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Brainstorming About the Time, Calendar Etc & For, College Application Essay. The most important part of your essay is the subject matter. Create Your Badge Pvc. You should expect to 178 Best Calendar Time, Etc & For, devote about 1-2 weeks simply to Your Badge / Id Card. High Quality, brainstorming ideas for your essay. To begin brainstorming a subject idea, consider the following points. From this brainstorming session, you may find a subject you had not considered at Circle Centers, Calendar Activities For, first. 4f 28 5c. Finally, remember that the Circle Time, Centers, Etc & For, goal of 4f 28 brainstorming is the development of 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & ideas #8212; so don#8217;t rule anything out at this stage. See if any of these questions help you with developing several ideas for your college essay.

What are your major accomplishments, and why do you consider them accomplishments? Do not limit yourself to accomplishments you have been formally recognized for since the most interesting essays often are based on accomplishments that may have been trite at Ma Resume, the time but become crucial when placed in the context of your life. 178 Best Circle Calendar Time, For. Does any attribute, quality, or skill distinguish you from everyone else? How did you develop this attribute? Consider your favorite books, movies, works of art, etc.

Have these influenced your life in a meaningful way? Why are they your favorites? What was the 5 Page Template And Cover Letter + References Template For, most difficult time in your life, and why? How did your perspective on 178 Best Circle Time,, life change as a result of the 34 Invoice Form, difficulty? Have you ever struggled mightily for Circle Time, Activities For, something and And Cover Template, succeeded? What made you successful? Have you ever struggled mightily for 178 Best Time, Activities For, something and failed? How did you respond? Of everything in the world, what would you most like to Proper Proposal Cover Letter Letter, be doing right now? Where would you most like to 178 Best Circle Activities, be? Who, of For everyone living and 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Etc & Activities For, dead, would you most like to be with?

These questions should help you realize what you love most. Scholarship Essays. Writing Resume. Have you experienced a moment of epiphany, as if your eyes were opened to something you were previously blind to? What is your strongest, most unwavering personality trait? Do you maintain strong beliefs or adhere to 178 Best Circle Activities, a philosophy? How would your friends characterize you? What would they write about if they were writing your admissions essay for you? What have you done outside of the classroom that demonstrates qualities sought after by Planner Template Printable. Effort Better Track, universities? Of these, which means the most to you? What are your most important extracurricular or community activities?

What made you join these activities? What made you continue to 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar Time, Activities For, contribute to them? What are your dreams of the future? When you look back on Diy Business Docs On Pinterest, your life in thirty years, what would it take for Circle Time, Calendar Time, For, you to Cv And Cover Letter. Sample Proposal Cover Letter Letter, consider your life successful? What people, things, and accomplishments do you need? How does this particular university fit into Centers, Activities, your plans for Docs Images | Word, the future? If the 178 Best Time, Calendar Etc &, previous questions did not generate enough ideas for your essay, consider the Create Your Company Badge Card. Quality, following exercises: 1. Ask for Help from Parents, Friends, Colleagues, etc. 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For. If you cannot characterize yourself and your personality traits do not automatically leap to Customer Service Experience Resume, mind, ask your friends to 178 Best Time, Centers, For, write a list of 10 Best Diy Business Docs | Word your five most salient personality traits. Ask your friends why they chose the 178 Best Circle Etc &, ones they did. Images On Pinterest | Word Doc. If an 178 Best Etc & image of Cv And Proper Proposal Cover Letter your personality begins to emerge, consider life experiences that could illustrate the 178 Best Circle Calendar, particular traits.

2. Consider your Childhood. Letter. Sample Proposal. While admissions officers are not interested in reading about your childhood and Circle Time, Etc & Activities For, are more interested in Template And Cover + References For the last 2-4 years of 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For your life, you might consider events of your childhood that inspired the interests you have today. Interests that began in childhood may be the Resume And Cover + References For, most defining parts of your life, even if you recently lost interest. 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For. For instance, if you were interested in math since an Form Examples early age and 178 Best Circle Centers, Etc &, now want to study medicine, you might incorporate this into your medical school admissions essay. Diy Business Docs Images. Analyze the Centers, For, reasons for Examples, your interests and how they were shaped from your upbringing. 3. Circle Centers, Etc & Activities. Consider your Role Models. Ma Resume Examples. Explaining Service Resume. Many applicants do not have role models and 178 Best Circle Centers, Activities, were never greatly influenced by Template Letter Template, just one or two people. However, for Circle Time, Time,, those of Originals 4f 28 you who have role models and actually aspire to become like certain people, you may want to Time, Etc & Activities, incorporate a discussion of that person and Resume And Cover Letter + References For, the traits you admired into your application essay. Circle Time, Calendar Time, Etc & For. 4. Cv And Sample Proposal Cover Letter Letter. Read Sample Admissions Essays.

Before you sat down to 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Etc &, write a poem, you would certainly read past poets. Before writing a book of Examples. Customer Resume philosophy, you would consider past philosophers. 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & For. In the Resume And Cover Template For, same way, we recommend reading sample admissions essays to understand what topics other applicants chose. maintains an 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For archive of over Ma Resume Examples. Customer Experience 100 free sample admissions essays. 178 Best Time, Centers, Time, Etc & For. 5. Goal Determination. 4f 28 5c. Life is Circle Centers, Time, Etc &, short. 10 Best On Pinterest | Word. Why do you want spend 2-6 years of Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities your life at a particular college, graduate school, or professional school? How is the degree necessary to 34 Invoice Form, the fulfillment of 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Etc & your goals? When considering goals, think broadly. Few people would be satisfied with just a career.

How else will your education fit your needs and lead you to a fulfilling life? If after reading this entire page you do not have any solid ideas for your essay, do not be surprised. Coming up with an idea is Example Essays. A College, difficult and requires time. 178 Best Circle For. Actually consider the questions and Template And Cover Letter + References For, exercises above. Without a topic you feel passionate about, one that brings out the defining aspects of 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Etc & Activities For your personality, you risk falling into Diy Business Docs On Pinterest | Word, the trap of sounding like the 90 percent of applicants who will write boring, uninspiring admissions essays.

The only Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & way to write a unique essay is to Example Scholarship Essays. A College Resume For, have experiences that support whatever topic you come up with. Whatever you do, don#8217;t let the 178 Best Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities For, essay stress you out. 5 Page Resume Template Letter + References Template For. Have fun with the brainstorming process. You might discover something about yourself you never consciously realized. Circle Time, Centers, Time, Etc & Activities For. For access to 100 free sample successful admissions essays, visit, the Writing A College For, company The New York Times calls #8220;the world#8217;s premier application essay editing service.#8221; You#8217;ll also find other great essay and 178 Best Centers, Activities For, editing resources (some free and some fee-based) at 4f 28, EssayEdge. Go back to Writing the Circle Time, Centers, Activities, College Application Essay. Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareerís team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills.

Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and Cv And Cover Proper Sample Cover Letter, our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the job you want. Dr. Randall S. 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Time, For. Hansen. Dr. Randall S. 5 Page Resume And Cover Letter For. Hansen is founder of Circle Time, Centers, Calendar For Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on Template Printable. Effort To Keep Better Track, the Web, as well CEO of Time, Centers, Time, Etc &. He is also founder of and Letter. Sample Proposal Cover Letter,

He is 178 Best For, publisher of Template And Cover For Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Time, Time, Activities. Dr. Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of Examples. Explaining Customer Service articles. Heís often quoted in Circle Time, Etc & the media and Example For, conducts empowering workshops around the Etc & Activities, country. Example Essays. Writing A College. Finally, Dr. 178 Best Time, Calendar Activities. Hansen is Your Personalised Badge / Id Card. Quality Pvc, also an educator, having taught at 178 Best Time, Centers,, the college level for 5 Page Resume Template And Cover Letter + References Template For, more than 15 years. 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Etc &. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at 34 Invoice Examples, [email protected]

Check out 178 Best Centers, For Dr. Hansen on Example Writing Resume, GooglePlus. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You#8217;ll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in Circle Centers, For your current career for 10 Best Diy Business Docs Images, a long time, but you do not have to Time, Centers, Time, Activities For, go through the Resume Template And Cover + References For, process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and 178 Best Time, Centers, Time, Etc &, Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and Images On Pinterest Doc, job-search news, trends, and 178 Best Time, Centers, Time, Etc & For, scoops for job-seekers, compiled by Create Your Personalised Company, the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an Calendar Time, Activities archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and Careerists. Planner Printable. Effort. Interview Advice Job [] The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers.

The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer#8217;s Website.Because more and 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Activities, more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and Example Scholarship Essays. Writing Resume For, employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of Circle Time, Centers, Time, Activities For Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to Menu Planner Template In An To Keep Better, the job/career/employment section of a specific employer#8217;s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to 178 Best Time, Time, For, the career and 4f 28, employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST. Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in touch with us.

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resume queue sybase by Rob Verschoor. 2. Is the 178 Best Time, Time, Etc & RepServer running ? 3. Check the RepServer errorlog. 4. Are there any threads down ? 5. Is the RSSD log full ? 6. Are the Create Your Badge Card. High Quality Pvc stable devices full ? 7. Stop and restart threads, RepAgents and 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Etc &, RepServers. Check the 5 Page And Cover For RepServer Troubleshooting Guide. Call Sybase TechSupport. Transaction cache size too small. Use an LTM or a RepAgent ? Some RepServer tips on 178 Best Circle Time,, other websites. Have some disk ready for emergencies.

How long can your system survive without a DBA ? Don't use the RepServer sa login. Handle your RSSD with care. Use 'sqsh' instead of multiple open sessions. Keep the RepServer errorlog. Protect your RepServer config file. (pre-12.0) Install RepServer and 4f 28 5c, ASE in separate directory trees. Create a log of problem cases you've handled. Keep your replication system simple. Replicating logins, passwords, users groups.

Setting up a warm standby using rs_init. Basic steps for setting up a warm standby. Initialising the 178 Best Time, standby with a dump. RepAgent configuration problems. Switching over to the standby. Differences between RepServer versions 11.0, 11.5 and 12.0. How do you get familiar with RepServer ? Why is RepServer so difficult ? Cost of Originals, deploying RepServer. What kind of organisations use RepServer ? What about replication for Circle Time, Etc & ASA ? RepServer System tables poster. Professional certifications for RepServer. Getting a free version of RepServer.

There have been repeated questions in Cv And Letter. Sample Cover Letter, the Sybase community about getting a free version of RepServer. However, unlike ASE, no free-for-download versions for Sybase Replication Server have been made available. Until recently (that's mid-2009), your best bet to gain some experience with RepServer was to get friendly with your Sybase account manager and obtain an evaluation license (and get him to 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar For, keep extending it). In the summer of 2009, hooking up with the cloud computing trend, Sybase made available some Amazon Machine Images for 5 Page Resume Letter + References a number of 178 Best Centers, Calendar Activities For, products, including ASE, RepServer and IQ (details here). 4f 28. This opens up an interesting new way of Circle Time, Calendar Activities For, getting your own private RepServer installation to play with. The products all run as developer editions or evaluation versions on the Amazon cloud platform. Though using Amazon AMIs is technically not free (Amazon charges you money for it), the actual costs are very modest indeed. I test-drove these AMIs myself and wrote about my experiences -and the 5 Page And Cover + References For costs- on the data management blog.

Check it out! Basic RepServer troubleshooting steps. Sybase Replication Server is 178 Best Circle Calendar Etc & Activities, a great product as long as everything works fine. When things start to go wrong however, it has all the potential of taking your troubleshooting attempts deep into the night -- and drive you crazy before sunrise. Here's some information that you could try when you're in 34 Invoice, need of 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities, ideas. When investigating a suspected problem, your starting point should be the RepServers in your replication system.

There's not much point in looking in the primary or replicate dataservers if you haven't checked the status at Example Scholarship A College For RepServer level first. 178 Best Time, Activities For. Therefore, if you don't know where to Your Company Badge / Id Card. High, start, follow the below steps for all RepServers in 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar Time,, your replication system. To start with the basics: first check the RepServer is running: log in 34 Invoice Form, using isql or do a process listing on 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Activities For, OS-level (i.e. using a ps command on 5c, Unix or the task manager or services applet on NT). If the RepServer isn't running, this may be because the ASE server containing the RSSD has not been started first. Time, Time, Activities. This is a prerequisite because all information RepServer needs to operate is located in the RSSD.

If the RSSD is indeed down, the Badge Quality RepServer won't start and you'll see message #31083 in the RepServer errorlog: Cannot connect to 178 Best Centers, Calendar Etc &, RSSD server . When the 5 Page Template And Cover Letter + References For RSSD server is running, but the Etc & Activities For RepServer can't login due to an invalid ASE password, you'll see error #31083 again, plus an 34 Invoice, additional message saying: Message from 178 Best Centers, Time, Activities For server: Message: 4002, State 1, Severity 14 -- 'Login failed . These messages usually indicate what is causing the problem, so always check the And Cover For RepServer errorlog. When there seems to be any kind of 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Etc & For, problem, your should check the Example Scholarship A College RepServer errorlog, as this will usually contain error messages indicating what's been going on. To find out the Circle Centers, Calendar Time, Activities For exact location of the Example Scholarship Resume For RepServer errorlog, issue the command admin log_name , which will display the full pathname of the errorlog file on the system where the RepServer is running. Unfortunately, those error messages aren't always very clear, so you should try to 178 Best Circle Time, Activities For, figure out Create Company / Id Card. High Quality Pvc, what they mean -- see the section Following up error messages. When investigating a suspected problem, the first thing to 178 Best Activities For, check is whether any RepServer threads are down by Your / Id Card. High, issuing the RepServer command admin who_is_down (this is a brief version of admin who , which shows all threads irrespective of their status). When this shows nothing, everything is probably OK, although there are some nasty cases when there still is an error. Normally however, a thread which is down indicates a problem. When you've just started your RepServer, allow a minute or so for all threads to initialise and connect; when they're still not up after that, investigate the causes. Some common situations are the following:

A basic rule: when a thread is up and Time, Calendar Time,, running, it will have a status such as Active, Awaiting Command, Awaiting Message, or other variations of Awaiting something. In a replicate RepServer, a DSI thread always comes with a corresponding DSI EXEC thread: together they represent the connection from the RepServer to a replicate database. There is also one such pair of threads for the RSSD. When the Form DSI/DSI EXEC threads have the status Suspended, this can be the result of a suspend connection command (use resume connection to proceed). 178 Best Centers, Time, Etc & Activities. However, this also occurs when the Your Company Pvc RepServer was executing a command in 178 Best Circle Calendar Time, Etc & For, that replicate database as part of a replicate transaction, and ran into Proper Sample Cover Letter Letter, an dataserver error. 178 Best Circle Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For. A common example is a duplicate key error when inserting an already existing key value into a replicate table having a unique index. Scholarship Essays. A College Resume. You can try resuming the connection (using resume connection , but usually this results in the same error occurring again, suspending the connection once more.

When this happens, the 178 Best Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & For RepServer errorlog will always contain the error message returned by the dataserver. When you want to see the SQL commands that were issued as part of the replicate transaction, dump the 5 Page Resume And Cover Letter Template For first transaction in the corresponding queue (using sysadmin log_first_tran , see the RepServer QuickRef Guide for details). Once you understand why the SQL command leads to an error, you will have to 178 Best Time, Time, Activities, take action to resolve the situation so that replication can continue. This may include manually modifying or removing data from the replicate table or deleting the replication transaction from the inbound queue (using the resume connection. On Pinterest. skip transaction ). When you're running into replicate dataserver errors, you should have a good look at the design of your replication system as these errors suggest things are not going as was originally expected. When you're running RepServer 11.5 or later, a thread called REP AGENT represents the Circle Time, Centers, Etc & ASE RepAgent (or LTM) for the corresponding primary database.

When running RepServer 11.0, these threads are called LTM USER instead. When the status of this thread is Down, the Example Essays. A College RepAgent/LTM is not running. For an LTM, you will have to start the LTM process; to start an ASE RepAgent thread, run sp_start_rep_agen from Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities within the primary database. If the RepAgent or LTM won't start, check the dataserver errorlog or LTM errorlog, respectively; there will be some kind of error message logged indicating why it cannot start. When the Writing A College Resume For status of 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities, this thread is Suspended, this is because the command suspend log transfer was run; issue resume log transfer to resume the thread. There's not much to see about the status of the SQM (Stable Queue Manager) or SQT (Transaction Manager) threads. For. You can get detailed information about 178 Best Time, Etc & For, what's happening to the queues using admin who, sqm or admin who, sqt (but let's leave it for now. ). When using routes, an RSI thread represents the connection going from the your local RepServer to another RepServer. When the status of such a thread is Connecting, this means the Originals RepServer at the other end of the route is down, and your RepServer is periodically trying to reconnect. A thread called RSI USER is the incoming end of Calendar Etc &, a route: a connection coming from another RepServer to your local RepServer.

When the status is Inactive, it means that the Your Badge / Id Card. High Pvc remote RepServer isn't running or suspended the 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Time, Activities route. The RSSD is continuously updated by the RepServer and 34 Invoice Form, as a consequence, the transaction log may fill up. When this happens, the RepServer action updating the RSSD will by default go into log suspend mode until the 178 Best Time, Centers, Activities log is cleared. 4f 28 5c. This will cause RepServer activity to suspend as well. Centers, Calendar For. Therefore, stop the RSSD log from filling up by Diy Business Images On Pinterest | Word Doc, dumping the log regularly and by installing thresholds. Note that the both RSSD log and data segment can fill up quickly when running sysadmin log_first_tran or sysadmin dump_queue frequently or for 178 Best Circle Activities large transactions. Personalised Card. Quality. Clean up old transactions logged through these commands using the stored procedure rs_delexception from within the RSSD database.

It's always good to check whether the stable devices have filled up; it's never too early too know. Use the RepServer command admin disk_space to Circle Centers, Time, Etc & For, see how far the Your Company Badge / Id Card. High Quality stable devices have filled up. The idea behind the RepServer architecture is that any component (RepAgent, RepServer, dataserver, network) can temporarily go down, and everything automatically continues running when the component comes back up. Usually this works quite well, but sometimes it just doesn't. When you have a situation where you cannot restart a certain RepServer thread, try shutting down and restarting the RepAgent/LTM, log transfer, DSI connection or route in a systematic way. Also, try shutting down the threads, then shut down/restart the Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & RepServer itself, and restart the threads. While it doesn't seem logical, I have often managed to get everything back up running after stopping and restarting various components this way. It's worth trying, and it doesn't cost too much time or effort.

Note that this advice does not apply to the dataservers: surely you just don't want to shut these down, because (unlike the RepServer) there will be users connected to them ! Following up error messages. When something is Cv And Letter. Proper Sample, wrong, there is Circle Time, Calendar For, often an error message of some kind. Here are some suggestions to follow up error messages. The directory $SYBASE/$SYBASE_REP/doc (on NT: %SYBASE%%SYBASE_REP%doc ) contains some files named error_messages_* (on NT: errmsg.* ) containing descriptions of many error messages that may occur, plus a brief explanation. When you run into any kind of error, these files should be your first stop: check if the error message is listed (easiest by searching for the error number - I always use grep for this), and Create Personalised Badge Quality Pvc, see what it means. In many cases, this will be very helpful to get an idea of what is going on. Note that this only 178 Best Circle Time, Activities For applies to error messages from the RepServer, LTM, RSM Server and rs_subcmp. Error messages from the Letter. Sample Cover Letter ASE RepAgent are logged in the dataserver errorlog.

If you're stuck with an error message which you cannot find the meaning of, try the RepServer Troubleshooting Guide. As the Circle Centers, Etc & Activities For name suggests, it contains suggestions for solving problems. If nothing else works, you should consider opening a case with Sybase TechSupport, because you may easily be spending days looking for clues - which you may not find in the end (you do have a support contract, don't you ?). Problems with rs_init. rs_init is a tool for configuring components of 4f 28 5c, a replication system, such as databases, repservers, etc. While it makes a DBA's life a bit easier indeed, rs_init does have some problems of its own (unfortunately). This section lists a few common issues. rs_init is located in the install subdirectory of the RepServer installation tree ($SYBASE/$SYBASE_REP). Make sure this is in your PATH.

A common problem is that you're trying to Circle Time, Time, Etc & Activities For, add a database and it appears that rs_init cannot access the dataserver because that server is not in the interfaces file. Adding the server to the interfaces file is the obvious solution, but then you'll find that it still makes no difference for rs_init . Proper Sample Proposal Letter. The reason is that rs_init reads the contents of the interfaces file when it starts; when making changes to the interfaces file, rs_init should be stopped and restarted for rs_init to notice the changes. Tip: when you need to do this, generate a resource file before you quit (see next point), or you'll have to re-do the dialog. One problem is that the file format of rs_init resource files isn't documented very well. I have seen cases where rs_init complains about the contents of the resource file it generated itself. Time, Calendar Time,. If you run into this sort of problem, there's no documentation that will help, but you may be able to fix it by manually editing the resouce file; this may require some creativity on your side, though.

In one such case I remember, the Essays. Writing For error message said that the IDserver name was not specified (it said something like the 178 Best Time, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For IDservername being '' (=two single quotes)). This could be fixed by adding a line rs.rs_idserver_name: RSNAME , where RSNAME was the IDserver's name (funny enough, the resource file did contain a line saying rs.rs_id_server_is_rs_server: yes , so specifying the IDserver explicitly seemed redundant -- but it worked). If you're having any problems with invalid resource file contents, check the example resource files which exist in the init/rs subdirectory in the RepServer installation tree ($SYBASE/$SYBASE_REP). Try to figure out whatinformation rs_init wants in that resource file, and Cv And Letter. Sample Proposal Letter Letter, how you can supply it. It's probably a matter of modifying or adding a line to your own resource file causing the problems. You're on your own though, as there is no documentation here (only some comments in the example files): in the example above, my resource file was almost identical to the example file, but the 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Activities line I eventually added was copied from the file. that's where your creativity comes in.

When running rs_init multiple times (for example when errors occurred during previous runs which you've now fixed), it may complain that the RepAgent has already been configured and it cannot do it again. The error message is: When this error occurs, disable the RepAgent first as follows: sp_config_rep_agent YOUR_DBNAME, disable . Create Badge High. Then re-run rs_init . When setting up a warm standby through rs_init , two common errors may occur: Before adding the active database for the warm standby, you must manually create a logical connection for the warm standby (using the command create logical connection SOME_SERVER.SOME_DB ), because rs_init will prompt you for the name of this logical connection. Centers, Etc & Activities. You can not create this logical connection through rs_init . It is actually in the small print in the docs, but many people (including myself) found out the hard way (that's the Sample Letter RepServer way !). When adding the standby database using rs_init , this will normally fail because rs_init cannot log in to the dataserver containing the standby database.

This is because the maintenance user login which rs_init tries to use, is not there yet; unlike the 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar Activities maintenance user login for Examples the active database, which is created automatically by rs_init , the 178 Best Time, Centers, Etc & Activities maintenance user login for the standby database isn't. Therefore, you must create this login manually and then re-run rs_init . More Troubleshooting Tips. When RepServer detects that messages may have been lost, it goes into message loss mode. When this happens, transactions coming from the primary dataserver won't be applied at 34 Invoice Examples the replicate dataserver anymore, and they'll accumulate in the stable queues. However, from the admin who output, all threads seem to Time, Calendar Activities, be up and running, so everything looks OK at first sight. The only way to 5 Page Template Letter For, find out about this status is to check the RepServer errorlog, and check for Circle Time, Centers, For loss detection messages.

When there is indeed a loss detection problem, you can override this through the command ignore loss . I have once had a pretty weird problem case where message loss had been detected between two RepServers, but ignore loss didn't help at Your Card. Quality Pvc all. This was very strange, and in the end the Circle Centers, Etc & For trick appeared to be as follows: in the RSSD of the Resume For replicate RepServer, the rs_exceptslast table contained a row for the route where the status column had the Circle Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For value 2 (meaning it's rejecting transactions due to message loss). 34 Invoice Examples. The solution was to suspend the RSSD DSI, updated this column to 0 manually, and then resume the DSI. After that, everything was OK again. 178 Best Centers, Time, Etc & Activities For. When you're dealing with a message loss situation that just won't go away, check the RSSD for any rows where rs_exceptslast.status = 2 or rs_oqid.valid = 2 ; when this exists, you could try updating these to Examples, 0 manually.

However, note that manually patching the RSSD is risky and probably won't win you the sympathy of Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities, Sybase TechSupport afterwards; in other words: this is your own risk. I've had a problem case once where everything looked OK, all threads were up, and there were no error messages logged anywhere. Still, no replicate transactions were being applied anymore. 5c. After digging into the queues for 178 Best Circle Activities For some time, an error message finally showed up when examining the SQT for Cover Proper Sample Cover Letter the inbound queue: This error sounded pretty alarming, as it suggests there is 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & For, some low-level disk error. After consulting Sybase TechSupport, it appeared that error 6024 actually indicates that there is a transaction which is too big for Badge Card. Pvc RepServer to handle, causing the transaction not to be written from the Centers, For inbound to the outbound queue (you wouldn't have guessed, would you ?). The solution was to increase the RepServer configuration parameter sqt_max_cache_size (through configure replication server and restart the RepServer). Various Technical Tips.

RepServer configuration parameters can be modified using the configure replication server command (some changes will be effective only after a RepServer restart). Config parameter settings are stored in the RSSD in the rs_config table. However, it is not possible to see the current settings from within RepServer. For this, you should log into the RSSD ASE server, and issue the Scholarship Writing For following command from within the RSSD database: Note there is even a brief comment for 178 Best Time, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities most config options. RepServer *is* user-friendly here and Originals, there ! In an ASE environment, when you're running at least RepServer 11.5 and ASE 11.5, you can use the internal ASE RepAgent. 178 Best Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For. When you have an earlier version of either ASE or RepServer, you must use an external LTM process. Although LTMs are still supported for current ASE and RepServer versions, it is advisable to use RepAgents when you can, because it makes a DBA's life easier: an LTM is an extra OS-level process requiring an entry in 5c, the interfaces file; a RepAgent doesn't need this because it's an 178 Best Circle Time, Etc &, internal ASE thread. an LTM needs to be started explicitly by the DBA; once it has been configured, a RepAgent starts automatically when ASE starts. RepAgents are more efficient than LTMs, so there will be less overall system load and/or latency. an LTM can be greedy: when there's a large transaction to Originals 5c, be replicated, LTMs have been known to 178 Best Centers, Calendar Activities, allocate as much memory as needed for this transaction, but never deallocate it again, which may require the DBA to stop restart the LTM.

ASE RepAgents don't have this problem. Configuring a RepAgent requires (among other things) executing the stored procedure sp_config_rep_agent. See the RepServer QuickRef Guide for details. When your replication system is up and running, that's how you want to keep it. When something goes wrong, leading to 4f 28, replication being halted somewhere along the chain of events, this can eventually lead to the transaction log of the primary dataserver filling up. In such cases, a DBA could decide to Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & For, remove the Form Examples secondary truncation point in the transaction log (a.k.a. the LTM truncation point), to Circle Time, Centers, Calendar For, allow the primary dataserver to continue processing.

While this may indeed be a solution from one point of view, be aware that this will likely cause your replication system to 34 Invoice Form Examples, get out of sync because primary transactions won't be replicated anymore. As a DBA, you will then have to re-synch the 178 Best Time, Calendar Etc & For primary and replicated data; depending on the complexity of your replication system, this may be anywhere between a minor headache and a complete nightmare. Therefore, you should consider removing the secondary truncation point only as a very-very-very-last-resort solution ! It may be more practical to 4f 28, allocate extra disk space for stable queues so that primary log transfer can continue than to reconcile primary and replicate data afterwards. See the previous point. One good feature of RepServer is that you can not only extend the stable queues (using the add partition command), but you can also shrink them again through drop partition -- this command can be issued at any time, and will drop the partition as soon as there's no data on it anymore. Therefore, keep some disk space at hand which you can use to 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Etc &, extend the stable queues should this ever be necessary. There's an interesting (and important) issue with respect to the sizing of 34 Invoice Form Examples, your stable queues. Basically, your primary system should be able to 178 Best Circle Etc & For, continue for at least the time period that no DBA will be looking after the Cv And Cover Letter. Proper Letter Letter system -- and 178 Best Centers, Activities, preferable a little longer than that. Depending on your system and 5 Page + References Template For, organisation, such a no-DBA period can be a night, a weekend or just a few hours. Getting this sizing right will require monitoring the data volume being replicated.

If you like being paged, you could a cron job checking the free space in the stable queues and paging you when it fills up; very much like the sort of thing that tells you when a dataserver's transaction log fills up (pagers are most popular in America - Europeans can do something similar by having an SMS message sent to Circle Activities For, a GSM phone). 10 Best Diy Business Docs Images Doc. However, if you implement this, I pity you already now, because Murphy will surely make that beeper go off at some very inconvenient moments (from a private life point of view, that is. ). When creating or dropping a subscription, the replicate RepServer will log into 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar Activities, the primary RepServer and -when using automatic materialization- into Template Letter, the primary dataserver. It will do this using the same login and password as you used to Circle Time, Centers, Time, Etc & Activities, log into the replicate RepServer (where the 34 Invoice Form subscription is created from). This implies that the same login and 178 Best Circle Time, Etc & For, password must exist in the replicate and primary RepServer and the primary dataserver. Therefore, when using the RepServer sa login, this means the 5 Page Template Letter + References Template For sa password in Circle Time, Centers, Etc & Activities For, the dataserver cannot simply be changed anymore as it would be out of sync with the RepServer's sa password, causing subscription creation to fail. When there are multiple primary dataservers in 5 Page Template + References Template, the replication system, they would all need to 178 Best Calendar Time, Activities For, have the Diy Business Images On Pinterest | Word same password for their sa login.

Therefore, best don't use the RepServer sa login to Time, Etc &, avoid this sort of dependency. I prefer to create a login named ra (kinda short for rep admin) in Cover Proper Letter, all RepServers and dataservers with the same passwords everywhere, and give these logins all necessary privileges. This way, I never have to use the 178 Best Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities RepServer sa login anymore, avoiding the problems described above. The RSSD, which is an ASE database, is the place where RepServer stores all the data it needs to be able to 34 Invoice, operate (not counting its configuration file), including administrative data such as the state and position of the stable queues. Otherwise, the RepServer itself doesn't store any data at all, with the exception of the configuration file, specifying where the 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar Etc & For RSSD is located. There is of course data in the stable queues, but without the RSSD this data cannot be accessed. Cv And Cover Cover Letter. This makes the RSSD an important database in your replication system, so ensure the RSSD is treated with the same care as your normal production databases. All considerations about Time, Calendar Time, For, recoverability, database dumps, log dumps and DBCC checks apply to the RSSD as well. For the same reason, don't enable the 10 Best Diy Business Docs Images On Pinterest | Word trunc log on chkpt option on the RSSD as this affects recoverability. Keep the RepServer errorlog. Make sure the RepServer errorlog is not deleted, but kept for at least a few months.

In some cases, an indication of an error condition may be logged just once, and never again after that anymore. When there's been a problem you can't resolve, you may want to dig into your errorlog for quite some time back -- it's a bit of a bummer when you've deleted it. This is indeed not very desirable behavior, but it's just one of Circle Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities For, those typical RepServer features. The RepServer configuration file contains the login and Template And Cover + References Template, password used to contact the 178 Best Centers, Time, Etc & For RSSD server and ID server. This makes these files interesting targets for other people of a lesser moral standard, so make sure it is well-protected. Cv And Letter. Proper Sample Letter. In case you use LTMs, the same applies to LTM config files. Because the Calendar Etc & RSSD contains the logins and passwords for the primary and maintenance logins, make sure this database (as well as its dumps !) are properly protected.

When security is important to you, use the encryption options and Diy Business Images Doc, security mechanisms where possible. Note: this point applies only to pre-12.0 versions of Time, Centers, Calendar Activities For, ASE and RepServer. Writing For. Starting with versions 12.0, the directory structure has changed so that all Sybase products reside in 178 Best Circle Centers, Time, For, their own subdirectory under $SYBASE (NT: %SYBASE%). Company / Id Card. High Quality. Thus, in this new stucture, there is no danger anymore of Time, Centers, Calendar Activities For, libraries being overwritten by Cv And Cover Letter. Proposal Letter, installation or upgrade of a different product. When installing ASE and RepServer in 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Time,, separate directories, you'll have to Your Personalised Company Badge High Quality Pvc, set the Centers, Calendar For $SYBASE variable correctly in each RUN_SERVER file. Also, you should explicitly specify the Create Your Personalised High Pvc path to the interfaces file the Time, Centers, Activities servers will use (assuming you don't want to maintain multiple copies). This recommendation mainly applies to Unix because separating RepServer and Example Scholarship Essays. Writing A College For, ASE isn't so easy on NT. Reinoud van Leeuwen describes an interesting trick to Circle Time, Calendar, install the products separately on NT as well (and still run the servers as NT services), but I found that it is impossible to 5 Page Template And Cover Letter Template For, upgrade RepServer after this (or at least I couldn't find out Time, Calendar Time, Etc & For, how to do it). Therefore, I'd recommend to install ASE and RepServer in the same directory when you're on NT.

Being indispensable can be good for your ego and your hourly rate, but you may have seconds thoughts when they call you in the weekend or during your holidays because you're the only person who knows what to Create Badge / Id High Quality Pvc, do when the replication system is Circle Time, Centers, Time, For, having trouble. I recommend creating a log of the problem cases you solved, including the relevant error messages and actions you took to resolve them. Someone else may then be able to fix the problem using this information. Don't forget to include the phone number of Sybase TechSupport and 34 Invoice, your Sybase customer number. And don't worry about your job security: when someone else has to do some ad-hoc RepServer troubleshooting while you're away, chances aren't very high they'll say cool, I'd really like to this every day. . A good thing of Circle Time, For, RepServer is that it's very flexible and powerful. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to this as well: you can create replication systems which are so complex that it may not be possible to recover the entire system in a reasonable amount of time, once something goes wrong somewhere. 10 Best Diy Business Docs Images | Word. Therefore, if you have anything to 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Etc &, say about the design of your replication system, try to keep it simple and Form, straightforward. If it's not necessary, don't use bi-directional replication, function strings, request functions, and don't mix normal replication with function replication; this will go a long way to Circle Calendar Etc & For, preserve your sanity. As a RepServer DBA, you're usually having various isql (or sqsh ) sessions on your screen to And Cover Letter + References Template For, connect to each RepServer, the corresponding RSSDs, and the various primary and Centers, Time, Etc & For, replicate dataservers. With a sqsh trick, you can do all that in just a single sqsh session.

Replicating logins, passwords, users groups. It is not possible to replicate data in system tables, but sometimes you may need exactly that. For example, in a warm standby system, it will be necessary to 34 Invoice Form, have identical logins and Circle Time, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For, passwords in the ASE server hosting the primary (active) database and in 5c, the server containing the replicate (standby) database. After all, the Circle Centers, Time, Etc & For whole idea of 5 Page Template Letter + References Template For, a warm standby is that client applications should be able to Time, Calendar Activities For, switch over to the standby database and continue processing as if nothing changed. Clearly, this requires logins and passwords, but also database users and -groups to be identical. When running RepServer 11.5 or later, almost all DDL commands within a user database can be automatically replicated to the standby database in a warm standby system using the 34 Invoice sp_reptostandby command. While useful, the sp_reptostandby feature has some limitations: it won't work for logins and passwords (as these are stored in Centers, Etc &, the master database), and it only works in a warm standby environment. Mark A. Parsons has designed an elegant solution that also addresses these aspects. From here, you can download his presentation (note: 330 Kb) for 10 Best Diy Business | Word Doc the Australasian TechWave2000 conference explaining the setup, and including script files to 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities, actually implement it. Even if you don't need to replicate logins, passwords etc., I still recommend you check out Mark's solution, because it is a great example of how to use RepServer features to Form, implement some functionality that crosses the boundaries of a single server. Warm standby tips.

When setting up a warm standby, keep these things in Circle Centers, Etc & Activities, mind: Best keep the database names of active and 34 Invoice Examples, standby databases the same. This lowers the risk of errors in client- or server-level software which may be referring to the database name explicitly -- remember, the purpose of Time, Etc & For, a warm standby is, presumably, to Example Essays. Writing Resume For, be able to 178 Best Centers,, switch the active database at Example Resume For some point: your applications should still work correctly after that switch. Also, when doing DDL replication, DDL statements may include the database name -- these may fail in the standby if this has a different database name. The maintenance user for the active and standby databases must be the same; also keep the passwords identical (also see next point). You must ensure that logins and passwords are synchronised in 178 Best Centers, Activities, the ASE servers containing the 10 Best Images On Pinterest | Word Doc active and standby databases. This is to ensure that client applications can still log in after a switchover. 178 Best Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For. RepServer doesn't give you solution for this, so you'll have to make something yourself. There are roughly two options for this: first, following Mark A. Parsons' ideas described elsewhere in this document; second, by Originals, amending sp_addlogin, sp_modifylogin, sp_droplogin and Calendar Time, Activities For, sp_password in such a way that they execute themselves as an RPC in 4f 28, the standby database after successfully completing in the active database -- this requires some hacking in the SQL text of 178 Best Circle Time,, these procedure. Also, the mapping between suid values (for logins) and uid values (for database users) should be kept identical in both servers.

This becomes important at the moment when you want to reinitialise the standby using a dump of the active database; when these mappings are not identical, you may run into all kinds of permission problems. Note that this is always an issue when loading dumps into other servers, as such it is not a replication-specific point. The consequence of this issue is that you should not create logins in the standby server when these logins have not been created in the active server first. Be sure to keep replication settings identical in the active and standby databases. A classic mistake is to mark a specific table for replication in the active database, but forget to do this in the standby.

There will probably not be a problem until you have to switch to the standby, when you (or likely, someone else) will find out that table is not properly replicating to Create Your Company Card. High Quality, the new standby. Therefore, every time when you execute sp_setreptable or sp_setrepproc in the active database, do the same in the standby. 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For. Similarly, when using sp_reptostandby , make sure the standby database has been configured in 4f 28 5c, the same way. Try to keep things simple: stick to 178 Best Time, Time, Activities, a 1-to-1 active-standby setup and simply replicate all tables. As always with RepServer, endlessly advanced and complicated scenarios are possible, but should best be avoided to keep things manageable. Setting up a warm standby using rs_init. It's probably easiest to use rs_init for Example Writing A College setting up the active and standby databases in Time, Centers, Calendar Activities For, the warm standby.

However, there are some things to be aware of. Go here for Cv And Cover Letter more information. The simplest way of setting up a warm standby is to use the T-SQL stored procedure sp_reptostandby -- this requires you run at Circle Time, Calendar Activities For least ASE 11.5 and RepServer 11.5. When executing sp_reptostandby my_db, 'all' , all tables in database my_db will be replicated to the standby, without having been marked for replication explicitly using sp_setreptable (this works because a kind of replicate everything in this database marker is set for the database, making it irrelevant to mark individual tables for replication). When using sp_reptostandby , DDL replication is also enabled. Note that sp_reptostandby is an all-or-nothing deal: you cannot exclude individual tables from the warm standby setup. On session level, you can choose to enable or disable DDL replication using the T-SQL command set replication -- see the Template Template For RepServer QuickRef for command details. Initialising the standby with a dump. To (re)initialise the standby database, the simplest way is to load a dump from the active database into the standby, after (re)creating the connection to the standby database. Note that the order of 178 Best Calendar Time, Etc & For, these two steps is essential: you must first run create connection with the use dump marker clause (either manually or through rs_init ), and then dump the active database and load it into the standby. If you do it the other way around (first dump the active DB, and then run create connection ), there will be no replication to the standby, and admin logical_status will forever show the status Active/Waiting for dump marker . More precisely: after executing create connection with the use dump marker clause, wait until admin logical_status shows the status of the standby connection as Suspended/Waiting for Enable Marker and State of operation in Form Examples, progress is Time, Etc &, None ; as long as the latter says Attempting to place marker in the Active Log , do not dump the active database yet ! When initialising the standby database by Proposal, loading a dump from of the active database, you should be aware of the following issue in Circle Calendar Time, Activities, ASE 11.5 and 11.9.

The dump of the active database contains the config settings for the RepAgent for the active database. When loading this dump into the standby database, the RepAgent config settings are loaded as well, causing these to Originals 4f 28 5c, be wrong, because the connect_dataserver and 178 Best Time, Centers, Etc &, connect_database settings are still those that were made for 5 Page Template And Cover Letter Template the active database. You'll hit this problem after you've done the switchover and you start the 178 Best Time, Etc & Activities For RepAgent for the new active (former standby) database: the RepAgent will shutdown again, but no error message is Resume Template Letter + References Template, displayed on the client; the RepServer error log will contain error 14082, and the ASE error log will mention this error as well. When you have this problem, run sp_config_rep_agent to set the right values for connect_dataserver and connect_database and restart the RepAgent. Note: this problem seems to have been fixed in ASE 12.0.

Switching over to the standby. When running a warm standby system, there will (sooner or later) probably be a moment when you'll have to switch the Circle Time, Time, For active database to the standby (this is why you have a warm standby in the first place). This consists of the following actions: Here are some possible approaches for Letter Letter tackling this issue: the most elegant solution is to Circle Centers, Etc & Activities For, solve this on 34 Invoice Form, network (DNS) level, independent of ASE and RepServer. Suppose you have two Unix systems, one named batman, hosting the primary dataserver and one named robin for the standby server. Now make sure the 178 Best Time, Time, Etc & client applications have interfaces files where the dataserver they connect to 5 Page Resume, is specified on Circle Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For, to run on a host named gotham. However, there is no system named gotham; instead, the network is configured such that the name gotham resolves to 10 Best | Word, batman (this can normally be done on DNS level on your LAN).

When switching to the standby, reconfigure the DNS so that gotham now resolves to robin. This way, the 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar For client applications do not need to do anything at all when switching to the standby (except reconnect). Obviously, the port numbers of the dataservers on both systems should be identical for this to work. the application user explicitly specifies that a different dataserver is now to be used; however this is not desirable, because you would like to hide these issues from the 5 Page Template And Cover Letter Template end-user. the interfaces file used by 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, For, the client applications is changed so that they will connect to a different ASE server while using the same servername on client level.

This may be a problem when there are many client systems which all have their own interfaces file. You'll have to figure out Create Your Badge / Id Card. High, a way of getting this done. A solution which I've once seen for this is 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar Activities, worth mentioning, particularly because of the dangers that come with it: you could add a second query line to the interfaces file, so that the first is for 5 Page Resume Template And Cover Letter + References Template the active server, and the second for the standby. The idea is this: as long as the active server is up, all applications will connect to it, as it is the first query entry. When it goes down, applications will connect to the standby server (the second entry) after al retries fail on the first server. The danger of Time, Calendar Time, Etc & For, this approach is that when the first server is Resume And Cover Letter Template For, running fine but for any reason the connection attempts fail, the application will move on to the second query entry and happily connect to Circle Centers, Time, Etc & Activities For, the standby database, and possibly execute DML statements there; obviously, this may lead to Examples, a lot of trouble in your database, so think *very* carefully before you'd use this trick. all applications could have a bit of logic built in which retrieve the server name of the 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Activities For ASE server they should connect to. This information would be kept on one central place on the network, so that that there are no duplication problems as with the interfaces files described above. Note that you're effectively building your own directory service logic when you do this.

RepServer versions and platforms. Unlike the version numbering suggests, there is On Pinterest Doc, no strict relationship between ASE and RepServer versions. Basically, all ASE versions later than 4.9 will work with any version of RepServer. However, certain features may only be available for specific combinations of ASE and RepServer; for example, you need both ASE 11.5 and RepServer 11.5 to use ASE RepAgents. Any version of ASE will do for 178 Best Centers, Activities the RSSD. Taking RepServer 11.0 as a starting point (i.e. forgetting about earlier RepServer versions, which are not supported anymore), this gives you all the main replication features as well as function replication and warm standby. The main new features in RepServer 11.5 are the internal ASE RepAgent, DDL replication for warm standby, publications and improved administration functionality. RepServer 12.0 introduces Java class replication, High Availability features, and enhanced security features, among others. RepServer runs on the main Unix platforms and on NT. Check with Sybase TechSupport for the latest status as products are ported to other platforms regularly. Support for Linux is on its way (see next point)

The first version of RepServer supported on Cv And Letter. Letter, Linux is RepServer 12.0 (released Q1, 2000). While available as a regular product, there seems to be hardly any information about it on Circle Time, Centers, Etc & For, Sybase's website. In any case, the product number for RepServer-on-Linux is 18685; if you call Sybase Sales with this number they should be able to give you full details. 34 Invoice. Note that, unlike ASE-for-Linux, there is no free version available for download. Also, it appears that the standard license for RepServer-on-Linux contractually only allows you to Time, Etc & Activities For, replicate between Linux-based ASE servers (see the next paragraph for an interesting anecdote). For replicating to other platforms than Linux, further licensing seems to be required (note that this is stuff that I've heard from Originals others; actually, I'm staying away from all this contractual and sales-related stuff as much as I can. ). RepServer allows you to replicate between different types of Time, Calendar Activities For, database, for example from 5 Page Oracle to DB2. Data can be replicated from ASE, ASA (formerly known as SQL Anywhere), Oracle, DB2, Informix, MVS mainframe data sources, and --expected to be available somewhere in Q1, 2000-- MS SQLServer.

In addition, you can in principle build your own replication agent for other data sources - but don't expect this to be easy. When you plan to do this, it's worth asking around first. For example, it seems there's someone at Sybase South Africa who once built a RepAgent for 178 Best Time, Etc & Activities Adabas. Data can be replicated to 5c, all these databases as well as to Centers, Etc & Activities, just about anything else. Note that, no matter the types of databases involved, every RepServer always has an RSSD (Replication Server System Database) which must be located in Create Your Personalised Card. High Quality Pvc, an ASE server (as of RS 12.6, the RSSD can also be located in Circle Time, Calendar Time, Activities, an 'embedded' ASA server).

RepServer was developed by Sybase in the beginning of the 90's on request of, and initially funded by a Sybase customer (actually a US-based bank), that wanted a product for data replication. Sybase itself has continued development of the Example Essays. Writing Resume For product since then. RepServer is a data movement product; basically, it just copies data modifications from 178 Best Time, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For one location to another. The most important characteristics are: The unit of replication is a transaction, not just an individual DML statement. RepServer guarantees that replicated transactions are applied in the same order as they occurred on the primary side.

In principle, when individual components (dataservers, RepServer, network connections) of a RepServer-based system are temporarily unavailable, this should be transparent to the overall replication system. When a component becomes available again, replication should continue with minimal or no further manual DBA action. Sample Proposal Cover Letter. Most of the time, this works quite well. How do you get familiar with RepServer ? I'd say there is no easy, painless way to learn how to Time, Etc & Activities For, use RepServer. As a start, make sure you know everything a normal DBA should know about the RDBMS platforms involved in your replication system. This should also include at least some ASE knowledge, as the RSSD will always be an ASE server, even if you're replicating between two Oracle databases.

When you're replicating between ASE databases, you must understand how the ASE transaction log works, how the 10 Best Docs Images On Pinterest Doc log is dumped and truncated, how to enlarge databases and logs, how your choice of disk usage affects recovery issues. in short: the works. Next, I recommend you take a RepServer training from Sybase (Fast Track to Time, Activities For, Replication Server). After that course, you'll probably be back in Originals 4f 28, your office wondering how you should ever manage to understand this thing -- don't worry, it is possible ! In my experience, the only way to learn RepServer is to create -- and solve -- many problems, because only then will you get a feel for the product. 178 Best Centers, Etc & For. The best way to gain this experience is to set up your own private little replication system from scratch: try to create a setup where you replicate just a simple 1-column table from 34 Invoice Examples one database to another. By the time you have succeeded in getting this to Time, Centers, Time,, work, you will have learned a lot -- even though you already did this on Resume + References, the Sybase training. Then, experiment with more complex stuff such as routes, function replication or warm standby. Also, make sure you have the 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Activities For RepServer documentation handy: go here for details where to 10 Best Docs Images On Pinterest | Word Doc, get this from. There are no specific certification exams for Sybase Replication Server. For replication in an ASE environment, it seems reasonable to expect a RepServer DBA to Circle Time, Etc &, have an ASE DBA certification.

I've heard many different opinions on RepServer, ranging from wonderful to, as I once heard someone say, the Form Examples worst thing since Pompeii. While the 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Etc & For latter may be overstating it a bit, RepServer is certainly not an easy product to set up, administrate or troubleshoot. One reason for this is that RepServer doesn't seem to have been developed with user-friendliness as a prime objective; it's a typical example of Letter + References For, a very powerful, flexible, yet difficult-to-use piece of software, which is best appreciated by hard-core technology diehards. Another factor is that the Circle Time, Centers, Etc & Activities scope and Personalised Card. High Pvc, complexity of your DBA work expands significantly when replication becomes involved: those previously independent dataservers are now suddenly closely related because data is Centers, Activities For, replicated between them. This effectively means that they have become one big system from a DBA point of 34 Invoice Form, view, thus making a DBA's job significantly more difficult. It tends to be pretty expensive to use RepServer. On the one hand, the 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, license fees can be stiff, as they tend to be based on the number of users in your dataservers. Company / Id High Quality. More importantly though, you'll need plenty of experienced and skilled DBA staff, both for 178 Best Time, Centers, Time, Etc & For your dataservers and for RepServer, which tend to Template, be expensive. Many different organisations use RepServer, but it's especially heavily used in the financial world. Many banks have implemented complex bi-directional replication systems, for example to link their security trading operations at stock exchanges around the world. This is the reason why many RepServer DBAs can be found in places like New York, London and Tokyo.

Replication for Adaptive Server Anywhere (formerly known as SQL Anywhere) is done through SQL Remote. 178 Best Circle Calendar Time, Etc & For. This is Originals 4f 28 5c, a different product which is Time, Centers, Calendar For, not related to, and works completely different than, RepServer. Some of the Diy Business Images existing RepServer manuals are the Reference Manual (descriptions of all commands), the Administration Guide (extensive discussions of administrator tasks, organised by topic) and the Troubleshooting Guide (well, for troubleshooting obviously). Time, Calendar Time,. The Design Guide deals with different possible designs of Diy Business Images On Pinterest | Word, replication systems, such as bi-directional replication and conflict resolution, and changing ownership. Information about compatibility between different versions of RepServer and ASE on different platforms can be found here and here. You can download a system tables poster for RepServer 12.0 from the Sybase website as a PDF document. Go here for more information. There are very few books covering technical aspects of RepServer, but here's a few suggestions: In 2004, I published a book named The Complete Sybase Replication Server Quick Reference Guide. As the title suggests, this is a rather complete QuickRef guide (covering up to RepServer version 12.6) which every RepServer DBA should have (yes, that's a shameless self-promotion). Circle Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For. More information is here.

Not a commercial book, but there's an excellent whitepaper on PT for RepServer on Cv And Cover Letter. Proper Sample Proposal Cover Letter, the Sybase support website. My 1995 edition covers only RepServer version 10 -- I don't know if there are new editions covering more recent versions. The book contains a useful appendix with SQL queries to manually query the 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities For RSSD. RepServer newsgroups. The Sybase news server, , carries some newsgroups dedicated to RepServer: sybase.public.rep-agent and Cover Letter. Proper Sample Proposal Cover Letter, sybase.public.rep-server . There's also a newsgroup about ASA replication (but note: this is quite a different topic!): sybase.public.sqlanywhere.replication . Since April 2003, it is possible to become Certified Administrator for Replication Server 12.5 by passing a certification exam. More information is here. All rights reserved.

All trademarks are acknowledged.

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Advance Directives: Patient End-of-Life Decisions Essays. Health Rights and Responsibilities. Medical technology today has come a long way. Numerous life prolonging procedures are available that can extend a personís life where once they would have expired. 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Etc &? Kidney dialysis, chemotherapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), feeding tubes, intravenous hydration, and ventilators are but a few of these means for extending oneís life. The choice between quantity versus quality of Docs | Word, life is 178 Best Time, Activities, complex, and not one that should be left up to chance.

In 1990, Congress passed the Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA). show more content End-of-life decisions are not just for 4f 28 5c the elderly or those who have been deemed terminally ill. The world in Time, Centers, Time, Activities which we live is full of uncertainty and risk. Natural disasters occur on Your Personalised Company Badge / Id Card. Quality a near daily basis. Terrorist incidences and 178 Best Circle Centers, Time, Etc &, threats are something everyone thinks about at On Pinterest, one time or another. Any moment in time can find an individual laying in a hospital bed, clinging to life. There are risks involved in simply walking down a street. Diseases exist for which there is no available cure. A living will provides a legal means by which health care professionals can be aware of 178 Best Calendar Etc & Activities, how much care an individual does or does not want should they become medically incapacitated. Diy Business Docs On Pinterest? It can also provide an individual with some peace of mind knowing either that everything medically available will be done to prolong his or her life, or that life prolonging measures will be limited if there is no hope for Time, Activities recovery. Generally speaking, a living will provides information on what types of life prolonging care an individual wants or does not want in the case of End of Life Decisions Involving Patients and Their Families Essay. to Cover Proper help patients and family members. They both have the same approach to life and death as the heath care team.

It is the health care team goal to demonstrate how patients that are on a palliative care team can benefit from using different medical approaches, with medications and other methods. These approaches can help patients and their familiesí transition easier into hospice care, if needed. Question number three ďhow can the health care team members apply the findings to patient careĒ? court ruled in 2009 that doctors in that state cannot be prosecuted for 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Activities assisting with the death of terminally ill patients, but did not guarantee it as a constitutional right.Ē In this particular case, Powellís family gathered around him in the living room as he was being administered a lethal dose of pain medications that would ultimately not only end his suffering, but also his own life. (Cable News Network, 2014). In cases such as this, I do not think that I should be the Your Personalised Company / Id, judge as to what is ethical Essay about Unit 4 Project Advance Directives. person should be able to control the Circle Calendar Etc & Activities, disposition of Form, their body after death. 4. Does the patient in this case have a right to an advance directive? Why or why not? When it comes to advance directives properly documenting the decision to be an organ donor is a very important part of end of life planning, as an important as having a will and documenting healthcare treatment wishes. A patient can document specifily what organs and tissues are to 178 Best Calendar Etc & For be donated and whether they want them to Essay on Have Advance Directives Failed? Also, there is a cultural and religious belief, that contradicts advance directives and because of all these, I believe it has failed. The reasons why Advance directives have failed will be discussed below.

The Complexity of the Form and 34 Invoice, Peopleís Lack of Calendar Time, Etc &, Interest Advance directive forms are difficult to fill out. People who graduated from high school find it difficult to fill, and Diy Business Docs Doc, even more difficult to our elderly population who are mostly illiterates. Some people just don't understand the medical Essay about Should People Have Autonomy over Their End of Life Decisions. also provides support for Time, Centers, Time, For those closest to a patient. If a terminally ill patient of sound mind wishes to end their pain and suffering, does that mean that they and 5c, their close family and friends are no longer entitled to the same care and 178 Best Circle Centers, Time, Etc & Activities, support as those patients that do not choose to end their lives earlier? Under the subtitle ĎProper Palliative Careí, an article on the BBC website states ďThe key to successful palliative care is to treat the Create Your Personalised High Pvc, patient as a person, not as a set of symptoms, or medical process is taken, as in the state of Oregon and the country of Netherlands, then it should be the final decision of the family and patient that is granted. Their autonomy should come before the duty of the doctor in these situations. I also struggled with coming up with a decision on 178 Best Calendar Etc & Activities my own advanced directives.

Personally, I never really thought that I would want to On Pinterest | Word live the rest of my life with the 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar Etc &, help of | Word Doc, machines, or live in a vegetative state and 178 Best Centers, Calendar Activities, be a burden to my family. Again, however Centre for Paramedic Education and Originals 4f 28, Research Chris Millington, PCP Superior North EMS Andy Benson Manager, Education programs Central East Prehospital Care Program Tim Dodd Manager, Education Centre for Paramedic Education and Research Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards Ė November 2011, Version 3.0 Introduction 1 Emergency Health Services Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long?Term Care LEVELS OF PARAMEDICS In Ontario, there are three occupational levels of Circle Time, Calendar Etc & Activities For, paramedics: Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) In a crisis with limited time to cogitate oneís decisions, it is a natural instinct for many people to sacrifice themselves so their loved ones will be safe. In some cases, a person may choose to save the life of a complete stranger over their own life. In the movie The Impossible, a family on a vacation from England to Thailand finds themselves trapped in the deadly Tsunami that struck the Example Scholarship Resume For, country in 2004. After the Time,, wave engulfed the Example Essays. Writing A College, country, the mother and 178 Best Centers, Time, Etc & Activities For, one of her three sons are wrested from 34 Invoice Genetic Engineering: The End of Life as We Know It Essay. engineering, it is almost definite that our world will be plunged into dark days filled with ethical turmoil. It is obvious that as genetic engineering advances, ethically-challenging situations are bound to arise.

Humans are morally too weak to handle the Time, Activities, power that comes with genetic engineering. Example Scholarship Essays. A College? As a whole, we are unable to make the Time, Centers,, right decisions under the pressure of our peers and Resume, such is merely the case in which doctors could be faced with in 178 Best Circle Centers, Activities For the near future. Can we trust our doctors to steer Essay on Aging, Death, Dying and End of Life Care. at the degenerative actions of senescence. Originals 4f 28 5c? It plays an important part of development, and maturation of the individual, for example, puberty in adolescents. The biophysiological theory could explain some of the processes which are ongoing in Bettyís life, such as her active decline in health leading to disability, but it fails

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essay magic loss Get Our Overly Personal. The Sunday Rumpus Essay: Grief Magic. August 11th, 2013. ďDo you feel like youíve just stepped into a new and Circle Time, For magical life?Ē A writer friend asked me this recently as I was showing her around the converted church I share with my boyfriend Kent. Originals 4f 28 5c? It is, in fact, the most spectacularly beautiful and special place Iíve ever lived, and Iím proud of it, although Iíve only lived here since March, after my son Ronan died. The windows frame trees and light perfectly in all seasons; creatures run around the grounds that Kent built and landscaped, the furniture is sturdy and dark, the art is interesting and evocative and well-placed. Because it once housed an active parish, the living room still has a sacred, sanctuary feeling, with its high ceilings and choir loft (now an office). 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Etc &? The north deck looks out to the mountains, the front garden is secluded and tree-heavy.

We like to sit in both places and read. It is in the churchís large and beautiful main room where we held my sonís memorial gathering for my friends and family, a week after Ronan died of Tay-Sachs disease, and this is also where I fell in Scholarship For, love, where Iím still in 178 Best Time, Activities For, love. Iím obviously house proud, as we like to say, but Iím also proud of Kent, who met me at a time in Resume Template Letter + References Template, my life when my child was dying of a terminal illness and I was going through what turned out to be an acrimonious divorce; a man whose hands made this beautiful home and held my son in Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & For, the moments before he died, and then after. My life at that time was very difficult, full of dread and sadness and the day-to-day worry and Your Personalised Badge High Quality Pvc care of a sick baby who had no hope of recovery. Now itís been almost five months since Ronan died, and life is no longer characterized by the feeling of being on call for the worst to happen, and then watching it happen. The problem is, Iím still on call.

Or at least I think I am, if my strange behavior is any indication. There are well-documented grief stages, most of which are too prescriptive and orderly to Circle Centers, Calendar Time, Activities For, be true, but this is more like an Cover Proper Sample Cover Letter addiction. Circle Time, Time, Etc & Activities? An addiction to dread, or an otherworldy commitment to vigilance; an insistent grip on anxiety as the ultimate familiar feeling, an emotional safety zone. Iím like an 5c alcoholic who doesnít drink anything but worst case scenarios, or anything else I can possibly do to cause self-torment (erroneous emotional algebra is a special gift of Circle Activities, mine, where something = something else, and the equation is always wrong) as a way of Form, giving my brain something to do apart from 178 Best Centers, Time, Etc & ruminate on those final images of Examples, my sonís wasted body lying in his crib, gone. But these images still come to me in dreams, with their violence and finality. In the 178 Best Time, Calendar Time, Etc & Activities For aftermath of Ronanís death, in this moment of pause, in Originals, this odd void that is also big and rich and beautiful, I am restless and needy and strange to 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Activities, myself. Examples? My identity feels totally whack Ė am I mother? Am I a worthy partner? Can I possibly write a novel? (And also, about this third point, who could POSSIBLY care?) And itís not just these epic questions that spring up, but the 178 Best Circle Centers, Time, Etc & For other, deeper, tenacious, terrible, and highly effective voices that have made up the central narrative of my life for so long, a narrative which fueled me, kept me pushing, achieving, striving, as if one part of the self existed solely to contradict the self that insisted ugly, horrible, unworthy, disgusting, shit.

I feel, in a word, kind of ruined. Or revisited by Form Examples some nasty, pre-teen, hypersensitive, overly self-conscious, catty mean girl bitch version of Time, Calendar Etc & For, myself. Sheís deeply unpleasant, this one, and truthfully, I never liked her when she was around the Cv And Cover Letter. Sample Cover first time, wreaking her uniquely pre-pubescent havoc: slamming doors, berating herself, refusing to eat, and asking herself (and sometimes others, although not as often) annoying questions like, ďDo you love me? Am I cute enough? Am I smart enough?Ē Nobody likes this girl; sheís the pariah of the lunchroom, the playground, the prom, and the person (me) to which she has become, it seems, reattached, although I thought she had been disposed of and Centers, Time, Activities her body buried where only I could find it. Of course, much of my angst could be solved if I could just settle down and relax, but this I seem unable, at Docs Images | Word the moment, to do, or at least not for extended periods of time. So I drag my ruined, whining, untrusting self around the house, around the world, mad at 178 Best Time, Time, Etc & Activities For myself and everyone in it, as insecure and strangely shifting as a sand dune in a wind storm. I am unpleasant to be around; I even annoy myself. There are, however, some deep precedents for this kind of behavior.

What do ruined people do? Weird shit. This seems to be the consensus of psychoanalysts as far back as Freud and Jung; the traumatized self creates, out of necessity, a system of self-care that is keen to avoid repeat trauma. This makes change difficult; it makes people whoíve had part of 4f 28, their psyches destroyed by unmanageable emotions push people and emotions away, create obstacles, generate unnecessary drama. As a side bonus, one also gets the Time, Calendar Time, Activities fun rollercoaster ride of a panic attack, the stress moving into and controlling the body when the mind has had enough. The psyche has become the On Pinterest | Word filter, both for 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar Time, For, the bad AND for the good. Self-protection becomes self-sabotage.

Iím reading a super brainy book about this very phenomenon, and it still takes me a while to track these patterns in myself. I also have another brainy book about the brain itself that can tell me why tracking these patterns is a difficult endeavor in the first place, and which lobe of this most mysterious organ it involves. Itís embarrassing to have these old wounds and stories start prattling away, unleashing their nasty smells and unrolling their scroll-like lists of my deficiencies in the aftermath of a profound situation, turning me into Example Essays. Writing For a loony bird of insecurity and self-loathing and fantastical story-spinning. I am that pre-teen devilish nightmare all over again, freaking out over a zit on Circle Centers, Etc & my chin, wandering sightless for three days through the hallways of junior high, moving slowly from locker to locker, smiling at everyone because I couldnít recognize any faces, all because I had an Cv And Cover Proposal Cover Letter Letter eye infection but would not dare to 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities, be seen with my thick prescription glasses but also couldnít bear to miss a single day of Create Personalised / Id, school. In reality (not the self-created one), Iíve just weathered one of the worst possible scenarios an adult woman can face, and Time, Etc & Iím still here. Originals 4f 28? I survived the sorrow and am still reaching out for life. Very much in love. Determined to move forward and create happiness that Ronan never got to experience in Circle Time, Etc &, his short life. I still like police dramas and Chantilly cake and action films; Iím still vain; I still do abdominal exercises; I still talk to my friends, although I often think to myself that if I donít talk about Ronan, then it means Iím not honoring him, even if my friends and I have other things to talk about. Example Scholarship Writing A College For? I am the best and worst version of myself, and itís completely confusing. ďDonít join the circus!Ē my therapist warns me, but Iím already there, staring into all the funhouse mirrors, trying to tame the lions, and outfitting the piano monkeys with red hats and cymbals.

What else do ruined people do? Cry. A lot. I didnít cry in the weeks following Ronanís death; I didnít cry at 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Time, Activities For his memorial. In April at the group remembrance for other children who had died of Tay-Sachs I remained dry-eyed. I didnít cry at all for a very long time. 34 Invoice Examples? Then I cried all the Calendar Time, time. Cv And Cover Sample Proposal Cover Letter? Some fine thread tweezed through the ecstatic numbness of those first few months: a letter that read like a painting, an unexpected kindness, a book I finally managed to 178 Best Etc &, read while finding death in every line, fingering the red-gold tangle of 34 Invoice Form Examples, Ronanís rotting hair in its plastic bag like an unhinged lover. 178 Best Time, Activities? Birds fought for nest space on the roof of the church in the just-budding trees, and 34 Invoice Examples I hated them.

I was everywhere and nowhere. I was obsessed with a Notorious B.I.G. song that made me weep, and I listened to it several times a day. Time, Time, For? I wore the world on my finger like a thimble, tapping doors, testing the strength of the church windows rattling like a sign I didnít believe in 10 Best Diy Business Images | Word, but looked for, still. Circle Time, Centers, Calendar? I made Kent pull the dead mice from their kitchen traps. I found the fact that grass continued to grow in the desert a singular unfairness. I wrote bad poetry in Create Your Personalised Company Card. Pvc, the cave-like dark of the television room (the former altar) in 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Etc &, the middle of the night. Each day was a weapon: the couple unstrapping their sleek helmets in the supermarket parking lot; the toddler brushing a stray curl from Circle Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & his forehead. 10 Best On Pinterest? A cloud in motion. Light.

My head was a balloon, a bomb, a gun, and at night my body expanded like a raft but had nowhere to go. I understood that love is fragile, but I had nowhere to house this information. For the past two weekends in a row, I have pulled Ronanís box of clothes from the Time, Etc & Activities For top shelf in the basement and cried into 5c it, fingering his puffy brown coat, the pajamas with the rockets and aliens spiriting across the legs, the hand knit sweater from a friend that he wore as a newborn, the sun hat with the built in 178 Best Circle Calendar Time, Activities, SPF and safari-style side flaps. My artist friend came over weeks before Ronan died and made a cast of his hand; itís so detailed you can almost see his fingerprints, his short lifeline. I hold the stiff plaster in the shape of my sonís hand as if itís his living hand and think ďhow?Ē I sit on Example Essays. Writing A College Resume For lawn chairs and 178 Best Circle Calendar Time, Activities For alternate between reading a book and sobbing. My brain continues to try and find work in the form of AM I: Too weird for words.

Less important than a weed. Less important than anything or anyone else, ever. -thatís tiresome and anxiety-inducing. Why? Because when I put my face into that box of Ronanís baby clothes, I wish that I had died and he had lived. Where do you go with that? Itís the primal parenting impulse turned on its head, completely around. You fail by dying, of course, of caving into the grief, plus youíre dead; but you also fail in Originals 5c, continuing to live, because you were not able to save your child by Time, Activities For making the trade youíd so easily make: me for him, him for On Pinterest | Word Doc, me. Circle Time, Time, Etc & Activities For? Even Steven. That grief five months out 5 Page Template Letter + References Template makes less sense to me than it initially did is upsetting and 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities disorienting. Personalised / Id Card. High Quality? The grief seemed logical when I experienced somatic withdrawal in the weeks leading up to Ronanís final decline, when I lost my hearing and speech (strangely or perhaps conveniently, this tended to 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities For, happen during faculty meetings at the school where I teach), an Docs On Pinterest | Word Doc instantaneous morph into panic.

It made sense when I could tell Ronan was about to breathe his last and I felt my heart beating on Centers, Calendar Activities For the ceiling; if Iíd opened my mouth it would have flown right in. It made sense during the course of most of Ronanís life, when every day brought some new regression, some new horror or seizure, some nasty new medication to Create Your Personalised Badge Quality, deliver or loud medical device to maneuver, some strangerís insensitive question to politely (or rudely) answer, and also the abject heartbreak of holding my boy close, trying to 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar Time, Activities, memorize his smell, his sounds, the feel of his skin and hair. I miss him every morning. When will that stop? Will I miss the missing when it stops, if it does? Will I continue to back myself into 4f 28 5c these illogical corners? And also, what about grief could possibly make any sense?

And if it defies logic, then how do you use logic to defy it? Can someone please slap some sense into grief, and also, into me? I donít have time for you, grief, but here you are with your vagabond, thief-stained hands. You donít appear to belong in my new life, a life of creativity and travel, of good food and good love. My nervous system appears to be wired to a constant state of Calendar Time, Activities For, vibrating, nonstop vigilance. 34 Invoice Form Examples? What gives? Grief, get your hands off me, please. They are too various, calloused, unknown, known, groping, lecherous, and mean. I donít like your touch, and Iíve had plenty of opportunities to grow to like it. Youíre a molester; you are, as they say in almost every Law and Order episode, ďthe perp.Ē Do me a favor and fuck off.

The practice of 178 Best Centers, Etc &, grief-induced vigilance panic is not so easily dismissed. I was telling Kent the other day that I feel like part of me has been crushed, my identity obliterated, meaning withdrawn, and yet here I am, reading manuscripts and writing fiction again and making dinner plans and enjoying a glass of lemonade. I feel like Iím being massaged in 5 Page Resume + References Template For, directions I donít understand by hands I donít trust. And Iím made restless by my vigilance addiction, trying to find something to worry about, like some kind of weird Pavlovian woman who has become addicted to the ďwhatís next and how bad will it be?Ē Ring a bell and 178 Best Circle Time, Etc & For Iím ready with a list of everything that could go wrong, and how Iíve failed, all the 5 Page Resume And Cover Letter Template while knowing that worry is useless and that part of the Circle Centers, Etc & For failure is Your Badge High Pvc this self-pitying insistence on making up stories about 178 Best Circle Activities how Iíve failed. Iím turning myself in Essays. Writing Resume For, benign, indulgent emotional tornados. Oh, C.S. Lewis, if I make up a new Narnia (you can choose the trees and Circle Time, Time, For the animals), could we meet briefly in that afterlife where you could write a follow-up to Essays. A College, A Grief Observed? I even have a title for you: A Grief Understood, Unwound, Unraveled, Obliterated, Fucked Over Completely.

Somebody, anybody, do some magic, make it better. In Palm Springs, restless, I took a trip to Time, Etc &, the local bookstore to see if I could find a book that would keep my attention. Reading has always been a religion for me, but I hadnít made it cover to cover with any kind of attention with any book in 34 Invoice Examples, almost a year. I was beginning to Time,, feel like I was cheating on my brain; in a desire to reassert my faithfulness, I wandered the bookshelves. I saw two of my friendsí recently released hardcover books, and 5 Page Template And Cover Template For sent two quick texts to tell them how beautiful the covers were and congratulations.

Like all writers, I looked for my book in 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Etc & Activities, its appropriate place, not really expecting to find it. Then, suddenly, there was Ronanís face. The book was turned out to the viewers (shoppers is the better word, I guess), and there was a handwritten booksellerís note, but thatís not what made my heart rattle its cage. It was seeing Ronanís face looking out into that bookstore, and wondering in how many stores that was happening, repeating, an endless image loop of that forever eye, unblinking. Scholarship For? How many gazes was he meeting with his sightless one? He was everywhere, suddenly, but he was also, literally, nowhere.

And yet here was his likeness, a likeness of part of his body, his body that was gone now, disappeared, the body of my boy. It was noon and 110 degrees outside. Through the glass, the concrete and asphalt were on Circle Centers, Calendar Etc & Activities For fire. 34 Invoice Form Examples? There was a long line at 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar Etc & Activities For the cash register and a single screaming child demanding a cookie. 5 Page And Cover + References Template For? The espresso machine whirred in the cafe. I could not move. Circle Time, Etc & Activities For? I wondered (not for the first time), ďWhen will I ever be over this, what would that look like, and how the fuck am I supposed to feel for the rest of my life?Ē Whereís the Originals 4f 28 grief guidebook, whereís the Circle Calendar Time, fancy scientist who can map all the lobes of my brain and insert (Iím willing to endure pain) the Create Company Badge Card. balm that will FIX IT.

At the Time, Calendar Time, Etc & For Santa Fe Opera a few nights ago, restless, I listened to an aria I once sang during my short-lived opera singing years Ė Porgi Amor Ė from The Marriage of Figaro . 34 Invoice Examples? The summer night air had finally cooled, and was scented with pine and juniper Ė for me, the scents of nostalgia, of childhood camping trips and board games in Centers, Time, Activities For, the camper with my brother. The words of the song, ďReturn my beloved to me or I will dieĒ that I had once belted over the balcony in my voice teacherís tiny house in Nebraska, the air conditioning unit kicking like a monster truck engine behind me, finally made sense to 5 Page Resume And Cover Letter For, me. ďDo something with your hands,Ē my teacher had pleaded, trying to school me in notes as well as the 178 Best Calendar expected melodrama of opera. I probably lifted a palm over Form Examples my head and tried to look puzzled (isnít that what sad people were? Just momentarily puzzled?), not knowing what else to Circle Time, Centers, Time, Etc &, do, deeply intent on pronouncing the Italian correctly. I had no beloveds when I first sang that song; I had experienced significant loss, but not of people. I had no idea what I was singing about. Now, twenty years later, listening to the mezzo soprano swell those notes just to the point of breaking, just to the edge where they tremble at Create Your Badge / Id Card. their most awesome, vibrating, impossible beauty, following those notes up and 178 Best Circle down the signature Mozart trills and slides, I understood it. Grief sometimes has me grabbing the air with my hands, as if I could pull in a new feeling; trust, or something like it. Example Essays. Writing A College Resume? Or a weapon Ė an axe to slay grief; a gun to shoot it through its many-chambered, always-changing, totally wretched and Circle Calendar Etc & Activities selfish and unfaithful heart. Examples? If I could still reach those high notes, and if I could stand on my teacherís balcony one more time, I would know exactly what to do with my hands. This morning, restless, I left my beautiful writing studio Ė a studio built by Kentís hands, my favorite hands, hands that are one of the 178 Best Circle Time, Centers, Time, Etc & Activities For strongest memories of Ronanís death, in Cv And Cover Sample Letter Letter, his last moments, those hands on my shoulders, steady, one of the few sensations I can resurrect from that moment, although I know I was shouting, and I know I was lifting, part of me going with Ronan, or so it felt, because who can imagine making that transition alone?

There was a division, in any case, so itís a good thing Kentís hands were holding me to the ground. 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar? My hands create nothing but sentences; they hold memories and feelings but can barely pour cereal in a bowl. On the gravel road to Letter. Proper Sample, the coffee shop there was a little boy, nearing three years old I guessed, although having parented and buried a child without mobility has forever skewed my ability to Time, Centers, Time,, correctly identify an age, ran toward me. 5 Page Resume + References Template? The sun was already bright and 178 Best Calendar Time, Etc & strong at nine oíclock, the road soaked in shades of 4f 28 5c, yellow and white. Llamas bleated in their ďhabitatsĒ nearby. 178 Best Circle Calendar Time,? A few chickens poked around on the other side of the street, wandering out of their cages before the heat became unbearable. The little boy wore a hat like Ronan used to wear, a hat I had pulled from the pile of 10 Best Docs Images | Word Doc, his clothes and 178 Best Circle Time, Calendar Activities fingered just days before as if it were a piece of delicate lace, a colorful sun hat with a brim and side flaps. Ronanís was dark blue with light blue sharks swimming around it; this little boyís was covered in blue and yellow and red fish.

He wore sandals and brown pants and (remarkably, given the heat) a light blue sweater. ďMama!Ē he said, and Essays. Writing ran to me. Instinctively, I moved toward him, like the 178 Best Circle Centers, Calendar Time, Etc & For image from a dream, as if all of my wishes for Ronan to reappear had just been granted, the 34 Invoice Form Examples veils between the worlds suddenly thinned, the 178 Best Circle Time, Etc & For last two years all a dream, or an unimaginable nightmare, and this was what was real. My boy Ė healthy, happy, saved! Ė and running in my direction. What had been a fantasy of the afterlife was suddenly a reality in this moment. Resume Letter? When he realized I was not his mother, he gave me a hairy look, but then quickly recovered and turned to his babysitter, offering up a chubby hand for her to hold. ďHe thought you were his mom,Ē she explained, shrugging apologetically. ďYou look like his mom.Ē A similar encounter took place this past October, while I was running through a park in London. A three-year-old boy had walked into the path, his hair a blaze of red, and stopped to 178 Best Time, Time, Etc & For, look at me. ďMama?Ē he asked.

I ran on, barely able to see through the instant tears, and Diy Business Images | Word Doc when I looked back, there was no child there, nobody there at all. Had I imagined it? Maybe. This time I saw the Circle Time, Calendar Etc & boy again, as I was leaving the coffee shop. He was looking ahead of himself, past me, his soft face fixed in 10 Best Diy Business Doc, an attitude of toddler concentration, those charged initial reactions with the 178 Best Circle Time, Time, Etc & Activities sensory universe, reactions Ronan never had. 5c? I put my hand on his head. ďGood little guy,Ē I said, and walked through the screen door into the garden. 178 Best Circle Time, Activities For? When I turned back (had I imagined him?), he had turned around in Example Essays. Resume For, his sandaled feet and was watching me leave. Iím not sure what it felt like Ė maybe a benediction, a blessing Ė but it felt real the way only Etc & For magical moments can feel. I felt, in that moment, with just the look from Your Personalised Badge High Pvc this little boy, that the boundaries of my body had been redrawn again. I wasnít just melting into the world, helpless and Circle Time, afraid and fucked up. Relief, at least for the moment.

Almost five months gone. Before I know it, Ronan will have been gone as long as he lived, and 10 Best Diy Business Doc then longer. How long will it take to 178 Best Time, Centers, Calendar Etc &, lose this grip on vigilance? What span of time, what trick of the Badge Card. High light or the season will obliterate this addiction, not just for the moment, but for good? And who will die next, and then when will it be my time? Who will put their hand on my head, close my eyes, wrap me in a shroud and Etc & Activities see me out of Badge, this world? This new and magical life that I have stepped into, yes, but this life and the life before Ronanís death are not an even trade.

Itís not out of 178 Best Calendar Etc & Activities For, one life and into the next; thereís always going to be some bleed. What is ahead then? Everything. Also, and eventually for Template + References For, all of us, nothing at all. A former Fulbright scholar and graduate of Harvard University, Emily Rapp is the author of the books The Still Turning Point of the World and Circle Centers, Calendar Etc & Poster Child: A Memoir , in addition to many essays and stories in the New York Times , the Los Angeles Times , The Bark, Bellevue Literary Review, The Sun, Body + Soul, StoryQuarterly, Good Housekeeping, The Texas Observer , and other publications.

She is the recipient of a Rona Jaffe Writers' Award, a James A. Michener Fellowship at the University of Texas-Austin (Michener Center for Writers), and the Philip Roth Writer-in-Residence fellowship at Bucknell University. She has received awards and grants for her work from the Fine Arts Work Center, the Template Letter For Jentel Arts Foundation, the Corporation of Yaddo, and 178 Best Circle Centers, Time, For the Fundacion Valparaiso. She has taught writing in the MFA program at Antioch University-Los Angeles, where she was a core faculty member, the Gotham Writers' Workshop, and UCLA-Extension. She is currently professor of creative writing and literature at the Santa Fe University of Example Scholarship Writing, Art and Design. She is at work on 178 Best Circle Calendar a novel. More from this author →

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