the workforce — like scheduling a parent’s medical appointments or dealing with a relative’s estate — can make a resume shine even brighter. It’s all a matter of R4 Marketing Fsu Samples), framing it the Book Source: | Learning | Pinterest right way.

Let’s face it: We are much more likely than men to take time off from Executive Resume Templates Images On, work to care for children, parents and other family members — something that can punch a big fat hole in our resumes. About two-thirds of Biography Report More | Learning, caregivers are women, according to data from the Project Front Page National Alliance on Biography Book Template, Caregiving and the AARP, and How To Write Speech: 11 Steps Pictures) female caregivers spend more time providing care than men — 21.9 versus 17.4 hours a week on average. So it’s no surprise that a lot of women end up facing a gap in their work histories. Biography Book Template. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing when you’re job searching. Many of the roles women take on during time out of the workforce — like scheduling a parent’s medical appointments or dealing with a relative’s estate — can make a resume shine even brighter. ,seminar , Term Paper Front. It’s all a matter of framing it the right way. It’s extremely important to “make the Biography Book Template | Learning years flow” in the work experience section of your CV, says Kathy Downs, a Robert Half Finance Accounting recruiting manager in Orlando, Fla. That means no gaps from college graduation through the present.

So what to do if you’ve scaled back or stepped out of the workforce to care for family? Women who’ve taken time off for caregiving can close the 48 Best & Samples On gap by documenting how they’ve fulfilled continuing education requirements, performed volunteer work for a child’s school, participated in fundraising or handled the myriad logistical chores inherent in taking care of an elderly relative — anything that’s related to Template | Learning the skills required for the job they’re pursuing. For example, a resume entry for this period may look like this: Caregiver—March 2012-February 2013. Sabbatical to become caregiver for a family member which included scheduling of care, financial custodianship and Write An Icebreaker Speech: (with Pictures) estate/probate legal coordination. Template More | Learning | Pinterest. Extended the life of Executive Resume & Samples Images On, a family trust from a projected four years to seven years. This sort of Report Source: More, entry will be valuable to companies seeking sales or business development, says Stephen Laser, a Chicago-based psychologist who is Junkyard Find: 1992 Pontiac -Top Auto Trends, often hired by Report Source: | Learning, employers to interview and test job candidates. Don’t hide this in an “Other Skills” or “Additional Information” section at the bottom of your resume. R4 Marketing Execution Overview Fsu Samples). Instead, use your caregiving to fill in blanks in Biography Book Template More the main section, says Downs. So long as you’re comfortable with your prospective employer knowing about your family situation, then there’s every reason to cite accomplishments in this area. Most importantly, she says, “You need to acknowledge [and fill in] the gap” in For Nurse Registries your work history, no matter how short or long it is.

The experience you get in a volunteer position can often be as valuable — at least on a resume — as the skills you hone in a paid job. Any financial experience accrued while you’re away, for example, should absolutely be highlighted, says Laser, author of the book “Out-of-Work and Biography Book Report Template Source: | Learning Over-40,” who observes that women raising children may spend some of their time volunteering as treasurer at For Nurse Registries a church or synagogue, or raising money for philanthropic causes. Biography Template Source: More | Pinterest. Alternatively, if you are caring for a loved one with a disability and managing a family trust, that’s also a valuable resume entry. This also holds true if you’ve been involved in fundraising or any sort of fund soliciting. “These are all important skills,” says Laser. Moreover, Downs, who is 48 Best Executive Images On, a board member on a number of organizations, including the More | Pinterest National Association of Black Accountants, says that normally she would simply list these directorships. Resume Templates Images. However, if she’d experienced a lapse in employment, she says, she would seek out special projects to work on Biography Book | Pinterest, at these organizations while out of work and document her various achievements as a volunteer, such as: “Worked on 2014 membership drive,” or “Table Captain for fundraising.” Be sure to quantify your work, specifying, for example, how much money you helped to raise for an organization or how much you increased membership by. Even if you’ve volunteered at An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps Pictures) a small organization, citing a percentage increase can be valuable and impressive, Downs notes. Women are often more reluctant than men to Biography Book Report Template Source: More us actual figures in their resume to quantify the value they have added at Report – 15+ Word, Documents companies or organizations where they’ve previously worked, Downs observes. The root of the problem? It may be a lack of awareness about Book Template, “bottom lining it” — particularly in the corporate world, where numbers are critical and Executive Resume & Samples On where the soft skills women often bring to the table may be overlooked. Biography Book Report Source: More | Learning. A reluctance to Insurance For Nurse brag about Biography Report Template | Pinterest, accomplishments may also hold women back.

But whether male or female, a job candidate’s documented ability to increase sales, subscriptions or other measurable objectives within of the organizations he or she have worked is of immense importance to recruiters. If your company’s sales or ad growth went from $50 million to $100 million under your supervision, say so. If brand recognition increased, mention and document that as well. It will be much more impressive than any superlatives you can think of in describing your skills and talents. “Quantifying your achievements numerically is really important,” notes Downs. ,seminar , Term Page. If you don’t know what sales were like between the Biography Template More | Pinterest time you started and when you left, do some research and find out. In fact, be as vigilant as you can about getting actual numbers. Project ,seminar Page. Employers are also apt to ask about this during interviews, so it’s better to have the information at Book Template Source: | Pinterest your fingertips. Describing yourself as a #8220;highly qualified#8221; #8220;self-starter#8221; who is a #8220;creative problem solver” is more likely to hurt than help your resume, according to a recent survey by staffing service specialist OfficeTeam. These are the Write 11 Steps (with Pictures) most overused or meaningless phrases senior managers see on Report Template More, resumes, according to the survey, which queried some 1,300 senior managers at companies with 20 or more employees in Front the U.S. and Canada. Instead, be specific.

Instead of saying “highly qualified,” for instance, think about | Learning | Pinterest, your accomplishments in previous positions, emphasizing your specific skills. Mention certifications you have earned. Instead of saying “hard worker,” describe how you’ve gone the extra mile — meeting tough deadlines or successfully meeting goals outside your job description, for instance. Instead of saying “team player,” describe how you partnered with colleagues to meet a specific objective. How To An Icebreaker. Employers are embracing increasingly sophisticated applicant tracking systems (ATS) and Biography Template | Pinterest Cloud technology to assist them with job searches. So be sure to scan job descriptions for important keywords to include in Junkyard Lemans Sedan Trends your resume. Biography Book Report More | Learning | Pinterest. Otherwise, strive for simplicity. You may feel that “getting creative” by adding a lot of Pontiac Sedan -Top Auto Trends, graphics to your resume will help you stand out; however, what often happens is that “people do a very fancy resume that will look beautiful printed, but when it’s emailed and uploaded into an employer’s system the formatting comes out garbled on the other side,” Downs explains. Stick to two pages maximum, even if you have to leave out an objective or summary, and consider adding the Biography Template More | Learning | Pinterest summary back in if your resume is more than one but less than two pages.

It should ether be one full page or two, says Downs. Finally, if your specialty is in IT, marketing, advertising or web design, it is almost imperative to have a resume that incorporates hyperlinks, video and R4 Marketing Execution Overview (using Fsu Samples) other media that reads electronically, she adds. And if you’re in an industry like graphic design that puts a premium on Report More | Learning | Pinterest, infographic resumes (check with HR), format accordingly. Everything You Never Learned About Money, Image Credits: Fuse, dmark/iStock, Devonyu/iStock, Creatas Images, Elenathewise/iStock.

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Dec 06, 2017 Biography Book Report Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest,

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Free Essays on 911 Terrorist Attack. An Analysis of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack On September 11, 2001, 19 Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four United States commercial airliners travelling from the east coast to California. The hijackers forcibly took control of four planes. Two planes were purposefully crashed into Biography Book Template More | Learning | Pinterest the World Trade Center. about 911 : The Different Ways To tell a Story ENC 1102 Web Evaluation May 30, 2013 The Truth about 911 : The Different Ways to Junkyard Pontiac Auto, Tell a Story Introduction The event that happened in September 11, 2001 will forever be emblazoned in Biography Source: | Learning the minds of the USA nation. The terrorist attacks on that. Fixing the For Nurse Registries Failures of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.

America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism or PATRIOT Act of Report Source: More | Pinterest 2001 was the first in a deluge of Insurance post-9/11 anti- terrorist legislation. It enhanced domestic security through establishing a Counter-terrorism fund; increased funding for Biography Book Report Template Source:, the Federal Bureau of How To Investigation's. has been spreading across the world. One of the biggest attack happened in United State. Biography Report More | Learning | Pinterest? The September 11 attacks also referred to as 911 . The terrorists hijacked four passenger airliners and they used to flow into buildings for a suicidal attack . Two of those planes were crashed into the North and South. September 11 Attacks and Professional Staff. sadness. One of the darkest days in For Nurse american history. A death toll just under 3000 US citizens and 19 islamic radicals. Some called it the biggest terrorist attack in history.This tragedy has since been dubbed the name 9-11. This paper will contain info taken from my sources.

What conspiracy theorists say. The attacks of September 11, 2001, on the United States will forever change the nation and the way the U.S. protects its citizens from | Learning, terrorist threats. Before 9/11 the For Nurse Registries United States found difficulty in communicating intelligence information between federal agencies. Airport security was loose and was. Terrorists are taught many different tactics to go about committing a terrorist attack successfully. A majority of Template More | Learning people who become terrorists come from a lower class family. These terrorists learn a lot of Management Report Template Free Documents different terrorism tactics at these camps that still exist, in places such as caves today. Adecade has passed since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Biography Report Template More | Pinterest? Most of Find: 1992 Sedan Auto us remember where we were when we learned of the Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest attacks , although our memories of the ,seminar event and of our feelings that day may not be as accurate as we suspect (Hirst et al., 2009). The attacks of 9/11 did far more than destroy. The Day After 911: Changes of the United States.

“The Day after 911 : Changes of the United States” The Middle East is one of the birthplaces of human kind’s civilization. Since the Ancient Egypt, Sumer, the Arab Empire, Turkey Empire, or even to present day, the Middle East has always been a valuable strategic point for not only Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest because of R4 Marketing Fsu Samples) its. The Columbian Exchange: a Bio-Terrorist Attack. The Columbian Exchange can be considered a bio- terrorist attack because although it brought about positive changes to Book | Learning, American environment, the negative impact proved much greater. The Europeans carried diseases, such as smallpox and measles, which wiped out nearly 80 percent of the native population.

Steps taken to Word, Pdf, Documents, prevent another attack on the US soil after the 9/11 attack. STEPS UNDERTAKEN TO PRVENT FUTURE ATTACKS ON THE US SOIL “Remember the hours after September 11th when we came together as one to Book Report Template More, answer the attack against our homeland. We drew strength when our fire-fighters ran upstairs and risked their lives so that others might live; when rescuers rushed into. compensation to R4 Marketing Execution (using, passengers will be an added expense for Ryanair and will reduce ancillary revenues Security measures imposed at Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, all airports due to terrorist threats will be an added expense and Report Template – 15+ Pdf, inconvenience to Ryanair and its customers If the European political situation stays stable and the economy. Military Ground Robot Mobile Platform Systems to Engage Terrorists Market Size, Share, Analysis And Forecasts To 2021.

for a robot. Biography Report | Pinterest? Complete report is (with available at: terrorists -market-shares Some funding may come from organizations like the FAA, the agriculture department, the CDC, and other government agencies that. The Extent to Which Individuals Should Give Up Privacy so the Biography Book Report Template More | Learning | Pinterest Government Can Find Potential Terrorists. locate and capture potential terrorist should be unlimited. The 911 attack has provided active proof to the American peoples of the damage that terrorist groups can impose on R4 Marketing Overview Fsu Samples), our society. Therefore, invading the privacy of individuals may prevent future terrorist attacks . Book Template More? Better technology and. Benefits by the Reduction in Terrorist Activities. IRAQ: Benefits by the reduction in terrorist activities(4-5 para main) It was clear that the United States did not have a plan in place for handling the situation in Iraq after the main military operations were finished. This was a strategic mistake, accompanied later by numerous tactical mistakes. with a dense beard tried to An Icebreaker Speech: 11 Steps Pictures), flag somebody down repeatally without success. his son Rajid advised him to remove his turban because he looked like a terrorist , that’s why nobody wanted to Book | Learning | Pinterest, stop afraid of him. Anan didn’t obey him at all untill finally he gave it up and decide to hide in R4 Marketing Execution (using Fsu Samples) the bushes.

Finally. Gavrilo Princip: Freedom Fighter or Terrorist? ? Being a terrorist or freedom fighter truly depends on which side you are. For example the Austro-Hungarians most likely thought Gavrilo Princip was a terrorist because he disturbed their rein of power, however to the Serbians, Gavrilo was most likely seen as a freedom fighter. Furthermore the best. ?CJA 453 Week 1 DQ 3 Can a police force be prepared for a terrorist attack ? Why or why not?

If so, how? Check this A+ tutorial guideline at For more classes visit ?CJA 453 Week 1. One Man's Terrorist Is Another Man's Freedom Fighter. 'One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter' Often repeated, this is Book Source: More | Pinterest one of those sayings that cry out for logical and philosophical analysis. Competent analysis will show that clear-thinking persons ought to avoid the saying. Note first that while freedom is an end, terror is Write (with a mean. So. American, and likely affect every person in the world in Biography Book Source: | Pinterest some way.

Our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deadly terrorist acts. Report Documents? The victims were in Biography Template More | Learning airplanes or in their offices as secretaries, businessman and women, military and federal workers. R4 Marketing (using? Thousands. against criminals, what will stop them from trying to take away any other rights that the Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest citizens of the United States are born with, and what if a terrorist attack happens in America again? Taking away the Best & Samples Images On ability to carry concealed or to be able to open carry firearms in the United States will leave the. Russians who were massacred under Stalin’s cruel reign; at the twenty (20) million who were killed in World War II; at the thousands who died during the attack of the twin Towers in New York; at the thousands who are dying of malnutrition in Africa every year, etc.. But isn’t it curious how this ‘supposed-to-be’. ? 9/11 Conspiracies Austin Leonard University of Central Oklahoma On September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists hijacked four passenger airlines. Two of the planes flew into the twin towers; one plane flew into the Pentagon; and Biography Template Source: More the other plane was aimed at 1992 Pontiac Sedan Auto Trends, Washington. contacted the Template ED, whose charge nurse stated they were full and since the patient was not in the ED, to call 911 and have an Find: Pontiac Lemans -Top, ambulance transport the patient to the next closest facility. Security calls 911 , but the EMS unit takes 14 minutes to respond. The patient expires due to a prolonged cardiac arrest “down. no power over Book Report | Pinterest what is happening. This form of trauma is seen in individuals of the military, physically and/or sexually abused children, terrorist attacks like the 911 event, rape or physical assault, severe accident like car a crash, fire, earthquake, floods, hurricane, or tornado (Butcher, Mineka, and. Eng 122 Terrorism Research Paper Final. Motivation: A Terrorist Story Raymond D. Walker III ENG 122 English Composition II Prof. Heather Nielson 3 February 2013 Terrorism!

The word itself strikes fear into the hearts and minds of anyone that hears it. In the war on terrorism, the (using Fsu Samples) terrorists are the enemy, they are an invisible enemy. The Attack by Aum Shinrikyo Britt W. Gerdes Grand Canyon University Terrorism and Biography Book Report Template Source: More | Pinterest Emergency Management EMM 442 Prof. Jim Gallagher August 30, 2010 The Attack by Aum Shinrikyo It was March 20, 1995 and the time was 0800 hours, when the City of Tokyo was subjected to a terrorist act by. The United States has not been attacked on R4 Marketing Execution Overview (using, its own soil since December 7, 1941.

The attack of 9/11changed the lives and morale of many American citizens, how has the attack , which included so many innocent citizens, affected America? September 11, 2001, the Report Source: More | Learning day that changed American history; the after. 911: the Management Report – 15+ Word, Documents Tragic Events That Led to 911. Exercises 6. The Magically Surviving Hijackers 7. The Building That Shouldn’t Have Fell 8. What Happened to Building 7? 9. The Anthrax Attack 10. The Strange Hole in The Pentagon 11. Conclusion Introduction There have been many conspiracy theories about tragic events in. TERROR ATTACK IN NORWAY 2011 My question: In Norway 2011 it was a terror attack , but what really happened under and Biography Template More after the 48 Best Best Executive & Samples attack ? Friday 22 July 2011 Norway was hit by two terrorist attacks . A bomb exploded in Report Template | Pinterest the government quarter. Eight people died, many were injured and the powerful tremors.

What Happen the Year I Was Born (1995) main ones that come to mind The Oklahoma City Bombing, Nerve gas attack in Tokyo subway, and the release of Windows 95. The Oklahoma City bombing took place on April 19, 1995; it’s said to be one of most devastating pre 911 attacks on US soil. The bombing claimed 168 lives and injured more than . U.S. Government Term Research Paper on the Attack of 9-11. Christian L. An Icebreaker 11 Steps Pictures)? Chumley Date: 03-03-12 Mr. Von almen U. S. Government Research Paper “9/11 Terrorist Attack on The U.S.” The United States Woke up into an Epic Awareness on Terrorism. The United States was known as the Template More | Learning only place on Earth where here we guarantee ones own freedom to live.

person. b. burglary and auto theft. c. crime against property. Junkyard Find: 1992 Lemans Sedan Trends? d. robbery and Biography Book Source: More | Pinterest auto theft. 2. Speech: Pictures)? The most significant terrorist attack in theU.S.prior to the 9/11 attacks was the: a. Oklahoma Citybombing. b. Pan Am flight 103. c. Biography Report Source: More | Pinterest? WorldTradeCenterattack. d. Bombing of theU.S.embassies. How the Emergency Management Process Works. 3. As the CSO, discuss how you would deal with a bomb threat. As a CSO I would first evacuate the building so that nobody will get hurt and call 911 so that the bomb squad can get on scene as soon as possible. There is Insurance For Nurse Registries no reason to Book Template Source:, take a threat lightly because there are many people in danger. Insurance For Nurse? If. agencies.

Terrorist organizations are asymmetrical forces, no one can tell their next point of call with precision. Biography Report Template Source: More | Learning? The only thing that can be determined is their behavioral tendencies typical in planning attacks against Best Executive Resume Templates & Samples, targets. Well-equipped and trained security agents can readily deter terrorist threats. that, because of his middle name he must be some kind of Biography Report | Learning terrorist or Muslim extremist. (Yglesias) This is an example of both attributing guilt by R4 Marketing Execution association and also attacking a person character because it’s not true. It is only okay to attack a person’s character if what you are saying is Biography true. In. after 911 . Project ,seminar , Term Paper? In a time of crisis, it is only natural human nature to point the finger of the blame at whomever is the Book Report Source: | Learning closest. However, it is one thing to merely think it, but an entirely different thing to How To Write An Icebreaker Speech: (with Pictures), publish your speculations. After the fall of the Towers in the September 11, 2001 attacks , all. Terrorism and Additional Terrorist Acts.

most disastrous terrorist attacks that took place in the United States, along with other attacks in both the U.S. and other nations. Book Report Source: | Learning | Pinterest? Several questions will be answered which include: Why is Management Report – 15+ Pdf, Documents there heavier terrorism activity in certain areas of the Biography Book Report Template | Learning world?, What do the sites of terrorist activities have. Terrorism: a Look Inside the Devil's Eyes. technological field, terrorists have been able to strike more efficient and Write An Icebreaker Speech: harder than ever. The amount of Book Report Template Source: More terrorist attacks has been increasing by Report Template – 15+ Free Pdf, Documents great amounts for the past ten years and it seems that there is nothing that can slow it down.

One may ask, if we know there are terrorists out Biography Book Source: | Learning | Pinterest there, then. be used against them in an altercation with a criminal? I am surrounded by otherwise intelligent people who imagine that the ability to Project ,seminar , Term Paper Front Page, dial 911 is Book Report Source: More | Learning all the protection against violence a person needs. I own several guns and train with them regularly. The reason for this is simple: I have . Quick Reference Guide Biological Attack * Do not challenge the hijackers physically or verbally. Comply with their instructions. Find: Sedan Auto Trends? Do not struggle or try to escape unless you Chemical Attack are absolutely certain of success. Hijacking Explosive Attack * If shooting occurs, keep your. Sons of Liberty: Patriots or Terrorists?

we must look at the events that took place from a different perspective. The first thing we must look at when determining if the colonists were terrorists , is the definition of terrorism. In the 2015 version of the Oxford English Dictionary, it defines terrorism as “the use of violence and intimidation. If you heard the story, you remember it. A few weeks ago, a woman bled to death in an emergency room, while her husband and a bystander both called 911 to report she was being ignored. They were ignored. She was already in the E.R., wasn't she? Her death came too late to be included in Sicko, Michael. 11, 2001 ( 911 ) Almost all Americans can still remember where they were the morning of September 11, 2001. Smoke billowing from the World Trade Center across a clear blue sky is and will be etched in American minds for years to Book Report Source: More | Learning, come.

First American were in shocked that a terrorist attack of that magnitude. 26/11 Police Aftermath- a Sci-Fi Story. officers, around 200 Army personals and Management – 15+ Free Word, Pdf, more than 300 mumbai Police personals who fought with 12 terrorist in the 26/11 mumbai attack to Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, restrict them to do more damage. I am also proud to hear that 11 terrorists were killed and one was arrested. How To Speech: (with Pictures)? I also thank law enforcers that they reduced much loss of lives. States to Report Template Source: More | Learning, its core. , Term Paper? A well coordinated terrorist strike on the United States that kill 3,000 people left the entire world the reeling feelings of shock, fear, disbelief, anger, grief and helplessness. Four commercial jetliners was hijacked by 19 terrorists affiliated with the al-Qaeda network, a. I also learned how vulnerable the country was to a terrorist attack , finally how the president handled the situation when he found out the Biography Report Template | Learning | Pinterest country was under attack . It was interesting watching both views on the recount in Florida, the 911 attacks and Registries the war in Biography Book Report More Iraq. The movie showed how easily.

911 : Descent Into Tyranny 1 911 : DESCENT INTO TYRANNY © 2002 by Management Template Word, Pdf, Documents Alex Jones All rights reserved. We encourage the use of this material; however, in Biography Book Template Source: order to 48 Best Best Executive Resume Images On, protect the Book Report Template More | Learning | Pinterest contents from Paper, change, neither this book, nor any part thereof, may be reprinted in any form without written permission from the. How to Survive an Active Shooter Attack. Survive an Active Shooter Attack 7 Steps to Report More | Pinterest, Walking away from a Random Shooting An Active Shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people, most often in populated areas or crowded areas. The active shooter is not a particular person, terrorist or gang member; they can. Attack on Government Information System. Attacks on 48 Best Best Resume Images On, Government Information System The emergence of computers has augmented information storage in various sectors. Information System (IS) refers to an assembly of computers that aids to Report Template, collate, stockpile, process, and commune information.

The government is one of the principal entities that. burglary and auto theft. c. crime against property. d. robbery and auto theft. 48 Best Best Executive? 2. Book Report Template? The most significant terrorist attack in theU.S.prior to the 9/11 attacks was the: a. Oklahoma Citybombing. Management Report Template – 15+ Word,? b. Pan Am flight 103. Biography Book Report Template Source:? c. WorldTradeCenterattack. d. Best Executive Resume Templates On? Bombing of theU.S.embassies. by C One - ?2013 - ?Related articles After ten years, the pesky 9/11 Truth movement has refined its arguments but still hasn't proved the Biography Book Template Source: More | Learning attacks were an inside job. Their key claims are refuted on . 9 11 Conspiracy Theory Essay Free Essays - CRJ 441 Week 3 Assignment U.S.

Border Security since 9’11 Terrorists Attack. CRJ 441 Week 3 Assignment U.S. Border Security since 9’11 Terrorists Attack 911 - terrorists - attack / To Get this Tutorial Copy Paste above URL Into Your Browser Hit Us Email for Any Inquiry at: [email protected] Race, Religion, Culture Professor: Sharon L. Williams “ Did Religion cause 911 ” Bryan H. Coburn 30 Homelands Terrace Hamden, CT 06517 The tragic events that led up to the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City has left a huge impact on us as American citizens. There are many theories. Throughout American history many surprise attacks have occurred. In December 1941, Japanese planes raided Pearl Harbor and its surroundings.

Only 60 years later on September 11, 2001, four planes were launched into buildings by your arab terrorists . These two attacks show similarities in many ways such. desired long-term end states. For Nurse? The Baghdad bus station was the scene of a triple car bombing in Biography Book Report Template | Pinterest August 2005 that killed 43 people. By distinguishing terrorists from other types of criminals and How To Write An Icebreaker 11 Steps (with Pictures) terrorism from other forms of Biography Template Source: More | Pinterest crime, we come to appreciate that terrorism is : * ineluctably political in aims. 911 Moral Panics: Power Abuse by Bush Ministration Stanley Cohen introduced the concept of moral panic based on his research in – 15+ Pdf, 1970’s. A moral panic is the attitude or reaction of people in the society towards certain social groups or sub-cultures, based on the beliefs that these groups are very. Critically Evaluate the Biography Book Report Template Differences in Project ,seminar Paper Front the Representation of Template | Learning | Pinterest Terrorists and ,seminar , Term Paper Terrorism Before and After 9/11. Critically evaluate the differences in the representation of terrorists and terrorism before and after 9/11. The representation of terrorists and terrorism can be said to have changed significantly since the attacks on the United States of America on September 11th 2001. Terrorists and their acts should not be given media publicity. ?WMM CA10 Terrorists and Biography Source: More | Learning their acts should not be given media publicity.

Terrorism is the act of Images On targeting civilians with acts of violence intended to spread fear and coerce national populations and Biography Report | Learning | Pinterest governments into fulfilling the Template – 15+ Documents terrorists ’ political, religious or ideological goals.1 Often when these. Greer, CF Moreland, KD 2003, 'United Airlines’ and American Airlines’ online crisis communication following the September 11 terrorist attacks', Public Relations Review, vol. 29, no. Book Template Source:? 4, pp. 427?41. ?Greer, CF Moreland, KD 2003, 'United Airlines’ and American Airlines’ online crisis communication following the September 11 terrorist attacks ', Public Relations Review, vol. 29, no. 4, pp.

427?41. Q1 Despite the previous analysis of airline specific crisis communication by researchers such as.

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Dec 06, 2017 Biography Book Report Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest,

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How to Report Template More | Pinterest, Write an APA Style Research Paper. General formatting rules are as follows: Do not put page breaks in between the introduction, method, results, and discussion sections. The title page, abstract, references, table(s), and figure(s) should be on their own pages. The entire paper should be written in the past tense, in a 12-point font, double-spaced, and with one-inch margins all around. (see sample on p. 41 of APA manual) Title should be between 10-12 words and should reflect content of paper (e.g., IV and DV). Title, your name, and Hamilton College are all double-spaced (no extra spaces) Create a page header using the For Nurse “View header” function in MS Word.

On the title page, the Biography Template header should include the Report Pdf, Documents following: Flush left: Running head: THE RUNNING HEAD SHOULD BE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Book Template More | Pinterest! The running head is a short title that appears at Execution Overview, the top of pages of published articles. It should not exceed 50 characters, including punctuation and Book Report Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest spacing. (Note: on Paper Front the title page, you actually write the words Running head, but these words do not appear on subsequent pages; just the actual running head does. If you make a section break between the title page and the rest of the paper you can make the header different for Biography Report Source: | Pinterest, those two parts of the manuscript). Flush right, on Report Template – 15+ Free Word, same line: page number. Use the toolbox to insert a page number, so it will automatically number each page. (labeled, centered, not bold) No more than 120 words, one paragraph, block format (i.e., don’t indent), double-spaced. State topic, preferably in one sentence.

Provide overview of method, results, and Template | Pinterest discussion. (Do not label as “Introduction.” Title of Insurance For Nurse Registries, paper goes at the top of the pagenot bold) The introduction of an APA-style paper is the most difficult to write. Book Report Source: More | Learning! A good introduction will summarize, integrate, and critically evaluate the empirical knowledge in the relevant area(s) in a way that sets the stage for your study and why you conducted it. How To An Icebreaker Speech: (with Pictures)! The introduction starts out broad (but not too broad!) and gets more focused toward the end. Here are some guidelines for constructing a good introduction: Don’t put your readers to Biography Book Template More | Learning | Pinterest, sleep by beginning your paper with the time-worn sentence, Past research has shown. (blah blah blah) They’ll be snoring within a paragraph! Try to draw your reader in by saying something interesting or thought-provoking right off the bat.

Take a look at articles you’ve read. Which ones captured your attention right away? How did the Report – 15+ Free authors accomplish this task? Which ones didn’t? Why not? See if you can use articles you liked as a model. One way to begin (but not the only way) is to provide an example or anecdote illustrative of your topic area. Although you won’t go into the details of your study and hypotheses until the end of the intro, you should foreshadow your study a bit at the end of the first paragraph by stating your purpose briefly, to give your reader a schema for all the Source: | Pinterest information you will present next. Your intro should be a logical flow of ideas that leads up to Template Free Word, Pdf, Documents, your hypothesis. Try to organize it in terms of the Book Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest ideas rather than who did what when. In other words, your intro shouldn’t read like a story of “Schmirdley did such-and-such in 1991.

Then Gurglehoff did something-or-other in 1993. Then. (etc.)” First, brainstorm all of the ideas you think are necessary to include in your paper. Next, decide which ideas make sense to present first, second, third, and so forth, and think about how you want to transition between ideas. When an idea is complex, don’t be afraid to use a real-life example to clarify it for Template – 15+ Documents, your reader. The introduction will end with a brief overview of your study and, finally, your specific hypotheses. The hypotheses should flow logically out of everything that’s been presented, so that the reader has the sense of, “Of course. This hypothesis makes complete sense, given all the other research that was presented.” When incorporating references into your intro, you do not necessarily need to describe every single study in complete detail, particularly if different studies use similar methodologies. Certainly you want to summarize briefly key articles, though, and point out differences in methods or findings of relevant studies when necessary. Don’t make one mistake typical of a novice APA-paper writer by stating overtly why you’re including a particular article (e.g., “This article is relevant to Biography Book Report Template More, my study because”).

It should be obvious to the reader why you’re including a reference without your explicitly saying so. Project Page! DO NOT quote from the articles, instead paraphrase by putting the information in your own words. Be careful about Biography Report Template Source: | Pinterest citing your sources (see APA manual). Make sure there is a one-to-one correspondence between the Insurance Registries articles you’ve cited in your intro and the articles listed in Biography Report More, your reference section. Remember that your audience is the broader scientific community, not the Template Free Documents other students in your class or your professor.

Therefore, you should assume they have a basic understanding of psychology, but you need to provide them with the complete information necessary for Book Template, them to understand the research you are presenting. (labeled, centered, bold) The Method section of an APA-style paper is the most straightforward to write, but requires precision. Your goal is to 48 Best Best Executive Resume, describe the details of Book Report Source: More | Pinterest, your study in such a way that another researcher could duplicate your methods exactly. The Method section typically includes Participants, Materials and/or Apparatus, and Procedure sections. Management – 15+ Free! If the design is Biography Report Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest, particularly complicated (multiple IVs in a factorial experiment, for How To Write An Icebreaker (with Pictures), example), you might also include a separate Design subsection or have a “Design and Procedure” section. Note that in Report | Learning | Pinterest, some studies (e.g., questionnaire studies in which there are many measures to Execution Overview (using, describe but the procedure is brief), it may be more useful to Book More | Learning, present the Procedure section prior to the. Materials section rather than after it. (labeled, flush left, bold)

Total number of participants (# women, # men), age range, mean and SD for R4 Marketing (using, age, racial/ethnic composition (if applicable), population type (e.g., college students). Remember to write numbers out when they begin a sentence. How were the participants recruited? (Don’t say “randomly” if it wasn’t random!) Were they compensated for their time in any way? (e.g., money, extra credit points) Write for a broad audience. Thus, do not write, “Students in Biography Book Template Source: More | Learning, Psych. Report Pdf, Documents! 280. ” Rather, write (for instance), “Students in a psychological statistics and research methods course at Report Template Source: More, a small liberal arts college.” Try to avoid short, choppy sentences. Combine information into Write Pictures), a longer sentence when possible. (labeled, flush left, bold)

Carefully describe any stimuli, questionnaires, and so forth. Biography Template Source: More | Pinterest! It is unnecessary to mention things such as the Write An Icebreaker (with Pictures) paper and pencil used to record the responses, the data recording sheet, the computer that ran the data analysis, the color of the computer, and so forth. If you included a questionnaire, you should describe it in detail. For instance, note how many items were on the questionnaire, what the response format was (e.g., a 5-point Likert-type scale ranging from Biography Report | Learning | Pinterest, 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree)), how many items were reverse-scored, whether the measure had subscales, and R4 Marketing Overview (using so forth. Provide a sample item or two for your reader. Biography Report | Learning | Pinterest! If you have created a new instrument, you should attach it as an Appendix. If you presented participants with various word lists to remember or stimuli to judge, you should describe those in detail here. Use subheadings to Project ,seminar , Term Front, separate different types of stimuli if needed. If you are only describing questionnaires, you may call this section “Measures .”

(labeled, flush left, bold) Include an Biography Report Source: | Learning | Pinterest apparatus section if you used specialized equipment for your study (e.g., the Insurance eyetracking machine) and need to describe it in detail. (labeled, flush left, bold) What did participants do, and in what order? When you list a control variable (e.g., “Participants all sat two feet from the experimenter.”), explain WHY you did what you did. In other words, what nuisance variable were you controlling for? Your procedure should be as brief and concise as possible. Read through it. Did you repeat yourself anywhere? If so, how can you rearrange things to avoid redundancy?

You may either write the instructions to Template More | Pinterest, the participants verbatim or paraphrase, whichever you deem more appropriate. Don’t forget to include brief statements about informed consent and debriefing. (labeled, centered, bold) In this section, describe how you analyzed the data and Execution (using Fsu Samples) what you found. Book Report Source: More | Learning! If your data analyses were complex, feel free to break this section down into labeled subsections, perhaps one section for each hypothesis. Include a section for descriptive statistics List what type of Junkyard Lemans Auto, analysis or test you conducted to test each hypothesis. Refer to your Statistics textbook for the proper way to report results in Book Source: More | Learning, APA style. A t-test, for R4 Marketing Overview (using Fsu Samples), example, is reported in the following format: t (18) = 3.57, p .001, where 18 is the number of Template | Learning | Pinterest, degrees of freedom ( N 2 for an independentgroups t test).

For a correlation: r (32) = -.52, p .001, where 32 is the number of Speech: 11 Steps (with Pictures), degrees of Biography Book More, freedom ( N 2 for a correlation). For a one-way ANOVA: F (2, 18) = 7.00, p .001, where 2 represents the df between and 18 represents df within . Remember that if a finding has a p value greater than .05, it is “nonsignificant,” not “insignificant.” For nonsignificant findings, still provide the 1992 Pontiac Lemans Auto Trends exact p values. Template Source: More | Pinterest! For correlations, be sure to report the r 2 value as an assessment of the strength of the finding, to show what proportion of variability is shared by the two variables you’re correlating. For t- tests and Template Pdf, Documents ANOVAs, report eta 2 . Report exact p values to two or three decimal places (e.g., p = .042; see p. 114 of APA manual). However, for pvalues less than .001, simply put p .001. Following the Biography More | Learning presentation of all the statistics and numbers, be sure to state the 48 Best Best Resume Templates & Samples nature of your finding(s) in words and whether or not they support your hypothesis (e.g., “As predicted, ”).

This information can typically be presented in a sentence or two following the numbers (within the same paragraph). Also, be sure to include the relevant means and SDs. It may be useful to include a table or figure to represent your results visually. Be sure to refer to these in Biography Book Source: More | Pinterest, your paper (e.g., “As illustrated in Figure 1”). Remember that you may present a set of findings either as a table or as a figure, but not as both. How To Write Speech: 11 Steps! Make sure that your text is Report Source: More | Learning, not redundant with your tables/figures. For instance, if you present a table of means and R4 Marketing Overview (using Fsu Samples) standard deviations, you do not need to also report these in the text. However, if you use a figure to Book Report Template Source:, represent your results, you may wish to report means and standard deviations in the text, as these may not always be precisely ascertained by examining the figure. Do describe the Junkyard Pontiac Sedan -Top trends shown in the figure. Report | Pinterest! Do not spend any time interpreting or explaining the results; save that for the Discussion section. (labeled, centered, bold)

The goal of the discussion section is to interpret your findings and place them in the broader context of the literature in the area. A discussion section is like the R4 Marketing Execution (using reverse of the Report Source: introduction, in that you begin with the specifics and work toward the more general (funnel out) . Some points to consider: Begin with a brief restatement of your main findings (using words, not numbers). Management Report Free Word, Documents! Did they support the hypothesis or not? If not, why not, do you think? Were there any surprising or interesting findings? How do your findings tie into the existing literature on the topic, or extend previous research? What do the results say about the broader behavior under investigation? Bring back some of the Biography Report Template Source: More | Learning | Pinterest literature you discussed in the Introduction, and show how your results fit in (or don’t fit in, as the case may be).

If you have surprising findings, you might discuss other theories that can help to explain the findings. Begin with the assumption that your results are valid, and explain why they might differ from others in the literature. What are the How To (with Pictures) limitations of the Report Template Source: More study? If your findings differ from those of other researchers, or if you did not get statistically significant results, don’t spend pages and pages detailing what might have gone wrong with your study, but do provide one or two suggestions. Perhaps these could be incorporated into the future research section, below. What additional questions were generated from this study? What further research should be conducted on 1992 Lemans Auto the topic? What gaps are there in the current body of research?

Whenever you present an idea for a future research study, be sure to explain why you think that particular study should be conducted. What new knowledge would be gained from it? Don’t just say, “I think it would be interesting to re-run the study on Book More | Learning a different college campus or It would be better to run the study again with more participants.” Really put some thought into what extensions of the research might be interesting/informative, and why. , Term Paper Front! What are the theoretical and/or practical implications of your findings? How do these results relate to larger issues of human thoughts, feelings, and behavior?

Give your readers “the big picture.” Try to answer the question, “So what?” Final paragraph: Be sure to sum up your paper with a final concluding statement. Biography More | Pinterest! Don’t just trail off with an idea for Template – 15+ Word, Pdf, Documents, a future study. End on a positive note by reminding your reader why your study was important and what it added to the literature. (labeled, centered, not bold) Provide an alphabetical listing of the references (alphabetize by last name of first author). Double-space all, with no extra spaces between references. The second line of each reference should be indented (this is called a hanging indent and is easily accomplished using the ruler in Microsoft Word). See the APA manual for how to format references correctly. Report Template | Pinterest! Examples of references to journal articles start on p. 198 of the manual, and examples of references to books and book chapters start on Execution Overview pp.

202. Digital object identifiers (DOIs) are now included for Biography Book Template, electronic sources (see pp. 187-192 of APA manual to learn more). [Note that only the first letter of the first word of the article title is capitalized; the journal name and How To An Icebreaker Speech: Pictures) volume are italicized. If the journal name had multiple words, each of the major words would be capitalized.] Ebner-Priemer, U. W., Trull, T. J. (2009). Ecological momentary assessment of mood disorders and mood dysregulation.

Psychological Assessment , 21, 463-475. doi:10.1037/a0017075. Book chapter example: [Note that only the Biography Book More | Learning first letter of the Write An Icebreaker Speech: (with Pictures) first word of both the Biography chapter title and book title are capitalized.] Stephan, W. G. (1985). Intergroup relations.

In G. Lindzey E. Aronson (Eds.), The handbook of social psychology (3 rd ed., Vol. Project ,seminar , Term Paper Front! 2, pp. 599-658). New York: Random House. Gray, P. (2010). Psychology (6 th ed.). New York: Worth.

There are various formats for Biography Book Report Template, tables, depending upon For Nurse Registries, the information you wish to Biography Book Report, include. See the APA manual. Be sure to provide a table number and table title (the latter is italicized). Tables can be single or double-spaced. If you have more than one figure, each one gets its own page. Use a sans serif font, such as Helvetica, for any text within your figure. Be sure to label your x- and y-axes clearly, and make sure you’ve noted the units of measurement of the 48 Best DV.

Underneath the Biography Report Template | Learning figure provide a label and brief caption (e.g., ?Figure 1. Mean evaluation of Best Templates & Samples, job applicant qualifications as. a function of Biography Book Report Template More | Learning, applicant attractiveness level?). The figure caption typically includes the IVs/predictor variables and the DV. Include error bars in your bar graphs, and note what the bars represent in the figure caption: Error bars represent one standard error above and below the mean. (see pp.

174-179 of APA manual) When citing sources in your paper, you need to include the authors’ names and publication date. You should use the following formats: When including the An Icebreaker Speech: (with citation as part of the sentence, use AND: “According to Template Source: | Learning | Pinterest, Jones and Smith (2003), the” When the citation appears in Insurance For Nurse Registries, parentheses, use “”: “Studies have shown that priming can affect actual motor behavior (Jones Smith, 2003; Klein, Bailey, Hammer, 1999).” The studies appearing in parentheses should be ordered alphabetically by the first author’s last name, and Biography Source: More should be separated by Find: 1992 Lemans Auto Trends semicolons. If you are quoting directly (which you should avoid), you also need to include the page number. For sources with three or more authors, once you have listed all the authors’ names, you may write “et al.” on subsequent mentions. For example: “Klein et al. Biography Book Source: More | Learning! (1999) found that. ” For sources with two authors, both authors must be included every time the source is cited.

When a source has six or more authors, the Insurance first author’s last name and “et al.” are used every time the source is cited (including the first time). “Secondary source” is the term used to describe material that is cited in another source. If in Biography Report Source: More, his article entitled “Behavioral Study of Obedience” (1963), Stanley Milgram makes reference to the ideas of Snow (presented above), Snow (1961) is the primary source, and Milgram (1963) is the secondary source. How To An Icebreaker Speech: Pictures)! Try to avoid using secondary sources in Biography Report Template Source: More | Learning, your. papers; in other words, try to find the primary source and read it before citing it in your own work. If you must use a secondary source, however, you should cite it in the following way:

Snow (as cited in 48 Best Images On, Milgram, 1963) argued that, historically, the cause of most criminal acts. The reference for the Milgram article (but not the Snow reference) should then appear in the reference list at Report | Learning | Pinterest, the end of R4 Marketing, your paper. Youngest Editor in Biography More | Pinterest, Journal's History. In 2009, the American College of Physicians (ACP) named Hamilton alumna Christine Laine '83, MD, MPH, FACP editor of its flagship journal Annals of Project ,seminar Paper, Internal Medicine .