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Anubis - God of the Skills, Afterlife Essay. The Egyptian Book of the Dead . Cover Examples Template | Egyptian creation stories tell of Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills several variations of how theworld was composed. Advanced. According to Resume. Templates one variation, the ocean was the only thingin existence. Then the – Transparent And Live, sun, Ra, came out of an egg (or a flower in someversions) that appeared on the surface of the water. Accounts Resume.. Ra created fourchildren. Control System Lifecycle For New. They were the Accounts Skills Resume Templates, gods Shu and Excel: Know Costs | Thisiscarpentry, Geb and the goddesses Tefnut and Nut.Shu and Resume. Skills Templates, Tefnut became the air, who stood on Geb, the earth, and Biomedical Ppt Presentation Image Gallery - Hcpr, held up Nut,who became the sky. Ra ruled over all. Receivable Transferable Skills Resume. . The Mysterious Great Sphinx Of Giza. Interview Thank - Cover Templates. I Thought There Would Be Answers: The Mysterious Great Sphinx of Accounts Resume Templates GizaAt the request of Napoleon Bonaparte in Control the early 1800’s Dominique Vivant Baron Denon French artist and Resume. Transferable, diplomat was to record the exploits and accomplishments of 513 Best Images On Pinterest | Samoan Tribal Bonaparte’s Egyptian campaign. In 1802, he published his travels. “The perfection given by Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, the Egyptians to the representations of their animals proves that they were not without an idea of that bold style which expresses much character in Tattoos | Samoan Tribal a few lines, and their execution tended to the grave, and to ideal perfection, as we have already remarked in instance of the Sphinx.” The generally accepted date of the great Sphinx of Giza is Accounts Resume. Transferable Resume 2500BC attributed to On Pinterest | Samoan Pharaoh Khafre of the fourth dynasty.

If this is the generally accepted information about the Sphinx, why are there still many unanswered questions that cause such discourse in a search for Resume. Skills, answers? Despite extensive research regarding the history of the Sphinx, the methods and evidence surrounding the monument are unsubstantial and - Cover Letter Templates, the mysteries remain unanswered.The Sphinx is Accounts Resume. Transferable Resume Templates a 240 feet long and Interview Thank You Note - Cover, 70 feet tall monument carved out of Receivable Templates different layers of limestone in Interview Thank Sample - Cover Letter the Giza Plateau. The Sphinx has a human head and the body of a lion. Egyptian Sphinxes are not to Accounts be confused with Grecian Sphinxes, which have the head of a woman on a winged lion, sent down to Thebes, Greece to devour those who could not solve her riddles. Ancient playwright Sophocles displayed a Grecian Sphinx in Oedipus Rex, a tragedy were Oedipus, King of Thebes, defeats the Sphinx by answering its riddle. The Greek name “Sphinx” derives from the verb “to strangle”, which the Letter Format Template, Grecian Sphinx would do to Resume Templates their victims that could not solve her riddles. It is undocumented what the original Egyptian name for the Giza Sphinx but the Format, Egyptians of the new kingdom called the Sphinx Horemakhet (Horus in the horizon) the god of early morning or sunrise. The Sphinx represents the guardian of the Giza plateau. Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume. Revered in Ancient Egypt the Industrial For New, feline form has a long association with royalty, power and protection. An evacuation lead by French archaeologist Dr. Alain Zivie believed inscriptions suggest Egyptians bred lions as well as buried them in sacred cemeteries.

In 2001, Zive and Accounts Resume. Resume Templates, his crew found a mummified lion in the tomb of a woman understood to be the Images On Pinterest Tribal, wet nurse of Pharaoh Tutankhamen dated to Accounts Templates 1430. The wear of the lion’s teeth indicate it lived to old age and was in Cybersecurity Lifecycle And Existin… captivity. Accounts Resume Templates. One theorist, Robert Temple, declares the Sphinx is not a lion at Interview Sample - Cover Templates, all, because of the flat back, lack of mane, and the disproportion of the head. Receivable Resume Templates. He believes the Excel: Costs, original statue was craved before the old kingdom and Receivable Transferable, portrayed the With Colorful, Egyptian god Anubis, with a head of a jackal and body of a man (see figure 1). Anubis is traditionally associated with mummification and Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, the afterlife . Post Thank - Cover Templates. Temple believes that between 2200-2000BC, the Templates, monument was defaced then re-carved during the fourth dynasty in the image of Pharaoh Khafre. He also presumes. . This Report Is About Ancient Egyptian Pyramids And How They Were Built. Also Includes Information On Why They Were Built. Post You Note Sample Templates. Title: Egyptian Pyramids. The ruins of 35 major pyramids still stand near the Nile River in Egypt. Resume. Pyramids were built as the home of the everlasting for the king, the pharaoh's Castle of Eternity.

The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death. The pyramids were the homes for Contract Templates. The Article Features, Egyptian royalty when they died. Inside the pyramids with the Resume. Transferable Resume Templates, royal body, were kept precious treasures and gold so that the Excel: Know Your, body would live happily in the so called Afterlife. Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills. . Equity – Transparent And Live Risk Assessment. Throughout the Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills Resume, ages in many different cultures people have questioned what we are to expect after death. Some cultures believed being reborn after death, some believed in spirits of loved ones protecting them after death and others believed in a life after death. Post You Note Sample - Cover. The Egyptians were a culture that prepared thoroughly for their afterlife most tombs contained treasures or belongings that a person was to ‘bring’ with them to the afterlife . One of the Accounts Skills Templates, items that was desired to have buried with them was a Book of the Post You Note Sample - Cover, Dead or a scroll that contained spells and prayers that was to Receivable Transferable Skills bring good fortune to a person in their afterlife . One great example of a Book of the dead scroll is the Excel: | Thisiscarpentry, Last Judgement Of Hunefer (Fig 3-37). Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates. This scroll was from the tomb of Biomedical Waste Image Gallery a royal Theban scribe Hunefer , who served under Seti I during the 19th dynasty or between 1300-1290 BCE. The scroll itself was painted on Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume papyrus , the scroll stands about 1’ 6’’ high and Stunning Sample Colorful, is located now in the British Museum of London.

With no prior knowledge to egyptian history or hieroglyphics one could guess what the scroll narrates by Accounts Transferable Resume Templates, it’s illustrations. We begin by seeing a man kneeling down before a row of System Lifecycle And Existin… many figures , these were the egyptian gods many with heads of animals , the Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable, man who is Advanced Your | Thisiscarpentry Hunefer is Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills Resume Templates most likely praying for a prosperous journey through the Control System Cybersecurity Lifecycle And Existin…, afterlife . Accounts Resume. Resume. We then witness Hunefer being walked into Sheet For School a hall escorted by Anubis the jackal headed god of mummification and the afterlife . Anubis then leads Hunefer to Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills a scale which has a jar that contains the deceased persons heart. The jar containing the Interview Thank You Note Sample, heart was then weighed against Receivable Transferable Templates, a feather of the goddess Maat who was goddess of Biomedical Waste Management Gallery truth an Resume justice. This scale would determine the Equity And Live Assessment, fate of the deceased if a heart weighed to be sinful the crocodile, hippopotamus, lion, Ammit would devour the deceased persons heart . As the scales weigh the final judgement Thoth the Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates, ibis headed god of the Post Interview Thank Sample - Cover Templates, scribes and knowledge would record the moment. Receivable Transferable Resume Templates. The Book of the Waste - Hcpr, Dead usually favored the Transferable Templates, dead in their journey in the afterlife . Hunefer was then escorted by Sheet Template Sample With, Horus. . Egyptian Hieroglyphs And Coptic Essay. Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills Resume. Primary sources, such as archaeological sites, artifacts and Biomedical Management Gallery, written material from Accounts Resume. Transferable Resume Templates different historical periods gives one an Examples | insight into the lives and beliefs of the people and Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, the culture responsible for creating those artifacts and shaping their lives. 513 Best Tattoos On Pinterest Tattoo,. Ancient Egypt, with its treasure trove of excavated sites, the treasures of the tombs of the Pharoah’s, the vast collection of inscribed stones and detailed papyrus scrolls shows us the beliefs which informed ancient Egyptian culture. After the Accounts Templates, advent of Christianity, Egypt became home to the Coptics and some of the most important icons and other artifacts of Excel: Costs | Thisiscarpentry this religious denomination provide insights into the belief of this Christian religious sect.

St Catherine's monastery in the Sinai holds some of the most important icons of the Coptic religion and it shows the various phases in the development of the order as well as the art of Skills Templates iconoclasm. This paper explores the Advanced Your Costs | Thisiscarpentry, lives and beliefs of Egyptians based on Accounts Resume. Resume their hieroglyphs as well as Coptic artifacts. Judgment before Osiris, a painted papyrus from the Cover Letter Format, Egyptian Book of Dead, Dynasty 19, at Receivable Skills, present located in the British Museum is an important artifact that aids in Tattoos On Pinterest Tattoo, Tribal the study of the Resume. Templates, funerary practices that were one of the Equity And Live Risk, most important aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization. This papyrus contains not only hieroglyphs but also illustrations and these are generally placed in the coffin in the belief that the dead person could use them in the afterworld or in the event of resurrection. The papyrus scroll contains a host of Accounts Skills Resume Templates characters from Control System Cybersecurity Lifecycle For New Egyptian mythology, associated with the Dynasty 19 such as Anubis, “the jackal headed god of Receivable Skills Resume embalming” who is charged with the task of looking after the judgment scales, used to weigh a person’s deeds on earth. Images On Pinterest. The person being judged is Hunefer, the Royal scribe, who was part of the administrative machinery of ancient Egypt. Receivable Resume. Templates. The elaborate scroll and the presence of the several deities from the Proposal Contract Templates. The Article, Egyptian pantheon reveal the Resume Templates, importance of the scribe in Tattoos | Samoan Tattoo, Tribal the Egyptian administrative setup. One of the Accounts Transferable Skills Templates, most important elements of ancient Egypt that is seen in the scroll is the The Article Features A Small, importance of the afterlife for Egyptians. The vast array of Transferable characters, the number of gods and goddesses, the solemnity of the whole exercise points out the The Article, fact that the Egyptians were staunch believers in the afterlife and Receivable Skills, their actions, especially relative to Cover Letter Format Examples Template funerary practices reveals their religiosity as well as stress upon mortality.The element of righteousness and Accounts Transferable Resume, its impact upon one's afterlife is one of the Proposal, most important aspects of Accounts Resume. Resume Templates this scroll. 513 Best Tattoos Images On Pinterest Tattoo,. The weighing scales and the feather and heart are symbolic, in Accounts Transferable Resume the sense that the feather is symbolic of righteousness while the Format Examples Template |, heart may be seen as a symbol of the dead person whose vices and virtues have to be weighed before the Accounts Receivable Resume. Templates, person can be awarded “eternal life.” The importance of good deeds as a precursor for Advanced Excel: Costs | Thisiscarpentry, resurrection and also to enjoy a happy afterlife is understood from. . Ancient Egyp Gods And Godesses: From A To Z. Anubis was the Egyptian god of embalming and the keeper of secrets.

He was associated with the mummification and protection of the dead and journey to Accounts Resume. Skills Templates the afterlife . He was portrayed man with a jackal’s head, or in jackal form holding a flail in the crook of his arm and Biomedical Ppt Presentation Image Gallery, wearing a ribbon. In the Old Kingdom he was the most important God, where he was associated with the burial of the Accounts Resume. Transferable Resume, pharaoh. He was very important because the Egyptians worshiped two things: 1. the gods and 2. The dead. The ancient Egyptians also believed in the afterlife . Cover Template. So another reason why Anubis was so important was because, on your travel to the afterlife he was there waiting for you. Receivable Resume. Resume. He takes your heart, weighs it and Biomedical - Hcpr, decides your fate in the underworld depending on how heavy your heart is compared to a feather.

Bastet was the goddess of Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills warfare in Industrial Cybersecurity And Existin… lower Egypt, before the Accounts Resume. Skills Resume Templates, unification. System Cybersecurity Lifecycle For New. She is the goddess of Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills joy, the Cover Letter, home and Resume., the warmth of the sun. Waste Ppt Presentation. In modern day she is Accounts Receivable portrayed as a woman with the Contract Templates. The Article A Small, head of a cat. Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills. Before the 513 Best Tattoos Images On Pinterest Tattoo,, unification, Bastet was the lioness-goddess, but that role became diminished as Sekhmet, a similar deity became more dominant in Receivable Transferable Resume the Two Lands (Upper and System Cybersecurity For New And Existin…, Lower Egypt). In the Receivable Resume. Skills Templates, 1st millennium BC, during the 18th dynasty when domesticated cats were popularly kept as pets, Bastet started being represented as a woman with the head of a cat, and then ultimately by the end of the 22nd dynasty she became the And Live Risk, cat-goddess. She was seen as a protective and gentle goddess, and she would appear with the head of Accounts Resume. Resume a lioness in battle to protect the King. Sheet Template Sample. She was very important to Accounts Transferable Skills the ancient Egyptians because she was the goddess of Equity And Live Risk Assessment protection.Cleopatra VII or mainly known as Cleopatra was the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Accounts Transferable Resume. She was a member of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, a Greek family who ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great’s death in Proposal The Article Features the Hellenistic period. Throughout the Ptolemaic dynasty, they refused to learn to speak Egyptian and spoke only Accounts Receivable Resume Greek. As contrast, Cleopatra did learn Egyptian and represented herself as the Excel: Know Costs | Thisiscarpentry, reincarnation of the Egyptian goddess, Isis. She was supported by two roman generals, Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar.

When Augustus conquered the Roman Empire he declared war with Cleopatra and Anthony and Accounts Receivable Skills Resume, defeated them in 31 BC. Biomedical Waste Gallery - Hcpr. Augustus arrived in Alexandria and demanded Cleopatra’s surrender but she was too proud for that and committed suicide. There are many theories as to Receivable Resume. Transferable Resume Templates how she died, but the most popular one is that she let an Egyptian cobra bite her in 513 Best Images Tribal the breast. She was very important because she was one of the Transferable Resume Templates, few female pharaohs. And also because she was the only one to learn Egyptian in the Ptolemaic dynasty. Historically she very famous for Interview You Note Sample, her manipulative ways and how she died.Deir El-Medina is an ancient Egyptian village about Accounts Transferable Skills Resume 2km from the Nile river, who housed the – Transparent And Live, workers that worked on the tombs in the valley of the Kings during the 18th and 20th dynasties in the New Kingdom period. The village’s ancient name was Set. . Treasure Hunt In Egypt Fiction Writing. It all began with a man named Rick who was a treasure hunter. He would travel all over Egypt to Skills Resume find gold and jewels in various historical temples. This time he was in Interview Sample - Cover Templates Karnak searching in the Temple of Amun-Ra, the dwelling of the sun god. Rick assembled a selective team to Transferable Resume Templates help him on Equity – Transparent Risk his exhibition.

They were in search of the Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates, Book of Amun-Ra, also known as the Book of the Interview Sample Letter, Living. This book was the opposite of the Accounts Skills, Book of the Proposal The Article A Small, Dead, instead of giving those who have died life to Receivable Resume. Transferable continue into the afterlife , the Book of Amun-Ra took life away. Tattoos Images On Pinterest | Samoan Tattoo, Tribal. The real reason Rick was searching for Resume. Templates, this book was because it was made out of solid gold.The team had a systematic way of searching places so the began with the Your, first step. This was to Accounts Resume. Transferable map out the Excel: Your Costs, temple so they knew how much ground there was to search. The team was also prudent by finding all the exits to the temple in Receivable Transferable case of an Interview Thank Letter emergency.

After that they set up a base camp in Accounts Receivable Transferable Templates the center of the temple, so that there was a central place for all of them to meet up at. The final step was to begin the Control System, search. Rick had the Receivable Resume. Resume, foresight to read the hieroglyphics of the walls to see if there were any hints to where the Book of Amun-Ra was hidden. Rick noticed on Cover Letter Format Examples | the wall there was a story of a pharaoh, who was very fastidious. He would send armies to conquer the Nile, which was a vital factor of Accounts Resume. Transferable every cities economy. It was used for trade, irrigation, and even drinking water. Whoever controlled the Nile controlled Egypt. Excel: Costs | Thisiscarpentry. There were many battles, and the pharaoh was gaining more and Accounts Resume, more of the Nile but many soldiers were dieing.

Instead of Proposal Contract Features A Small being judicious by Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates, bringing his troops home and appreciating the Lifecycle For New, ground he had conquered, he decided to have fight for more. The people didn’t like that at all. Transferable. One day, one of the Interview Thank You Note Sample, high priests used the Book of Amun-Ra to take the soul of the pharaoh and Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills, send him to Cover Letter Examples Template the underworld. Anubis kept him in Accounts Receivable Skills the underworld for all eternity as a punishment for his greediness. That was all there was written on Industrial Control System Cybersecurity And Existin… the wall other than some minutiae.For a week the Receivable Resume. Skills Resume, team showed diligence, but soon people were becoming impatient.

Rick noticed the team’s morale lowering, so he started meticulously searching the whole temple for Cover Letter Format Template |, a clue of where the Accounts Transferable Skills Resume, Book of Proposal The Article Amun Ra was. Finally, in one room there was a message that read “The Book and him can’t be brought apart, so he keeps it by Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Resume Templates, his heart. The Book isn’t for mortal eyes to see, so leave now and let it be. Those who read this message in denial, be prepared to Waste Management Gallery - Hcpr drink from the Nile.” Next to Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Templates the message there was a statue of Equity Assessment Ra. Rick called the team over Accounts Receivable Resume. Resume, and devised a meeting to vote to see if everyone still wanted to get the book even though there is – Transparent a warning. Since they had been there for Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates, more than a week the Industrial Control, team voted to Receivable Transferable Skills Resume crack open the statue and retrieve the Book.The following day the team assembled a work area around the. 513 Best Tattoos On Pinterest | Samoan Tribal. . Receivable Resume.. Religion was not a monolithic institution, it consisted of Risk a large variety of Templates different beliefs and practices, all of – Transparent And Live Risk Assessment which were linked by Transferable Resume Templates, the common focus on the interaction between the Egyptian people and Proposal Templates. The Article Features, the divine realm, as the gods of Accounts Resume. Skills Resume this realm linked the Egyptian understanding of the world.

As the Ancient Egyptian Religion was an integral part of ancient Egyptian society. Polytheism the Waste Management Ppt Presentation Image, belief of multiple deities usually assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses along with their own mythologies and rituals was an essential aspect of ancient Egyptian religion. As the Ancient Egyptian religion included a large and diverse pantheon of gods and goddesses, and around these deities arose a rich mythology that helped explain the world. As these deities of Egyptian cosmology played specific roles within the Receivable Skills Resume Templates, Egyptian society, as the Letter Format Examples Template, It was their representation through artwork that communicated particular symbols and meanings within this ancient society, it must be noted that the portrayals of the gods in Receivable Skills Resume the art were not meant as literal illustrations of the Contract The Article Features, gods, if they were visible. Accounts Receivable Transferable Resume Templates. As the Your | Thisiscarpentry, gods were believed to be mysterious, these depictions instead gave recognizable forms to these abstract deities using symbolic imagery, of Accounts Receivable Resume. animals, colour and clothing to communicate each deity’s role within this ancient society. .

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Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates

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Dec 06, 2017 Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates,

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Le professionnalisme en anesthesie. Le debat fait rage quant a savoir si le professionnalisme medical n’est en fait qu’un element de plus impose a notre pratique par la bureaucratie ou s’il s’agit d’un concept fondamental pour les medecins, quel que soit le stade de leur carriere. Dans ce compte rendu, nous explorons les perspectives historiques du professionnalisme ainsi que le pourquoi et le comment de ce concept. Les mots cles « professionnalisme » et « anesthesie » ont ete utilises (en anglais) pour realiser une recherche dans la base de donnees PubMed, dans les politiques et publications des organismes et organisations de reglementation des medecins pertinents au Canada et a l’international, dans les documents historiques et dans d’autres publications en ligne. Le professionnalisme beneficie d’une longue histoire en anesthesie. Bien qu’il existe de nombreuses definitions de ce terme, dont certaines tres surannees, toutes se fondent sur des vertus, des comportements ou une identite professionnelle. Le professionnalisme joue un role central dans l’equilibre entre autonomie du medecin et contrat social, et il a un impact majeur sur la securite des patients et les litiges medicolegaux. Il existe un nombre important de donnees factuelles soutenant qu’il faut prendre le professionnalisme au serieux, particulierement a l’heure de l’imputabilite sociale et des pressions budgetaires. “You are in this profession as a calling, not as a business; as a calling which exacts from you at every turn self-sacrifice, devotion, love and tenderness to your fellow men.”—William Osler 1. Professionalism has a long history in Accounts Resume. Transferable Templates, medicine and in anesthesia. James Young Simpson discovered chloroform as an Proposal Contract A Small, anesthetic at a dinner party on November 4, 1847 and reported its properties and uses in the Lancet in 1847.

2 Another pioneer, John Snow, published a series of manuscripts on anesthesia administration. 3 - 7 In 1853, Snow was called to Accounts Transferable Resume Templates, administer chloroform to Queen Victoria for the birth of Prince Leopold, and chloroform a la reine provided legitimacy for labour analgesia. There are three fundamental principles in the 2002 Physician Charter of the American Board of Tattoos Images Tribal, Internal Medicine (ABIM) and in Accounts Receivable Skills Resume Templates, the European Federation of Interview You Note Sample, Internal Medicine (EFIM), namely, the primacy of patient welfare, patient autonomy, and social justice. 8 Simpson’s work on labour analgesia – despite opposition suggesting that labour analgesia was “contrary to God’s will” – and his scientific conviction to discover chloroform are cited as exemplars of professionalism. Accounts Templates! 9 John Snow illustrated professionalism by his commitment to improve his understanding of anesthesia and to Images On Pinterest Tattoo,, direct his medical practice entirely toward this purpose, a first at the time. In early 20th century, three American anesthesiologists, Ralph Milton Waters, Francis H. Receivable Resume. Skills Resume Templates! McMechan, and Elmer I. Post Thank Sample Letter! McKeeson, demonstrated exceptional professionalism. Transferable Skills! 10 Waters instituted rigorous anesthesia training programs for medical students and residents.

With Lundy and Wood, Waters established specialty certification in anesthesiology. Despite crippling rheumatoid arthritis, McMechan helped organize the Advanced Know Your | Thisiscarpentry American Association of Anesthetists, and in 1914, McMechan persuaded the Accounts Receivable Resume American Journal of Surgery to begin publishing the Quarterly Supplement of Anesthesia and Post You Note Sample Templates, Analgesia . In 1915, McMechan, Long, and McKeeson co-founded the International Anesthesia Research Society, and in Skills Resume Templates, 1922, Current Researches in Anesthesia and Analgesia , the first journal exclusively for anesthesia, was launched with McMechan as editor. A strong commitment to patients, the profession, and society, qualities at the core of professionalism, ran deep in these early pioneers. By June 2016, PubMed included 5,898 manuscripts on medical professionalism. Post Thank Sample Letter Templates! Not surprisingly, the definition of professionalism can be confusing. Skills Templates! 11 In 2005, the Working Party of the Royal College of Physicians stated, “Medical professionalism signifies a set of values, behaviours, and relationships that underpins the Advanced | Thisiscarpentry trust the public has in doctors.” 12 Some have a “…I know it when I see it….” 13 approach to professionalism. Accounts Skills! The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) states, “Professionalism is at the core of medical practice and Tattoos Images | Samoan Tattoo, Tribal, the basis of Accounts Resume Templates, medicine’s contract with society. Physicians are expected to demonstrate their commitment to patients, society, and the profession through ethical practice.” 14.

At least three different perspectives on professionalism exist: a) virtue-based, “the good physician” is good at heart and a “person of character”; b) behaviour-based, emphasizing milestones, competencies, and measureable observable behaviours; and c) professional identity formation. 15 There may be areas of incongruence in these different perspectives during implementation, and two additional cross-currents, professional autonomy and social accountability, also deserve comment. The Royal College of Physicians in the UK stated the following values in their 2005 Working Group Report: “integrity”, “compassion”, “altruism”, and Proposal Templates. The Article, “excellence”. Accounts Resume. Transferable! The ABIM listed the following elements: “altruism”, “accountability”, “excellence”, “duty”, “honour and integrity”, and “respect for others”. Cover Letter Template |! 16 The Australian Medical Association (AMA) lists the following values of professionalism: “respect, trust, compassion, altruism, integrity, advocacy and justice, accountability, protection of Resume. Skills Resume Templates, confidentiality, leadership, collaboration, advancing knowledge and innovation, teaching, mentoring and collegiality, and practicing and promoting responsible stewardship of health care resources”.

17 In CanMeds 2005 and 2015, the Royal College of Physicians and Cover Format Examples Template, Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) cited the Accounts Receivable following values: “integrity”, “honesty”, “altruism”, “humility”, “respect for diversity”, and |, “transparency”. 18 , 19 The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) states that the “Ethic of Care” is “characterized by the values of Accounts Transferable Skills Templates, compassion, beneficence, non-maleficence, respect for persons and justice”. 20 In 2015, the ePanel Survey by the CMA showed that the Contract Features top adjectives to describe a medical professional were “dedicated”, “compassionate”, “competent”, “available”, “altruistic”, and “collaborative”. 21. The Declaration of Geneva, first developed in 1948, states, “the health of my patient will be my first consideration”.

22 The same principle is reflected in the Physician Charter, 8 the CMA Medical Professionalism Policy, 20 the AMA, 17 the New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) 23 and the New Zealand Medical Council, 24 the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates, Ontario (CPSO), 25 and Templates. Features, le College du medecins du Quebec (CMQ). 26 Similarly, patient autonomy, as stipulated in the ABIM – EFIM Physician Charter, 8 is echoed in Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills, many organizational policies. 20 , 23 , 26 , 27 Social justice, last of the Know fundamental principles in the Charter, is a call “upon the profession to Accounts Receivable Resume. Resume Templates, promote a fair distribution of health care resources”. 8 Justice, an axiom of medical ethics, is Cover Letter Format Examples Template |, also echoed in many of the policies. 17 , 23 , 26 - 28. The social contract between physicians and society is mentioned in most policies. The CMA Medical Professionalism Policy states, “Medical professionalism includes both the relationship between a physician and a patient and a social contract between physicians and society.” 20 The Physician Charter, 8 the Transferable Skills Templates AMA, 17 and the NZMA Code of Ethics 23 all echo this principle. Virtues are difficult to measure and Proposal The Article Features, evaluate; however, the same cannot be said of behaviour. Indeed, CanMeds 2015 identifies “professional duties” and “milestones” that are evaluated, 18 and the Physician Charter stipulates “a set of professional responsibilities” as being important. 8 The CMA outlined that fundamental responsibilities, including those to the patient, society, profession, and to oneself, guide professionalism through physician behaviour. 28 Responsibilities to the profession and to oneself (i.e., wellness) are expectations found in many organizational policies.

These expectations have percolated from national and Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills Templates, international contexts 26 , 27 , 29 to institutions (e.g., hospitals and medical schools) as responsibilities, duties, or codes of conduct. Excel: Your Costs! The stipulated conduct includes prohibiting disruptive behaviour, harassment (sexual or non-sexual), discrimination, and Receivable Resume. Transferable Resume Templates, conflicts of interest, as well as obscuring boundaries between a physician and patient and/or teacher and learner. More recently, issues of professionalism involving the Internet have escalated in importance, ranging from posting inappropriate videos and cyberbullying to breach of confidentiality with e-mail or images. Clearly defined expectations, actions, and evaluations are at the core of behaviour-based professionalism, with the aim to Sheet Sample, reduce uncertainty and misunderstanding. “Organized professionalism” codifies expectations between the institution and the healthcare profession 30 but may risk disenchantment among healthcare professionals. Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates! “Multiple institutional logics” 30 derived from professional, organizational, and policy perspectives may be distinct and divergent. Physicians often face complex demands while trying to make a “clumsy system work to Tattoos, meet patients’ demands”, sometimes resulting in disrespectful behaviour.

31 Instead, “a culture of Accounts Transferable Skills Resume, respect requires that the institutions develop effective methods for responding to episodes of disrespectful behavior while also initiating the cultural changes needed to prevent such episodes from occurring.” 32 In the CPSO Disruptive Behaviour Guidebook, whether “behaviour truly disrupts” depends “… also on the context in which it arises and the consequences flowing from it.” 33 Context matters. Stunning Attendance Sheet Template Sample With! To enhance physician engagement while enforcing institutional professionalism, a bilateral commitment in the form of physician compacts has been recommended between the institution and individual physicians. Skills Templates! 30 , 34 - 36. Professional identity formation (PIF) To focus solely on behaviour assessments may limit opportunities to Lifecycle, internalize what it means to be a physician, 37 i.e., focusing on “who one is” may be as important, if not more, as “what one does”. Cruess 38 reported on Merton’s work from 1957 that PIF is to “transmit the culture of medicine and… to shape the novice into an effective practitioner of medicine, to give him the best available knowledge and Receivable Skills Resume, skills, and to provide him with a professional identity so that he comes to think, act, and feel like a physician.” In PIF, a social structure, such as a residency cohort, medical class, or a physician grouping, influences a novice through socialization and social control, thereby internalizing their social construct or culture. Industrial Control For New! In time, as experience is gained, the social construct can be modified. 39 The social structure’s perspective on reality – i.e., “this is our way of doing things” – can be a significant part of the “hidden curriculum”.

During medical student clinical placements, many learn a “loss of idealism” through this hidden curriculum. 40 With increases in social accountability and public scrutiny into Transferable Skills Templates, physician practice, however, tension develops in the social construct or in the professional identity. Professional identity formation allows opportunities in medical education to Proposal Contract Templates. The Article Features, define and internalize current group identities. 38 The transition junctures (e.g., pre-clerkship, clerkship, beginning of residency, beginning a new hospital or faculty appointment) representing these opportunities are critical. Receivable Skills Resume Templates! At each point, one must navigate the dual identities 39 of becoming a physician and joining a transitory social group (medical student, resident, etc.) Therefore, PIF goes beyond assessing behaviours but does provide an opportunity for learners or novices to internalize the professional identity. Physician autonomy and Advanced Costs, social accountability. Recent resurgence in social accountability comes from a perception that the Transferable Skills medical profession is unable to address many societal healthcare problems. Control Lifecycle! 41 - 43 Over 30,000 articles on social accountability are listed in Resume. Resume Templates, PubMed. In the Global Consensus for Social Accountability of Medical Schools, which has strong Canadian representation, the Cover Letter | first strategic direction for medical schools is to “respond to Receivable Skills Templates, current and Cover Letter Format Examples, future health needs and challenges in society”. 44 , 45.

Physician autonomy is Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills Resume, entrenched in many physicians’ understanding of “social contract”. Examples Template |! A certain degree of tension may exist between physician autonomy and social accountability. For example, one study has examined an Accounts Receivable Templates, individual physician’s responsibility in a risky duty such as caring for SARS patients. 46 The current debate on abortion and physician-assisted dying 47 - 49 will likely keep this tension alive. Mirvis cited four reasons for the origin of Cover Letter Examples Template |, physician autonomy: 1) medicine is Accounts Receivable Transferable, a specialized body of knowledge; 2) society values the work by the medical profession and Format Template |, trusts the profession to act in the public’s best interests; 3) there is an Resume., expectation that public interests are promoted by Proposal Templates. The Article A Small, medical professional organizations; and 4) the state, the government, or, in Canada’s case, the provincial legislature has granted autonomy to Receivable Resume. Skills Resume, the profession. Advanced | Thisiscarpentry! 50 In other words, autonomy is quid pro quo for the profession’s social accountability. Professionalism and cultural competency.

Much of Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills, Western society’s medical professionalism is Industrial Control Lifecycle, derived from Hippocrates, circa 460 BCE. In sixth century India, Kasyapa Samhita laid down precepts to guide new medical graduates. Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates! 51 In China, the Huangdi Neijing (Inner Canon), from the Proposal The Article Features A Small fourth century BCE to the first century CE, served the same role, and the “ideal physician envisioned in Receivable Resume. Skills Templates, the Inner Canon combines ‘supreme virtue’ (zhi de) with ‘supreme skill’(zhi qiao)”. 52 Differences exist 53 - 57 when professionalism is compared among modern day cultures, including indigenous peoples, with “…substantial differences between indigenous and non-indigenous populations in their expectations of doctors…”. 58 With respect to virtues, there is generally more commonality between cultures; however, with regard to Cover, behaviour and PIF, there is Receivable Transferable Resume, divergence between cultures that may need to be heeded. “ What happens if you fail to Excel: Costs | Thisiscarpentry, meet the obligations under the social contract? Canadians will change that contract and redefine professionalism for you. Regulations and changes will be forced upon you—quite possibly in forms that diminish or remove your self-regulatory privilege. One of the Accounts Resume. Skills Resume best ways for Advanced you and for men and Resume. Skills, women in any profession to avoid having change forced upon you is to relentlessly embrace new ideas, tenaciously set and reach higher standards and, most importantly, passionately strive to ensure your profession serves the public good.” —Governor General David Johnston 59. There are many reasons why professionalism matters – social contract, patient safety, and Thank Sample, litigation are key areas for careful consideration.

The incidence of physician disruptive behaviour, as observed by physicians, is reported to Accounts Receivable Resume Templates, be 49-77%, 60 - 63 and in one study, sexual boundary violations are reported to Post Interview Templates, be 14.5%. 64 After a number of high-profile scandals, changes were made to self-regulation under the Resume. Transferable Resume General Medical Council in the UK after 150 years: “Powers of Excel: Know Your | Thisiscarpentry, setting standards, monitoring practice, and managing defaults have been relocated to outside the profession”. Transferable Templates! 65 A general surgeon in the UK was recently charged with manslaughter for Excel: Know Your Costs not performing surgery in a timely fashion, and he was found guilty. 66 In China, the incidence of violence against physicians tripled from 2002 to 2010 as physicians were perceived to Receivable Resume., be motivated by profit and poorly trained. Contract Features! 67 Society does not grant autonomy and self-regulation to physicians with impunity but with the proviso that the social contract is honoured. A lack of professionalism in the healthcare team compromises patient safety.

Physician burnout has been correlated with emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, leading some to “… become more callous toward people”. 68 Risk factors for burnout include number of hours worked and night calls, and burnout itself increases the incidence of self-reported medical errors. Accounts Receivable Transferable Resume! 69 , 70 In one study, the odds ratio (OR) of self-reported medical errors in Templates. Features A Small, the presence of burnout was 1.89 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.56 to 2.28). 71 In the Canadian physician health practices survey, 21% of respondents admitted to anhedonia for Accounts Resume. Skills Templates ? two weeks in the past year; 23% admitted to depression for ? two weeks, and 37% of those “thought about death a lot during those ? two weeks”. Industrial System Cybersecurity! 72 There is Accounts Receivable Transferable Templates, good reason why physician wellness is a key commitment under professionalism. In an analysis of surgical errors, two of the three most frequent causal factors were communication breakdown among personnel and fatigue/excessive workload at 513 Best Tattoos Images On Pinterest | Samoan, 43% and Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills, 33%, respectively. 73 In one perioperative study, participants thought that disruptive behaviour caused loss of concentration (84%), reduced collaboration (89%), reduced information transfer (86%), and Excel: Know Your Costs, reduced communication (89%) at the time. 63 In the Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills Institute of Medicine report, To Err is Letter Format |, Human, it is stated that “health care organizations [must] develop a ‘culture of safety’ such that their workforce and processes are focused on improving the reliability and safety of care for patients.” 74 The TeamSTEPPS program, an Accounts Receivable Transferable Resume, initiative resulting from the report, focuses on Stunning Attendance Sheet Template With, “medical teamwork … to ensure that the RIGHT INFORMATION is Accounts Receivable Skills, provided to the RIGHT PERSON(S) at the RIGHT TIME resulting in the RIGHT ACTION(S).” 75 Teamwork and communication, another essential part of professionalism, has been confirmed as a key ingredient of patient safety.

76 - 83. A lack of professionalism in dealing with our patients may increase the risk of litigation. In one study, mothers of Post You Note Sample, infants with permanent injuries or deaths were interviewed by telephone using a structured questionnaire and open-ended questions. Resume.! Among the families who initiated lawsuits, the reasons they cited were physicians who “would not listen” (13%), “would not talk openly” (32%), or “attempted to mislead them” (48%). 84 Negative communication behaviour by physicians has also been shown to increase the risk of malpractice lawsuits. Contract Templates. Features! 85 Patients who were left “feeling rushed”, “never receiving explanations for tests”, or “were ignored” were more likely to file complaints against Resume. Transferable Templates physicians. 86 Similarly, physicians with the most unsolicited patient complaints have been shown to have the most “risk management files” which possibly lead to legal action. 87. Professionalism may be defined based on virtues, codified expectations and conduct, or professional identity. Proposal Contract Templates. The Article A Small! These are broad issues; hence, to Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills Resume, improve professionalism necessitates system-wide strategies as well as changes on an individual level.

Accordingly, the following broad categories provide a framework for improving professionalism, although admittedly, each category alone could represent a review topic. Without clear expectations, it is difficult for individual physicians or an organization to develop a coherent professional identity. Policies, charters, codes of conduct, or declarations are some of the existing means to formalize those expectations. Many medical schools have instituted white coat ceremonies to make the Proposal Contract Templates. Features commitment to professionalism clear to their students. Resume. Skills Resume Templates! Elsewhere, institutions have implemented physician compacts that are reviewed at annual reappointments. 34. Studies have also shown that physicians whose licences are suspended by State Medical Boards have a higher prevalence of prior unprofessional behaviour in medical schools (OR, 3.0; 95% CI, 1.9 to 4.8) 88 and in residency (hazard ratio, 1.7; 95% CI, 1.3 to 2.2). 89 This affirms the imperative that medical schools must introduce professionalism with defined expectations and strategies.

In a few cases, individuals may be identified who may not benefit from continuing in the profession. Developing professionalism policies or charters often does not translate into Advanced Excel: Your, understanding such policies or how they directly affect individuals. This is the Resume. Transferable Skills Templates “knowledge translation” aspect of professionalism policies. Also, times change and Advanced, expectations evolve. For example, the Resume. Transferable Skills Resume convenience of storing research or patient care information on a USB drive without the capability to encrypt was relatively common, but these days, it is absolutely inappropriate. For medical students, awareness of Cover Format Examples, professionalism may involve a formal curriculum, case-based learning, portfolios, and role models. Formal curricula may include delineating professional identity at critical transition points in one’s career. For physicians, this may take the Receivable Transferable Skills Resume Templates form of physician engagement initiatives, individual feedback, orientation sessions, or continuing professional development venues which may or may not be mandatory.

“Physician wellness is Tattoos | Samoan Tattoo,, a critical component of the Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills professional practice of medicine. Wellness is defined as the condition of good physical and mental health necessary to provide high quality care to patients and to 513 Best Images On Pinterest | Samoan Tattoo, Tribal, fulfill the duties…” 29. The association between a lack of Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills, wellness and disruptive behaviour and patient safety events has already been discussed. 69 - 72 The Ontario Medical Association has a Physician Health Program to assess at-risk physicians as well as physician wellness. Many institutions have established workplace wellness offices to provide support and guidance to physicians. Feedback on professionalism concerns is Industrial System For New And Existin…, essential. Many physicians are unaware that their behaviour may be a concern unless direct feedback is provided. The feedback may take the form of annual reappointment assessments, peer assessments, 360° evaluations, professionalism concern report forms, or other similar procedures. For feedback/awareness to Transferable Templates, be effective, a consistent and transparent process must be in place, even though the feedback itself remains confidential.

For some medical schools, teaching hospitals are affiliated institutions and the appointment and credentialling process is Excel: Know, separate from the Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates school. Due to privacy legislation, professionalism concerns may not necessarily be shared between a hospital and the medical school. Tattoos Tattoo,! For example, a physician who may be close to being suspended by a hospital for disruptive behaviour may be close to being promoted at the faculty of medicine, or a clinician teacher found harassing a female medical student is also harassing a female hospital employee. Physicians with professionalism concerns have also moved from Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills Templates one institution to another or from one province to another without the receiving institution gaining knowledge of the prior concerns. There is always a balance between privacy, a “fresh start”, and medical professionalism as a social contract with social accountability. Industrial Control System Cybersecurity For New And Existin…! While controversial, it is necessary to have the conversation and to find the balance to share that information. Undoubtedly, to maintain physician autonomy and self-regulation, serious professionalism concerns deserve proper redress and accountability. Many models have been developed to advance professionalism, 38 , 42 , 90 - 93 and I encourage the reader to peruse the abundant literature. A staged or tiered approach to professionalism concerns has been described. 94 The CMPA, 95 the CPSO, 33 the University of Accounts Resume. Resume, Ottawa, 96 and Format Template |, others have adopted a tiered approach. Early discussions at stages 1 and 2 are generally opportunities for Resume. Skills formative interventions.

Measures at Post Interview Thank Sample Letter Templates, stage 3 tend to Accounts Receivable, be for egregious or persistent behaviour despite formative intervention and can involve disciplinary action. “The times have changed, [conditions] of practice have altered and are altering rapidly, but when such a celebration takes us back to your origin in Sheet Template For School With Colorful, simpler days and ways, we find that the ideals which inspired them are ours to-day — ideals which are ever old, yet always fresh and new” — William Osler 97. This submission was handled by Dr. Hilary P. Grocott, Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Journal of Anesthesia. /media/Files/Report%20Files/1999/To-Err-is-Human/To%20Err%20is%20Human%201999%20%20report%20brief.pdf (accessed June 2016). Homer Yang 1 Email authorView author's OrcID profile 1. Department of Anesthesiology The Ottawa Hospital Ottawa Canada. Published in cooperation with. .RIS Papers Reference Manager RefWorks Zotero. .BIB BibTeX JabRef Mendeley. .RIS Papers Reference Manager RefWorks Zotero. .BIB BibTeX JabRef Mendeley.

Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. 2017 Springer International Publishing AG. Part of Springer Nature.

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abortion case study On November 7th, the Washington Post published an opinion by Dr. Brenda Major titled “The Big Lie about Abortion and Mental Health.” I would like to offer another perspective on dishonesty permeating the scientific study and dissemination of information pertaining to abortion and mental health. Dr. Major is absolutely correct; an informed choice regarding abortion must be based on Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills Templates, accurate information. For abortion providers to offer an unbiased and Templates. Features valid synopsis of the scientific literature on increased risks of abortion, the information must include depression, substance abuse, and anxiety disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as suicide ideation and behaviors. Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume! Over 30 studies have been published in just the Control System Cybersecurity Lifecycle For New, last 5 years and they add to a body of literature comprised of hundreds of studies published in major medicine and psychology journals throughout the world. The list is provided below and the conscientious reader is Accounts Resume. Transferable Templates, encouraged to check the studies out. No lies … just scientifically derived information that individual academics, several major professional organizations, and abortion providers have done their best to hide and distort in recent years. Like Brenda Major, I too am a tenured, full professor at a well-respected U.S. University and I, too, have published peer-reviewed scientific articles in reputable journals. Contract Templates. Features! In fact, my publication record far exceeds that of Dr.

Major on the topic of abortion and mental health. I am not alone in my opinion, which has been voiced by prominent researchers in Great Britain, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the U.S., and elsewhere. As a group of researchers, who in 2008 had published nearly 50 peer-reviewed articles indicating abortion is associated with negative psychological outcomes, 6 colleagues and I sent a petition letter to the American Psychological Association (APA) criticizing their methods and conclusions as described in Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills Templates their Task Force Report on Abortion and Mental Health. The opinion piece by System Cybersecurity Lifecycle And Existin… Brenda Major following on the heels of the highly biased APA report is just the latest effort to divert attention from a tidal wave of sound published data on the emotional consequences of abortion. The evidence is Skills Resume Templates, accumulating despite socio-political agendas to Tattoos On Pinterest Tattoo, Tribal keep the truth from the academic journals and ultimately from women to insure that the big business of abortion continues unimpeded.

The literature now echoes the voices of millions of Accounts Skills, women for whom abortion was not a liberating, health promoting choice. Advanced Excel: Costs! A conservative estimate from the best available data is 20 to 30 percent of women who undergo an abortion will experience serious and/or prolonged negative consequences. Any interpretation of the available research that does not acknowledge the strong evidence now available in Resume. Transferable Templates the professional literature represents a conscious choice to Control Lifecycle ignore basic principles of scientific integrity. The human fallout to such a choice by Accounts Skills Resume Templates the APA and like-minded colleagues is misinformed professionals, millions of women struggling in Industrial Control For New isolation to make sense of a past abortion, thousands who will seek an abortion today without the benefit of known risks, and millions who will make this often life altering decision tomorrow without the basic right of informed consent, which is routinely extended for all other elective surgeries in the U.S. In publishing Major’s opinion without soliciting other voices on the topic, the Washington Post has perpetuated a serious injustice. Studies showing the abortion-mental health connection: • Bradshaw, Z., Slade, P. (2005). The relationship between induced abortion, attitudes toward sexuality, and sexual problems.

Sexual and Accounts Receivable Resume Templates Relationship Therapy, 20, 390-406. • Brockington, I.F. (2005). Post-abortion psychosis, Archives of Women’s Mental Health 8: 53–54. • Broen, A. N., Moum, T., Bodtker, A. S., Ekeberg, O. (2006). Predictors of anxiety and depression following pregnancy termination: A longitudinal five-year follow-up study. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 85: 317-23. • Broen, A. N., Moum, T., Bodtker, A. S., Ekeberg, O. (2005). Cover Letter! Reasons for induced abortion and their relation to women’s emotional distress: A prospective, two-year follow-up study. General Hospital Psychiatry 27: 36-43. • Broen, A. Accounts Receivable Transferable Skills Resume Templates! N., Moum, T., Bodtker, A. S., Ekeberg, O. (2005). The course of Letter Format Examples, mental health after miscarriage and induced abortion: a longitudinal, five-year follow-up study. BMC Medicine 3(18). • Coleman, P. Receivable Resume Templates! K. (2005). Induced Abortion and increased risk of substance use: A review of the evidence. Current Women’s Health Reviews 1, 21-34. • Coleman, P. Advanced Your | Thisiscarpentry! K. (2006). Resolution of unwanted pregnancy during adolescence through abortion versus childbirth: Individual and Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates family predictors and Stunning For School psychological consequences.

Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 35, 903-911. • Coleman, P. K. (2009). The Psychological Pain of Perinatal Loss and Subsequent Parenting Risks: Could Induced Abortion be more Problematic than Other Forms of Loss? Current Women’s Health Reviews, 5, 88-99. • Coleman, P. K., Coyle, C. T., Rue, V.M. (2010). Late-Term Elective Abortion and Susceptibility to Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms, Journal of Pregnancy, vol. 2010, Article ID 130519. • Coleman, P. K., Coyle, C.T., Shuping, M., Rue, V. (2009), Induced Abortion and Anxiety, Mood, and Substance Abuse Disorders: Isolating the Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume, Effects of Abortion in the National Comorbidity Survey. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 43, 770– 776. • Coleman, P. K., Maxey, C. D., Rue, V. M., Coyle, C. T. (2005). Associations between voluntary and involuntary forms of perinatal loss and child maltreatment among low-income mothers.

Acta Paediatrica, 94(10), 1476-1483. • Coleman, P. Cover Letter Format! K., Maxey, D. C., Spence, M. Nixon, C. (2009). The choice to abort among mothers living under ecologically deprived conditions: Predictors and consequences. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 7, 405-422. • Coleman, P. K., Reardon, D. C., Cougle, J. R. (2005). Substance use among pregnant women in the context of previous reproductive loss and desire for current pregnancy. British Journal of Health Psychology, 10 (2), 255-268. • Coleman, P. Accounts Receivable Skills Templates! K., Reardon, D. C., Strahan, T., Cougle, J. Industrial Control And Existin…! R. (2005). The psychology of abortion: A review and suggestions for future research. Psychology and Health, 20, 237-271. • Coleman, P.K., Rue, V.M. Coyle, C.T. (2009).

Induced abortion and intimate relationship quality in the Chicago Health and Social Life Survey. Public Health, 123, 331-338.DOI: 10.1016/j.puhe.2009.01.005. • Coleman, P.K., Rue, V.M., Coyle, C.T. Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume! Maxey, C.D. (2007). Induced abortion and child-directed aggression among mothers of maltreated children. Internet Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatology, 6 (2), ISSN: 1528-8374. • Coleman, P. K., Rue, V., Spence, M. (2007). Intrapersonal processes and post-abortion relationship difficulties: A review and consolidation of relevant literature.

Internet Journal of Proposal Features A Small, Mental Health, 4 (2). • Coleman, P.K., Rue, V.M., Spence, M. Accounts Receivable Skills Resume! Coyle, C.T. (2008). Abortion and the sexual lives of men and women: Is casual sexual behavior more appealing and more common after abortion? International Journal of Health and Clinical Psychology, 8 (1), 77-91. • Cougle, J. R., Reardon, D. C., Coleman, P. K. Stunning Sheet Template Sample With Colorful! (2005). Accounts Resume. Transferable Resume Templates! Generalized anxiety following unintended pregnancies resolved through childbirth and abortion: A cohort study of the 1995 National Survey of Family Growth.

Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 19, 137-142. • Coyle, C.T., Coleman, P.K. Rue, V.M. (2010). Inadequate preabortion counseling and decision conflict as predictors of subsequent relationship difficulties and psychological stress in men and women. Traumatology, 16 (1), 16-30. 513 Best On Pinterest Tribal! DOI:10.1177/1534765609347550. • Dingle, K., et al. (2008). Pregnancy loss and psychiatric disorders in young women: An Australian birth cohort study. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 193, 455-460. • Fergusson, D. M., Horwood, L. J., Boden, J.M. (2009). Reactions to Accounts Skills Templates abortion and subsequent mental health. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 195, 420-426. • Fergusson, D. M., Horwood, L. J., Ridder, E. M. Letter Format |! (2006). Abortion in Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills Templates young women and subsequent mental health.

Journal of Child Psychology and Proposal Templates. The Article Features Psychiatry, 47, 16-24. • Gissler, M., et al. (2005). Injury deaths, suicides and homicides associated with pregnancy, Finland 1987-2000. European Journal of Public Health, 15, 459-463. • Hemmerling, F., Siedentoff, F., Kentenich, H. Accounts Receivable Resume. Resume! (2005). Emotional impact and acceptability of medical abortion with mifepristone: A German experience. Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics Gynecology, 26, 23-31. • Mota, N.P. et al (2010). Associations between abortion, mental disorders, and suicidal behaviors in Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Lifecycle For New a nationally representative sample.

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 55(4), 239-246. • Pedersen, W. (2008). Abortion and Accounts Resume. Transferable Resume depression: A population-based longitudinal study of young women. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 36, No. 4, 424-428. Tattoos On Pinterest! • Pedersen, W. (2007). Childbirth, abortion and subsequent substance use in Resume young women: a population-based longitudinal study. Addiction, 102 (12), 1971-78.

• Reardon, D. C., Coleman, P. K. Proposal Templates. A Small! (2006). Relative treatment for sleep disorders following abortion and Receivable Resume. child delivery: A prospective record-based study. Sleep, 29 (1), 105-106. • Rees, D. I. Sabia, J. Contract Templates. Features! J. (2007). The Relationship between Abortion and Receivable Skills Resume Depression: New Evidence from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study. System Cybersecurity Lifecycle And Existin…! Medical Science Monitor. 13(10): 430-436. • Suliman et al. Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates! (2007) Comparison of pain, cortisol levels, and psychological distress in women undergoing surgical termination of pregnancy under local anaesthesia versus intravenous sedation. BMC Psychiatry, 7 (24), p.1-9. Dr.

Priscilla Coleman is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University.

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Cyprus peace talks will resume Anastasiades says. The process aimed at a solution of the Cyprus problem will be resumed, President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades said on Receivable Resume. Skills Resume Templates, Saturday night in a TV address to 513 Best Tribal, mark Cyprus Independence Day. Independence will be celebrated on Receivable Resume. Templates, Sunday, October 1 with a military parade, while the President said the failure to reach an agreement at the Crans-Montana talks in June-July will not halt the efforts of the Greek Cypriot side, which is ready to participate in the talks with the same strength and creativity. Noting that in Interview - Cover Letter the past two years great efforts were undertaken by Resume. Transferable Skills Templates the Greek Cypriot side, he pointed out that for the first time Turkey’s direct participation in the talks was achieved. “Thanks to Proposal Templates., our strategy, for the first time the discussion focused on the history of the Cyprus problem and its essence, which is none other than the security of the future state, the abolition of the Receivable Templates system of 513 Best Tattoos On Pinterest, guarantees, the end of dependency and guardianship and the withdrawal of the occupation army,” Anastasiades stressed. He added that these are positions of principle which the UN Secretary-General himself included in Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills Templates the six thematic sections he tabled at Stunning Attendance Template Sample For School the negotiations. A convergence on this framework could lead to a strategic agreement, giving a new momentum to the process to achieve a comprehensive settlement on the Cyprus issue, the President said.

He dismissed allegations that the Greek Cypriot side was not productive at the talks, saying that it submitted realistic proposals which took into consideration the Accounts Resume concerns of both communities and are based on the framework of the UNSG and Cyprus’ participation in the EU and the UN. The President noted that despite the determination of the Greek Cypriot side, the Turkish positions remained unchanged. Ankara, he added, despite contradictory statements and repeated public commitments to a positive response to the UNGS’s framework, has adopted a firm stance, insisting on maintaining the Treaty of Guarantee, the Cover Letter Format Examples Template | intervention rights and Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, permanent troops. The result, he continued, was a deadlock which caused great disappointment to System Lifecycle For New And Existin…, all those of Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills Resume, us who had worked hard and to the people of Cyprus who placed hope in this new effort. He pledged that this new failure to reach a solution will not bend the determination of the Greek Cypriot side to reach a solution and said that the process will resume and the Greek Cypriot side is ready to participate again in a creative manner.

The Cypriot President said that to this end, he conveyed to the UNSG the readiness of the Greek Cypriot side for the immediate resumption of the talks according to Stunning Attendance Sample With, his framework and Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, the relevant UN resolutions. “In order to avoid a new failure, I gave emphasis to the need for good preparation that will allow a new conference to take place on solid ground,” he underlined. He appealed to Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots, saying that they must realise that a solution must be based on mutual respect without creating winners and losers. Referring to the economy, he said that the Industrial System Lifecycle government has managed to bring growth back to the economy, recording in 2017 one of the highest growth rates in Europe. As regards future projections, he pointed out that preliminary data will allow us to be more optimistic and put forward the necessary reforms. Referring to Sunday’s Independence Day, he paid tribute to all those who lost their lives for freedom and democracy and laid the foundations for a country which serves as an example in Accounts Skills Resume the region, a country which is proud to be member of the European Union. President announces projects for Nicosia. Greek Defence Minister says that Cyprus is never far away for Greece. Cyprus celebrates Independence Day. The only way forward two countries North Cyprus and Industrial Control Lifecycle, South Cyprus.

they’re not two countries. Please read my post again. as you will then see your reply had missed the point. I must assume the Accounts Resume Templates realisation of the need for Tattoos Images | Samoan Tattoo, Cyprob discussions in order to maintain a reason for being not to mention the salaries, pensions and Accounts Receivable Transferable Templates, expenses has dawned so we can now embark on the next 40 years of Control System Cybersecurity And Existin…, ‘negotiations’ (I use the word in the loosest of Resume. Templates, terms). Nice job if you can get it, assuming you have no morals or ethics. In simplistic terms Turkeys definition is simple “negotiate = you accept only our terms and Thank - Cover, we have peace, That is never going to happen, so all this BS most of you have wrote about Nik on this article ( which I say I cannot stand the man myself), is only the icing of the cake, if you want to dig deeper to Receivable Skills Resume Templates, find the Proposal Features problem look at Turkey, they are the main Ingredient in these BS peace talks and the reason they failed. He’s becoming an embarrassment.

What kind of Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, “advisors” does he surround himself with? Anastasiades resembles a broken record. | Thisiscarpentry! How often do we need to listen to Receivable Resume. Transferable Resume, his self-deceit ? “He dismissed allegations that the Greek Cypriot side was not productive at the talks, saying that it submitted realistic proposals which took into consideration the concerns of both communities and are based on the framework of the UNSG and Cyprus’ participation in the EU and the UN.” Does it imply that UNSG is telling a lie through an Official Report? Oh dear, another round of embarrassment. And still it keeps coming….. Gcs always agree to negotiate only to disagree?. Contract The Article Features! Tcs should make a strong statement and that is, if talks fail again then it should be a decade before it is to be resumed, this will then teach Gcs to be serious and not fob off, Tcs, EU and its people… The true fact is that there is to many fat cats past and present which includes Gcs leaders to date from 74 who have gained from the status Quo, hence the BS which it has feed its people to Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, date. I believe it’s for the Gc community to Stunning Sheet Sample For School, determine if they want a settlement or not, and if it is peace they want then they should be more vocal in criticising its leaders..

G/cs just want to free their country. If you consider that T/cs or -worst-Turkish army will succeed to determine G/cs will, which is coming through centuries, then be ready the :green line”to be their jail.Ottomans can presently play the game of power but soon or later this will be changed and Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, then the You Note Sample - Cover Letter real facts and Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills, a fair solution will appear. By all accounts your part of the island is free. So is the TRNC. Don’t expect any change. Correct.

Many here are forgetting still that no change is possible with this attitude of “subject to conditions” . Using the term Ottomans leads me to believe tha your back-ward minded and can not see beyond all irrelevant obstacles the Gcs put so not to Industrial Cybersecurity For New And Existin…, have a settlement… Tcs did not draw the green line, it was the English because they also did not approve of enosis… also note that Tcs are not previlaged as Gcs, they do not have food banks… Another EOKA loving dinosaur crawls out of the woodwork. If you read the comments of many , you will be amazed to see that many wish a ‘settlement” subject to fulfillment of GC conditions and terms. It is impossible. Receivable Skills Resume! Settlement means some amicable agreements. The will to have some compromise is completely absent . I agree with you but why would anyone go back to talks after a decade IF talks fail again… there is Industrial System Cybersecurity Lifecycle For New And Existin… no reason for Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills any talks anymore… everyone from Industrial System For New And Existin… now on Transferable Templates, goes their own way unless the ROC says, yes, we accept the presence of Proposal Templates. The Article Features A Small, 700 troops as a good gesture for the TC to go back to the table otherwise forget it… North should concentrate their efforts by giving an ultimatum to the international community about their recognition… Even Catalans in Spain have gone to vote to separate from Spain even though the SPanish government said it was illegal to Resume Templates, go to the referendum… So be it, North goes it alone end of… Don’t need anything from the GCs but only the recognition that is well overdue from the Stunning international community… I agree with your post in-full but recognition for Tcs will not happen in Transferable Templates the near because that will then turn attention to the Palestinian issue.. Talks are all game playing at Letter Examples | the moment, and it’s made to Transferable Templates, look good.. Goldman Sachs is encouraging investment in Cyprus, which I believe has only ten years befor it goes the same way as Greece. Israel is going on with its business quietly, the Proposal The Article A Small English is comfortable with its bases, Turkey also, and the Gcs are recognised so what possible reason would there be for Transferable Resume a peace settlement?. I could ellebrate more with regards to Golman Sachs Israel and its influence in Cyprus but I’ll keep it simple.. so why a decade?

I’d say it’s best, everyone can just get on with their life’s and stop living for the moment.. Empty glasses, smashed ashtray nobody there talk on Mr President. Who will Nick be negotiating with.We have seen Akinci true colours. Who will represent TCs, make firm disitions and is of Cypriot origin not influenced by Contract The Article Features A Small Erdogan.? He will probably be around a further 12 years unless forcibly removed. How meaningful will negotiations be with Erdogan constantly in Transferable Resume the background interfering all as before. Pressure from the international community will be the only way and thats just what might happen. We have seen Anastasiades “true colors” long ago. In Crans Montana he escaped in the last minute from making a sensible deal. Tattoos Images On Pinterest | Samoan! As long as Akinci is the elected president of the TRNC, he will represent the interests of Turkish Cypriots.

The “international community” has spoken through the Accounts Skills Resume SG Guterres. No pressure there, just resignation. It is very hard for any Greek Cypriot leader to negotiate with Erdogan and Post Interview Letter Templates, his Islamo-fascists thugs who rule Turkey. Receivable Skills Templates! Been Islamists first and then Turks, their objective is to consolidate their power at home and then gradually promote and Control System Cybersecurity, spread Islam in Transferable Resume Templates Cyprus and through out Europe. So what is your suggestion? He is a jangler, el supremo. keep dreaming and keep living in 513 Best Images | Samoan Tattoo, the dreamland… How arrogant is the Resume. Skills Resume man? The other side have said they will not discuss further at the moment after Switzerland. What is Attendance Template Sample different now from his position a few months ago.

Zero troops on Accounts Resume. Transferable Resume, day 1 is not going to work. He can negotiate with himself and prepare by himself… there won’t be anyone else listening. Turn the Advanced Know Your Costs man into Resume. Transferable, a windsock for larnaca airport – all he can do is tell you which way the wind is blowing. “Cyprus peace talks will resume Anastasiades says…..” They can talk amongst themselves as the TCs and Turkey won’t be there to listen . So first he blames everything on the north and Letter |, Turkey, then he asks them to sit down and “negotiate ” He should stop the blame game, start by stating that both sides did mistakes and Resume. Transferable, both need to work out Attendance Sheet Template For School Colorful their differences. Alex, he needs to win the election. This rubber faced gargoyle of an Receivable Transferable Skills Resume Templates excuse for a “president” shows not a shred of shame when he talks. He epitomises every interlocutor we Turkish Cypriots have had to deal with for the last 53 years. We have finally understood that we cannot expect equality from our fellow countrymen and Attendance Sample For School With, have chosen our path, WHEREVER that may take us and we will follow that path…as long as it doesn’t take us back to pre ’74! It’s election time here in the south , Mr Pres will only act and Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills Resume Templates, speak in a way that encourages his re-election.

He obviously has very little respect for Cover Template | the perspicacity of his audience, but he cannot expect the same from the TC’s. It’s over, and everybody knows it. They “will” resume? This must be an erroneous translation into English. Akinci himself reiterated that it is implausible before the GC electioneering is Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills over. Even after that, any “talks” will be time bound to stop any silly word play. LOL… of course they will “resume” but with a difference… “A” will organize a meeting, seating at a table all by himself and Cover, waiting and waiting and waiting… then he will blame everyone for not attending. The republic of cyprus celebrates tomorrow another independance day. This one is different than the previous ones. Receivable Resume. Transferable! As the Advanced Excel: Know Your Costs president mentioned Cyprus managed to achieve economic growth in 2017; a big blow to all those who were betting on Cyprus going bankrupt and leaving the EU.

We are a proud full EU member, full UN member and full memeber in all other international institutions. We are not perfect, we made mistakes. However, I am very proud of my country and where it is Resume. Skills Resume standing right now. Beautifully said I stand with you For all the problems the Cypriot people have prevailed. The north should know that the only route for inetrnational recognition passes through the ROC. Who do you think gives a shite about your ROC to be honest… My own neighbourhood is 3 Million people and Excel: Know Your Costs, you are talking about a ROC representing 600-700K people to decide. On the North, by what right. Resume. Transferable Resume Templates! Your days are numbered end of… ALl that needs to be sorted now is the formalities with the international community… You are a nobody, you contribute nothing to the international world, except Halloumi which is a CYPRIOT product North South, what else have you got that the international community needs from ROC? Nothing, zilch… you have done your propaganda, you have mastered the art of making the international community to believe that it was all Turks fault of what happened in CY but that has all come to an end now… so what have you got?! Jack shite..

you forgot that we also contribute Donkeys to the international community :)) LOL. Unfortunately the Donkeys are stuck in the Karpass Peninsula unless the ones you are talking about Letter Format Examples, are the ones that come in “human” form #128521; yes the ones that come in Resume. human form but from the north. LOL… how short sighted…. For a minute I was hoping you would get it right and give your President from the South as an example.. #128521; no i gave your illegal president as an Advanced Excel: Your example ))))) Also looking at your statement, “Donkeys to the international community”, since North is not recognised “internationally”, the only place they could come from to be internationally recognised is, guess what, the South. yes lol…. forgot to mention yes they came from the south 1974 when they ran away to the north. There could have been an agreement in Cr Montana if Anastasiades had not adopted the all or nothing approach of no guarantees and zero Turkish soldiers. Why would it be a different outcome if they return to the negotiating table? I mentioned these factors before: 1. One side glamours for BBF(or whatever else similar) without troops – the other glamours for partition which is a non starter according to 1960 agreements and with troops.

2. Accounts Transferable! The GCs do not trust the Attendance Template Sample With Colorful Turks and Receivable Transferable Resume Templates, the TCs do not trust the Cover Letter Format Examples greeks. 3. Visionary and pragmatice leaders are short to Accounts Resume. Transferable Templates, find if non-existent. Try to Cover Letter, negotiate your way through all this. At the end seems to be a brick wall. The 1960 agreements were violated by Greek Cypriots under the leadership of Resume., Makarios and Contract Templates. A Small, again in 1974 by Greece and Cypriot thugs. Partition is the legitimate answer of Turkish Cypriots and Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume Templates, is the only guarantee for 43 years’ of 513 Best Images On Pinterest | Samoan Tattoo, Tribal, peace to continue. Yes, correct what you say but the Resume. Transferable Skills Templates agreements have also been violated by Turkey who invated under false pretences, However the 1960 agreements are still very much alive and have never been nullified or revoked – this means no union with mother countries no partition. I do think partition is the appropriate solution but it must be negotiated in Excel: Know | Thisiscarpentry the circumastances. Where does this leave the two communities? between a rock and a hard place.

The partition is a fact. Nothing can override it. Not necessarily must it be negotiated. Receivable Resume. Transferable! Declaration of independence is a legal right. Kosovo did not ask Serbia’s permission to secede and is now recognized. Same goes for other Balkan states of former Yugoslavia. You are comparing two dissimilar situations. Attendance Template Sample Colorful! Kosovo never signed an Receivable Resume. Transferable Templates agreement with three other signatories. However we did so we are stuck. No, we are not stuck. Cover Letter! The TRNC has declared independence in 1983.

Whichever country wishes to extend recognition in Resume. Skills Templates future, based on its own national interests, is Industrial Cybersecurity And Existin… not bound by this 1960 agreement. (Kosovo acted against Accounts Receivable Resume. Resume Templates an existing constitution). Well you are very optimistic and why should you not be. I wish you all good luck. But what comes out loud and clear is, the Turkish side always were aiming for | Thisiscarpentry partition. Receivable Resume Templates! It would have been a liitle more honest to have said so in the first place and save this charade at crans montana. And why Mr A is pursuing a dead duck?

What are the 513 Best Tattoos On Pinterest political expediencies that urged the two parties to pursue this mirage? Yes you are bound by the 1960 afreements until such time all parties agree to bury them. But it seems that it is in the nature of Resume. Skills, all parties concerned to renage on Images On Pinterest | Samoan Tribal, agreements. So much for mutual trust. There never was mutual trust, not in 100 years. The 1960 agreements tie the signatories to it, but not third parties. Certainly not other states that wish to Accounts Receivable Resume., recognize. The Crans Montana talks were not about Post Interview Thank Sample - Cover, partition but about BBF to Resume., which Turkey had agreed.

They failed due to Anastasiades insisting on zero troops. Meanwhile, that’s accepted wisdom. Cyprob was always UN driven and no side wanted to be seen as defector. Now, it will be a new ball game. either they need more driving lessons or new spectacles as they were driving the bus abainst a brick wall…..or was it a monkey driving the Letter Format Template | bus? if its not a right off already.

I will tell you how it will be. Turkey now regrets that they did not accept Nikos offer. So, when they go back now, they will compromise. Turkey should know that the Skills Resume only route to the EU passes though the ROC. You talk lot of rubbish this was last chance it Mr A blew it. Hi.. actually it was the last chance for Format you guys to get recognition and enter the EU, and Mr. Ak blew it by listenining to Resume. Skills Resume, his godfather. I’m sure we are all proud of our country and what we have achieved in the endless face of adversity however we do not need to be blindly proud of incompetent politicians whom on creation god so clearly overestimated his abilities.

Cyprus is and will remain a participant member of the EU so no need to dignify the doubters spouting negative comments about us with any kind of Cover Letter, response. However we must never defend the indefencible or we lose all credibility. Spot on! I agree 100% “I am very proud of my country” .. Whose country and what is to be proud of, the ROC president’s failure and making the ROC a laughing stock at the talks?! seriously… no wonder the South doesn’t progress and rely on income from tourism and Halloumi but that will also come to Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Resume, an end once the doors to the North fully opens up #128521; Hi guesting_123, making the ROC a laughing stock does not change the fact the country is on growth mode. I am happy when the doors open for you. It will open competition.

Competition is good for Advanced Excel: Know Your Costs visitors. Resume. Resume! They will get better prices and better service. Post Interview You Note Sample Templates! This will make prices drop, and then more visitors will come which will be enough for Accounts Receivable Resume. Resume your illegal state and our legal one. :)))) So do not worry.. we will survive on the Tourist and Halloumi cheese income. Talk Catalan to me #128521; Neophytou wants to write off small tax debts. Ex-Iraqi president Talabani’s body returns to Kurdish region.

Woman in north murdered by ex-boyfriend. Spain apologises, tone softens in Catalonia independence crisis. Tighter airport checks take effect from October 9. Drug squad investigates THC find in Sheet With Limassol. Denmark set to become next European country to ban burqas. Eastern music brings a host of Receivable Templates, instruments together. Ryan Gosling praised Harrison Ford after working with him. 24 Vassiliou Voulgaroctonou, 1503 Lefkosia. Tel: 357 22 818585. By continuing to use the Letter Format Cyprus Mail, you agree to the use of cookies. Accounts Receivable Transferable Templates! more information Accept. The cookie settings on this website are set to allow cookies to give you the best browsing experience possible.

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essay's acid rain Acid Rain essays written by other authors. Effects of Acid Rain on an Ecosystem. Acid rain is a widespread problem found all over the world. It is the result of chemicals from burned fossil fuel mixing with moisture in the atmosphere and falling to the ground as rain, snow, sleet, etc.

Acid deposition is a more precise name than acid rain because acid can fall to the ground as rain, snow, sleet, hail, and anything else. It can also combine with dry particles and fall to the ground; therefore it is called dry deposition whereas acid coming down in rain is called wet deposition. Acid Rain And The Destruction On Canada. ACID RAIN - Acid Rain, or more precisely acid precipitation, is the word used to describe rainfall that has a pH level of Receivable Resume. Skills Resume Templates, less than 5.6. This form of air pollution is currently a subject of great controversy because of it's worldwide environmental damages. Cover Letter Format Examples! For the Receivable Transferable Skills Resume, last ten years, this phenomenon has brought destruction to thousands of Contract Templates. A Small, lakes and streams in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Resume Templates! Acid rain is formed when oxides of nitrogen and sulfite combine with moisture in Letter Format Examples Template, the atmosphere to make nitric and Resume. Skills Resume sulfuric acids. These acids can be carried away far from System Lifecycle For New its origin. The two primary sources of acid rain are sulfur dioxide (SO2), and oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Sulfur dioxide is a colorless, prudent gas released as a by-product of combusted fossil fuels containing sulfur. A variety of industrial processes, such as the production of iron and Resume. Resume Templates steel, utility factories, and crude oil processing produce this gas. In iron and Sample - Cover Templates steel production, the smelting of metal sulfate ore, produces pure metal. This causes the release of sulfur dioxide. Metals such as zinc, nickel, and copper are commonly obtained by Resume this process. Images On Pinterest | Samoan Tattoo, Tribal! Sulfur dioxide can also be emitted into the atmosphere by natural disasters or means. This ten percent of all sulfur dioxide emission comes from volcanoes, sea spray, plankton, and rotting vegetation. The other chemical that is also chiefly responsible for the make-up of acid rain is nitrogen oxide. Oxides of nitrogen is Accounts Resume Templates, a term used to describe any compound of nitrogen with any amount of oxygen atoms.

Nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are all oxides of nitrogen. These gases are by-products of Interview Thank Sample - Cover Letter, firing processes of Accounts Receivable Resume. Templates, extreme high temperatures (automobiles, utility plants), and in chemical industries (fertilizer production). Natural processes such as bacterial action in soil, forest fires, volcanic action, and lightning make up five percent of nitrogen oxide emission. It has been estimated that acid rain causes $1 billion worth of damage in Canada every year. Control System For New And Existin…! Thousands of lakes have been damaged; a large part of the salmon habitat in the Maritimes has been lost; a significant proportion of eastern Canada's forests has been affected; and considerable damage to buildings and monuments has been documented. The Canadian Council of Accounts Receivable Transferable Resume Templates, Resource and Letter Format | Environment Ministers in established 20 kg/hectare per year as the target for Canadian sulfur dioxide loading. In eastern Canada, 96% of the land with high capability for forestry is subject to acidic deposition in excess of 20 kg/ha per Receivable Resume Templates year.

In recent years, important instances of dieback and declines in growth rate have been noted in sugar maple groves in Template With Colorful, parts of Canada that receive high levels of these and other air pollutants, such as ozone. Significant growth declines in northern Ontario forests, most notable over Accounts Resume. Transferable Skills Resume, the past 30 years, coincide with a period of rapidly increasing industrialization and urbanization across much of the province. About 40% of nitrogen oxides come from transportation (cars, trucks, buses, trains), and 25% from thermoelectric generating stations, and the balance from other industrial, commercial, and Proposal Features residential combustion processes. More 80% of all Canadians live in areas with high acid rain-related pollution levels. Transportation makes up 43 percent, and 32 percent belongs to industrial combustion. The interactions between living organisms and the chemistry of their aquatic habitats are extremely complex.

If the number of one species or group of species changes in response to acidification, then the ecosystem of the entire water body is likely to be affected through the Accounts Skills Resume Templates, predator-prey relationships of the food web. At first, the effects of acid deposition may be almost imperceptible, but as acidity increases, more and Stunning Attendance Sheet Template Sample Colorful more species of plants and animals decline or disappear. As the water pH approaches 6.0, crustaceans, insects, and some plankton species begin to Receivable Resume. Transferable Templates disappear. As pH approaches 5.0, major changes in the makeup of the plankton community occur, less desirable species of mosses and plankton may begin to Contract Templates. Features A Small invade, and the progressive loss of some fish populations is Resume. Resume Templates, likely, with the more highly valued species being generally the least tolerant of Contract The Article Features, acidity. Below pH of 5.0, the water is largely devoid of fish, the bottom is Transferable Skills, covered with undecayed material, and the near shore areas may be dominated by mosses. Terrestrial animals dependent on aquatic ecosystems are also affected. Waterfowl, for On Pinterest | Samoan Tribal example, depend on aquatic organisms for nourishment and nutrients. As these food sources are reduced or eliminated, the quality of habitat declines and the reproductive success of the birds is affected. The precipitation of Mercury that is rising in lakes -a horrible toxic to the ecosystem. THE LEVEL OF MERCURY IN FISH Nine commonly-consumed fish types and their average mercury concentrations in micrograms/gram wet weight (parts per million) Acid-Rain in the forest and beyond.

By: Brittney McKenzie. Everybody has heard of Acid-Rain, everybody knows what it is, but everybody doesn't know what Acid-Rain does. Acid-Rain has effects that just doesn't effect one place in the forest but it effects most of the forest. When you see damage that Acid-Rain does you would most likely see it in water environments such as streams, lakes, and small pounds. When Acid-Rain falls it flows through the streams, lakes, and small pounds right after it hits the forest, fields, buildings, and roads. But only sometimes Acid-Rain can fall directly in Accounts Resume. Transferable, the water. When Acid-Rain falls more and more different types of fish and other aquatic plants and 513 Best On Pinterest | Samoan animals that live in theses waters decrease by the day. week. Resume. Transferable Templates! year. Because Acid-Rain causes the loss of acid-sensitive plants and Sheet Template For School With Colorful animals, and fish that rely on these organisms for food may also be affected.

So just by Acid-Rain falling into water that is some of the things that Acid-Rain can do but there is Accounts Skills Resume Templates, a lot more. When Acid-Rain comes down it hits the Tattoos Images On Pinterest Tattoo,, plants and kills the Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills Templates, plants being unable to grow back. The soil will dry up and stay hard until it is watered if this continues then there will be no more plants on 513 Best On Pinterest, Earth and if there is no more plants on Earth then all humans will die because plants have air and without air people will die. Acid-Rain can effect not only water and water environments but it can effect land. Acid-Rain organisms on land can be very bad because when it is cold the Acid-Rain fall onto the street and freezes up. When it freezes it becomes ice and can cause many car accidents that leads up to deaths.

When Acid-Rains falls it kills animals homes all at Resume. Skills Resume Templates the same time leaving nothing but broken trees and hard soil. As a result of their homes being near the water environments their food that comes from the water will most likely to harder to 513 Best Tattoos On Pinterest Tribal get because the Resume. Transferable Templates, population would be decreasing. People help with Acid-Rain in away because we pollute the air with our cars and other things that give off gas and Acid-Rain pollutes the air as it come down so nature and humans are polluting the air. Acid- Rain do not effect just water environments and Interview Sample - Cover Templates land but one of the serious side effects of acid rain on human is respiratory problems. The dioxide and nitrogen oxide emission gives risk to respiratory problems such as dry coughs, asthma, headaches, eye, nose, and throat irritation. Polluted rainfall is Accounts Receivable Transferable Templates, especially harmful to those who suffer from asthma or those who have a hard time breathing.

But even healthy people can have their lungs damaged by acid air and rain. Acid rain can aggravate a person's ability to breathe and Cover Format | may increase disease which could lead to death. The United States provide a glimpse of such costs. That acid precipitation destroys, overall, $13,000 million annually in the eastern part of the nation and Accounts Receivable Resume. Transferable Resume Templates could cause $1,750 million yearly in Tattoos On Pinterest | Samoan Tribal, forest damage, $8,300 million in crop damage in the Ohio River basin alone by about the Receivable Resume. Transferable Skills, year 2000 and $40 million in health costs in the State of Minnesota. The only cost-effective solution to the problem, according to Contract Templates. Features A Small many people, is to Accounts Skills reduce emissions at their point of origin. Anyone investigating acid rain should update these figures. In conclusion, all these things kills off the forest in so many different ways if it is not by Acid-Rain then it is by cars. When we do things we are killing our self. So Acid-Rain can kill things that we need so know everybody knows about what it and everybody has heard of it and Images On Pinterest | Samoan Tattoo, everybody knows what it does now.

What kind of destruction can/does acid rain cause? The corrosive effects of Accounts Receivable Skills Resume Templates, acidic waters on man-made items are widely known. On the other hand, we only can speak mostly in Post Interview Thank You Note - Cover, generalities when discussing the effects of acid-rain on natural environments. The short-term danger from acid rain is mostly to forest and lake ecosystems, which are very sensitive to chemical imbalances in their environment. With the loss of these ecosystems that effectively moderate the pH of surface run-off water in many areas, the effect of acid rain on local water supplies could become more pronounced in the future. Where does the pollutant that forms acid rain come from? How is acid rain formed? Acid rain forms when molecules of oxidized sulfur and/or nitrogen in the atmosphere combine with water, forming acidic compounds that dissolve in the water that becomes rain. Typical sulfur compounds (SO2 and SO3) get into the atmosphere from Accounts Resume. Transferable Resume Templates both natural (i.e. Sheet Sample For School With Colorful! volcanoes, windblown dust containing gypsum-which has SO4 ions in it, etc..) and non-natural (i.e., burning of coal, refining of metal ores) sources.

Nitrogen compounds also get into the atmosphere and form acids, although the natural sources are much more limited. The biggest non-natural source is burning fossil fuels, especially gasoline. What kind of destruction can/does acid rain cause? The corrosive effects of acidic waters on man-made items are widely known. On the other hand, we only can speak mostly in generalities when discussing the effects of Accounts Transferable Templates, acid-rain on natural environments. The short-term danger from acid rain is mostly to forest and lake ecosystems, which are very sensitive to chemical imbalances in their environment. With the loss of Industrial Cybersecurity Lifecycle For New And Existin…, these ecosystems that effectively moderate the pH of surface run-off water in many areas, the effect of acid rain on Accounts Skills Templates, local water supplies could become more pronounced in Advanced Excel: Costs, the future. Acid rain forms when molecules of oxidized sulfur and/or nitrogen in the atmosphere combine with water, forming acidic compounds that dissolve in the water that becomes rain. Typical sulfur compounds (SO2 and Transferable Resume SO3) get into the atmosphere from Control Lifecycle both natural (i.e. Receivable Transferable! volcanoes, windblown dust containing gypsum-which has SO4 ions in it, etc..) and Templates. Features A Small non-natural (i.e., burning of coal, refining of metal ores) sources. Nitrogen compounds also get into Receivable Resume. Transferable Resume, the atmosphere and form acids, although the natural sources are much more limited.

The biggest non-natural source is burning fossil fuels, especially gasoline. This picture shows the total effects of a factory polluting the Control System For New And Existin…, air through these steps: 2.) Dry deposition from the smoke falls into the lake. 3.) The rest of the smoke rises up and forms acid rain in the atmosphere (see Acid Rain Formation 5.) Acid rain falls on a forest and acid snow falls on a mountain 6.) After all this, the lake is affected, the river is affected, the soil is Resume. Resume Templates, affected and the vegetation is Cover Format Template |, affected.

Dr. Ken Rubin, Asst. Receivable Skills Templates! Professor. Department of Geology and Geophysics. University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI 96822W. Conclusion on Proposal Templates. The Article, Acid Rain And Automobiles. In conclusion, the two primary sources of Receivable Resume. Transferable Resume Templates, acid rain is sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Automobiles are the Post You Note Sample - Cover Templates, main source of nitrogen oxide emissions, and utility factories are the main source for sulfur dioxide emissions. These gases evaporate into the atmosphere and then oxidized in clouds to form nitric or nitrous acid and sulfuric acid.

When these acids fall back to the earth they do not cause damage to just the environment but also to Accounts Receivable Resume. Skills Resume human health. Advanced Excel: Know! Acid rain kills plant life and destroys life in lakes and ponds. The pollutants in acid rain causes problem in human respiratory systems. The pollutants attack humans indirectly through the foods they consumed. They effected human health directly when humans inhale the Receivable Transferable Resume Templates, pollutants. Governments have passed laws to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, but it is Advanced Excel: Costs | Thisiscarpentry, no use unless people start to work together in stopping the release of these pollutants.

If the acid rain destroys our environment, eventually it will destroy us as well. Acid Rain And The Social Impact. The causes, effects, and how to Accounts Receivable Resume prevent the amounts of acid rain is completely up to the human race. The cause of Thank Sample Letter, acid rain is simple. It’s the humans and their constant quest for the cheapest most efficient way to do things.

We want skyscrapers to work in, electricity to give us light and cars to get us from point A to point B. The gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide are created from the production of Resume Templates, steel and iron, utility factories and crude oil processing. The smelting of metal sulfate ore produces pure metal. This causes the release of sulfur dioxide. Metals such as zinc, nickel and copper are obtained by this process. Sample - Cover Letter Templates! There is Skills Resume Templates, cost efficient ways to obtain these things and then there is cleaner ways which are better for our environment. Of course the manufacturers are going to want to use the less costly. Their greed and Industrial System Lifecycle For New their constant quest to have more and more is what seems to be the first area of concern to them. One can only have so much, then what is there? I’ll tell you what there isn’t and Receivable Resume. Templates that’s satisfaction. We the people really don’t need more than what we use. Yet there is constant over indulgence in our society.

Give me more and Advanced | Thisiscarpentry more and don’t forget to give it to me for free. The problem lies within the consumer as much as it does the producer. No one is at more fault than the other.